Immortal Mortal Chapter 633 - The Ordinariness That Could Not Be Transcended

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Chapter 633 - The Ordinariness That Could Not Be Transcended

To Mo Wuji, he wouldn’t be able to reconcile his problems with the Lightning Sect. Since that’s the case, he might as well kill of one of their Immortal Emperors to take a cut at their power. Moreover, he even heard that this Qi Junyi was the Lightning Sect’s strongest Immortal Emperor. After killing him, Mo Wuji was sure that the Lightning Sect would definitely have a headache.

But would he wait till Qi Junyi recovers to kill him? He was not that dumb.

Mo Wuji did not know what kind of plaything that lamp was, but since Qi Junyi had endured his heavy injuries just for it, Mo Wuji knew that the lamp wasn’t simple.

Now that the lamp didn’t end up in Qi Junyi’s hands, it would be weird of Qi Junyi simply let the matter drop. If Qi Junyi was given time to recover, he would definitely find all sorts of ways to eliminate him, Mo Wuji.

Now, he did have some power, but that power did not belong to him; a portion of it was from Da Huang, while another portion of it was from Zhuo Pingan. In this sort of situation, he wasn’t going to allow himself to constantly be on Qi Junyi’s hunting checklist.

"Grand Elder, how could that Mo Wuji be so strong? Elder Ming is an Immortal Reverent, but he was heavily injured with just a simple move?" After leaving Heavenly Chasm City, that girl asked with a hint of lingering fear; she was the one controlling the flying treasure.

By the side, Qi Junyi’s face was still unsightly. When he heard those words, he snorted, "How powerful can that mere Mo Wuji be. I didn’t expect that the immortal puppet beside could be so strong; it should be on the level of an Immortal Emperor. Wait till my injuries recover, I will return to settle this debt."

If he wanted his injuries to recover quickly, he could only return back to his Lightning Sect’s Lightning Pond. This was also the reason why he wanted to leave Heavenly Chasm City as soon as possible.

"Grand Elder, will that Mo Wuji chase after us and eliminate us?" That Grand Luo Immortal was slightly worried.

Qi Junyi sneered, "He does not have the guts. He’s merely depending on that immortal puppet of his."

He really didn’t fear a pursuit from Mo Wuji. First, there was no need to talk about the spiritual intelligence of a puppet. Even in terms of speed, that immortal puppet wouldn’t be comparable to his flying treasure. If Mo Wuji really dared to come after them, then he would try all means necessary to ensure that Mo Wuji never returns to Heavenly Chasm City.

A puppet that had the power of an Immortal Emperor was still a puppet. An unintelligent thing could never hope to be able to stop him, Qi Junyi. Even with all his heavy injuries, he, Qi Junyi, was still an Immortal Emperor.

"You’re wrong. He really has the guts. If not, I wouldn’t be here." A warm and gentle voice could be heard. Thereafter, the silhouette of a person appeared in front of the s.h.i.+p. The s.h.i.+p was forcefully enveloped in a powerful domain and it screeched to a stop.

"Who are you?" Qi Junyi suddenly stood up. As he looked at this pale scholar in front of him, his heart could not help but pound with shock.

Even though he was not the one controlling the flying s.h.i.+p, a person that could easily force a flying s.h.i.+p controlled by an Immortal King to stop must definitely be an Immortal Emperor expert. Moreover, this person’s aura was even stronger than him before he got all these injuries…

That means that even if he wasn’t injured, he wouldn’t be this person’s match.

Before Zhuo Pingan could answer, a name suddenly appeared in Qi Junyi’s mind. He immediately said solemnly, "Could this immortal friend be the Cape of Peace’s Zhuo Pingan?"

Zhuo Pingan easily landed on the deck of Qi Junyi’s flying s.h.i.+p. The seals over the s.h.i.+p were simply like thin air to him.

"I never expected that someone was able to recognise me outside of the Cape of Peace." Zhuo Pingan’s footsteps were very slow. He also spoke in an idle manner, seemingly in a state of nolstalgia and solitude.

"Immortal Friend Zhuo, my Lightning Sect does not have any enmity with you. But Immortal Friend Zhuo suddenly blocked our way. What’s the meaning of this?" Qi Junyi wasn’t an idiot; he could clearly feel Zhuo Pingan’s killing intent. Zhuo Pingan’s sudden appearance wasn’t to engage in idle chit chat with him, but to kill him.

"I was here under orders. Who asked you to offend Mo Wuji? He asked me to kill all of you, so I had to come. Ah, life’s tough. I have actually become someone’s hired thug." Zhuo Pingan sighed as he slowly raised his hand.

"What?" Qi Junyi stared at Zhuo Pingan in a daze. He truly didn’t believe that Mo Wuji was even able to bring Zhuo Pingan under him.

With Zhuo Pingan, even the entire Lightning Sect did not have the rights to find Mo Wuji for revenge. He could clearly feel Zhuo Pingan’s killing intent. His heart felt like it had been dunked into a bucket of ice water. If he could do this all again, he would rather not have obtained the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp’s lampwick.

"Junior Sister Su Xi, tell me what happened." When they returned the room, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to reform the seals and ask this question.

The little nun carefully placed Yuan Yi down, then she wiped the tears off the corners of her eyes as she said, "That Lightning Sect’s Qi Junyi plotted this. He lured my master out to somewhere not far from Heavenly Chasm City. My master said that she wanted to trade for that lampwick, and she even offered Qi Junyi the things that he wanted. After Qi Junyi received the things that my master prepared for him, he did not go back on his words as he threw that lampwick to my master.

But just as my master caught the lampwick, Qi Junyi suddenly attacked. My master hurriedly kept it and had a huge battle with him. Eventually, both of them fought to a standstill. Just when I was about to bring my master to leave, he was so despicable as to call the other people from Lightning Sect to surround us. My master risked her life to escape to Heavenly Chasm City…"

The part that came afterwards did not need to be said; Mo Wuji already knew about it.

"Is that lamp very important? Your master should not have know of Qi Junyi’s ideas, right?" The only thing that Mo Wuji did not expect was that Yuan Yi could actually be so strong, to even be able to suppress Qi Junyi. If this was put in some other words, if Yuan Yi had not been so agitated during the trade which resulted in her being sneak attacked by Qi Junyi, this trade might have ended smoothly.

Su Xi nodded, "Yes, it’s the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. It is one of the core treasures of my Meditation Nunnery. In the past, my master told me the Meditation Nunnery was the number one Buddhist sect in the entire Immortal World. However, because the lampwick of the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp went missing, the Meditation Nunnery gradually went into moribund, and eventually became a sole legacy."

"You’re saying that now that your master is dead, you’re the only person left in Meditation Nunnery?" Mo Wuji asked in doubt.

Su Xi nodded, then she shook her head. After her master died, she did not know where she could go. However, she knew that regardless what happened, she must not let the Meditation Nunnery end.

"You seem to have some words to say?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly when he noticed Su Xi’s conflicting actions.

Su Xi hesitated before saying, "Actually, Meditation Nunnery has another branch, it’s called the Great Kun Buddhist Sect…"

"That’s not right. You said that the Meditation Nunnery’s core treasure is the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, so the Great Kun Buddhist Sect should have been the main sect, right?" Mo Wuji immediately detected the flaws in Su Xi’s words.

Su Xi shook her head and said, "It’s not like that. The Great Kun Buddhist Sect was only formed by some disciples who left the Meditation Nunnery after the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp disappeared. It’s said that a great war happened those years ago. After the war, the Meditation Nunnery began to crumble. The Great Kun Buddhist Lamp had also disappeared during that war."

"Then is the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp’s lamp dish in your master’s hands?" Mo Wuji continued asking.

Su Xi was as clean as a piece of white paper; she completely didn’t know anything about schemes or anything of the like. The moment Mo Wuji asked her this question, she did not have any qualms as she answered, "Yes, this lamp dish is incredible. It was because of this lamp dish that my master was able to know the direction of the lamp wick. The reason why my master brought me to Heavenly Chasm City was to merge the lamp dish and the lampwick."

"Then does the Great Kun Buddhist Sect know that the lamp dish is with the Meditation Nunnery?" Mo Wuji asked one question after another.

"They don’t know. My master said that they must not know. If they ever find out, they would definitely not let go of my Meditation Nunnery."

When he heard Su Xi’s words, Mo Wuji’s heart sunk. From the looks of it, he didn’t merely deepen his enmity with the Lightning Sect by saving Su Xi; he even formed a new enemy.

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji felt bouts of pain in his head. If he were to let this paper-clean little nun out to fend on her own, it would be akin to throwing her out to die. But if he kept her behind, then he would be forming more enemies.

This was unless Su Xi decides to give the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp away when Great Kun Buddhist Sect comes. However, the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp was something that Yuan Yi had exchanged her life for, would Su Xi simply give it up like that?

"If the Great Kun Buddhist Sect came for your Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, what would you do?" Mo Wuji still decided to ask this question; such matters needed to be confronted upfront.

Su Xi went into a daze; she had just realised that the Lightning Sect was not the only one coveting her Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. The Great Kin Buddhist Sect wanted it to.

Soon, she answered resolutely, "This was exchanged for with my master’s life. I will never hand it to them, unless I die."

Mo Wuji sighed in his heart, then he said, "You’re lacking experience. In the future, if anyone asks you about the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, you must say that you don’t know anything about it."

Su Xi stared at Mo Wuji blankly. She only nodded after some time.

"You should go to the room and rest. I will help you handle the other matters. Once a person is dead, he cannot be brought back to life. What you need to do now is to raise your cultivation," Mo Wuji consoled.

When he first met Su Xi, Su Xi would even joke with him. She was innocent and naive, without any stains from the viccissitudes of life. After experiencing all these things, Mo Wuji could see a hint of haziness in Su Xi’s eyes.

Some times, growing up was accompanied by darkness; Su Xi would slowly enter into this contaminated world and he had no means of stopping it. He only hoped that she would still be able to maintain her pure heart.

Su Xi bowed to Mo Wuji, then she carried her master into the other room.

Mo Wuji released the seals on the door and Zhuo Pingan walked in. He looked at Su Xi’s room and sighed, "You just caused another huge trouble."

Mo Wuji ruffled his hair; how could he not know that he was in deep trouble. Even though the Meditation Nunnery was merely a sole legacy sect, it had an expert like Yuan Yi. Since that Great Kun Buddhist Sect was a branch of the Meditation Nunnery, how could it be simple? But would he just let Su Xi go? He was sure that the moment Su Xi’s first feet left Heavenly Chasm City, the rest of her body would quickly be turned to a corpse.

Mo Wuji really couldn’t bear to do such thing. Sometimes, he felt that he was already adapted to the cruelty of the Immortal World. But he found that he was still an ordinary human, with an ordinary heart. He was unable to neglect the sanct.i.ty of life. Even though he was already at the Grand Yi Immortal Stage, as well as a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, he was still unable to transcend this ordinariness. However, he did not want to transcend this ordinariness.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 633 - The Ordinariness That Could Not Be Transcended

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