Immortal Mortal Chapter 689 - The Number One School In The Immortal World

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Chapter 689 - The Number One School in the Immortal World

"Newbie, how arrogant can you get? How dare you touch the person I want?" An abrupt voice interrupted Han Qingru’s words and woke Mo Wuji from his daze.

In a glance, Mo Wuji could tell that the red robe man standing a distance away from him was an Immortal KIng. However, there was evidently some problems with the immortal energy in his body because he seemed much weaker than other Immortal Kings outside this place.

What made Mo Wuji even more suspicious other than this red robe man’s unstable energy was how he didn’t appear hurt at all. It seemed like the red robe man was just like him as they were both not affected by the sword qi.

Han Qingru opened her eyes and she finally noticed something was amiss, "Wuji, why do I feel much better now?"

Without waiting for Mo Wuji to answer, Han Qingru confirmed that she had indeed gotten better. In fact, it wasn’t considered slightly better because she could clearly sense the replenis.h.i.+ng of her lost blood as well as her constantly increasing vitality.

Even her damaged soul was slowly recovering, this…

"You don’t have to worry about your own injuries," Mo Wuji casually comforted her. He thought to himself that if he wanted to gain a foothold here at the Sword Prison, he would need to have a safe turf of his own.

Regarding the injuries caused by the sword qi which Han Qingru was suffering from, it was truly not notable in front of a Tier 8 Pill Emperor like himself. In fact, Mo Wuji even had the Zhi Nature Pill used to recover primordial spirit and the soul.

Hearing that she would be fully recovered in no time, Han Qingru started feeling uneasy.

Facing death, she could say what she said earlier but when she confirmed the fact that she wouldn’t die and would have to face Mo Wuji again, she was at complete loss. She had no idea if she should tuck her head into Mo Wuji’s embrace and act like an ostrich. If she knew that Mo Wuji could save her life, she would definitely not have said what she said.

"Let her go and then scram," The red robe man didn’t attack but warned Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji didn’t bother about him as he simply looked down at Han Qingru, who was in his arms, and asked, "Who is this person? What does he want?"

"Nothing, let’s get out of here. As long as we are not in this place, he wouldn’t do anything to us," Han Qingru said softly.

Fei Ling, who was standing behind Mo Wuji, hurried to say, "Senior, this person is Devil Hand, Pang Hong’s henchman. He is merely an Immortal King who I can finish off in one punch."

Mo Wuji took out two pills and handed it to Fei Ling, "Consume this two pills and answer my question later."

After arriving here and having a sensing of how the powers were distributed here, Mo Wuji knew that he should start nurturing his own men.

"Many thanks Senior," Fei Ling swallowed the pills excitedly because he was already full of hope when he saw Mo Wuji taking out the pills to feed Han Qingru.

After swallowing the two pills, it turned into a refres.h.i.+ng solution as this solution seeped into Fei Ling’s bones and sea of consciousness.

Seconds later, his bones started to heal while his immortal energy started to condense again.

Fei Ling’s eyes were wide opened with a gaping mouth as he looked unbelievably at Mo Wuji. The healing pill recovered his fleshly body and even the damages to his bones. Fei Ling didn’t think that this was a coincidence but the thing that really shocked him was how his soul as well as primordial spirit were recovering too.

"Could this be the Zhi Nature Pill?" Fei Ling couldn’t believe it because he was aware that the Zhi Nature Pill was a Tier 7 immortal pill but it wasn’t something a Tier 7 Immortal Emperor could concoct. In actual fact, only a few Tier 8 Pill Emperor would be able to concoct the Zhi Nature Pill. Moreover, only Tier 9 Pill Emperors would be able to concoct the pills which Mo Wuji just handed him.

He forcefully swallowed half the sentence back as he looked at Mo Wuji with a newfound respect. What kind of person was Mo Wuji? To be able to casually give away a Zhi Nature Pill for him to use?

Other than the Zhi Nature Pill, Mo Wuji also gave Fei Ling an Immortal Copious Pill.

He needed to rope in a few people so he should naturally not be stingy or too generous. These two pills would be able to recover a portion of Fei Ling’s elemental energy but not a complete recovery.

"What pill did you consume?" That Immortal King stared shockingly at Fei Ling because he only barely managed to maintain his complete body because of his level of cultivation as well as a portion of the Sword Qi River’s water. As for his primordial spirit, he didn’t even have one tenth of what he used to have in his prime.

"Qingru, we would be dead if we were to leave this place. We have to stay here so you must tell me everything that happened here," Why would Mo Wuji bother himself with an Immortal King as his thoughts was only occupied with thinking of ways to stay alive in the Vine Mountain of Safety.

Han Qingru naturally understood the logic behind this as she slowly became more comfortable than before, "This person is from the Devil Hand and he wanted me to join the Devil Hand before healing me. Following which, I would have to serve a person with the surname Pang. If I am unwilling to do so, they wouldn’t allow me into their territory. To be fair, they didn’t force me to do anything against my will."

"Senior, this place is indeed the territory of Pang Hong and he would definitely come and deal with us by staying here," Fei Ling spoke with great energy as he felt his strength coming back to him and most of his injuries healed.

Mo Wuji nodded as it seemed like Pang Hong still maintained some dignity of an Immortal Emperor by not forcing a mere Golden Immortal like Han Qingru to do something against her will, "Fei Ling, bring me to meet Wei Zidao now."

"Yes," Fei Ling was after all an Immortal Reverent and had lived for countless of years so the moment Mo Wuji said this, he understood his intention instantly. Mo Wuji was looking for an alliance.

This made him even more satisfied because Mo Wuji’s cultivation level was higher than his and was also much stronger than him. If he could find Wei Zidao to be his alliance, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to gain a foothold in the Vine Mountain of Safety.

As he watched Mo Wuji leaving with Fei Ling while carrying Han Qingru, the red robe Immortal King really wanted to act but eventually didn’t have the guts to do so. He was already helpless against a mere Fei Ling and from the calmed and composed look of the unknown youth, the red robe Immortal King knew that he shouldn’t be trifling with him.

"Fei Ling, why didn’t that Pang Hong come over to deal with you?" Fei Ling was originally forced out by Pang Hong and since Fei Ling had returned for such a long period of time, Pang Hong should have already started his pursuit of Fei Ling.

Fei Ling chuckled bitterly, "Because this was Pang Hong’s time to retrieve the water. Otherwise, why would I dare to come back?"

Retrieve water? Back when he used his spiritual will to scan the area, he didn’t actually sense that.

At the thought of this, Mo Wuji extend his spiritual will outwards yet again and this time round, he did find something peculiar. At the periphery of the Sword Qi River, there was a faint and concealed array and Mo Wuji couldn’t believe that Pang Hong would actually instal a concealment array just to retrieve water.

Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual will as he didn’t charge towards the concealment array.

Fei Ling took the initiative to explain, "Everyone here would install a concealment array when retrieving water so as to prevent people from finding out how much water they retrieved."

Mo Wuji nodded, "Indeed."

"Senior, you can see the Sword Qi River?" Fei Ling’s heart turned cold because even if Pang Hong was standing at their position, even he might not be able to use his spiritual will to reach the Sword Qi River.

Mo Wuji simply answered, "Yes."

Fei Ling didn’t dare to continue probing as he had already treated Mo Wuji as an Immortal Emperor. If he wasn’t an Immortal Emperor, how could he take out a Zhi Nature Pill so casually and how would he be able to sense the Sword Qi River from where they were standing at?

"Senior, we have reached the territory to hunt for pigs. Actually, I feel that Righteousness Mountain’s Shang Hegao would be easier to befriend as Wei Zidao was always acting proud and aloof. Anyone who he dislikes can forget about meeting him. Even if you get to meet him, you wouldn’t be able to work with him," Fei Ling did a short introduction softly.

"I get it now. After meeting Wei Zidao, we will go find Shang Hegao. Oh yes, my name is Mo Wuji so you can address me as Sect Head Mo instead of senior in the future," The reason why Mo Wuji didn’t find Shang Hegao immediately was because he didn’t really like the Righteousness Mountain’s name.

According to his past interactions with people, those who claimed to be righteous were usually the most unrighteous people. On the contrary, those who don’t often talk about righteousness were usually the most righteous people.

"Yes Sect Head Mo," Fei Ling answered respectfully as his heart was in a perilous situation. It was no wonder this youth had so much information and was this strong; it was because he was also a sect head.

Sect Head Mo was imposing and vehement because all he did was to did some errands and he received two peak grade immortal pills. He had to follow Mo Wuji tightly and become a member of his sect.

"Sect Head Mo, I will go inform Wei Zidao and say that we…" Fei Ling paused and looked excitedly at Mo Wuji as he still had no idea what the name of the sect was.

"Our name is Ping Fan, the number one in the Immortal World," Mo Wuji said unbridledly.

Number one in the Immortal World? Fei Ling’s heart was going wild because he had been in the Sword Prison for all these years and since when was there actually a number one sect in the Immortal World? Since Mo Wuji was the head of the number one sect, why would he be sent to the Sword Prison by the Great Sword Path?

He didn’t dare ask any of these questions so he answered with respect, "Roger that Sect Head. I will go inform him now."

Immortal Mortal Chapter 689 - The Number One School In The Immortal World

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