Immortal Mortal Chapter 720 - The Old Friend In The Broken World’S Fourth Level

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Chapter 720 - The Old Friend In The Broken World’s Fourth Level

After Lei Hongji left, Mo Wuji didn't simply stay there; he also left swiftly. He had heard that the person who obtained the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was a Grand Zhi Immortal, and one from Blade Scar Mountain at that.

Mo Wuji had always been enemies with Blade Scar Mountain. Moreover, when the treasure was as precious as the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, there was no need to talk about how it was in the hands of someone from Blade Scar Mountain. Even if it was with someone from the Very High Heavens, Mo Wuji could not give up any opportunity to s.n.a.t.c.h it.

Since the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was a fire type treasure, Mo Wuji even resorted to wielding his Scholar's Heart on his wrist. The Scholar's Heart was currently a Grade 7 immortal flame, which made it especially sensitive to fire type treasures. The moment the Red Karmic Fire appears, even if it was being hidden, the Scholar's Heart would be able to faintly detect it.

Mo Wuji was sure that no matter who obtained the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, even if it was a peak expert like Lei Hongji, he wouldn't be able to completely refine the Lotus in these short one to two years.

At the same moment, Su Rou'Er and Dou Hualong had stopped. The two of them had been escaping frantically, and they had already exceeded the range of a Grand Luo Immortal's spiritual will.

"Senior sister, staying here is too dangerous. Why don't we take the risk and go out. Perhaps…"

Before Dou Hualong could finish his sentence, he was stopped by Su Rou'Er. Su Rou'Er's injuries had yet to heal and her face was pale white. She waved her hand towards Dou Hualong, "Hualong, you're too naïve. Before we could even leave the Broken World's fourth level, we would already be discovered."

Su Rou'Er was very clear of Dou Hualong's abilities. With his abilities, it would be hard for him, even if he had a hundred years, to completely conceal the aura of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Of course, actually refining the Lotus might not take that long. After all, Dou Hualong's power would be continuously increasing at every instant, and the time required to refine the Red Karmic Fire Lotus would constantly shorten.

Still, Dou Hualong had no means of concealing the aura of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Even if no one in the fourth level was able to detect it, the moment they left the Broken World, anyone of the Immortal Emperors outside would notice it.

There was no need to talk about Immortal Emperors. Even Immortal Reverents or some powerful Immortal Kings could detect the aura from the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

"Your senior sister is right. Your thinking is too naïve. If you treasure is in your hands, you should hide. Running around and parading it is no good." A calm voice interrupted Su Rou'Er's words.

"Who?" Su Rou’Er and Dou Hualong’s heart sank. Even though the two of them didn’t know why that Grand Luo Immortal that killed Fu Zhensong didn’t chase after them, they were very clear that they were mere ants here. No matter who came, the two of them were completely helpless to resist.

"Gu Feiyi." After this name was uttered, a figure appeared in front of the two of them.

This person was extremely black; he looked as though he had been dipped in ink and he hadn’t washed it off. What shocked Su Rou’Er the most was that the air around this person was completely cold. However, within this coldness, there was seemed to be some brief flashes of the aura of a scorching sun.

Su Rou’Er didn’t say anything. She knew that saying anything now would still be useless.

"Honesty is hard to accept, but I still have to tell the two of you a hard truth. Even in the Broken World, there are at least 100 to 200 people that can detect the fire-type treasure on the two of you." Gu Feiyi’s domain directly enveloped Su Rou’Er and Dou Hualong. Even though his voice was very calm, Su Rou’Er could still hear the anxiety and emotion in his voice.

"Hand it over." Gu Feiyi didn’t attack them. Instead, he was continuously using his domain to seal the air in the area. It wasn’t that he was afraid of attacking; in his eyes, Su Rou’Er and Dou Hualong were merely existences equivalent to ants. He was only worried that at the instant he made a move, the other party would reveal the aura of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

Because he was sure that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was on Dou Hualong, he didn’t lie to them in his previous words. As long as a person cultivated either a fire-type technique or a Yin-type technique, it would be very easy for him to detect the peculiar energy on Dou Hualong. Because of this peculiar energy, coupled with the conversation that he overheard, he was sure that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus was on Dou Hualong.

Su Rou'Er took in a deep breath, "We can give it to you. But you must swear to let the two of us go."

Gu Feiyi’s heart was instantly filled with glee. He did not hesitate to say, "Alright, I swear to let the two of you go. Now hand it over."

Gu Feiyi was quick in his reply. In his heart, there wasn't only elation, but contempt for Su Rou'Er. Since they knew the whereabouts of the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, they must be dreaming if they think that they could leave.

Mo Wuji suddenly stopped. He saw two early stage Xuan Immortals battling. One of them had a beard covering his entire face. He was someone that Mo Wuji had always been searching for.

"Master Pu Zi, long time no see. I never thought that I would see you here." With a single step, Mo Wuji appeared in front of the two Xuan Immortals.

In his heart, he was astonished at Master Pu Zi’s cultivation speed. In such a short amount of time, he actually reached the early Xuan Immortal Stage. Of course, Master Pu Zi and co. couldn't be compared with his speed.

The resources in the Immortal World were scarce, and every step in cultivation was culminated in the building up of immortal elemental energy. Thus, it was not strange for an immortal to take thousands or even ten thousands of years to advance a single stage. Not everyone was as heaven defying as Lei Hongji and him.

How long had it been? Master Pu Zi was already an early stage Xuan Immortal?

"Sect Head Mo…" When Master Pu Zi saw Mo Wuji, he was instantly stunned still. Mo Wuji's grand name had reverberated throughout the Immortal World; so how could not have heart of Mo Wuji's deeds?

However, the last person he wanted to see was Mo Wuji. This was even though the two of them had been comrades back in Half Immortal Domain.

That Xuan Immortal that was battling Master Pu Zi couldn't discern Mo Wuji's power, but when he saw the fear in Master Pu Zi's eyes, he knew that this person was not simple. He did not hesitate to turn and flee, and in an instant, he had disappeared.

Mo Wuji didn't care about that Xuan Immortal as his eyes remained fixed on Master Pu Zi. Back when their crew arrived at the Corner of Yong Ying, Lou Chuanhe and Jia Qi had been betrayed, Abacus had almost died in Ying Bian City, and Tong Cheng had been slaughtered. Pu Zi was the most possible suspect.

"Sect Head, listen to me. I have nothing to do with what happened back then. I did obtain the Immortal Traversing s.h.i.+p, but I didn't do anything that betrayed my comrades." As he was speaking, Pu Zi had already grabbed a ring and threw it to Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji caught the ring, but before he could scan it with his spiritual will, his face changed and his figure flashed. In an instant, he disappeared right in front of Pu Zi.

Pu Zi jolted, but immediately he was filled with mad glee. He did not hesitate to take out a talisman which he used to escape. Before he reached the Immortal Emperor Stage, he never wanted to meet Mo Wuji again.

Even though he didn't know why Mo Wuji had departed so suddenly, he was very clear that this was his only chance to survive.

"Pff!" Dou Hualong's mouth went wide as he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. A portion of his crushed guts spewed out together with this blood. The storage ring in his hand also exploded at this instant…

"Stupid thing…" Gu Feiyi cried out in anger. Just now, he saw Dou Hualong taking a communication bead out from his storage bead. He thought that Dou Hualong was trying to send a message which was why he promptly destroyed Dou Hualong's ring. If not because he hadn't seen the Red Karmic Fire Lotus yet, he would have directly killed Dou Hualong just now.

"Where's the thing?" After destroying Dou Hualong's ring, he discovered that the ring didn't contain the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

When Dou Hualong's ring was destroyed, the things inside would naturally be turned to dust. However, Gu Feiyi was sure that a treasure like the Red Karmic Fire Lotus definitely wouldn't be harmed.

"What thing do you want?" Mo Wuji said coldly.

Feeling the domain restrains disappear in an instant, Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er prepared to flee. But when the two saw that Mo Wuji had come, they were instantly filled with emotions.

"This is a matter of my Mountain. Sir, don't incur our wrath." Gu Feiyi's voice was cold and solemn. He regretted; he should have directly killed Dou Hualong and drag the corpse away. Good things come with risk. Just because he tried to avoid the risk, he actually caused the risk to come.

Mo Wuji had not made a move, but he could feel that Mo Wuji was extremely powerful. Mo Wuji might even be more powerful than him.

"Big brother…"

"Senior Brother Mo!"

Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er were filled with indescribable emotions. They had never thought that they would see Mo Wuji here.

"The two of you wait. I have to settle some debts with this person." Mo Wuji lifted his hand and a concealment seal landed on Dou Hualong.

There was a Xiantian fire type energy emanating from Dou Hualong; Mo Wuji felt it the moment he arrived. The purity of this energy was even stronger than his primal fire crystals; what else could it be other than the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

"Kacha!" Gu Feiyi's domain shattered, and at the very next instant, he felt himself being enveloped by a whirlpool domain.

Gu Feiyi's face went pale. He was a late stage Grand Luo Immortal. Supposedly, he could stroll around the fourth level of the Broken World without fear. But the moment Mo Wuji's domain appeared, he knew that he wouldn't even last a single blow of Mo Wuji's.

"Since immortal friend knows these two people, then consider it my fault. I will take my leave." Gu Feiyi turned and tried to leave.

"Now that you're here, you still think you can leave?" Mo Wuji's voice was tinged with killing intent.

Gu Feiyi’s heart went cold and he immediately said, "Immortal friend is being far too unreasonable. Even though my Mountain might not be a peak sect, it is not something that can be easily bullied. Sir, you can indeed kill me, but the instant I die, Mountain would know who's my killer."

Mo Wuji seemed as though he didn't hear Gu Feiyi's words as he continued to speak coldly, "Who's Gu Jius.h.i.+ to you?"

"He is my older cousin." When Gu Feiyi heard Mo Wuji mention Gu Jius.h.i.+, he did not hesitate to answer. If the two of them knew each other, then things would be easier to handle. His cousin was an intermediate stage Immortal King and was incomparably powerful. It was exactly because he looked a lot like his cousin, with his ink black skin and his Yin and Yang aura, that his cousin viewed him favourably.

"Very good. After so many years, I can finally collect some interest." With that, Mo Wuji's hand opened and a huge hand of immortal elemental energy appeared and pinched Gu Feiyi's neck.

Back in the Lifeless River, he had almost been killed by Li Qinggu and Gu Jius.h.i.+ in their battle of Yin and Yang. If not for his vitality channel, his corpse would have already decomposed by now.

Even though he learnt the Wheel of Life and Death because of this, he would not forget this enmity. All this while, he did not know where these two came from. Today, he finally got to know that Gu Jius.h.i.+ was from Mountain.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 720 - The Old Friend In The Broken World’S Fourth Level

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