Immortal Mortal Chapter 632 - The Conflict With The Men From Lightning Sect

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Chapter 632 - The Conflict With The Men From Lightning Sect

When Yuan Yi perished, Su Xi instantly started bawling. Ever since she could remember, she had always been with her master, and all they would do was cultivate. If her master didn't deduce that Meditation Nunnery's legacy treasure was about to appear, she wouldn't even have left Meditation Nunnery.

She realised how pleasant life was when she was with her master. She did not have to worry about anything; all she needed to do was to work hard and cultivate. But now that her master was gone, she realised that even though the Immortal World was vast and wide, she actually didn't know where she could go.

Mo Wuji did not care about the bawling Su Xi. Instead, his gaze landed on Qi Junyi.

Qi Junyi only looked heavily injured, which was a much better condition than Yuan Yi's. But when Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on Qi Junyi's body, he immediately realised that he had underestimated Yuan Yi's ability.

Qi Junyi's was no less than Yuan Yi's. It was just that the former had eaten some peak grade healing treasures which suppressed his injuries.

Mo Wuji's spiritual will then landed on Yuan Yi's fallen corpse. When he saw the fatal energy on Yuan Yi's body, he finally came to an understanding.

When Yuan Yi and Qi Junyi were battling, Qi Junyi actually wasn't a match for Yuan Yi. The two afflicted injuries on one another, and in fact, Qi Junyi's injuries were heavier. If nothing unexpected occurred, Yuan Yi would have eventually trump over Qi Junyi and take away Qi Junyi's lampwick.

But just at this moment, something unexpected did occur: someone from Lightning Sect had helped. The ones that helped Qi Junyi are naturally the Immortal Reverent, Immortal King and Grand Luo Immortal in front of him. On the other hand, Su Xi’s cultivation was too low, and she was inexperienced, so she was completely unable to be of help.

Even in such circ.u.mstances, Yuan Yi was still able to escape with Su Xi, and even managed to flee to Heavenly Chasm City. One could clearly see how impressive Yuan Yi was.

Logically, with such heavy injuries, Qi Junyi shouldn't have pursued Yuan Yi to Heavenly Chasm City. But not only was he able to chase her over, even his accomplices had tagged along. The only explanation was that Qi Junyi hadn't managed to obtain the lamp dish, and he also wasn't at ease with asking his men from Lightning Sect to get it for him. That's why he took the risk to come to Heavenly Chasm City.

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji's killing intent instantly swelled. He also had an enmity with Lightning Sect; back in the Broken Ruins, because of the seven pages of the Book of Luo, he had a clash with Lightning Sect's Chen Jushan. He was sure that the Lightning Sect knows about the Book of Luo, but they just didn't manage to find him all this while. If the Lightning Sect were to know of his whereabouts, they would definitely force him to reveal whether Murong Xiangyu had given him the Book of Luo.

Even if the matter with the Yuan Yi master-disciple pair didn’t occur, he wouldn’t be friends with the Lightning Sect. If he didn’t have the capabilities, he would eventually be secretly eliminated by the Lightning Sect. Now that Qi Junyi, he should take the opportunity to strike him when he is down.

Mo Wuji didn’t give Qi Junyi any face as he said coldly, "I have some relations.h.i.+p with the Yuan Yi master-disciple pair. Today’s matter will end now. Please take your leave."

"Pill Master Mo, have you considered the consequences of going against my Lightning Sect?" Seeing that Mo Wuji wasn’t even going to show them any face, Qi Junyi’s face sunk.

If not for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, how could he speak to Mo Wuji in such a manner.

"Is the Lightning Sect very impressive? Then let your Lightning Sect come find me. No matter how dire the consequences are, I, Mo Wuji, will be waiting. Go on then. Junior Sister Su Xi, please come in." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to trample over Qi Junyi’s threats. He even wanted to take Qi Junyi’s life, so why would he still want to remain courteous?

Qi Junyi’s face turned dark with killing intent. He glanced towards that Immortal Reverent. Even if he had to offer an apology or compensation to Heavenly Chasm City, he definitely wouldn’t let the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp escape from right under his hands.

When that Immortal Reverent noticed Qi Junyi’s glance, he immediately grabbed towards the ring in Su Xi's hand. They were in no rush to kill Mo Wuji; the item was what took precedence.

Just as that Immortal Reverent extended his hand, Mo Wuji directly punched his chest.

A mere ant actually dared to act against him. As he thought of this, that Immortal Reverent sneered. Just when he prepared to counterattack, he suddenly felt the boundless aura of an Immortal Emperor enveloping him. At that instant, all the s.p.a.ce around him had been sealed; he couldn't move even if he wanted to.

"Bang!" Without fail, Mo Wuji's punch directly smashed against this Immortal Reverent's chest. His raging immortal elemental energy instantly exploded within this Immortal Reverent's body. A trail of blood slowly flowed out of this Immortal Reverent's mouth.

The cultivators by the side only saw a simple punch. Only this Immortal Reverent himself knew that he was thoroughly screwed; this punch of Mo Wuji's had directly destroyed his dao foundation, and at the same time, shattered all his spirit channels.

What a vicious fella. This Immortal Reverent's face turned pale white as he stared hatefully at Mo Wuji. He knew clearly in his heart that he would no longer have a future.

Some cultivators who did not know about Da Huang thought that this was Mo Wuji's personal strength, and their hearts began palpitating in fear. He was able to injure an early stage Immortal Reverent with a single punch; exactly how powerful was he?

"Good, good…" Qu Junyi's face was ashen as he muttered those words. He was just about to send a message when two man in maroon coloured robes walked over.

The man walking at the front was of a medium build. He kept a beard and he had a stern expression on his face. The man at the back was slightly taller and had drooping eyebrows. He looked as though he was merely pa.s.sing by.

"My Heavenly Chasm City does not allow any conflict or battle." The one speaking was the middle-aged man in front.

These two were Immortal Kings and their powers did not seem low; they should be Heavenly Chasm City's immortal enforcers. Mo Wuji cursed in his heart. Immediately, he wondered whether Ku Zhu would show him face this time around. If Ku Zhu didn't, then he could only leave Heavenly Chasm City.

When Qi Junyi saw this men, he heaved a sigh of relief. To be honest, he didn't have much power left. He was already struggling just to stand here. It was just as Mo Wuji; he wouldn't be at ease if someone else took the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. Even if it was someone from his sect, he wouldn't rest a.s.sured.

It was just that he never expected that a wild Mo Wuji would appear. That immortal puppet by Mo Wuji's side seemed to have the power of an Immortal Emperor. No wonder why this little kid dared to challenge Heavenly Weighted Immortal Sect’s Ni Fengnie to a fight.

"These two immortal enforcers, these people tore Heavenly Chasm City's spatial restriction array, and at the same time, Pill Master Mo actually heavily injured my Lightning Sect's Immortal Reverent Elder. I request that the two immortal enforcers report this matter to Castellan Ku Zhu and beseech Castellan Ku Zhu to return the order to Heavenly Chasm City." Qi Junyi did not even mention the reason why they were here. Instead, he pointed out the matter of Yuan Yi destroying Heavenly Chasm City's spatial restriction array and Mo Wuji's malicious harm towards Lightning Sect's Immortal Reverent.

Mo Wuji sneered in his heart; indeed, the saying 'the thief is the first to cry thief’ was true. If you didn't have a status, then someone could randomly point fingers at you and you would be unable to even refute. However, while Mo Wuji wasn't comparable to a regional lord, he was still someone with a high status. Towards such words, he had no reason for fear.

That immortal enforcer clasped his fists to Qi Junyi, then turned to clasp his fists towards Mo Wuji, "Pill Master Mo, you are of a distinguished status. However, the Heavenly Chasm City prohibits fighting; anyone that fights in Heavenly Chasm City will be punished heavily, or even killed."

Mo Wuji clasped his fists in return, "Two immortal enforcers, many people here saw what had happened. I am an esteemed Honored Grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor, but this Immortal Reverent still tried to lay hands on me. I only injured him entirely out of self defense. Because this is the Heavenly Chasm City, I went easy on him. Otherwise, things wouldn't have ended so simply."

Hearing Mo Wuji's words, that Immortal Reverent could not help but cough a mouthful of fresh blood.

Even my dao foundation and spirit channels had been wasted and you call that going easy? Then can I ask what do you consider a heavy injury? And did I lay hands on you? The one I was trying to lay hands on was that little nun.

As he was thinking of this, that Immortal Reverent suddenly recalled something important. If Mo Wuji was really an ant, how could Mo Wuji be able to easily wreck his dao foundations? If it had been someone else, even if he had been suppressed by an Immortal Emperor, would his dao foundation have been so easily destroyed? Much less his spirit channels? One must know that every person's dao foundation and spirit channels were different. How did Mo Wuji know the position of his dao foundation and his spirit channels so acutely?

Could it be that this pill refiner wasn't actually a low levelled immortal, but a real Immortal Emperor expert? And the one that helped him wasn't that immortal puppet…

When he thought of this, that immortal Reverent started to s.h.i.+ver.

"Is this really the case?" That immortal enforcer’s gaze turned to the injured Lightning Sect Immortal Reverent.

This Immortal Reverent was currently worrying that if Mo Wuji was really an Immortal Emperor expert, then would he let go of the Lightning Sect?

Because he was engrossed in his thoughts, he was completely unaware of the immortal enforcer's question.

When that immortal enforcer didn't receive a reply, he directly said, "It seems like that's the truth. In that case, the person at fault isn't Pill Master Mo. Also, there's one more matter, someone destroyed our Heavenly Chasm City's spatial restriction array. Does Pill Master Mo know anything about this?"

Qi Junyi sighed in his heart because Mo Wuji was indeed speaking the truth; Lightning Sect was indeed the one that made the first move. However, the person he was attacking wasn't Mo Wuji, but that little nun.

Unfortunately, he did not dare to say this. If he did, even an idiot would know that there was something precious in the little nun’s ring. Moreover, acting on the little nun was still the same as acting first.

Mo Wuji sighed and said, "This matter is indeed true. If Yuan Yi was still alive, I would have definitely persuaded her to apologize to Castellan Ku. At the same time, I will ask her to compensate for all the damages incurred by Heavenly Chasm City. But, Yuan Yi is… Hai…"

When he got to this point, Mo Wuji sighed once more. Then he clasped his fists and said, "Even if Yuan Yi is no longer around, an apology still needs to be made. I, Mo Wuji, will apologize for Yuan Yi. After this matter ends, I will personally make a trip to the castellan mansion to apologize to Castellan Ku."

Before the immortal enforcer came, they had received Ku Zhu's instructions; they naturally knew Ku Zhu's intentions. When he heard the sincerity behind Mo Wuji's words, and the way Mo Wuji seemed to place Heavenly Chasm City's reputation as the top priority, he nodded, "Since the person involved is already dead, then we will let the matter rest."

Thereafter, he turned to Qi Junyi and said, "Elder Qi, even though this Immortal Reverent from Lightning Sect was the one that had been rash in his actions, on the account that he was injured, we will end the matter here. Everyone, if you wish to pursue this matter, please do it outside Heavenly Chasm City.

"Naturally, naturally…" Mo Wuji clasped his fists, then casually said some additional words of courtesy. Thereafter, he brought Su Xi back to Heavenly Chasm Resthouse.

As he looked at Mo Wuji's back, Qi Junyi seethed with killing intent. After some time, he gave a long sigh and said, "Let's go."

In Heavenly Chasm City, he was completely helpless against Mo Wuji. He would need to first return to Lightning Sect and think of another plan.

Before Mo Wuji even returned to his room, he sent Zhuo Pingan a message, asking Zhuo Pingan to immediately leave Heavenly Chasm City to eliminate all these people from Lightning Sect, including Qi Junyi.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 632 - The Conflict With The Men From Lightning Sect

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