Immortal Mortal Chapter 637 - Dao Emperor

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Chapter 637 - Dao Emperor

Among the names that the yellow robed youth reported, Mo Wuji was familiar with a few of them. Among those that he was familiar with, almost all of them were Nine Star Geniuses. It could be deduced that amaong those that he didn’t know, most were probably Nine Star Geniuses as well.

The yellow robed youth stopped after saying close to 20 names. Even though some sects whose names weren’t mentioned were slightly disappointed, they didn’t dare show any form of disrespect to this yellow robed youth.

Feeling the respect from the crowd, this yellow robed youth nodded contentedly and said, "Originally, before these talented disciples go to the Very High Heavens, there was supposed to be an a.s.sessment for them. Thereafter, we would also organise an independent selection.. But because the G.o.ds Tower is opening soon, and to save time, we will do without the a.s.sessment. This time, I have come to G.o.ds Immortal Domain, not only to recruit disciples, but to also formulate the plans to enter G.o.ds Tower. Thus, I don’t have time to go around every single sect and I made use of Castellan Ku’s gathering to share my news.

For the immortal friends here, pa.s.s on this news to the sects that aren’t here today. Tell them that during our selection of disciples, do not waste our Very High Heavens’ time. After this, i will still need to discuss with Castellan Ku Zhu and Heavenly Emperor Ou Gu about the exact details regarding the opening of G.o.ds Tower, so I wouldn’t disturb anyone any further. When the time comes, I will request Castellan Ku Zhu to distribute the gifts that my Very High Heavens has prepared for the few of you."

When this yellow robed youth prepared to leave, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. When he heard that the yellow robed youth was here because of the G.o.ds Tower, his heart began to filled with concern; he was worried that the matter of his Univeral Peak Token would be exposed. Even though Nai He was the only one who knew of this, who could be sure that Nai He would reveal this matter to anyone else? Moreover, Nai He was in the Heavenly Chasm City now, and she might even be in this Heavenly Chasm Pond.

Ku Zhu clasped his fists apologetically and said, "Various immortal friends, I invited everyone to this gathering on behalf of Heavenly Chasm City. But because of the matters regarding the G.o.ds Tower, I will not be accompanying you. I seek the forgiveness of my immortal friends. Everyone, please rest a.s.sured. The moment the matter with the G.o.ds Tower concludes, I, Ku Zhu, will definitely offer a proper apology and present the gifts from the Very High Heavens. Lastly, I wish that everyone would enjoy your time in the Heavenly Chasm Pond today."

Ku Zhu was going off to discuss matters with the Venerable Envoy from the Very High Heavens, so the crowd was naturally forgiving of him.

After Ku Zhu, Ou Gu and the yellow robed youth left, Mo Wuji heard Gai Ao’s voice transmitted into his ear, "Pill Master Mo, I wonder if you are free?"

When Mo Wuji saw that Sa Jian and Ni Ju had already left, he knew that now wasn’t a good time to kill those to fellas. He would need to wait.

"Of course I am free. Even though I don’t know what the Heavenly Emperor wishes to say, I, Mo Wuji, will definitely listen to them humbly." Mo Wuji concealed the killing intent in his heart.

Gai Ao smiled faintly, "You should not have any killing intent here. There’s no need to talk about how that sickly scholar isn’t here, even if he was, killing someone from the Great Sword Path would only lead to death."

Mo Wuji’s heart jolted; he discovered that he had seemed to have walked into a dead end. That is, if Great Sword Path killed him, it would only be treated as a trivial matter; but if he killed someone from the Great Sword Path, then he would definitely have to be constantly on the run again.

He had always thought that he had been on the same playing field as everyone else, but with Gai Ao’s reminder, he came to a rude awakening. With his mere status as a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, he wasn’t on the same level as the Great Sword Path. Don’t just see how there were many people trying to befriend him; if he were to really start a war with the Great Sword Path, probably none of them would help him. In fact, it would already be really good if they only watched the show and didn’t try to strike him while he was down.

"Many thanks for the Heavenly Emperor’s reminder. Mo Wuji will take it to heart." Mo Wuji sincerely expressed his grat.i.tude.

Gai Ao laughed faintly, then he said, "Follow me then."

"Aunt Yang, didn’t you say that you wanted to look for Pill Master Mo?" Seeing Mo Wuji leave with Gai Ao, Mo Xianmo asked in doubt.

In reality, she had also wanted to ask where Mo Wuji was from. Mo Wuji shared the same surname with her, and she suspected that Mo Wuji might have come from the same family.

Qing Yang looked at Mo Wuji’s back and smiled, "Originally, I wanted to hook Ruoyue up with Mo Wuji…"

"Mother…" Qing Ruoyue exclaimed in surprise; she did not know of this matter. She had only met Mo Wuji today. Now that her mother had said such a thing, how could she not be fl.u.s.tered and shocked?

Qing Yang spoke with a solemn tone, "Ruoyue, you must not underestimate this Pill Master Mo. I know of his origins very clearly. He was from Yong Ying Immortal Domain…"

"Could he be a cultivator that ascended to Yong Ying Immortal Domain?" Mo Xianmo asked curiously.

Qing Yang sighed and spoke with a tone of admiration, "If he was merely an ascended cultivator, I wouldn’t have thought as highly of him, I wouldn’t even have bothered investigating on him. I’m sure the two of you heard of Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s Half Immortal Domain; it’s the trash place created by the self-defeating Yong Ying Immortal Domain. All cultivators in Half Immortal Domain practically aren’t able to be able to come to the Immortal World. However, this Mo Wuji traversed across the Immortal Chasm to come to the Corner of Yong Ying…"

"What?" Even Qing Ruoyue looked at Qing Yang in shock.

As people from Green Immortal School, they were all too clear of Yong Ying’s Immortal Chasm. There, a Xuan Immortal, or even a Grand Yi Immortal would face a 90% possibility of dying. When Mo Wuji reached Half Immortal Domain, his cultivation would only be at the Earthly Immortal Stage at the very most. And, would it even matter if he was a Heavenly Immortal at that point? He was actually able to cross a place that no one else was able to survive through? And he was a pill refiner. Usually, the combat power of pill refiners were among the lowest.

Qing Yang nodded, "Everything that I have said is true. When this person go to the Corner of Yong Ying, he was able to kill Golden Immortals while at the Heavenly immortal Stage. Before Yong Ying Immortal Domain dispatched any experts over, he was actually the tyrant of the Corner of Yong Ying. And not much time had pa.s.sed since then, but he had already progressed to such a level. He even managed to get an expert like Zhuo Pingan on his side. As days pa.s.s, how could he remain as another tiny fish in the pond? Ruoyue, you might have a Nine Star talent, and even be the head of the Green Immortal House’s Seven Fairies, I believe that this Mo Wuji would be a suitable match for you. Don’t just look at how he doesn’t have any foundations nor any backers; his potential is simply staggering."

Qing Ruoyue also went silent; she knew that what her mother said was true. This Mo Wuji did not have any background or foundation; he was equivalent to a gra.s.s in this Immortal World. However, this gra.s.s was able to use its own power to grow to such a level. This was definitely not what an average person could achieve.

"If I’m not wrong, this Gai Ao probably also has the same intentions; he wants to find a son-in-law for his Feilan. He probably wants to recruit Mo Wuji, this Tier 7 Pill Emperor, to his Six Paths Immortal Domain," Qing Yang said as she looked at Mo Wuji’s disappearing figure.

"Ah, then Aunt Yi, why are you simply letting Pill Master Mo go?" Mo Xianmo asked in astonishment.

Qing Yang smiled faintly, "The circ.u.mstances have changed. If Ruoyue wasn’t chosen by the Very High Heavens, then Mo Wuji would have been the best option. But it’s different now; Ruoyue would soon be going to the Very High Heavens. How many geniuses are there in the Very High Heavens? There will definitely be people like Mo Wuji. Moreover, this Mo Wuji truly does not seem to control himself. Just because of his talent, he seems to have gotten arrogant and offended many people. In just a short period of time, he offended the Lightning Sect, Lun Cai, Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, Great Sword Path… I am sure that he will continue to offend many more. Even though this person is capable, he is a double edged sword. Since Ruoyue would have better options, it is better to abandon this one."

Qing Ruoyue’s graceful eyebrows wrinkled slightly; she did not really like the way her mother did things merely for personal interest. However, she understood her mother’s intentions. She was a person that would be going to the Very High Heavens; she would be walking a completely different path from Mo Wuji. Her mother’s choice wasn’t wrong.

Within a pavilion in Heavenly Chasm Pond, Gai Ao indicated for Mo Wuji to sit down. By the side, Gai Feilan had already prepared two cups of immortal wine for Mo Wuji and Gai Ao.

"Since Heavenly Emperor Gai has called me over, is there something of the matter?" Mo Wuji asked.

In front of Gai Ao, Mo Wuji did not have a single shred of self-confidence. Even though Da Huang was standing right behind him, Gai Ao was truly too wrong. Da Huang simply wouldn’t be a match.

"You should have some questions that you want to ask me. You can ask them first," Gai Ao smiled and said as he drank the wine.

Mo Wuji did have many questions. Now that Gai Ao had allowed it, he naturally wouldn’t be courteous. He clasped his fists and said, "Heavenly Emperor Gai, what kind of place is the Very High Heavens? Even a Heavenly Emperor needs to be so polite to a mere Venerable Envoy?"

Hearing Mo Wuji’s words, Gai Ao’s face turned serious. He raised his hands to form a few seals, then he said slowly, "Wuji, you must have come from the mortal world, right? In the mortal world, there’s the emperors and the officials. To draw a parallel, the Very High Heavens is where the emperor stays. The few of us are his officials."

"Southern Heavenly Gates? Jade Emperor?" Mo Wuji unconsciously said in astonishment.

Gai Ao furrowed his brows slightly, "What Southern Heavenly Gates and Jade Emperor?"

Mo Wuji hurriedly waved his hand, "This junior suddenly thought of the myths from my mortal world. There’s a Jade Emperor, and the entrance to where he stays is the Southern Heavenly Gate."

Gai Ao did not seem to mind. He nodded, "It’s roughly as you said. The emperor in the Very High Heavens is called the Dao Emperor. It’s said that his power has already pa.s.sed the Immortal Emperor Stage and he has reached a whole new realm. I am also a Grand Emperor. Over these years, I have traversed across the Immortal World but I’ve never even come close to reaching the Dao Emperor’s level. Not only me, this is also the same for the other Immortal Emperors in the Immortal World. Don’t just look at how we seem to reign supreme in the Immortal World. In reality, in front of Dao Emperor Zi Changluo, we are not even seen as ants."

Mo Wuji subconsciously exhaled a breath of cold air. He was all too clear of the power of an Immortal Emperor. Grand Emperor Lun Cai could crush him with a single finger. He had an experience of that power during the battle between Zhuo Pingan and Lun Cai. If the two of them went all out, they would turn multiple huge immortal cities into ashes within a single exchange. If they weren’t even ants in front of Dao Emperor Zi Changluo, then how impressive was that Dao Emperor Zi Changluo?

"Then the various Heavenly Emperors in the Immortal World are designated by the Dao Emperor?" Mo Wuji had already calmed down.

Gai Ao sighed, "That’s not the case. The Heavenly Emperors all got their positions based on their own abilities and combat power. The Dao Emperor does not care about this. But the moment a person gets close to the Dao Emperor’s realm, I’m afraid…"

Mo Wuji’s heart started to turn cold. He was suddenly reminded of his Undying World. At this instant, he felt as though the Immortal World was the Dao Emperor’s own world. They were all within the Dao Emperor’s little world.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 637 - Dao Emperor

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