Immortal Mortal Chapter 729 - The Great Sword Path’S Arrogance

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Chapter 729 - The Great Sword Path’s Arrogance

Mo Wuji stared at Bai Ye and even though he didn't possess the Dao of Prophecy, Mo Wuji suspected that Bai Ye had a hidden motive.

It was true that Bai Ye had great enmity with the Great Sword Path but Mo Wuji found it suspicious that Bai Ye would wait for them to come over before joining hands against the Great Sword Path.

Mo Wuji knew how cautious and scheming Bai Ye was so if he knew that Ping Fan Immortal School was going to fight the Great Sword Path for him, he definitely wouldn't join the force. He would at most watch the show by the side and act only against those few loose fish which escaped the net.

Moreover, he would only need a while more before being able to advance to become an advanced Immortal Emperor. Even if he wanted to be part of this revenge mission, he wouldn't have done it while he had yet to advance into the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage.

Therefore, Bai Ye sudden inclusion did seem slightly odd.

"Alright, Immortal Friend Bai shall join us against the Great Sword Path. Naturally, there is something which I want to state beforehand. The moment a Grand Emperor of the Great Sword Path stepped out, I would like to request for Immortal Friend Bai to not intervene," Mo Wuji didn't know what Bai Ye was planning but regardless, Bai Ye would not help the Great Sword Path which meant that his inclusion would only increase their overall strength.

"Of course! During this obliteration of the Great Sword Path, I, Bai Ye, shall only follow the lead of Sect Head Mo," Bai Ye made his promise without any shreds of hesitation.

He wasn't completely aware of Mo Wuji's strength but he was certain that Mo Wuji was a G.o.d Physique tempering expert. At the thought of how Mo Wuji was able to enter the Sword Qi River and even protected the whole group of them in and out of the Sword Qi River, there would be a mountain in his heart which he could never transcend.

"Who is trying to be all sneaky around my Great Sword Path? If you don't scram in three breaths time, I will kill and behead everyone there without exception," Mo Wuji and co.'s presence outside the Great Sword Path had finally attracted the attention of the Great Sword Path's cultivator.

"Immortal Friend Bai, let's attack," Mo Wuji said faintly.

"Alright," Bai Ye took a step forward and a hand blade appeared in his hand. Before this Grand Luo Immortal could react, he was cleaved into two by Bai Ye's blade radiance.

Following which, Bai Ye drew out his own eight trigrams disc as it clashed against the Great Sword Path's protecting array.

Mo Wuji instantly transmitted a message to Wei Zidao and co. that once the Great Sword Path had been obliterated, the first thing we retrieved would be the Great Sword Path's ancient books and records, immortal veins, warehouse and the immortal herbs garden.

Besides these, there was still one more important point and that was the need to bring away all the immortal mountains of the Great Sword Path so that Bai Ye would not be able to take advantage of the situation.

As a great immortal sect which had existed in the Immortal World for countless of years, the Great Sword Path must have contained many important pieces of information and secrets. Ping Fan had just been established and even though it had infused Heaven and Earth dao energy in their immortal energy foundation, Ping Fan itself didn't contain much information or treasures. Now that they were going to obliterate the Great Sword Path, it would naturally be to increase Ping Fan's store of information.

Following Bai Ye's attack, Mo Wuji threw out tens of array flags as he shouted, "Everyone attack with me!"

Mo Wuji was a Grade 7 immortal array master so under his guidance, no matter how strong the Great Sword Path's protecting array was, it wouldn't be able to handle the combined attack of four Immortal Emperors, Quasi-Emperor and Immortal Reverents.

Seconds later, cracking sounds could be heard from the Great Sword Path's protecting array.

A few tears appeared in the air and despite not seeing anything visible in front of them, everyone knew that the Great Sword Path's protecting array was being torn apart.

Cha Rui's warcry could be heard all across the Great Sword Path and it was followed by countless of bright lights flas.h.i.+ng out. The tearing protecting array stopped splitting apart as it started to recover itself.

"Everyone continue attacking, this is simply the array master of the Great Sword Path using their immortal veins to reinforce their array. After I settle some matters, I will handle this," Mo Wuji finished his piece and jumped right out as he threw out array flag.

He had actually forgotten a very important matter and that was to install a spatial restriction before they started exterminating the Great Sword Path. He had to seal off all kinds of transfer pathway from the Great Sword Path so as to prevent any of their cultivators to escape by means of flying.

Since he made the decision to obliterate them, he had to wipe out the entire sect cleanly.

Every cultivator in the Great Sword Path was instantly astonished as they would never have expected anybody to dare attack the Great Sword Path at its own ground. Everyone only realised that someone was actually attacking the sect when the code red was sounded off.

If any other average immortal sect was under attack, the immortals would feel fear, terror and the urge to leave as soon as possible. On the contrary, immortals of the Great Sword Path's first reaction was not to run but excitement.

Yes, they were truly excited.

The Great Sword Path honoured its sword cultivation and its ideology was to always move forward and never back down. The Great Sword Path left a sword qi dao spirituality in all their mountains to tell their cultivators: Sword Dao is the dao of killing. Once the sword is wielded, no mercy shall be shown.

The true essence of the Sword Dao would be to let all their opponent turned into their soul and plead under the wrath of their sword. In the Great Sword Path, there is room only for the strong.

Sword, the first of all weapons so how could the user bend his head and think about escaping?

"Sect Head He, let us kill our way out. Since when did our Great Sword Path rely on repairing our protecting arrays to defend against incoming attacks?" A young man carrying an iron sword on his back walked over to the side of a grey robe elder as he spoke with a slightly disrespectful tone.

This grey robe elder was called He Qianling, the subst.i.tute sect head after the departure of Yi Minghu.

At this moment, he was working with another elder to repair the protecting array of the Great Sword Path.

The young man with a disrespectful tone was called Gong Liangye. He had a handsome face, sharp brows, bright eyes and a decent built. However, he was well known for the iron sword he carried on his back instead of his good looks in the Great Sword Path. To Gong Liangye, instead of taking pride in his good looks, he took pride in his talent, strength as well as the iron sword in his back.

In the Great Sword Path, everyone considered him as a peak grade talent only behind Fang s.h.i.+jiang and Huang Sha. However, this was not what Gong Liangye thought because he had always believed that he was the number one genius in the Great Sword Path. The only reason why he wasn't as reputable and famous as Fang s.h.i.+jiang and Huang Sha was because he never went out to propagate his name around the Immortal World.

This was unlike Huang Sha and Fang s.h.i.+jiang who had always been flaunting their names outside. Moreover, he was much younger than Fang s.h.i.+jiang and was already in the intermediate Immortal King Stage.

Today, there was actually someone who dared to offend the Great Sword Path so openly which meant that this was Gong Liangye's time to flaunt his strength. Today, he would kill out a river flowing with his enemies blood before heading down to the Sharphorn Immortal Ruins to meet the other geniuses.

"Shut up!" The long bearded man currently repairing the protecting array shouted furiously at Gong Liangye.

Gong Liangye was extremely displeased but he knew who the person shouting at him was. Great Sword Path's Supreme Elder Wan Chuan, a Quasi-Emperor expert who was also the Great Sword Path's number one immortal array master. In the Great Sword Path, Wan Chuan's status was very high and was only behind a few Immortal Emperors. In fact, his status was even higher than the temporary Sect Head He Qianling.

This was why when he was faced with Wan Chuan's reprimand, Gong Liangye could only hold back his rage and explained, "Supreme Elder Wan, ever since the Great Sword Path was established, who have we feared? Ever since we embarked on cultivating the Sword Dao, we pride ourselves in our sword and people fear us for our sword. Could it be that because the sect head had left the sect, our guts and courage were gone with him?"

Wan Chuan took in a few breaths before throwing out a few more array flags as he stared coldly at Gong Liangye, "Gong Liangye, I know you are one of the few peak grade experts of the Great Sword Path. Given your strength, even the slightly weaker Immortal Reverents would not be able to deal with you."

As Gong Liangye heard this, he stood proudly because there was no need for him to remain humble. Wan Chuan was speaking the truth because he was indeed capable of finis.h.i.+ng off the average Immortal Reverents. This was his triumph card and the Great Sword Path's triumph card.

"However, do you know who are the people out there?" Wan Chuan seemed to breathe out all his pent up frustrations as he said everything under one breath.

"No matter who it is, there is only the word 'death' for anyone who dared to offend the Great Sword Path," Gong Liangye said proudly as he didn't like to cower.

"Hahaha…" Wan Chuan laughed at Gong Liangye's ignorant arrogance as he pointed at Gong Liangye without saying anything. After a few breaths, he finally calmed himself as he said, "The person attacking us is called Mo Wuji and he brought…"

Before Wan Chuang could mention that Mo Wuji brought a few Immortal Emperors with him, Gong Liangye simply said cooly, "Even if the Heavenly King [1] was here and since he dared to provoke my Great Sword Path, I would never back down even if it means death for me."

"Alright, alright, alright…" Wan Chuan was so angry he stopped repairing the protecting array as he replied, "Many years ago, this Mo Wuji was encircled by Sect Head Yi, Lei Guyun, Jin Yusheng and Kuang Xing. If you're as strong as you claimed to be, go and deal with him then."

"Elder Wan really thought too highly of me. I am merely an intermediate Immortal King yet you want me to deal with a Grand Emperor," Gong Liangye had always been in either closed doors or their own secret realm so he naturally wouldn't have heard about Mo Wuji.

To him, a person who could escape from the encirclement of four Immortal Emperors had to be a Grand Emperor.

"Wrong, not only was Mo Wuji not a Grand Emperor, I doubt he had even reached the Immortal King Stage yet. Even if his progress was insanely fast, I suspect that he would have just stepped into the Immortal King Stage. Back then, he made use of methods to escape the surround of the four experts and also sacrificed a Grand Emperor-like immortal puppet," Wan Chuan's tone was icy because without his help to repair the protecting array, He Qianling was doing all the work and he could barely prevent it from splitting open.

"Alright, let me, Gong Liangye, handle this," Hearing that Mo Wuji was merely an Immortal King, Gong Liangye responded without any hesitation.

He was the Immortal King of the Great Sword Path and if he was afraid of another Immortal King, he should just kill himself.

Mo Wuji landed and his heart heaved a sigh of relief because when he was setting up the restrictions, n.o.body tried to leave and this was not something he expected. What Mo Wuji didn't know was that there were simply too many proud cultivators like Gong Liangye in the Great Sword Path.

With their swords in their hands, these people fear nothing at all. The truth was also that everytime people hear of the arrival of cultivators of the Great Sword Dao, they would hurry to make way. In the long run, it became an att.i.tude of the Great Sword Path cultivator to look down on everyone. If it wasn't for the fact that temporary Sect Head He Qianling and Elder Wan Chuan had been sealing up the grand array, some of them might have already charged out to fight.

"Sect Head, someone is constantly repairing the protecting array and I doubt we can break through any time soon," Wei Zidao sounded out the moment he saw Mo Wuji landing.

Mo Wuji shook his hand and said, "You guys stand back, let me do it."

[1]: In ancient China, there are four Heavenly Kings who are the Buddhist protective deities.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 729 - The Great Sword Path’S Arrogance

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