Immortal Mortal Chapter 644 - Opening Of Gods Tower

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Chapter 644 - Opening of G.o.ds Tower

The light s.h.i.+ning from within G.o.ds Tower became increasingly stronger, causing the fog that had been blocking G.o.ds Tower to melt away gradually.

Soon, the full view of G.o.ds Tower was revealed, and one could even see that there was a large pathway made of bluestone in front of it.

Another half a month pa.s.sed, before new sounds echoed through the area, while the fog that surrounded G.o.ds Tower got torn away like a set of clothes, making the tower instantly clear.

"The G.o.ds Tower is about to open." As one person shouted out, cultivators with G.o.ds Tokens anxiously stood waiting at the edge of Heavenly G.o.ds Chasm. Once G.o.ds Tower opened, they would charge straight in.

Tai s.h.i.+xiao also stood at the border, but while everyone’s attention was fixed onto the bluestone pathway, his eyes were focused on the depths of G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm.

"You’re Tai s.h.i.+xiao?" A voice suddenly rang out beside Tai s.h.i.+xiao’s ears.

A chill ran down his spine, following which a ghostly pale young man appeared before him. This guy was staring at him intently with a cold gaze.

"I am Tai s.h.i.+xiao, do you have any business with me?" Tai s.h.i.+xiao asked while bowing respectfully.

The young man casually said, "You previously used a Grade 8 immortal equipment and two bottles of Zhi Desolate Pills to exchange for Junior Sister Lu Yu’s G.o.ds Token, is that so?"

"Ah…" Tai s.h.i.+xiao stared at the young man blankly, and asked, "G.o.ds Token? Are you talking the token that allows one to enter the G.o.ds Tower?"

"Don’t try to act dumb, so did you or did you not exchange those items for Junior Sister Lu Yu’s G.o.ds Token?" The young man’s furrowed his brows, questioning Tai s.h.i.+xiao once more with a hint of impatience in his voice.

Suddenly, Tai s.h.i.+xiao responded, "Your grandpa did exchange items for it, so what can you do to your grandpa [1]?"

After speaking, he immediately charged towards the G.o.ds Tower.

Most of the crowd had remained around the borders of the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, because G.o.ds Tower had not opened yet. But since there was one person that charged into G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, it set off a chain reaction, and a large portion of cultivators followed suit.

The young man that stopped Tai s.h.i.+xiao was stunned, but found out that Tai s.h.i.+xiao had entered G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm a long time ago.

"Wait, G.o.ds Tower has not opened yet." An experienced expert quickly shouted out.

However, majority of them had already leapt into G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, so who could still be bothered about whether G.o.ds Tower had opened or not? The thinking of men was always the same, no matter whether they had lived for 100 or 10,000 years. Once a new location opened up, the first to enter would have a greater chance of obtaining better things.

"Brother Mo, why are there suddenly so many people?" Su Xi, who was hiding in G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm with Mo Wuji, saw a large group of people das.h.i.+ng straight at G.o.ds Tower, hence she asked out of curiosity. Logically speaking, G.o.ds Tower had not completely opened yet.

Mo Wuji frowned, as he didn’t know what was going on either. The G.o.ds Tower was indeed supposed to be closed still.

"Boom!" A thunderous sound echoed out, and a gigantic golden door appeared at the end of the bluestone path. The door opened up, releasing waves of ancient aura out into the open.

In his heart, Mo Wuji couldn’t help but respect these fellows. G.o.ds Tower was not open when they entered G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, but the moment that they approached the tower, it opened so coincidentally.

"Su Xi, quickly keep the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp. G.o.ds Tower has opened, so we’ll go in immediately. Remember, except when absolutely necessary, do not use the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp ." Mo Wuji instructed her, before sending Da Huang into the Undying World.

Minutes later, Mo Wuji and Su Xi silently merged into the crowd that was charging into G.o.ds Tower.

At this point, Mo Wuji had turned into a slightly tan youth, while Su Xi became his junior sister, no longer sporting her original nun look, and allowing her hair to drape down onto her shoulders.

G.o.ds Tokens were not easy to obtain, but that did not mean that there were only a few of them. It was rumored that every time G.o.ds Tower closed, many cultivators would have died inside the tower, but every single G.o.ds Token left inside would be sent out. Hence, every time G.o.ds Tower opened up, there were large numbers of cultivators entering it.

Most of the people holding G.o.ds Tokens were charging furiously towards the golden doors, and Mo Wuji and Su Xi blended into the crowd, becoming very low profile.

At the border of G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, a blue haired man stared at the doors of G.o.ds Tower intently, and every single cultivator that entered would be imprinted into his mind. But as the more people went it, the number of people outside grew lesser, and his expression grew uglier.

His entire body seemed to be engulfed in lightning, with the aura of boundless, wild lightning essence.

"Brother Guyun, you’re waiting for that little bast*rd right?" A crisp voice sounded out beside the blue haired man.

Turning around, the blue haired man looked towards the skinny man, and bowed respectfully, "So it’s Great Sword Path’s Brother Ming Xu. It seems like we’re here for the same thing."

The blue haired man was from Mahesvara Immortal Domain’s Lightning Sect, and was the sect’s number one expert. Back when he had just advanced to Immortal Emperor, a large sect that also had an Immortal Emperor was wiped out single-handedly by him.

The skinny man carried a long sword on his back, and had a set of sharp brows and small eyes. His status was no lower than Lei Guyun, as he was the Sect Head of Luo Ling Immortal Domain’s Great Sword Path. Since Great Sword Path’s Immortal Reverent elder had been killed, he couldn’t do nothing as the sect head. Moreover, the Immortal Reverent was Sa Jian, the master of Great Sword Path’s genius, Huang Sha.

"Brother Guyun’s lightning spirituality is overflowing. It seems like you’re at the cusp of breaking through for your great sacred art." Yi Mingxu knew that Lei Guyun was about to break through with one look, as there wouldn’t be such excessive lightning spirituality otherwise. Normally, Lei Guyun wouldn’t come out at this time, but since he did, and even came to G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm, it was apparent how furious he was.

Lei Guyun took in a deep breath, "That’s right, this little b*stard killed the First Elder of my Lightning Sect, Qi Junyi, as well as another Immortal Reverent and Immortal King. If I don’t break his bones and turn him into dust, I, Lei Guyun, would have cultivated for naught all these years."

Nodding his head, Yi Mingxu agreed, "This person is extremely brutal and inhumane. To nail my the master-disciple pair of my Great Sword Path’s Sa Jian at the border of G.o.ds Immortal Chasm. I would love to extract his soul and cook it."

Naturally, Lei Guyun understood what Yi Mingxu meant, and asked, "Logically speaking, this guy obtained a G.o.ds Token, so he should have entered the G.o.ds Tower, but why haven’t I seen him?"

Yi Mingxu casually replied, "There’s many ways to change one’s appearance. Since this Mo Wuji could reach Tier 7 Pill Emperor at such a young age, he definitely isn’t a person that would give up easily. My guess is that he used some way to alter his appearance before entering G.o.ds Tower. We just have to wait here, and as long as he doesn’t die, he will come out. If he dies in G.o.ds Tower, he’s a lucky guy."

After entering the s.h.i.+ny golden doors, Mo Wuji felt a strong wave of energy sweeping him away. Under this almost boundless energy, he couldn’t even fight back one bit.

"Plop!" A freezing cold sensation seeped through his body, and Mo Wuji knew that he probably fell into some water. The first thing he did was to take out Da Huang.

"Boom!" Once Da Huang came out, he threw out a punch, causing immortal elemental energy to wildly explode around him. This created a giant whirlpool in the surrounding waters. A fish with a mouth full of sharp fangs left a pool of blood behind as it quickly fled the scene.

The smell of blood permeated the surroundings, and Mo Wuji instantly sensed that something was wrong. Hence, he called out to Da Huang, and immediately leapt out of the water.

A moment later, countless unknown species of fish charged to his previous location in the water. Chills ran down Mo Wuji’s spine as he realised that if he had been a second late, he would have been devoured till not even bits of his bones would remain.

Who knew where Su Xi got sent to, but Mo Wuji just hoped that she wasn’t in the same predicament as him, being sent to this sort of dangerous waters.

However, Mo Wuji still did not dare to take out his flying shuttle, instead carefully treading the water surface with Da Huang. Eventually, they landed on a large smooth rock on the beach.

Around the large stone, there was a whole stretch of grey sand which didn’t seem that different from an ordinary beach. Heaving a sigh of relief, Mo Wuji was about to step onto the sand, but Da Huang suddenly jumped up, and threw out another punch.

"Boom!" The surrounding sand turned into dust under the impact of the immortal elemental energy, and a small little goblin-like thing speedily escaped, almost instantly charging into the nearby sea.

Upon seeing this, Mo Wuji sucked in a breath of cold air. He was aware of how strong Da Huang was, and the punch was at the level that even a Great Immortal Emperor would have to block with all his might. However, that little goblin did not flinch after being hit, and could still escape into the sea.

"Da Huang, what was that scary thing?" Mo Wuji asked with some fear in his heart.

In a m.u.f.fled voice, Da Huang replied, "It seemed like some equipment spirit, but what exact equipment spirit, I don’t know."

After speaking, Da Huang scratched his head.

Equipment spirit? An equipment spirit was so strong? Mo Wuji told himself to be more careful. Once he landed on the ground, there was a large bronze ring in the crater that Da Huang created. The bronze ring was made of some unknown materials, and his spiritual will couldn’t penetrate it either. But it seemed like it was not a piece of sc.r.a.p metal, as there was no spirituality about it.

"Da Huang, from what I see, the equipment spirit that just escaped should have belonged to this bronze ring. The bronze ring looks like it’s more powerful than Grade ( immortal equipments…" As Mo Wuji spoke, he stretched out his arm to grab the bronze ring.

"Boom!" A jet of water shot out of the sea, and targeted Mo Wuji. Thankfully, Da Huang was just at his side, and let out a punch.

"Splas.h.!.+" An explosion rang out, and the thing that jumped out of the water was blown away by Da Huang once again.

Mo Wuji ordered without hesitation, "Let’s go Da Huang, we’re leaving this place immediately."

That equipment spirit wasn’t nice to play with, each punch Da Huang threw out expended a portion of his green crystal. Once all of the green crystals were used up, Mo Wuji would probably be in danger. As for the bronze ring, he did not want it anymore. He was sure that the bronze ring belonged to the equipment spirit, and if he took it away, the equipment spirit would definitely come after him for his life.

[1] Figure of speech in chinese

Immortal Mortal Chapter 644 - Opening Of Gods Tower

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