Immortal Mortal Chapter 682 - The Scheming Woman

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Chapter 682 - The Scheming Woman

"The reason why this meeting has been held is because that person might be able to disguise his face, but he wouldn't be able to conceal his cultivation aura. At this point, we need to thank Immortal Friend Leng Yulin. She was the one who provided us with that cultivator's cultivation aura…"

As Dong Shanglie got to this point, he raised his hand and a crystal ball floated in front of him, "This crystal ball contains the cultivation aura of that cultivator named Fan Lin. Everyone, there's no need to take note of his name; it is very likely to be false. However, no matter how he tries to disguise himself, his aura would never change. Now, everyone please send your spiritual will into this crystal ball and duplicate a portion of the cultivation aura. I believe that if this person's cultivation aura is revealed, he wouldn't be able to escape our Yong Ying Immortal Domain no matter how hard he tries to flee."

Everyone in the hall knew that Dong Shanglie's words were right: even if a cultivator was able to disguise himself, he wouldn't be able to change his aura. This was unless he possessed a Grade 7 or above disguising equipment, or if he used a Tier 8 Dry Wimple Pill. However, the total number of Dry Wimple Pills in the entire Yong Ying Immortal Domain probably wouldn't even exceed the number of fingers on a single hand. How could a Grand Zhi Immortal possess such a treasure? As for a disguising equipment that was Grade 7 or above, its value was even higher than a Dry Wimple Pill.

Mo Wuji really wanted to use his spiritual will to probe this Dong Shanglie; he wanted to see whether this person was being controlled. He suspected that all this was contrived by that discarnate soul that lived in the Lake of Poison. Its motive was to use this net method to locate his whereabouts. Fortunately, Mo Wuji forcefully suppressed his impulse. The Water Elemental Bead and the primal water crystals were all on him; so there was no need for him to be so curious.

Moreover, when he was with Leng Yulin, his aura had been fabricated. He had mortal roots, which meant that he didn't have any sort of spiritual aura. Even if Dong Shanglie was possessed by that soul, he wouldn't be able to identify Mo Wuji even if Mo Wuji was standing right in front of him.

After waiting for everyone to duplicate the cultivation aura from within the crystal ball, Dong Shanglie continued, "Everyone should know what kind of treasure the Water Elemental Bead is. It is one of the five elemental beads, and its value far exceeds the primal water crystal. If the five elemental beads are gathered, it can create a world. As long as one had the fortune and the treasures, this world could even become a primordial world. Thus, during this meeting, there's another matter we will discuss about, besides the matter of the Water Elemental Bead. It pertains to another of the five elemental beads - the Wood Elemental Bead."

When he heard the Wood Elemental Bead, Mo Wuji's heart started to pound. He was still lacking the Fire Elemental Bead and the Wood Elemental Bead. He never thought that his luck would be so good, that he would actually be able to receive news of a Wood Elemental Bead here.

It wasn't just Mo Wuji; all the cultivators here began to look at Dong Shanglie in antic.i.p.ation, hoping that Dong Shanglie would reveal the whereabouts of the Wood Elemental Bead.

Among the five elemental beads, the most valuable one was clearly the Wood Elemental Bead. It didn't matter what elemental type your spiritual roots were. As long as you possessed a Wood Elemental Bead, your future would undoubtedly become bright. Simply burying the Wood Elemental Bead in a immortal herb garden and the garden would start to flourish. Immortal herbs that might not be able to grow in others’ gardens might be able to survive in yours.

Dong Shanglie waved his hand and a map… it should be a portion of a map, appeared in mid air. This map was extremely clear, and at the bottom portion of the map, there was a Wood Elemental Bead.

When Mo Wuji saw this map, his heart skipped a beat. He had an ominous feeling. Because this map was the same as his. Before Yan Ye died, Yan Ye gave him this map in exchange for a dying wish.

Even though he didn't agree to marry Ji Yue, Mo Wuji did help Yan Ye pa.s.s his storage ring to his sister Yan Yi. This map was clearly in his Undying World. How did it end up here?

The only possibility was that before Yan Ye pa.s.sed the map to him, someone had made a replica of the map. He had previously made enquiries about this before; no one had heard about the scenes on the map. This was why he gradually calmed his heart. He didn't expect that he wasn't the only one that possessed this map.

"This map doesn't seem complete…" Someone immediately pointed out.

Dong Shanglie nodded, "That's right, this map is indeed incomplete. However, the other portion is with me. Because I don't know where this map is depicting, it is very hard to find. If anyone has any impression of what's being depicted on the map, I am willing to cooperate."

The people in the hall tacitly duplicated this half of the map. Everyone knew that the matter of the cooperation wasn’t going to be raised here. They would have to wait for this meeting to end before they approached Dong Shanglie.

Everyone also understood Dong Shanglie's intentions; that was to spread news of this half of the map, and anyone who had any clues could approach him.

Dong Shanglie kept the map and said, "Even though this meeting is called an immortal sect meeting, it was organised very hurriedly. Besides finding the Water Elemental Bead and the Wood Elemental Bead, anyone that has news of the remaining elemental beads can seek me out to cooperate. Of course, I would also like to talk about a secondary matter. Recently, I have accepted a disciple…"

As he said that, Dong Shanglie waved his hand, "Yue’Er, come out."

Ji Yue bashfully walked out and stood by Dong Shanglie's side.

Dong Shanglie chuckled, "This is Ji Yue. Her talent is not bad. Because I spend most of my time in seclusion, and I also need to occasionally handle the affairs of Wind Plains Immortal City, I don't have that much time to take care of this disciple of mine. I hope to borrow this opportunity to find her a dependable dao companion with similar interests…"

The moment Dong Shanglie stopped talking, there were already waves of discussion below.

Ji Yue's beauty was higher than the number one beauty if several sects. Moreover, she was already a Grand Yi Immortal at such a young age. She was definitely a great option for a dao companion. What's more, her master was Wind Plain's Dong Shanglie, an Immortal Reverent expert.

Mo Wuji immediately understood that Dong Shanglie's map must have been from Ji Yue and Ji Yue should have gotten the map from Yan Ye.

Yan Ye listened to Ji Yue religiously. He would have even dug his heart out for her. It did not seem unexpected that he gave a portion of the map to Ji Yue.

This woman is really impressive. She managed to escape from the Ji Clan through some unknown means. Now, she probably knew that the map to the Wood Elemental Bead wasn't of much use to her; so she gifted it to Dong Shanglie and used this opportunity to take Dong Shanglie as her master. Not only that, she even made use of her master's, Dong Shanglie's, mouth to spread news of her, allowing her to find a talented and powerful dao companion.

A woman that seemed to be able to make use of everything was the most terrifying. Now, even an Immortal Reverent was being used by her. Her shy and bashful appearance should probably be one of her schemes.

"This sister is really pretty," Yan Yuerong, who was by Mo Wuji's side, could not help but praise.

She was speaking the truth. Ji Yue seemed to be lowering her head shyly, but this seemed to eccentuate her beauty.

A usual oval face would give a sn.o.bbish impression, but Ji Yue’s oval face had some sort of unspoken beauty. It felt like she was shrouded in mist.

Many immortals have already started jumping in their spots. If Dong Shanglie wasn’t going to talk about the method to ask for Ji Yue’s hand, then one of these people might already step forward.

"This meeting will come to an end. The reason why we are in such a hurry is because we cannot delay for too long. That Fan Lin's speed is really fast. Before he leaves Yong Ying Immortal Domain, we need to spread his cultivation aura around. No matter what, we cannot allow Fan Lin to escape. At the same time, we will not delay the geniuses from heading towards Sharphorn Immortal Ruins." When Dong Shanglie announced the conclusion of the meeting, many people were disappointed as he didn't pick a dao companion for Ji Yue here.

It was exactly as he said, this meeting had started hastily, and it ended hastily. His final sentence of not delaying everyone's opportunity to go to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins also left many in confusion.

The immortals within the hall stood up. In reality, few of them actually had the mood to continue staying here. The news regarding the Wood Elemental Bead was secondary. What's important now are the Water Elemental Bead and the ten primal water crystals.

Just obtaining any one of those treasures would propel them to unimaginable heights. Moreover, the one who took these treasures away was merely a Grand Zhi Immortal. Who wouldn't be tempted?

"Fairy Ji Yue, I am Sea Canopy Immortal City's Zuo Yixian. I wonder if fairy is willing to show me some face to follow me and have a seat at Fixed Plains Resthouse?" A warm voice called out not far from Mo Wuji.

When Mo Wuji lifted his head, he saw the medium built Zuo Yixian and he found it pretty laughable.

Zuo Yixian was Sea Canopy Immortal City's young castellan; his father was the castellan. This fella's character was not bad: he was warm and cordial, and he wasn't proud nor hot tempered. Mo Wuji was actually appreciated him. Not only that, Zuo Yixian was even a Seven Star Genius. The only unfortunate thing was that this fella's appearance was average. He was in no way handsome.

Mo Wuji didn't expect that this fella would actually have his eyes on Ji Yue.

"Ji Yue naturally wouldn't reject Senior Brother Zuo’s invitation…" Ji Yue blushed and said in a soft voice, "It's just that, just that…"

She stammered and mumbled for a long time, but she didn't say anything concrete.

Mo Wuji was sure that this woman knew of Zuo Yixian's origins. Otherwise, she would directly reject him. Why would she go through such antics?

"Fairy Ji Yue doesn't need to be worried. I'm only inviting you to drink some tea and take a look at the scenery around Wind Plains. That's all." Zuo Yixian clearly didn't know how to court girls; his words were so crude.

Unexpectedly, Ji Yue lowered her head and responded with an 'En’.

Zuo Yixian rejoiced, "Then Fairy Ji Yue, there’s no better time than the present. Why don't we go to Fixed Plains Resthouse now? Anyways, searching for the Water Elemental Bead and the primal water crystals is not something achievable by people like us."

"En…" Ji Yue responded once more, only at a softer volume.

Mo Wuji shook his head speechlessly. He really wanted to advise Zuo Yixian to not get involved with such a woman. However, there were too many experts here; he was worried that he might accidentally cause trouble for himself.

"Senior Brother Zuo, I heard that you've gone to the Broken World's Broken Ruins?" Ji Yue suddenly asked.

Zuo Yixian jolted, but he promptly nodded, "Yes, I have been to the Broken Ruins before."

"Then do you know about Yan Ye? I heard that he had also gone to the Broken Ruins…" Ji Yue asked in a slightly anxious tone.

Mo Wuji's heart pounded. Why was this woman still asking about him? He specially slowed down his footsteps in an attempt to listen in to what this woman was going to say.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 682 - The Scheming Woman

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