Immortal Mortal Chapter 638 - Rejecting The Good Intentions

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Chapter 638 - Rejecting The Good Intentions

Gai Ao did not know what was on Mo Wuji’s mind. But if he did, he might be thoroughly speechless. It was true that the Immortal World was under the jurisdiction of the Very High Heavens, but it was not the Very High Heavens’ backyard; it was completely different from a little world.

"Wuji, I feel that your cultivation isn’t high, but you have offended many people." Gai Ao changed the topic.

Mo Wuji knew that they have come to the reason why Gai Ao called him over. He cast his previous thoughts to the side as he said awkwardly, "I also didn’t intend for that. Even without my knowledge, I had already offended people."

Did he want to offend Lun Cai? Just because he had some ability, he had unconsciously offended Lun Cai. This was unless he was willing to lower himself; to slave himself for Lun Cai despite the fact that Lun Cai had killed his people. If he really did that, he, Mo Wuji, would rather have died.

Did he want to offend the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance? He was simply disgusted when he saw the actions of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance. If he was to feign civility with them, he was worried that his dao heart would be negatively affected.

As for the Great Sword path, he was already destined to be enemies with the Great Sword Path the moment he became the sect head of Zhen Xing’s Tian Ji Sect. Such a thing clearly couldn’t be avoided.

The only enemy that he could have avoided was the Lightning Sect. If he chose to turn a blind eye to what happened, then his enmity with the Lightning Sect could have been kept within control.

Unfortunately, he, Mo Wuji, had seen the Yuan Yi master-disciple duo get bullied in front of his very eyes. If he was to turn a blind eye and let Su Xi, that little nun, get taken away, then he wouldn’t be Mo Wuji.

"Are you interested in going to my Six Paths Immortal Domain’s Yue Lun Immortal City?" Gai Ao smiled and asked.

Mo Wuji knew of Yue Lun; it was the Heavenly Emperor City of Six Paths Immrotal Domain; i.e. the immortal city that Gai Ao stayed in. It was rumored that it was one of the most exceptional immortal cities in all the seven Immortal Domains.

Before Mo Wuji could reject, Gai Ao asked another question, "Pill Master Mo, what do you think of my little daughter, Feilan?"

Even though Gai Feilan was an expert that was about to reach the Immortal King Stage, when she heard her father’s words, she still lowered her blus.h.i.+ng face.

Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "Senior Sister Feilan is excellent and exceptional. Whether is it in terms of appearance, or talent, she is outstanding."

Gai Ao nodded, "Your eyesight is not bad. Feilan is slightly appreciative of you. What I’m saying is, after you go to Six Paths Immortal Domain, you can roam around the Immortal World with Feilan. The two of you have been to the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, so you have several common topics."

Gai Ao didn’t dally around as he directly talked about getting Mo Wuji to become Gai Feilan’s dao companion. Since it had already gotten to such a stage, Mo Wuji also didn’t dare to act courteous any further. He hurriedly stood up and bowed to Gai Ao, "Whether is is in terms of talent or status, Senior Sister Feilan exceeds me. I will only lower her status by being with Senior Sister Feilan. Moreover, I already have a dao companion, so it isn’t very suitable for me to be with Senior Sister Feilan."

Gai Ao’s face immediately sunk; his tone also took a sharp turn as he said, "Do you think that Zhuo Pingan is enough to maintain your safety? If so, then you’re grievously mistaken. Each one of your enemies are stronger than Zhuo pingan. Moreover, you will soon have another huge enemy, the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. If not for the fact that you are a loyal person, do you think I would value you?"

Mo Wuji was not humble, nor haughty, as he replied, "Many thanks for the Heavenly Emperor’s appreciation. But if I were to find a backer merely because I was afraid, then I wouldn’t be Mo Wuji. I seek the Heavenly Emperor’s understanding."

"Hmm! You don’t know how to appreciate favours. Feilan, let’s go." Gai Ao suddenly stood up and turned to leave.

Gai Feilan shot Mo Wuji a look of loneliness, then she lowered her head and rushed off with her father. At least, she felt that one of Mo Wuji’s ideas was right; if Mo Wuji simply hid behind a Heavenly Emperor because he was afraid of death, then he wouldn’t be Mo Wuji, and he wouldn’t be worth her respect.

Just as the Gai father-daughter left, Guang Xing and Tai Sha seemed to be like specters as they appeared in the pavilion.

"Amitabha. This poor monk is able to meet Pill Master Mo once again." Guang Xing placed his palms together and smiled.

"These two masters, please take a seat." Mo Wuji’s head was aching; he knew the reason why Guang Xing and Tai Sha were here, and he knew that he wasn’t able to do anything.

The Great Kun Buddhist Lamp was exchanged for with Yuan Yi’s life; Su Xi probably wouldn’t want to hand it over to the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. As for Yuan Yi, if she had been willing to hand it over to the Great Kun Buddhist Sect, that she wouldn’t have carried the lamp dish around for several years by herself.

"Benefactor Mo…"

Just as Guang Xing said these two words, Mo Wuji raised his hands to stop him, "Master Guang Xing, I think it’s better to call me Pill Master Mo."

The Great Kun Buddhist Lamp wasn’t his, so he didn’t have the rights to be called a benefactor.

Guang Xing did not mind as he changed the address, "Pill Master Mo, on behalf of Great Kun Buddhist Sect, Guang Xing would, once again, like to thank you for saving my sect’s Yuan Yi and her disciple…"

Mo Wuji interupted Guang Xing’s words again, "Master Guang Xing, I really don’t dare to accept your grat.i.tude. Yuan Yi was from the Meditation Nunnery. I’m don’t really know what’s the relations.h.i.+p between Meditation Nunnery and Great Kun Buddhist Sect, nor am I interested to know. I had only saved Junior Sister Su Xi casually. Su Xi had already thanked me, so there’s no need for any further thanks from anyone else."

Mo Wuji really didn’t dare to acknowledge such a grat.i.tude on behalf of Su Xi. If he did so, it would be equivalent to saying that the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp was the Great Kun Buddhist Sect’s. If he accepted it, he would be making things hard for her.

Tai Sha, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly had a solemn expression on the face. The three buddhist beads on her neck started to glow with grey light. When Mo Wuji felt this light, he unconsciously released his domain.

This grey light was killing intent. He never expected that this Tai Sha would be so murderous; he had merely said a sentence and she had already developed killing intent towards him.

Guang Xing began to chant the names of Buddha, then he said, "Pill Master Mo, Yuan Yi has a lamp called the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. This buddhist lamp is the core treasure of my Great Kun Buddhist Sect. Now that Yuan Yi has perished, I request that Pill Master Mo return the buddhist lamp to my Great Kun Buddhist Sect. My Great Kun Buddhist Sect will be endlessly grateful."

When Mo Wuji heard these words, he began to seethe in anger. He understood it now. Previously, he believed that Guang Xing wanted to use him to get to Su Xi. But from the looks of it, this person believed that the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp was in his, Mo Wuji’s, hands.

They were saying that it wasn’t out of goodwill that he, Mo Wuji, saved Su Xi. And that he did it for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. He had thought too much of a gentleman in Guang Xing. It was truly hard to be a good person in this day and age.

"Master Guang Xing, I said it before. I don’t know anything about the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. I had only helped Meditation Nunnery’s Yuan Yi and her disciple. If Master Guang Xing has a matter, you should find the people from Meditation Nunnery. I am not related to this."

Mo Wuji did not want to create another enemy of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect. Even though Guang Xing suspected him, he still wanted things to end calmly. If Su Xi was willing to hand the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, then it woudn’t be his matter anymore. If Su Xi wasn’t willing, then with Zhuo Pingan, Guang Xing and Tai Sha wouldn’t be able to do anything.

"Hmm!" Tai Sha snorted coldly, "Pill Master Mo, an honest man doesn’t lie. How could a little girl like Su Xi be your opponent? You dare say that you didn’t save Su Xi because of the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp? If it was anything else, my Great Kun Buddhist Sect wouldn’t have mind. But we must take back our Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. If Pill Master Mo doesn’t want things to blow up, then return the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp to its rightful owner. If you’re not willing, my Great Kun Buddhist Sect also has a Grand Emperor existence and we’re not afraid of you."

Looks like the other party was bent on believing that he was the big bad wolf that saved a little white rabbit. Mo Wuji knew that there was no use for any further debate, nor was he even interested in debating. He slowly stood up and said indifferently, "The fact that your Great Kun Buddhist Sect has a Grand Emperor is none of my business, nor will I be threatened. Moroever, I don’t want to continue wasting my words pointlessly. As for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp that you guys want, I don’t know anything about it."

With that, Mo Wuji couldn’t be bothered about the two of them as he turned and walked out of the pavilion.

For no good reason, he had another burden on his back. Mo Wuji felt really discontented. Moreover, he was also very sure that even if he gave the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp to Guang Xing, people would still believe that the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp was with him.

Even though he was still interested in the gift that the yellow robed youth from the Very High Heavens brought, Mo Wuji no longer had the mood to stay here. He hastily walked out of the Heavenly Chasm Pond; there were some matters that he needed to make prior preparations for.

Facing a big sect like the Great Kun Buddhist Sect, Mo Wuji did not have the confidence that he would be able to protect Su Xi; it would already be great if he could protect himself.

"Master, that Mo Wuji is leaving." The moment Mo Wuji’s front foot left Heavenly Chasm Pond, Ni Ju alerted anxiously.

Sa Jian stared at Mo Wuji’s disappearing figure and snorted coldly, "He temporarily wouldn’t leave Heavenly Chasm City. Now that he would be regrouping with Zhuo Pingan, we wouldn’t be a match for him. He had swallowed the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp for himself, so the Great Kun Buddhist Sect wouldn’t let him go. When the time comes, we can ally with the Great Kun Buddhist Sect and the Lightning Sect to get rid of him."

Ni Ju understood his master’s meaning. Destroying Tian Ji Sect was done by his master, Sa Jian. To be honest, it wasn’t really related much to the Great Sword Path. Because this was a private grudge between Sa Jian and Mo Wuji, they really couldn’t request for the sect’s Immortal Emperors to help.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 638 - Rejecting The Good Intentions

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