Immortal Mortal Chapter 636 - Venerable Envoy From The Very High Heavens

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Chapter 636 - Venerable Envoy From The Very High Heavens

The beautiful dame smiled sweetly, "Green Immortal House Lord Qing Yang greets Pill Master Mo. Actually, my t.i.tle isn’t fully accurate because I’m only the second House Lord of Green Immortal House. Actually, I came here today to apologize to Pill Master Mo. A few days ago, one of my disciples, Mo Xianmo, had a clash with Pill Master Mo. We hope to seek Pill Master Mo’s forgiveness."

By the side, Mo Xianmo hurriedly bowed to indicate her apology.

"So it’s House Lord Qing Yang," Mo Wuji returned the courtesy and continued, "what happened previously was simply a small matter. There’s no need to mention it. In the future, I, Mo Wuji, still have to rely on your Green Immortal House. I hope that House Lord Qing Yang wouldn’t be so stingy when that happens."

Mo Wuji knew why the other party respected him like so. It wasn’t because of his talent or something of the like, but because he was a Tier 7 Pill Emperor. The Green Immortal House was one of the ten great sects in G.o.ds Immortal Domain, so it was necessary for them to befriend a Pill Emperor like him.

Mo Wuji naturally also wanted to befriend Green Immortal House; it’s said that Green Immortal House’s information network spans throughout the entire Immortal World. He might not necessarily need help from Green Immortal House now, but it was better to form such connections.

Qing Yan grinned and said, "My Green Immortal House will definitely welcome Pill Master Mo. Pill Master Mo, this is my daugher Qing Ruoyue."

When Qing Yang saw that Mo Wuji wasn’t as arrogant as the rumours said, she heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately, she introduced the young beauty by her side. As expected by Mo Wuji, she was here to befriend him. Mo Wuji was a Honored Grade Tier 7 pill Emperor; there would only be benefits for her Green Immortal House to befriend him.

"Qing Ruoyue greets Brother Mo." The young girl by Qing Yang’s side hurriedly came forward to greet Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji also returned the courtesy. Just when he was about to speak, he saw Ni Ju attempting to leave. He promptly took a step forward and blocked Ni Ju’s way, "You brutally killed the people from my Tian Ji Sect. Do you think you can just leave without accounting for what you have done?’

When Ni Ju saw that Mo Wuji had blocked his way, he jolted slightly, but he immediately started to chuckle, "I, Ni Ju, finally know what is crazy. Is a Pill Emperor very impressive? Only a live Pill Emperor is impressive; a dead Pill Emperor is no different from a dog."

"Pill Master Mo, what’s the meaning of this? Could it be that you want to start a fight here?" Just as Ni Ju finished speaking, before Mo Wuji could even reply, an icy cold voice interrupted.

"Qing Yang greets Elder Sa Jian." Qing Yang did not wait for Mo Wuji to ask anything as she clasped her fists and said.

Mo Wuji knew that Qing Yang was trying to tell him who this person was. He never expected that this fella was actually Sa Jian, the fella that destroyed the Immortal World’s Tian Ji Sect. As he looked at this fella, Mo Wuji could tell that he was indeed in the late Immortal Reverent Stage. This fella had a face uglier than a horse, and he was thinner than a stick. When juxtaposed against Ni Ju, it was like a withered twig next to a tree.

"I heard that you have joined forces with Zhuo Pingan, and together with Zhuo Pingan, you managed to heavily injure an Immortal Reverent from Lightning Sect. It’s even said that it’s unknown whether Qi Junyi is still alive. That matter is also probably related to you. Today, Zhuo Pingan isn’t with you. I truly want to see what methods you have." As Sa Jian was speaking, his sharp and oppressive Immortal Reverent aura had already boomed towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji had been in secluded cultivation for so long. With so many people investigating on his whereabouts, it did not come as a surprise that people had discovered his a.s.sociation with Zhuo Pingan. Without a peak expert like Zhuo Pingan, Mo Wuji probably wouldn’t have dared to challenge Grand Emperor Lun Cai even if he was a Pill Emperor.

However, Lun Cai did not reveal the matter of Mo Wuji’s immortal puppet, so everyone didn’t know exactly how impressive Mo Wuji’s immortal puppet was.

After all, this was common knowledge; in the Immortal World, no matter how strong an immortal puppet was, it generally wouldn’t exceed the Immortal Reverent level. Who had seen an immortal puppet at the level of an Immortal Emperor before? Even with Xu Suren’s level, he could only forge an immortal puppet on the level of an Immortal Reverent at the most; Xu Suren was completely unable to forge an immortal puppet on the level of an Immortal Emperor. Even though Xu Suren couldn’t forge an immortal puppet as powerful as Da Huang, he could tell Da Huang’s power. However, not everyone had the same discernment as Xu Suren.

Qing Yang casually waved her hand and Sa Jian’s violent and oppressive aura vanished without a trace.

Sa Jian looked at Qing Yang in confusion, "House Lord Qing Yang, my Great Sword Path had always had a cordial relations.h.i.+p with your Green Immortal House. What’s the meaning behind your actions?"

Qing Yang smiled and said, "Immortal Friend Sa Jian is misunderstanding my actions. I’m worried that your actions may be too rash. This gathering was organised by Castellan Ku Zhu, and it’s said that people from up there might come down. If Immortal Friend Sa does anything reckless, the people from up there might blame you. That would be too dangerous."

Slightly far away, Gai Feilan said anxiously, "Father, that pole seems to want to do something bad to Pill Master Mo."

Gai Ao chuckled, "My daughter hasn’t left the house but her elbow already seems to be bending in the opposite direction. I’m afraid that in the future, you might not even recognise this old father of yours."

Gai Feilan’s face turned bright red as she said hurriedly, "Father only knows how to talk nonsense."

Gao Ao then said with a serious face, "This Pill Master Mo is considered quite loyal and affectionate, and he is also rather capable. He just barely meets your requirements. However, that does not mean that he has met my requirements. If he wants to marry my, Gai Ao’s, daughter, this is far from enough. If he isn’t able to get out of his own problems, then such a person really isn’t worth my, Gai Ao’s, eye. A fella that only knows how to draw trouble to himself; am I supposed to protect him from all of that?"

"Father…" When Gai Feilan heard these words, she instantly went anxious.

Ever since she came back to life from the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, Gai Feilan had set a standard for her dao companion. For one, he must be capable. Two, he must be loyal and true to his closed ones. Three, he must have the courage to enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond for his closed ones. Regarding her three conditions, it was because she wanted to find a man that was like her father; capable and doting of her. After all, she was saved from the Soul Condensing Pond because of her father Gai Ao.

In reality, when she set these standards, she basically doomed herself to a life without a dao companion. Where was she going to find such a person? Even if there were people that could meet the first two criteria, there wasn’t anyone that could fulfil the third one. After all, anyone who jumped and entered into the Soul Condensing Pond would basically die. However, such a person had actually appeared; that person was the newcomer Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji hadn’t ascended to the Immortal World for a long time, yet he had already become a Honored Grade Tier 7 Pill Emperor. How impressive was that? Additionally, Mo Wuji singlehandedly, with no regards for his own life, jumped into the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond to save his friend from the cultivation world. Even though he did not manage to successfully save his friend, his mere act of doing it had already met Gai Feilan’s standards.

Sa Jian said indifferently, "My Great Sword Path will naturally know how to show our respects when the people from up there come. However, this junior actually dared to show disrespect to my Great Sword Path. This is no longer a personal matter as it also involves my Great Sword Path’s reputation."

At the same time, Sa Jian transmitted a message to Ni Ju, "Immediately kill him. No matter what happens, our Great Sword Path will be able to take the blame."

Knowing that Mo Wuji had borrowed Zhuo Pingan’s power to kill an Immortal Emperor from Lightning Sect, Sa Jian had always been in a state of threat. The longer Mo Wuji was alive, the greater that threat would be. This place was not the best place to kill Mo Wuji, in fact, this place would result in the most serious consequences if he were to kill Mo Wuji. However, no matter how serious the consequences could be, it would not be as important to him as his own life.

Sa Jian did not think that he was more impressive than Lightning Sect’s Qi Junyi. Mo Wuji was even able to kill Qi Junyi. Now that Mo Wuji had also publicly announced that he would stand up for Tian Ji Sect, how could he, Sa Jian, want to continue taking this risk? Sa Jian did not know how powerful Mo Wuji was, but he had done his investigations. He had to take this opportunity that Zhuo Pingan wasn’t around to kill Mo Wuji; it would be too late if Mo Wuji was to regroup with Zhuo Pingan.

If Mo Wuji was dead, he would have to accept a portion of the blame. However, he believed that Ku Zhu would be able to see the benefits that he would offer. As long as he paid the compensation, and helped Ku Zhu to regain this loss in reputation, then no one would care about the already dead Mo Wuji.

NI Ju had long wanted to kill Mo Wuji. Now that he had received his master’s orders, why would he still be patient; his killing intent concentrated as he prepared to stab with his spear.

Just at this moment, a resonant voice resounded, "Please welcome the Venerable Envoy from the Very High Heavens!"

"Hurry and stop." When Sa Jian heard that voice, he didn’t care about anything else as he hurriedly pulled Ni Ju back.

Ni Ju was not a fool; when he heard that voice, he had also paused before his master even said anything. If they were to act against Mo Wuji now, his master and him would be killed, and even his Great Sword Path would be razed.

The Great Sword Path was strong, but no matter how strong it was, it was nothing but an ant when compared to the Very High Heavens.

Mo Wuji cursed in his heart; if Ni Ju and Sa Jian didn’t make a move, then he really didn’t dare to do so either. He could only swear at this dogsh*t envoy for coming at such a timing; if this envoy had arrived 10 breaths later, he was confident that he would have been able to eliminate Sa Jian and his disciple.

At this instant, a clean-shaven youth in yellow robes had already walked in. There were two people by his side; Mo Wuji recognised one of them as Heavenly Chasm City’s Castellan Ku Zhu. The other person was wearing a crown; he had brown hair, a tall and st.u.r.dy figure, and bright eyes. His aura was not half a bit weaker than Gai Ao. Mo Wuji guessed that this person was very likely to be G.o.ds Immortal Domain’s Heavenly Emperor, Ou Gu.

Seeing these three people walk in, the originally scattered immortals came from all over to pay their respects and greetings. Mo Wuji saw that even Gao Ao had clasped his fists in respects, and he knew that the yellow robed youth definitely wasn’t simple. He had heard of the Very High Heavens; even though he didn’t know what kind of plaything this Venerable Envoy was, he did not dare to be conspicuous as he joined the rest of the crowd to clasp his fists.

The yellow robed youth swept across the crowd, then he said gently, "Everyone, please be at ease. Today, I have received to orders to come here for the G.o.ds Tower. At the same time, we will select several exceptional disciples to cultivate in the Very High Heavens…"

Everyone knew that this envoy from the Very High Heavens was definitely here because of the G.o.ds Tower. However, they never expected that the Very High Heavens would also be selecting disciples to go there and train. At this instant, everyone held their breaths in antic.i.p.ation as they waited for the names of the lucky people to have been chosen by the Very High Heavens.

The yellow robed youth nodded, seemingly satisfied with the respect paid towards him. He announced loudly, "May the following disciples prepare yourself, the moment the G.o.ds Tower closes, you will follow me to enter the Very High Heavens. Six Paths Immortal Domain Devil Immortal School’s Lu Jiazhi, Sala Buddha Immortal Domain Seven Buddha Great Temple’s Yi Ning, G.o.ds Immortal Domain Green Immortal School’s Qing Ruoyue, Luo Ling Immortal Domain Great Sword Path’s Fang s.h.i.+jiang…"

Immortal Mortal Chapter 636 - Venerable Envoy From The Very High Heavens

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