Immortal Mortal Chapter 643 - The Crafty Tai Shixiao

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Chapter 643 - The Crafty Tai s.h.i.+xiao

"Junior Sister Su Xi, how was it?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask as he noticed that Su Xi stood up too.

"I’ve already refined 30% of it so I should be capable of protecting myself in the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm," Su Xi kept the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp in her hands.

"Alright, we shall try and figure our way out then," Mo Wuji brought Da Huang out the moment he said this.

When Mo Wuji first came into the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, he was overconfident by leaving Da Huang inside his Undying World. To reduce the risk of being swallowed by an unknown beast like before, Mo Wuji decided to more cautious.

Mo Wuji would search for a path while Da Huang will protect his back and Su Xi would concentrate on controlling her Great Kun Buddhist Lamp.

Previously when he was stationary while concocting his pills, Mo Wuji didn’t feel much about the surrounding. Now that he started walking through this void, even Mo Wuji felt a sense of panic as if the next step he took would lead him directly into a black hole.

This void seemed to be endless because even after Mo Wuji walked with Da Huang and Su Xi for over 10 days, the surrounding was still pitch black like before. Without mentioning about a spatial tear to exit from, Mo Wuji didn’t even find a speck of dust in here.

Mo Wuji could only sigh because he finally realised how fortunate he was to have found all the Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s so soon after entering this place.

"Lord, we walked past here earlier on," Just when Mo Wuji had no idea which direction to continue, Da Huang suddenly commented.

Mo Wuji stopped moving as he finally realised what was going on. In this void, there was simply no direction and one had to depend on one’s subconsciousness to walk therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were simply walking on the same spot all these while. It was no wonder he could find the large amount of Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s so quickly earlier on. It was not due to fortune but because this large amount of Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s was far too eye-catching in a place like this.

As it seemed, this void ain’t very big.

"Da Huang, are you able to tell directions in here?" Mo Wuji recalled that Da Huang was so much stronger than Mo Wuji and Su Xi so he casually asked.

"No because I can only rely on my instinct to tell that we’ve been to this spot before. I am not able to tell our specific position because the spiritual will around here was all the same…"

Mo Wuji only wanted to smack his own brains when he heard this. One’s spiritual will might not be able to sense much of a difference in a place like this but Mo Wuji had the spiritual eye. The spiritual eye could see through any unfounded things and this was merely an unfounded void. Mo Wuji couldn’t believe that he neglected the most important factor of this place while wandering around here.

Mo Wuji hurried to condense his spiritual eye and even though they were still in the same void, Mo Wuji’s spiritual eye saw something everyone else couldn’t see. There were neither five elements nor vitality here but there were time and s.p.a.ce.

Moreover, Mo Wuji’s spiritual eye also caught hold of a trace of faint immortal energy.

Mo Wuji thought so because even if the Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s could only survive in voids, how could they continue growing if there were no immortal energy of dao spirituality?

Just because there were immortal energy here didn’t mean that this wasn’t the void s.p.a.ce. The immortal energy from the outside world would have probably seeped through the occasional tears which appeared. A perfect void would not have any of such energy so these immortal energy would be constantly absorbed by the Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s.

What he needed to do now would be to find the direction of the immortal energy he could sense and that would be the direction which would lead him to the spatial tear. Once he found the spatial tear, he would be able to leave this place.

With this train of thoughts, Mo Wuji’s speed increased tremendously. After just four hours, he could sense that the immortal energy was getting denser than before.

A ma.s.sive tortoise shaped island appeared in front of Mo Wuji and the flowy silver river by the periphery of the island was even more eye catching.

As he saw these two landmarks, Mo Wuji really wanted to curse out loud. That Tai s.h.i.+xiao fella was really terrifyingly insidious because he wasn’t lying about the fact that the Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s would be beside a tortoise shape island and a silver river. Everything he mentioned about the positioning map was true.

However, this place was within the void. If he couldn’t enter this void, even if he were to be searching for his entire life in the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, he wouldn’t be able to find these two landmarks.

If he managed to enter the void, he wouldn’t even need the two landmarks to actually find the Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s.

If Tai s.h.i.+xiao was able to enter this place, he would evidently benefitted a lot. Looking at the large amount of Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s left behind, Mo Wuji knew that this fella would definitely come again. Perhaps, he might even be aware of the one stalk of the Void Nirvana Root. He would have never expected Mo Wuji to be able to enter this tear which was why he would be so daring to leave the Void Nirvana Root and all the other Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s to grow in here.

In fact, Mo Wuji should have thought of this in the first place. If that Tai s.h.i.+xiao fella was able to find the Heavenly Desolate Gra.s.s, why wouldn’t he have took everything away? This was indeed a loophole which Mo Wuji was disappointed that he didn’t realised about it.

However, now that he found this place, that fella could forget about retrieving any of the remaining herbs here.

Mo Wuji dashed over to the tortoise shape island to realise that other than an ancient looking stone wall, this island was really empty.

Mo Wuji brought Da Huang and Su Xi over to the stone wall and the first thing they saw was four big words: Star Sea Sacred Technique.

The Star Sea Sacred Technique’s outline was missing but after the outline was the detailed descriptions of the Star Sea Sacred Technique. Other than describing how to cultivate the Star Sea Sacred Technique, they even included the herbs needed to support every level of the technique.

"Big Brother Mo, this Star Sea Sacred Technique appears to be quite extraordinary. I’ve only memorise a small bit of it and I am already having a throbbing headache," Su Xi said with some fear in her voice.

Mo Wuji nodded, "I understand now. Wait for me."

He had the outline of the Star Sea Sacred Technique with him while the cultivation technique was found on this island. Su Xi and Tai s.h.i.+xiao had similar cultivation level and since Su Xi experienced a throbbing headache only after looking at it for a while. Mo Wuji guessed that Tai s.h.i.+xiao would probably not remember much of the content too.

Since this was the case, he shall take away the entire stone wall today so that Tai s.h.i.+xiao wouldn’t be able to read any more of the content in his future trips back here.

Mo Wuji retrieved a few array flags and after one hour, following Mo Wuji’s movements and brandis.h.i.+ng of the array flags, this entire stone wall was brought into his Undying World.

"Big Brother Mo, I think this is a technique to cultivate the primordial spirit," Su Xi couldn’t help but commented as she watched Mo Wuji kept this stone wall.

Mo Wuji took out a copy of the Star Sea Sacred Technique which he made from the one Tai s.h.i.+xiao gave him before pa.s.sing it to Su Xi, "You are right but this is not to cultivate the primordial spirit. It is used to cultivate the sea of consciousness. This is the outline for you to try cultivating. If it is effective for you, I will carve out the rest for you in succession."

Su Xi was pleasantly surprised because regardless who it was, a technique to cultivate the sea of consciousness would be a top notch technique. Even if the Mediation Nunnery had a rich and long history, they didn’t have a treasure like this too.

"We can leave now," Feeling satisfied that he managed to collect some ‘interests’, Mo Wuji said to both Su Xi and Da Huang.

He had took a glance at the silver river and to him, it looked like an ordinary river. It seemed like a scene which was formed after some substances were brought into the void from the spatial tear from the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm. Because Mo Wuji reckoned that there would not be many useful items there, he didn’t go over to check it out.

"Have we found the way out?" Su Xi inquired.

Mo Wuji pointed in front, "In front of us is a spatial tear and all we needed to do would be to time our escape the moment the spatial tear opened up."

Mo Wuji’s prediction was not wrong because without waiting for long, a spatial tear appeared right in front of them. At the instance the spatial tear opened up, Mo Wuji and Su Xi managed to charge out of the void under the protection of Da Huang.

An immense energy surged towards them but Su Xi’s faint lamp radiance managed to block out the energy surged. This was when Mo Wuji knew that they had left the void and was back at the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm.

Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan outwards and there was no visible landmarks around them. Evidently, Tai s.h.i.+xiao had already drawn out the position of this location in the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm.

In a place further away from them, an indistinct silhouette of a tower appeared in the range of Mo Wuji’s spiritual will.

"That is the G.o.ds Tower and it would be opening soon," Even Su Xi was surprised at the sight of the tower.

Mo Wuji pa.s.sed Han Long’s G.o.ds Tower token and a few pills to Su Xi before saying, "We will head towards the G.o.ds Tower together once it is open. These are a few Dry Wimple Pills, a Tier 8 immortal pill, which could help you alter your appearance and spirituality as often as you wish in a year. In the event where we are separated, I am sure that you have a method to survive on your own. As for the Dry Wimple Pill, swallow one of it just before the G.o.ds Tower opened up."

Just as Mo Wuji finished his sentence, more and more light radiance were s.h.i.+ning from the periphery of the G.o.ds Tower.

"It is going to open soon!" Su Xi said anxiously as she swallowed the Dry Wimple Pill simultaneously.

"Not yet, I believe it would still need some time before opening officially. I’ve heard that the G.o.ds Tower’s opening would require the lower levels to be completed revealed first," Similarly, Mo Wuji also swallowed the Dry Wimple Pill as he urged Su Xi to not get too anxious.

In the periphery of the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, countless of people were simply staring at the G.o.ds Tower which was emitting golden radiance in all four directions. Everyone looking in that direction knew that the G.o.ds Tower was where most of the extraordinary items come from.

These were items left behind from the battle of the G.o.ds in the ancient times. There were rumours that some of these treasures even surpa.s.sed the Grade 9 immortal equipments. Moreover, if one was able to obtain a legacy, it would definitely be an incredible boost for their cultivation in the future.

Despite knowing that entering the G.o.ds Tower was full of risks and that it was no simple task to leave the tower alive, everyone still longed to enter at least once in their life.

Why was the Very High Heavens’ Zi Changluo able to become a Dao Emperor, an existence which every immortal cultivators looked upon? It was precisely because Zi Changluo managed to obtain a supreme treasure from the G.o.ds Tower which resulted in his ascension to become someone who was even mightier than a Grand Emperor. As for the actual cultivation level of Dao Emperor Zi Changluo presently, no one could be certain of it.

The pity was that the slots to enter the G.o.ds Tower was extremely limited and most of the slots belonged to the bigger sects of the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm. As for sects of the other immortal domains, even a powerhouse like Pill Dao Immortal Alliance would only receive at most three jade tokens.

It would already be pretty impressive for the other sects to receive one or two jade tokens and as for those sects without any Immortal Emperor, they would basically not be qualified to enter the G.o.ds Tower except for a few extremely fortunate ones.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 643 - The Crafty Tai Shixiao

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