Immortal Mortal Chapter 688 - Kiss Me

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Chapter 688 - Kiss me

"If you bring me over now, will I clash with the three primary powers?" Mo Wuji spoke with a prudent tone as it was true that he was desperate to find Han Qingru but he didn’t wish to become Fei Ling’s weapon to fight.

"You won’t because as long as you display your own strength, they wouldn’t dare to act against you. Attacking someone here comes with a huge price to pay…" Even before Fei Ling could finish his sentence, his eyes couldn’t stop twitching.

Mo Wuji understood this sentence because when he condensed his immortal energy to swing his halberd at Fei Ling, the extent of laceration by the sword qi on his body did increase by at least one fold.

As Mo Wuji noticed Fei Ling’s twitching eyelids, Mo Wuji knew that this fella couldn’t hold on for any longer so he said, "Lead the way and I will follow behind you."

"Yes senior," Fei Ling didn’t see Mo Wuji as a junior because in this place, he would treat those stronger as senior and Mo Wuji was definitely one of them.

The instance they started flying, the anguish in Fei Ling’s eyes became much fainter as it seemed that he managed to distract himself from the pain he was feeling earlier on.

Fei Ling wasn’t lying because after just half a day, a boundless vine appeared in front of Mo Wuji and there could be a lot of tree roots within it.

The entire vine was grey in colour without any leaves vitality. The grey vine extended outwards limitlessly. All the vines or roots were twisted and shaped differently as it enveloped the entire area completely.

From far, this place did look like a mountain of vines.

Mo Wuji dashed right into the mountain of vines the moment he spotted it as he instantly expanded his spiritual will from his spirit storage channel fearlessly.

Previously, Mo Wuji refused to use the spiritual will from his spirit storage channel because he was worried that he might encounter unexpected situations. Now that Han Qingru could be at the Vine Mountain of Safety, why would he exercise restraint on his methods.

An average person’s sea of consciousness could only extend to a limit of 10 miles in the Sword Prison while Mo Wuji’s spiritual will from his spirit storage ring could extend over 100 miles.

The Vine Mountain of Safety was never big to begin with so 100 miles would have covered the entire mountain.

Just like how Fei Ling explained, the people of the Vine Mountain of Safety were divided into four and there seemed to be a transaction place in the middle.

A river without ripples was flowing outside of the Vine Mountain of Safety and no one stood close to the river. Mo Wuji’s guess was that this should be the Sword Qi River.

At this moment, Mo Wuji had no intention to bother about the Sword Qi River as his spiritual will continued charging towards the Vine Mountain of Safety.

Very soon, a few experts noticed Mo Wuji’s spiritual will but n.o.body came up to find trouble with Mo Wuji. In the Vine Mountain of Safety, as long as you don’t find trouble with people or violate anything, n.o.body would care much about what you do here. To be able to extend one’s spiritual will to that far and even offended people, this act alone could cause restraining fear. For the experts trapped in the Sword Prison, most of their edges had already been smoothen out.

However, a few top experts suddenly stood up as they sensed Mo Wuji’s spiritual will. Before they could continue to track and follow Mo Wuji, he had already withdrawn his spiritual will.

After just tens of breath, Mo Wuji was stunned as his spiritual will landed on a ma.s.sive rock at the periphery of the Vine Mountain of Safety. Beside that rock was a skinny cultivator with hair draping over the shoulders as Mo Wuji had no idea whether the cultivator was dead or alive.

Mo Wuji saw the cultivator and knew that it was Han Qingru. There were no messages on the communication bead on his hand so this showed that Han Qingru had nothing on her now.

"The one with the surname Fei, you must be courting death to dare to come back!" An abrupt voice exclaimed.

Fei Ling, who was standing beside Mo Wuji, started trembling as he subconsciously stood closer to Mo Wuji. However, Mo Wuji couldn’t be bothered about Fei Ling at this instance as he charged frantically towards the other side of the Vine Mountain of Safety.

"Who are you? How dare you break into the territory of my Righteousness Mountain?" While someone was still reprimanding Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji had already broke through that area.

Fei Ling noticed that Mo Wuji couldn’t be bothered with him and Fei Ling was also reluctant to talk to that cultivator who was scolding them so he simply followed closely behind Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji was his backer now and he would need to leave the Vine Mountain of Safety if he were to break contact with Mo Wuji. Even if he managed to escape the Vine Mountain of Safety without Pang Hong chasing after him, he would definitely not last long.

The extent of laceration of the sword qi at the Vine Mountain of Safety now was simply heaven-like to Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji took a few steps forward and landed right next to Han Qingru before holding her in his arms. Han Qingru was as light as an empty sh.e.l.l and Mo Wuji’s heart turned cold and sore instantly.

The moment he carried Han Qingru in his arms, Mo Wuji could feel the few sword qi permeating through and he immediately absorbed these sword qi into his body without any hesitation.

Han Qingru suddenly jerked up before saying in a coa.r.s.e and faint voice, "If you dare to touch me, I will kill myself at this instance…"

She had totally forgotten that she was restrained by the sword talisman and it would be tough even for her to kill herself.

"Senior Qingru, it’s me. I am Mo Wuji…" Mo Wuji couldn’t even complete his sentence as his heart was filled with anger and torment.

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will could sense that Han Qingru’s entire body was basically filled with bruises and her clothing was drenched in blood.

Her vitality was so weak that only her breath remained while no immortal energy was left within her.

The extent of sword qi a cultivator could feel here was indeed directly proportional to their cultivation level. The higher the cultivation level, the greater the sword qi felt. How could one help if Han Qingru’s level of cultivation was simply too low, a Golden Immortal and even one at the elementary stage. There was nothing a cultivator at this level could do other than to endure the torment of the sword qi. Even with such weak sword qi that she was experiencing, she was finding it so tough to survive.

Yet a few more sword qi surged over and was also absorbed into Mo Wuji’s body. By hugging Han Qingru, he could draw away the sword qi directed at her and this would make his heart feel a little more at ease.

A few pills were brought out by Mo Wuji and sent straight into Han Qingru’s mouth. Han Qingru’s body was too weak so even Mo Wuji didn’t dare to feed Han Qingru with every healing pill he had with him.

"Wuji…" Han Qingru opened her eyes and when she saw Mo Wuji in front of her, her face displayed an expression of absolute despair. She was well aware of the place she was in so if Mo Wuji was also here, it would signify that Mo Wuji would be like her and suffer the devastating lacerations of the sword qi.

A few moments later, her face of despair turned into thirst and hope for a chance to survive. Since she was unable to escape, why should she be so pessimistic?

"Senior Sister Qingru…" Mo Wuji saw Han Qingru’s bright like jade face and was a little emotional. Even though Han Qingru’s entire body was full of bruises and b.l.o.o.d.y marks, her face was completely unharmed.

Han Qingru slowly lifted her hand as her hand was covered in blood scars while the bones of her fingers could be seen clearly. There were even huge and deep scars on her neck. A large piece of her white bone was exposed and most part of it had already turned into dark grey colour.

Her hand finally managed to come in contact with Mo Wuji’s face while Mo Wuji was still absorbing the sword qi away from her. His heart was bleeding because he had only been here for a while and had already blocked over ten sword qi for her. This was in fact a place with weaker sword qi so imagine how much pain Han Qingru would suffer if she was in a place like the prison?

One could imagine how a Golden Immortal like Han Qingru was struggling to survive for the past year. If he were to arrive half a year or even two or three months later, he might not get to see Han Qingru ever again.

"Don’t call me Senior Sister, just call me Qingru…" As she felt the warmth of Mo Wuji’s face, Han Qingru revealed a slight smile.

"Qingru, I will definitely obliterate the Great Sword Path and avenge you," Mo Wuji clenched his fist tightly as he said angrily.

Han Qingru coughed as she struggled to say, "I am already feeling blessed to be able to see you here. Even if the sword qi were to rip my body apart, I would want to leave my face unharmed in fear that you wouldn’t recognise me when I’m dead…"

"Qingru…" Mo Wuji looked astonis.h.i.+ngly at Han Qingru because even though he was close to Han Qingru, it wasn’t the type of relations.h.i.+p a man would have with a woman. His heart was only occupied by Cen Shuyin and he had never thought of getting close to any woman in that way.

Mo Wuji didn’t lack EQ so he would definitely sense if Han Qingru had any feelings for him previously. The truth was that even after knowing Han Qingru for such a long period of time, Mo Wuji never sense even the slightest love from Han Qingru. However, why did Han Qingru’s words made him feel slightly odd?

"I am only close to two people in this world and while my father was one of them, you are the other one…" Han Qingru didn’t look like she could feel the effects of the healing pills given by Mo Wuji as she continued to immerse in her emotions, "Back at the Hundred Flowers Manor, you were unwilling to leave on your own and was insistent to bring me along. After that, I have a shadow of you in my heart and even I didn’t realise it. However, deep in my heart, I am aware that I am not good enough for you…"

Mo Wuji’s mouth was wide open because did he just hear Han Qingru say that she was not good enough for him? He was merely a mortal and even though he wasn’t considered ugly, he wasn’t extremely handsome because there were so many more handsome men in the Immortal World.

As if she could sense that Mo Wuji was going to speak, Han Qingru shook her head and continued, "I am a person who was married once and even though it was fake, I never intended to look for another another Dao companion. My biggest regret would be rejecting you when you placed both arms on my shoulders…"

Mo Wuji looked at Han Qingru doubtfully because did such a thing happen? When did he grabbed Han Qingru’s shoulders?

Oh yes, he suddenly recalled the incident where he heard from Han Qingru that there was a possibility to rescue Cen Shuyin. He was so excited that he couldn’t help grabbing Han Qingru’s shoulders.

"If I had one more chance, I wouldn’t reject you…" Han Qingru stared at Mo Wuji before continuing, "Do you know how tough it was for me to survive over the years in the Immortal World alone? I always think about your act of giving me so many immortal crystals to condense my immortal lattice and you grabbing me as we escaped… I was always thinking that if we were still together in the Immortal World, even if we were to lose our lives easily, at least I was able to stay with someone I like…"

The scene of Han Qingru condensing her immortal lattice and her fairy like smile appeared in Mo Wuji’s mind. At that instance, Han Qingru was indeed leaving a scar in his heart.

"I am only certain of my feelings today which was why I dare to say all these. If we could die together here, I would finally not be lonely… You should kiss me now…" Han Qingru slowly shut her eyes. She really thought that she was going to perish here which was why she poured her heart and feelings out to Mo Wuji.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 688 - Kiss Me

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