Immortal Mortal Chapter 721 - Escape Or Die

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Chapter 721 - Escape Or Die

Gu Feiyi’s heart turned cold as a feeling of despair flooded into his mind. The confidence that he built up ever since he started cultivating was shattered at the very moment.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of death; it was the sense of helplessness that inundated him.

He was an esteemed late stage Grand Luo Immortal. However, he was being pinched to death like a tiny chicken by someone that wasn’t even in the Immortal King. This disparity in power was too hard for him to accept.

One must know that Immortal Kings weren’t able to enter the fourth level of the Broken World. That meant that this person, who easily destroyed his domain and was currently pinching his neck, was only a Great Circle Grand Luo Immortal at the very most. To be so much weaker than another cultivator at the same stage, how could his confidence not disintegrate?

"Kacha!" With a final pinch of his immortal elemental energy, Mo Wuji turned Gu Feiyi’s entire body into a mist of blood.

Gu Feiyi had great expectations; he believed that the instant he died, his primordial spirit would immediately transmit his final scene to his soul tablet. Even if his opponent was an Immortal King, that scene could still be transmitted. Unfortunately, Mo Wuji’s didn’t even give him that chance; Mo Wuji wasn’t an Immortal King, but his methods were far more terrifying than one.

"Big Brother, I have the Red Karmic Fire Lotus," Dou Hualong said agitatedly. Even though his voice was slightly weak, it could not conceal his incomparable excitement and emotion.

Mo Wuji retrieved two healing pills and directly sent them into Su Rou’Er’s and Dou Hualong’s mouths. With his ability, he could tell that Dou Hualong’s and Su Rou’Er’s injuries weren’t light.

"Big Brother, I will give the red lotus to you." Dou Hualong did not hesitate to pat his Mind Palace, causing a beautiful red lotus to appear in front of him.

Mo Wuji didn’t simply wait for the red lotus’s energy to spread, as he immediately sent the red lotus into his Undying World. Mo Wuji knew that if the matter regarding the red lotus was revealed, then it would be very hard for him to bring it out.

"Let’s go. We will discuss further. The red lotus was obtained by you; so it’s your fortune. When we return back to the sect, I will return the red lotus back to you," Mo Wuji said with a sigh of relief. Actually, he was also impressed with Dou Hualong’s luck. There were so many experts vying for the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, but it actually ended up in Dou Hualong’s hands. What’s luckier was that no one seemed to know about it.

Moreover, Dou Hualong’s cultivation might even be the lowest one currently in the entire Broken World.

"Big Brother, my cultivation is too low, I can’t…"

Mo Wuji waved his hand and interrupted Dou Hualong’s words, "Everyone started from a low cultivation. Your cultivation might be low now, but that does not mean that it would always be low. Any other matters regarding this can be discussed later. Let’s leave this place first."

If the Red Karmic Fire Lotus had been obtained by someone from Blade Scar Mountain, then Mo Wuji would definitely enter the struggle for it. But since it was Dou Hualong that obtained the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, Mo Wuji would only feel happy on behalf of Dou Hualong.

"Senior Brother Mo, the sect has been established?" Su Rou’Er asked in pleasant surprise.

"Yes, but the sect’s name has been changed to Ping Fan. Tian Ji Sect’s Su Zi’An, Lu Ming, Hai Zhenkui and Fan Wa have ultimately returned back to the sect," Mo Wuji smiled and said.

Previously, a huge reason why he took Su Rou’Er was due to pity. Of course, Su Rou’Er being a Tian Ji Sect disciple was also a contributing factor. However, his opinion towards Su Rou’Er had changed completely; Su Rou’Er was clearly a principled person. Otherwise, Dou Hualong wouldn’t have lived till now, nor would he have the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

When placed in the same circ.u.mstances, Pu Zi did something entirely different. Moreover, one must know that when compared to the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, the Immortal Traversing s.h.i.+p was not even worth mentioning. Even before he could leave a spiritual will imprint on Pu Zi, Pu Zi had already escaped. He did not manage to ask Pu Zi whether he was the traitor, but seeing what happened, Mo Wuji had some rough answers in his heart.

If Pu Zi was truly without a guilty conscience, he wouldn’t have escaped.

"Ah… Elder Su is still alive…" Su Rou’Er cried out emotionally. The name of the sect didn’t really matter to her, but it was great news that her sect’s Elder Su was still alive.

"Boom!" An intense tremor resounded through the air, Mo Wuji suddenly turned to face the Northwest direction.

"This does not seem like the sounds of a battle," Dou Hualong said carefully.

"We’ll go over and take a look. The two of you, follow me," Mo Wuji did not hesitate to say.

If it was something else, Mo Wuji wouldn’t have said such a thing. Now that the Red Karmic Fire Lotus had ended up in their hands, the best thing for them to do was to get out of here. After all, the most precious treasure in the entire fourth level was probably the Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

However, during that violent tremor, Mo Wuji felt a familiar aura - the aura of the Book of Luo.

Mo Wuji still had a page of the Book of Luo on him, and he was especially clear of how impressive it would be if the entire book was gathered. Even if the book wasn’t a.s.sembled, just a single page was already a priceless treasure. Now that such a thing had appeared, how could he let it go?

"Senior Brother Mo, I still have a matter to tell you." Su Rou’Er said as she followed by Mo Wuji’s side.

"What’s the matter?" Even though Mo Wuji was responding to Su Rou’Er, his spiritual will had already reached the site of the explosion. It was actually a ruins that was not much different from the third level’s Broken Ruins. This ruins seemed to be concealed by some array.

In front of these ruins, there were at least 1 to 2 hundred people. That explosion just now was due to the combined attack of these people on that array.

The aura of the Book of Luo seeped out from the ruins, and he definitely wasn’t the only one that caught that aura.

As he was responding to Su Rou’Er, Mo Wuji took out to Dry Wimple Pills and handed them to Su Rou’Er and Dou Hualong, "The two of you, first eat these Dry Wimple Pills, then change your appearance. We will revert back only when we return back to the sect."

Mo Wuji also wiped his face as he turned back to Rogue Cultivator 2705.

Mo Wuji wasn’t worried that Lei Hongji would reveal his ident.i.ty. If Lei Hongji was the one who won the previous battle, that Lei Hongji would like have informed the experts of Lightning Sect to wait at the entrance of the fourth level to ambush and kill him, Mo Wuji.

But since Lei Hongji was the one who lost, then with his stellar talent and his immense pride, he would want to rely on his own power to eventually get back at Mo Wuji. If Lei Hongji didn’t even have such a mentality, his future would have been limited, and he definitely wouldn’t have gotten to where he was today.

Thus, Mo Wuji was sure that Lei Hongji would come back to battle him; not only would Lei Hongji do it to build his self-confidence, he would do it to realise his own Dao. If it was him, he would also have done the same. If he wasn’t able to defeat an opponent that was at the same stage, he would rely on his own power to get back at his opponent.

Su Rou’Er swallowed the Dry Wimple Pill and changed her appearance. Then, she said, "These years, Junior Brother Hualong and I have been hiding in Water Ying Immortal City. Originally, we wanted to pay a visit to Senior Sister Wen Lianxi. However, we found out that Water Ying Immortal City was being surveilled, and the Water Ying Castellan does not seem to be able to leave the city…"

Mo Wuji frowned; Water Ying Immortal City should be a high grade immortal city; so who would dare to surveil the city? However, it was true that Wen Lianxi’s father’s, Wen Hou’s, cultivation was slightly too low. After they returned, he would find some time to pay a visit to Water Ying Immortal City. After all, Wen Lianxi’s family is not bad.

Water Ying Immortal City.

When compared to the rest of Yong Ying Immortal Domain, this immortal city was truly unremarkable. Back then, this place had some geographical importance since it was located near to the Corner of Yong Ying. Thereafter, the Corner of Yong Ying had become trashed, and Water Ying Immortal City had become the city right at the fringe of the Immortal Domain.

If not because of the results attained by Mo Wuji during the Yong Ying Grand Alchemy Compet.i.tion which allowed this city to be promoted to become a high grade city, fewer people would know of this place.

At this moment, Water Ying Immortal City’s Castellan Wen Hou was sitting in his residences. His entire face was filled with fatigue and worry; his eyes were clearly br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anxiety. On his table, there was a bright red invitation card. The veins on his hand were protruding; clearly, his heart was not at ease.

A few years ago, Water Ying Immortal City avoided a crisis when it was promoted to a high grade immortal city. Back then, Wen Hou thought that Water Ying Immortal City would continue on this trajectory and continue to get better. He also thought that within a short time, his cultivation would reach the Immortal Reverent Stage. However, after all these years, his cultivation did not rise even a single bit; it was exactly the same as he was previously. It wasn’t because he had a lacking talent, but because Water Ying Immortal City was currently even worse than a low grade immortal city.

By his side, were his wife Yan Qianling and his best friend Tan Liang. Because of his time with several Pill Emperors, Tan Liang’s Pill Dao had reached a higher level; he was currently a Tier 5 Pill King.

"Wen Hou, Lianxi has gone to Sharphorn Immortal Ruins. If she gets chosen by the Very High Heavens, that guy wouldn’t dare to do anything to us even if he already advanced into the Immortal Emperor Stage," Yan Qianling sighed and advised softly.

This red card was an invitation card from Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun after he advanced into the Immortal Emperor Stage. In the seven Immortal Domains, only Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s Heavenly Emperor Kui Fengyun who had a name that sounded greater than his actual capability. This was because he wasn’t an Immortal Emperor. Originally, he wanted to make his of the alchemy compet.i.tion to obtain an Emperor Dao Fruit from Yunxian Immortal Valley. However, it was actually s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Mo Wuji.

Without the Emperor Dao Fruit, he could only behave like a little kid and cultivate a.s.siduously. Fortunately, his Breath of Hongmeng managed to help him, allowing him to realise his Dao and step into the ranks of Immortal Emperors.

Water Ying Immortal City’s Wen Hou had close ties with Mo Wuji. It was precisely because of Mo Wuji that Water Ying Immortal City could become a high grade immortal city. After Mo Wuji took away his Emperor Dao Fruit, Kui Fengyun directly started monitoring Wen Hou’s family. The reason why he hadn’t made a move on Wen Hou previously was because he had yet to advance into the Immortal Emperor Stage then. Additionally, Mo Wuji’s name had been spreading throughout the Immortal World all these years, which caused him to be afraid to act.

Now that he had advanced and become an Immortal Emperor, and now that he also heard that Mo Wuji had been crushed by the coalition of several Grand Emperors, the first thing he wanted to do was kill Wen Hou.

Naturally, he, Kui Fengyun, wouldn’t go to Wen Hou to kill him. Since he wanted to kill them, he wanted Wen Hou and his family to present themselves in front of him. Thus, this invitation card appeared in front of Wen Hou. It wasn’t inviting them to a banquet, but inviting them to their deaths.

Wen Hou sighed, "I’m already very satisfied that Lianxi was able to escape Water Ying Immortal City. But for her to be selected by the Very High Heavens, ah, that’s far too difficult. Back then, I thought that I would be able to spring into the heavens when my Water Ying Immortal City became a high grade immortal city. But now, I finally now that I’m only able to see the heavens through a foggy mist."

Yan Qianling frowned slightly, "Wen Hou, if not for Pill Master Mo, our family would have been done for many years ago."

Wen Hou shook his head, "Qianling, I’m not blaming Pill Master Mo. Towards him, my Wen Family only has grat.i.tude. How can I blame him? I’m only lamenting the fate of my Wen Family."

Tan Liang suddenly said, "Brother Wen, I don’t think that we should wait here like sitting ducks. Why don’t we escape Water Ying Immortal City."

"Escape Water Ying Immortal City?" Wen Hou stared at Tan Liang in aghast; he had never thought of escaping. Being surrounded by so many experts, how could he escape? Moreover, he was no longer the one in control of the protective array around Water Ying Immortal City.

"If you don’t escape, you will die undoubtedly. If you do, there would at least be a thread of hope," Tan Liang said resolutely.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 721 - Escape Or Die

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