Immortal Mortal Chapter 849-858

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Chapter 849: I’m Here To Collect My Debt

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"Qingche, after I finished settling things with the Xia family, we'll be leaving Earth. Are you sure there's nothing you need to leave behind? You must know that cultivating dao also means cultivating destiny, cultivating life, cultivating enlightenment, cultivating everything you can feel. Happiness, Anger, Sadness, all forms of emotions are included. I don't wish that you have some lingering thoughts about this place, which might make you lose the opportunity to go further in cultivation!" Standing outside the residential area of the Xia family, Mo Wuji stopped and spoke seriously to Mo Qingche.

"I…" Mo Qingche really wanted to say that she did not have any connections left and it would be ok to leave Earth immediately. However, after listening to what Mo Wuji said, she couldn't help but stop herself from saying just that.

She had never cultivated the dao of the heavens and earth, but she knew that her grandpa would not deceive her. It could be that grandpa came back to resolve some issues that he never finished back in the day.

"Grandpa, there are indeed some things, but…"

Mo Qingche didn't know how to bring this topic up. She originally had a boyfriend, named Wen Rong. However, due to issues with the Mo family's solution formula, she chose to break up with her boyfriend.

The reason that the solution's formula was leak was this boyfriend of hers. There was one occasion when she said that the solution's formula wouldn't be any worse than the Xia family's by a slip of her tongue. To her surprise, Wen Rong actually asked her to show him the formula.

Her grandma had repeatedly instructed her that this was the only piece of inheritance of the Mo family and she could only reveal it to a male of the Mo family, so how could she show it to Wen Rong? Even if Wen Rong were married to her, she wouldn't want to disregard her grandma's wishes, much less if he was just her boyfriend.

What made her infuriated was that Wen Rong actually pa.s.sed this news on to the Xia family for some unknown benefits. This was the last straw. Without any hesitation, she broke up with him.

"I know. Sit down." Mo Wuji gestured at Mo Qingche, refusing to allow her to explain any further, then casually setting up a defensive array.

Once Mo Qingche was seated, he wrapped a bunch of Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow around her. At this point, his sea of consciousness had recovered, and his cultivation level had crossed into intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage, hence the process of helping Mo Qingche cleanse and open her consciousness was a relaxed one. With the help of the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow, in half an incense's time, the entire process was completed.

"I…" When Mo Qingche regained her senses, she realised that her mind was many times clearer than before. Many things that she couldn't understand previously suddenly became obvious. What's more, he entire body was extremely relaxed, giving her the illusion that she could fly at this moment if she wanted to.

"Grandpa, have I become an immortal?" Mo Qingche excitedly asked.

Shaking his head, Mo Wuji replied, "I've only helped you to pave the way for cultivation. You still have to rely on yourself for future cultivation."

Of course, he didn't treat her as he treated Tan Zhenman. As Tan Zhenman did not choose to become his disciple, he naturally would not have taken out the Billion Years Immortal Wood Marrow to enhance her apt.i.tude and expand her spirit channels. Since Mo Qingche was sure that she wanted to follow him to cultivate, he could only help her build a good foundation. How much she achieved in the future would completely depend on her.

Thus, Mo Wuji did not impart any techniques to her.

After he finished with his piece, Mo Wuji pa.s.sed a necklace over to Mo Qingche, "Wear this necklace on you, it will automatically recognise you as its owner. Ok, I'm going to settle some things with the Xia family so you should go to tie up your loose ends, sever your connections with people, then I'll bring you away."

"But how will I find you?" Mo Qingche asked.

"There's not need for that. I'll know where you are." Mo Wuji replied with a smile.

Sensing the changes in her body, Mo Qingche's confidence was boosted greatly, and she quickly responded, "I'll be going then. I'll take at most two days to settle my things."

"Wait." Mo Wuji took out a ring, gave it to her, then he poked her hand, causing a single drop of her blood to land on the ring.

"This is a spatial ring. Your large bag can be stored inside. Only you will be able to use the ring, and all you have to do is use your willpower." He explained as he handed the ring over.

"Ah…" This time, Mo Qingche was really stunned.

The Xia family was able to become the number one family not just because they had the Meridian Refining Solution. Once Xia You gave the order, many members of the family rushed back to meeting room one.

Back in the day, the head of Xia Family, Xia Zhiding, once said that the Earth's environmental condition was worsening by the day, so the Xia family had to have a sort of sensitivity to danger and definitely could not just hole up in the empire of their ancestors while enjoying themselves.

The descendents of the Xia family achieved this indeed. The children of the Xia family that had the slightest bit of talent were basically all sent to Planet Diyuan. To others, going to Planet Diyuan was extremely difficult, but to the Xia family, it was as simple as making a phone call.

When Xia You appeared in the meeting room, all of the core members of the Xia family had all arrived.

"I believe everyone knows what has happened. All of the solution refining facilities in Lian Mai District were completely destroyed. This seems rather absurd, but it's the truth. I didn't want to believe it at first…" Xia You sat at the head of the room, and even though he tried to suppress his emotions, this anger still couldn't be contained.

"Regardless who it is, he can forget about living since he dared to lay his hands on the Xia family." Before Xia You could complete his sentence, an old man sitting beside Xia You angrily shouted out.

This was Xia Zhidao, Xia Zhi's uncle, and the younger brother of the previous family head, Xia Zhiding.

"I suspect that the s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation is behind this. Only they have the resources and b.a.l.l.s to do it. As for why, it's probably because our Xia family severely injured Xi Li…" Another stepped forward to speak.

Xia You frowned slightly, and before he continued speaking, a voice echoed from the outside, "It's not the s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation, they don't have the ability to do so. The s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation's Xi Li was pinned by me on Qi Shu's Observatory Plaza, hence he can't move at all. Even if it were him, he wouldn't be strong enough to break through the defensive array I set up."

Following the appearance of this voice, a young, long haired man walked in.

"Xia Zhi, you're back." While Xia You was the family head, he dared not act rashly. Xia Zhi might have looked young, but in reality he was much older than Xia You.

Not only did Family Head Xia You rise, everyone else, including Xia Zhidao, also stood up.

There was already one person that took the initiative to moving a chair to the side of Xia You, and Xia Zhi went over to sit down on it. Only after Xia Zhi sat did the rest of them sit as well.

"Xia Zhi, you know who did this?" Xia You asked carefully.

With a snort, the young man replied in a low voice, "This man is not simple. I went check the scene of the incident out. This was probably the work of an extremely strong cultivator."

This news made Xia You's hands shake, knocking over the porcelain cup right beside him. Hot water splashed on his foot, but it seemed as though as he did not feel any pain.

Cultivator. Other people might not be familiar with this term, but not Xia You. This was because the Xia family had two cultivators, one was Xia Zhi, and the other was Xia Ruoyin who had gone missing years ago. It was also Xia Ruoyin who brought back the formula for the Body Tempering Fluid too.

Xia Zhi was the younger brother of the long vanished Xia Ruoyin, hence Xia You guessed that Xia Zhi's cultivation technique was left behind by Xia Ruoyin. However, Xia Zhi did not mention anything about releasing the technique for the other members of the Xia family to cultivate with, and he didn't say much about that either.

"Then what will happen to out Xia family?" After listening to Xia Zhi's words, Xia You's chest was filled with rage. His rage would have some effectiveness against weaker member of the Xia family, but once it came to those stronger than the Xia family, he naturally was a little lost.

"Family head, don't worry. My elder sister was able to build the family up back then, and before I leave, I'll naturally eliminate all threats to the family too. I've just broke through to a new level, so as long as this person is still on Earth, no matter where he's hiding, I'll be able to hunt him down." Xia Zhi mockingly spoke, revealing a great confidence behind his words.

When Xia You heard this, he was immediately jolted up, and said without hesitation, "Then I'll get the s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation to stop all flying objects from leaving Earth right now."

He knew how impressive Xia Zhi was, while the elder sister of Xia Zhi was at a level that he didn't even want to imagine. Hence, he did not bear any suspicion towards Xia Zhi's words.

"There's no need for that, I didn't hide myself." Another voice echoed out, following which, Mo Wuji waltzed into the Xia family's meeting room.

"Who are you?" Xia You stood up in shock. When the Xia family had a meeting, it would have been an exaggeration to say that the air from the outside couldn't come in, but at the very least, no one would be able to enter. Xia Zhi could do so because he was one of the core members of the Xia family.

Without waiting for Mo Wuji to carry one, Xia Zhidao asked shakily, "Could, could you be a descendent of Mo Wuji?"

Based on their investigation, Mo Wuji did not have any descendants remaining after he was killed. Even the woman that spent the night with him had been murdered by Xia Ruoyin right after. But if that was so, who was this person before them that posed a striking resemblance to Mo Wuji?

"You're the one that destroyed our research center?" Xia Zhi also shot up from his seat. He could not sense how scary Mo Wuji was, as Mo Wuji didn't seem any different from an ordinary person from where he stood. It seemed like he had overestimated Mo Wuji.

"Yes, I destroyed it. I'm here to collect some debts. Destroying that area was only the first step. The second step is to come to the Xia family and kill some people." Mo Wuji coldly remarked.

After finding out that the woman with him that night was Wen Xiaoqi and Xia Ruoyin was just using him all the while, Mo Wuji decided he wanted to use the lives of the Xia family to pay for the debt.

Xia Zhi chuckled coldly, and tried to grab Mo Wuji while shouting, "Then I guess you're going to lose your life…"

But Xia Zhi was stopped mid sentence as he found out that his legs could no longer touch the ground and his outstretched arm could not move. The s.p.a.ce around him seemed to have froze, fixing him on the stop.

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Chapter 850: Grudge

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"Not bad, you were actually able to reach Spirit Building Stage on Earth. Your talent indeed warrants such pride." Mo Wuji casually commented.

But he wasn't just spouting nonsense. For Xia Zhi to be able to use a few decades to cultivate till Spirit Building Stage on a resource and spiritual energy deficient Earth, he must have been a genius amongst geniuses. Even in the cultivation world, he would be a core disciple of a sect.

"You can actually sense my cultivation level?" Xia Zhi's face was drained of colour. How frightening was it for him to see Mo Wuji as a mortal while Mo Wuji could detect his cultivation level.

"How is Xia Ruoyin related to you?" Mo Wuji spoke with a completely cold tone, as he felt that this Xia Zhi had some connection to Xia Ruoyin.

Xia Zhi replied solemnly, "Xia Ruoyin is my elder sister. Her cultivation level is more than a hundred times stronger than mine. If you dare to lay a hand on me, she will definitely kill you in revenge when she returns."

"Oh, Xia Ruoyin has left Earth?" Mo Wuji frowned slightly. No matter how much Xia Ruoyin cultivated, she couldn't have reached that high a level on Earth. Although Xia Ruoyin was much more talented that Xia Zhi, could she really leave Earth?

Xia Zhi's mindset of a cultivator kicked in and he finally cooled down. Taking in a deep breath, he spoke, "You still have a disciple in my hands. I've used a unique method to suppress her, if…"

Without waiting for Xia Zhi to finish speaking, he drew out two needles as thin as a cow's hair, "Are you talking about these two needles?"

"You…" Xia Zhi couldn't take it anymore, and cold sweat flowed down his back, soaking his clothes.

The higher the level one cultivated to, the more one valued his own life. An expert like Xia Zhi that stood above all other men would have valued his life much more than an ordinary person.

With a random grab of his hand, Mo Wuji could remove the needles from inside Tan Zhenman and Xi Li despite them being a few thousand kilometers away in Qi Shu City. This sort of ability was beyond what Xia Zhi could sense.

"Tell me where Xia Ruoyin went, how she went there, and I'll keep your corpse intact." Mo Wuji threatened.

"You should be Mo Wuji right? You were considered friends with Xia Ruoyin of my Xia family, and we are also cultivators. Now you're going to deal with mortals like us. Don't you feel guilty?' Xia Zhidao totally understood now. This person in front of him wasn't Mo Wuji's descendant, but Mo Wuji himself.

Since a member of the Xia family could cultivate and maintain his appearance for decades, so why couldn't Mo Wuji do the same? Back when Xia Ruoyin hadn't started cultivating yet, she still had to steal the formula from Mo Wuji.

"I don't know, you can't kill me…" Without the ability to move, Xia Zhi was covered with sweat. Bead after bead of sweat dripped down from his forehead.

By this time, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to continue with this bullsh*t, hence he drove his spiritual will directly into Xia Zhi's consciousness.

In a few breath's time, he withdrew his spiritual will and had an ugly look on his face. Xia Zhi really did not know how Xia Ruoyin left Earth, but only knew that she did so. His cultivation technique was given by Xia Ruoyin. At the same time Xia Ruoyin had told him to focus on cultivating and she would come back to bring him away eventually.

Without the patience to linger around here any longer, Mo Wuji opened his hand and drew a blood out of Xia Zhi's forehead. This drop of blood was brought into mid air, after which rune after rune was inscripted into it. Following which, ripples invisible to the naked eye formed around it and they began to spread outwards, as though as someone had thrown a pebble into a calm pond.

As the drop of blood was levitating in mid air, Mo Wuji didn't ask any questions, turning and walking out of the meeting room of the Xia family. At the same time, the chains on the ten over men inside the Xia family's underground prison broke off on their own, and all of the automatic doors in the prison opened as well.

Only when Mo Wuji's figure disappeared from sight did Xia You dare to heave a sigh of relief, "Uncle Zhidao, is this man really Mo Wuji?"

Xia Zhidao's face turned green as he let out a small breath, "That's right, this man is Mo Wuji. Back then it was Ruoyin who killed him, but who knew that he didn't die in the end…"

"What?" When Xia Zhidao suddenly paused, Xia You probed further.

Frowning, Xia Zhidao continued, "That's not right. I'm sure that Mo Wuji was killed…"

Back then, both he and Xia Zhiding were outside the laboratory, hence he could clearly recall that Xia Ruoyin's father entered the lab after Xia Ruoyin stabbed Mo Wuji once, adding on tens of stabs onto Mo Wuji's body. His head was nearly chopped off as a result. How could Mo Wuji not have died after being inflicted such a terrifying amount of damage?

If Mo Wuji died, then who had just came in?

Xia Zhi suddenly felt like his body was mobile again, and he declared, "I want to leave this place immediately, that Mo Wuji didn't lay a hand on us this time, but we never know about the next time... "

He stopped abruptly mid-sentence. Fear and disbelief were reflected in his eyes, and moments later, his entire body blew up.

Just as though as a tap had been opened, after Xia Zhi's body blew up, Xia You's and Xia Zhidao's followed suit.

In the Blood Culling divine technique that Mo Wuji used, all males of the Xia family would be killed by the divine technique once 15 year old or older. No matter where they were, as long as it was still on Earth, they wouldn't be able to escape this.

Everyone in the meeting room was of the highest echelons of the Xia family, hence in Mo Wuji's eyes, they had to be part of the main branches of the Xia family. He never expected that there would be two men remaining.

A b.l.o.o.d.y stench emanated from the meeting room, and these two men shakily stood up, looked at each other, before charging out without hesitation. Even if they were idiots, they would have known that they were not part of the Xia family in the first place, and precisely because of this, they were able to cling onto their lives.

Even if they were members of the Xia family, after surviving this ordeal, they would no longer identify as one, much less if they weren't a member at all.

Mo Wuji calmly walked out of Jing Yang City. His heart was much lighter than before. The thorn that had been p.r.i.c.king deep in his heart had finally disappeared completely.

As for murdering all males 15 years old and above in the Xia family main branch, he didn't feel guilty about it either. Xia Ruoyin killed him without telling him the reason, even when he was her lover. Thus, one could see how cruelly the Xia family treated others.

Compared to other cultivators, he still had his own baseline. If it were any other, even the most docile of people, would probably ma.s.sacre the entire Xia family.

From this day on, the issue between him and Xia Ruoyin would totally end. At this point, Xia Ruoyin was no different from people like Lun Cai and Murong Xiangyu.

After staring at Jingshou Mountain for a good while, Mo Wuji took a step out and vanished. He was ready to set up a defensive array and a elemental energy restoration array for Earth.

With his current level of cultivation and Array Dao, he could even set up a defensive array for an entire star system, hence a grand array to purify the elemental energy of Earth was nothing much.

Array flags were integrated one after another into the s.p.a.ce around Earth, and a slight amount of immortal spiritual aura was added in as well.

The foggy layer of dust haze that covered Earth's surface was instantly sucked away, as if someone had used a large vacuum cleaner on the area. The destroyed ozone layer was also rapidly healed by Mo Wuji's defensive array.

The Earth that had not seen any sunlight for a long time finally had a few rays of light landing on certain areas.

Gua Cheng City, a medium city, the home of Xian Zhiyang.

Zhiyang could be considered an ordinary person in Gua Cheng, because Xian Donghai of the Xian family had good business, earned some money, and used it to set up a mould company. The rest of the Xian family were pulled into the mould company and each of them possessed a small percentage of the company's shares.

However, there were many internal arguments in the Xian family due to a very simple reason: Xian Donghai's son, Xian Zhiyang, suddenly returned from school and began to invest in real estate.

How could an average mould company earn that much money? No matter how cheap land was, after Xian Zhiyang had his go at it, his funding started to run out.

"We don't wish to continue arguing. Convert our shares into money and give it to us. Since you want to buy the entire Earth, we won't care that much anymore." Xian Dongxi was Xian Donghai's younger brother, and also the largest shareholder with 7% to his name.

"It was Donghai that brought you guys into the mould company, and you're still in the process of finding other jobs." Xian Donghai's wife was enraged. These brothers and sisters were all thankless wretches, completely forgetting how Donghai treated them in the past.

"How much money/" Xian Donghai was tired of scolding his son any more, and now he just wanted to find a way to raise the money for his relatives.

"We have a combined 13% of shares, which adds up to 5.21 million. We don't want that much from you, so just give us 5 million and we'll be square." Xian Dongxi spoke again.

Before Xian Donghai could reply, Xian Dongyang stood up, "Dad, I'll go to borrow the money."

After speaking his piece, Xian Dongyang called Tan Zhenman. He was just an acquaintance of Tan Zhenman, possibly even not acquainted with her at all. Back then, it was Mo Wuji that told him to invest in real estate, hence he wanted to ask if Tan Zhenman pa.s.sed the Three Star Exam. If Tan Zhenman really did, then he must have judged Mo Wuji correctly. If that was the case, he intended to take a loan from her, as the Tan family was much wealthier than the Xian family.

However, if Tan Zhenman did not pa.s.s the Three Star Exam, he could only try sell the land at a dirt cheap price, gather 5 million, and give it to these heartless relatives.

In the Observatory Plaza of Qi Shu City, Xi Li and Tan Zhenman stared at each other. They had been stuck here for days, and even their meals were bought by some workers from the outside. Just now, they felt that the thin needle which could kill them at any moment had disappeared, and they could sense that no matter how far they walked, it wouldn't be a problem. On top of that, both of them had regained their strength.

"What's going on?" Tan Zhenman asked in disbelief.

Xi Li had a little more experience, and while it was very unusual, he could feel that someone far away had taken these needles out from their brain.

"Zhenman, someone should have helped to remove those needles from our bodies." Xi Li couldn't believe what he was saying, but his senses shouldn't have betrayed him.

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Chapter 851: True Freedom

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Tan Zhenman stared at Xi Li for some time before speaking, "If what you said is true and someone helped us, it could only be the guy that taught me…"

She didn’t know how to address Mo Wuji. ‘Elder brother’ seemed inappropriate. ‘Master’ wasn’t right either, as she had declined going under his wing, which probably was the greatest regret of her entire life.

"It’s your master?" Xi Li asked.

But Tan Zhenman could only smile while shaking her head, "No. Even though he taught me some technique, I declined taking him as my master."

"..." Now it was Xi Li’s turn to stare at Tan Zhenman in disbelief. If such an expert took him as a disciple, he definitely wouldn’t turn him down. He couldn’t understand what Tan Zhenman was thinking back then.

Seeing Xi Li’s surprised expression, Tan Zhenman sighed, "Back then I only thought about going to Planet Diyuan. I didn’t want to remain on Earth at all, but that man required me to stay on Earth as his disciple."

"Ah?" Xi Li didn’t comprehend the rationale behind this. The Earth’s environment was already polluted to a frightening extent, even to the point that the Earth might start breaking down. So what was the use of staying on Earth? On top of that, he couldn’t understand why Tan Zhenman was so adamant about going to Planet Diyuan till she gave up being that man’s disciple.

"Senior Xi Li, what should we do now?" Tan Zhenman might have been cleansed by Mo Wuji, but she still did not possess much battle experience, hence she did not know whether to stay or to leave.

In a low voice, Xi Li responded, "We’ll leave right away. If it was that man that saved us, then the Xia family’s Xia Zhi would definitely have been killed by him. Otherwise, saving us would be pointless because Xia Zhi would murder us once we leave this place. If we leave the plaza and Xia Zhi does not appear, then we would know what had happened."

"Ding Ling Ling!" Xi Li’s mobile phone suddenly rang, which made him scramble for it. After picking up, he only heard a few sentences before hanging up with a look of shock on his face.

"Senior Xi Li, what’s the matter?" Tan Zhenman quickly asked.

Taking in a deep breath, Xi Li explained with a rather weird expression, "Just now the s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation informed me that the Xia family’s pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Jing Yang City’s Lian Mai District were all destroyed, and not a single bit was left behind. On top of that, all males of age in the Xia family were killed…"

Both of them stared at each other again. Even though Tan Zhenman was still in school, she knew very clearly how scary the Xia family was. Adding Xia Zhi to the mix, the Xia family was definitely the number 1 family on Earth. They were the most powerful and profitable. What kind of power would be required to destroy them in such a short period of time?

"Zhenman, where was the elder that taught you those techniques from? Where does he live? Can I pay a visit to him?" Xi Li gazed at Tan Zhenman intently.

If he could invite Mo Wuji to Planet Diyuan, then the migration of Earth would be more or less successful. The beasts on Planet Diyuan were definitely not a match for an expert of this calibre.

Unfortunately, Tan Zhenman shook her head, "I only know that his name is Mo Wuji. That’s right, he was brought to school by a schoolmate of mine…"

Just as she spoke till this point, her mobile phone rang as well. She quickly picked up the call, and became emotional upon hearing Xian Zhiyang’s voice on the other end of the line.

"Zhiyang, where are you?" Tan Zhenman agitatedly asked. She couldn’t find Mo Wuji, and only Xian Zhiyang could.

As he heard Tan Zhenman’s emotional voice through the phone, Xian Zhiyang was stunned for a few seconds, then he said, "I’m at Gua Cheng City…"

Since when did he become so close with Tan Zhenman? For her to directly call him ‘Zhiyang’? And with a tone that sounded like she was talking to an old friend which she had not seen for years?

"I’ll come over immediately. You won’t be leaving right?" Tan Zhenman’s voice was still quivering.

This string of events made Xian Zhiyang stare at his phone, speechless. Was he the one trying to find her, or was it the other way around? Why did it seem like she really wanted to find him from the tone of the tone of her voice?

Hence, he quickly followed up, "I’m not leaving. Oh yes, Tan Zhenman, I have something I need you to help with…"

"What? Just tell me, and I’ll help you if I can." Tan Zhenman said unhesitantly.

"Well…" Xian Zhiyang hesitated for a moment, but still continued, "I’m short of some money, and need to borrow five million from you. I spent all my money on buying land. Once the price of land increases, I’ll return the money to you as soon as possible."

Without a second thought, Tan Zhenman immediately replied, "Sure, send me your card number. I’ll transfer the money using my phone."

When Tan Zhenman put down the phone, Xi Li thought, ‘Who was that? Tan Zhenman actually became so emotional?’

"Senior Xi Li, the person that called was my schoolmate, the one that brought Senior Mo to our school. Because he did so, I got to know Senior Mo, and gained an opportunity."Tan Zhenman quickly explained.

Xi Li also became agitated, "So can we visit this schoolmate now?"

"Beep beep!" A new message popped into Tan Zhenman’s phone, and in it was Xian Zhiyang’s card number.

"Sure, he’s in Gua Cheng City. I’ve already talked to him about it, so wee can head over immediately." Tan Zhenman spoke while transferring the money to Xian Zhiyang.

"Ok, let’s leave right away." Without even greeting any of his colleagues here, Xi Li quickly walked out of the plaza.

Once they took a step out of the plaza, and there wasn’t any danger, Xi Li knew that Xia Zhi had been killed by that senior for sure.

After Xian Zhiyang hung up the phone, he suddenly realised that he forgot to ask if Tan Zhenman pa.s.sed the Three Star Exam.

She was simply too emotional on the phone, to the point that he thought that they were good friends.

"Have you borrowed the money?" When Xian Zhiyang was thinking about whether he should make another call, Xian Dongxi probed.

"Beep beep!" His phone received a new message, and after looking at it, Xian Zhiyang solemnly told everyone, "The money is here, please sign the contracts, once that’s done, I’ll transfer the money over to everyone."

With cash on hand, everything was easily executed. The contracts for transfer of shares were ready and in a short period of time, everyone finished signing them. Then, Xian Zhiyang transferred the money to Xian Dongxi and the others.

Once Xian Dongxi received the money, his frown was turned upside down. He chuckled while talking to Xian Zhiyang, "Zhiyang, earning money isn’t easy nowadays. You can’t compare yourself to the men from those large families just because you’ve gone to study at a university in a big city."

Xian Zhiyang coldly replied, "There’s no need for you to worry about how my family spends our money. I won’t be seeing you out, please leave."

"Elder brother, something’s not right…" Just at this moment, Xian Zhiyang’s sister exclaimed as she ran into the room.

"What’s wrong?" Xian Donghai asked.

"The sun has rose, and the haze is gone. On top of that, there’s no longer any weird smell in the air…"

Without any further explanation, everyone in the house charged outside. No one could remember when was the last time that they had seen the sun.

Indeed, the sun had appeared in the sky. More accurately speaking, the haze that covered the sun had been blown away. All they could see was that the haze seemed to have been sucked away by some unknown ent.i.ty. Not only was the haze gone, the weird smell in the air was gone as well.

No one knew how long it had been since rays of sunlight directly hit their faces. The sky was blue, the air was fresh, as though as the entire place was a utopia.

Other than the Xian family, everyone else in the world rushed out of their homes and offices, raised their heads to admire the clear blue skies, and took in deep breaths of clean, fresh air.

Cheers and celebrations erupted in every corner of the globe. Countless people knelt on the ground, thanking G.o.d for returning their original home to them.

At this moment, everyone could feel true freedom. Being able to freely breath clean air, that was true freedom. There was nothing complicated about it. All it took was fresh air.

"The haze is really gone…" Xian Dongxi came to a realisation. He turned around to look at Xian Zhiyang and Xian Donghai, and felt like he had been cheated by them.

"Donghai, did you guys know that things would turn out this way, hence you tricked us?" Xian Dongxi’s heart was filled with regret. He demanded for two to three million dollars, only to lose hundreds of millions.

He knew very clearly how cheap the land that Xian Zhiyang bought was.

Agitated, Xian Zhiyang clenched his fists. He did not have to ask Tan Zhenman anything now as it was obvious that everything Mo Wuji told him was true. The environment on Earth was now better than one century ago, so why go to Planet Diyuan?

The large plots of land that he bought was finally going to make him rich.

Tan Zhenman, who had not boarded the plane yet, also stopped in her tracks. The entire Qi Shu City discovered that in a short period of time, the haze covering the city like a blanket was rapidly sucked away, revealing blue skies, white clouds, sunlight, and green gra.s.s. The previously rancid air was replaced by a fresh mixture which even brought a tinge of sweetness with it.

Clenching his fists tightly, Xi Li stared at the sapphire blue skies. If Earth was restored, was there a need to go to Planet Diyuan?

"I understand now!"

Both Tan Zhenman and Xi Li said these three words at the same time. Tan Zhenman understood what Xi Li understood as well: why Mo Wuji asked her not to go to Planet Diyuan. It was because the Earth would be restored to its former glory, a place of luxury without pollution or weird smells.

She also understood why Mo Wuji asked Xian Zhiyang to buy land. With this transformation of Earth, all land prices would shoot through the roof. While she didn’t know how much land Xian Zhiyang had bought, it was clear that his net worth could possibly far exceed that of the Tan family.

"If this was the work of that senior, he’s just too powerful…’ Xi Li mumbled to himself as he s.h.i.+vered in excitement.

Tan Zhenman also clenched her fist, saying with great conviction, "Senior Xi Li, it could only be that senior that can restore the blue skies and clean air of Earth. It must be him, because he said…"

At this instant, Mo Wuji was already a deity-like figure in Tan Zhenman’s heart. She couldn’t believe that someone like her had actually received instruction from someone like him.

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Chapter 852: Refining The Sage Dao Talisman

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Mo Qingche stopped at the gate of Xihe University, and just like everyone else, she stared at the increasingly clear sky blankly, breathing in the air that became fresher by the second.

Countless people cheered; countless people knelt down and cried. Mother Earth which had been abused by them had finally been restored. They could once again freely breath everywhere.

With a similar emotion in her heart, Mo Qingche gazed at the sapphire blue sky. Back when she was just born, Earth’s environment was already in a rather devastated state, which inspired her father to give her the name ‘Qingche’[1].

Now she could finally see clear [2] skies and breathe the clear [2] air.

While she didn’t see Mo Wuji, deep inside she knew that only her grandpa could do something like this. At this moment, she suddenly felt immense pride because this was what her grandpa did, and it was the farewell present he was leaving behind for Earth before leaving the planet.

All of the bad memories vanished from her heart, and the shadow of Wen Rong disappeared as well.

She did not have to look for Wen Rong anymore, as she had surpa.s.sed her past, hence to her, it was just like some water that flowed past or some ice that melted.

"Qingche, you finally came looking for me." A surprised voice rang out, and a yellow clothed man rushed out of the university.

Within a few steps, he was right in front of Mo Qingche, and he frantically said, "Are you finally convinced of the idea? As long as we can link up with the Xia family, what does going to Planet Diyuan mean. Qingche, we don’t have to go to Planet Diyuan now either. The Earth’s environment has been restored, so we just have to go to the Xia family’s pharmaceutical group…"

Wen Rong was no Xi Li. Even though the Xia family had been wrecked for quite some time, he was still unaware.

"Wen Rong." Mo Qingche interrupted him. Raising her head towards the sky, she replied, "I wanted to bid you farewell, but once I arrived here, I suddenly understood many things. Hence, I’m no longer here to look for you, and I don’t think there’s any greetings I have to make either. Since there was no beginning, why would there be an end? I only wanted to take a look at my alma mater. Back in the day I studied here for a few years, so perhaps this is the only place I want to see before leaving."

Mo Qingche’s family was very rather poor, and she possessed average looks. Add that to the slightly proud personality she inherited from her grandma, it wasn’t unusual that she didn’t have many friends here.

"You’re going to Planet Diyuan? Did you bring me up with them…" Wen Rong was shocked, and quickly move forward to grab her arm.

However, before his hand could touch her, a faint light knocked him backwards.

This made Wen Rong stare at his hand, not registering what had just happened.

Ignoring Wen Rong, Mo Qingche spoke at the sky, "Grandpa, there’s nothing worth remembering left here for me. I want to leave."

Just as her last word left her mouth, a faint rainbow formed around her.

Wen Rong looked on as she vanished into the vast s.p.a.ce, without a clue of what was going on.

"Grandpa, were you the one that restored the Earth’s environment?" Mo Qingche excitedly asked after appearing beside Mo Wuji.

With a chuckle, Mo Wuji replied, "That’s right, I did it. I’m also going to set up a defensive array, so I’ll send you to my world first."

At this point, he felt very excited as well, because he could feel a formless power that the Earth was giving him. Although he couldn’t utilise it yet, but it seemed like this power was very important.

"What world?" Mo Qingche asked with a puzzled expression.

However, Mo Wuji gave a weird look. He couldn’t send Mo Qingche into the Undying World. It wasn’t that no one had entered the Undying World before. Ao Sangzi and Ao Xia of the Dragon Clan hid in his Undying World for a short period of time.

"What’s wrong?" Mo Qingche asked as she saw her grandpa frown slightly.

"It’s nothing much, I’ll just set up a defensive array to protect the Earrth, then I’ll bring you out of here." Mo Wuji didn’t want to continue thinking about it. The Undying World was his, so it was just a matter of time before he found out what was the cause of this.

"Grandpa, after you protect the Earth, does that mean flying s.h.i.+ps can no longer enter and leave Earth as they please?" Mo Qingche clarified.

"No, my defensive array will not affect any flying s.h.i.+p. It will only affect the highest tier of living things that cultivate. Under my defensive array, if any cultivators or extremely strong demonic beasts arrive, they will be instantly killed."

"What are demonic beasts?" Mo Qingche was very curious.


A mere few days later, Mo Wuji completed the setup of Earth’s defensive array. After which, he drew out his own flying car and brought Mo Qingche away from Earth. Only when the flying car entered s.p.a.ce did Mo Wuji call out Shuai Guo and Da Huang.

Now, he wanted to find some way to refine the Sage Dao Talisman in his sea of consciousness. Only after it was refined would he be able to obtain the items inside of it. Thus the flying car was handed over to Shuai Guo to control, while Da Huang was to serve as a guard because Mo Qingche had never cultivated before, despite the fact that his flying car had a defensive array of its own.

The laws in s.p.a.ce were weak, and on top of that the flying car was isolated by the defensive array with his aura, hence both Shuai Guo and Da Huang did not face suppression by the laws when they came out.

"Qingche, Da Huang and Shuai Guo are friends. I’m going into closed door cultivation for some time. During this period, they will keep you company. Once we reach the sect, I’ll teach you how to cultivate. We’re in s.p.a.ce, and the laws are not complete, so you don’t need to cultivate for now." Mo Wuji urgently wanted to refine the Sage Dao Talisman, thus he quickly gave these instructions after bringing Da Huang and Shuai Guo out.

"Don’t worry my lord, leave everything to me." Shuai Guo patted his chest confidently.

Upon hearing this, Mo Qingche stared at Shuai Guo and exclaimed, "A bird that can talk?"

Since Mo Wuji wanted to get back to the Immortal World as soon as possible, he didn’t have the time to explain everything and just went into the cabin and set up restrictions all around. His consciousness delved into his sea of consciousness. In the s.p.a.ce of such a low level world, there was nothing to be afraid of.

However, Da Huang commented snidely, "It’s not a bird. It’s just a mosquito."

"Hehe, a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito is a mosquito, but have you seen a bird that more impressive than a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito? I wouldn’t even want to be a bird. Elder sister, are you a discipline of my lord?" Shuai Guo chuckled and immediately spoke to Mo Qingche with a fawning look on his face.

Finally regaining her senses, Mo Qingche quickly replied, "Mo Wuji is my grandpa. My name is Mo Qingche."

"So you’re my lord’s grandchild?" Shuai Guo frantically bowed after hearing this, and while joy rose up in his heart, he spoke with complete seriousness, "Oh sure. Since your surname is Mo, it’ll be enough if you to call me Big Brother Shuai Guo in the future."

Seemingly afraid that Da Huang would stir up trouble in front of Mo Wuji, Shuai Guo added on, "This is Da Huang. You can call him Brother Da Huang, but of course, you can refer to him as second brother as well. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, I became acquainted with my lord earlier, and Da Huang only came to know him much later. As for the t.i.tles of big brother and second brother, I’ll leave that up to you."

With a grunt, Da Huang retorted, "I’m still much stronger than you."

By now, Mo Qingche realised that this Shuai Guo was somewhat special, and didn’t really give a hoot about who’s big brother or second brother. She just asked curiously, "Shuai Guo, you’re really a Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito?"

"You know of Bloodthirsty Blood Mosquitos too?" Once Shuai Guo heard Mo Qingche bring up the topic of Bloodthirsty Black Mosquitos, he immediately replied respectfully.

Nodding her head, Mo Qingche replied, "Of course I do. The Bloodthirsty Black Mosquito was one of the five greatest beasts of the savage period. You’re really one of them? So you’ve eaten a Grade 3 Virtuous Golden Lotus before?"

Upon hearing this, Da Huang couldn’t take it any longer, and responded impatiently, "It’s just dreaming. It only has a little bit of the bloodline of Bloodthirsty Black Mosquitos."

"That’s already very impressive." After all, Mo Qingche knew that Bloodthirsty Black Mosquitos were beasts of legends, but she never imagined that she could see one today.

When these words left her mouth, Shuai Guo became even happier and said to Mo Qingche, "Da Huang isn’t that capable, and he even wanted my name. However, my lord had given me the best name, so he could only be called Da Huang."

"Shuai Guo is the best name?" Mo Qingche stared at Shuai Guo in shock.

Shuai Guo responded proudly, "Naturally. Do you know what Shuai Guo means? Let me educate you, it means handsome and grand."

"Puaa!" She couldn’t keep her laughter in any longer, and then said, "That’s right, this name is indeed handsome and grand."

The giant Sage Dao Talisman in the sea of consciousness was suppressed by runes, but Mo Wuji could still sense the dao ripples circulating around it.

Although his sea of consciousness was many times stronger than before, he didn’t dare to underestimate this Sage Dao Talisman. After using a few tens of array flags to suppress the talisman further, Mo Wuji took out the Kun Wu Sword and levitated it over the Sage Dao Talisman for insurance.

Completing these steps, Mo Wuji’s spiritual will slowly seeped into the Sage Dao Talisman.

The moment that his spiritual will entered the talisman, it felt like a dam had broken apart and countless inscriptions gushed out.

Different grades of inscriptions continuously flowed into Mo Wuji’s sea of consciousness. While is sea of consciousness surpa.s.sed that of an Immortal Emperor, he couldn’t take it anymore. There were only two choices available. The first was to exit the Sage Dao Talisman this instant. As he had just entered it, there was still enough time for him to exit.

The second was to try to absorb these inscriptions and make them his own.

In the end, Mo Wuji didn’t exit the Sao Dao Talisman. He had a feeling that since this was his second time entering the talisman, if he backed out now, he would never be recognised by it. This meant that he would never be able to refine the Sage Dao Talisman once he exited.

[1] Another term with a the same hanyupinin means clear.

[2] The h.o.m.ophonous term for ‘Qingche’ is used here

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Chapter 853: Deadly Danger

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Large numbers of inscriptions of various grades gushed into Mo Wuji’s sea of consciousness. While he did not have the ability to refine them instantly, he wasn’t willing to exit the Sage Dao Talisman either, so the only other option he could think of was to filter the inscriptions.

One inscription after another were cut down before they could enter Mo Wuji’s sea of consciousness. Only a small amount was absorbed and understood by him and turned into something of his own.

Other people might have thought this was a waste and possibly not dare to even do it in the first place out of fear that it would affect the power of the Sage Dao Talisman.

However, Mo Wuji didn’t care at all. He cultivated with the Immortal Mortal Technique, so he didn’t need that many inscriptions from the Sage Dao Talisman. As long as he could master part of the basic inscriptions, he could use his dao revelation channel to understand a Talisman Dao that truly belonged to him.

As he continuously cut down various inscriptions, the pressure on his sea of consciousness was reduced slightly. Around him, silver inscriptions began to form. These silver inscriptions flashed constantly, and eventually covered him completely.

Gua Cheng City, inside Xian Zhiyang’s temporary office.

Xian Zhiyang stared at the dust covered Tan Zhenman that stood before him in shock. Never did he imagine that she would actually come over.

When his gaze fell on Xi Li that was standing behind her, it was like he saw a ghost. He pointed at Xi Li, stuttering, "You’re… Number 1 expert Xi Li…"

With a smile and a bow, Xi Li responded, "That’s right, I’m Xi Li. Compared to Senior Mo Wuji, I’m really nothing much. Please don’t say that I’m the number 1 expert."

After regaining his composure, Xian Zhiyang looked at Tan Zhenman with a surprised look, "Tan Zhenman, you really pa.s.sed the s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation’s Three Star Exam?"

Xi Li took the iniative to reply, "With Tan Zhenman’s skill level, even Planet Diyuan’s Five Star Exam would be a piece of cake."

Tan Zhenman quickly clarified, "Yes, I’ve already pa.s.sed the Three Star Exam. The things Brother Mo Wuji taught me are simply too powerful…"

As Xian Zhiyang and Mo Wuji were friends, and he was also her cla.s.smate, she did not want to refer to Mo Wuji as ‘senior’ in front of him.

Xian Zhiyang was not a dummy though, and not only was he not a dummy, he had a very high IQ. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sensed that Mo Wuji was special. Once he heard Tan Zhenman’s words, and with Xi Li coming to a small location like Gua Cheng, he immediately knew what they were here for: definitely to find Mo Wuji.

However, he did not know where Mo Wuji was. It was only by chance that he had saved Mo Wuji once. Without any means to communicate with Mo Wuji, where could he start the search from?

As expected, Tan Zhenman followed up, "Xian Zhiyang, I was blind back then to not have taken Brother Mo Wuji as my master. Now Senior Xi Li wants to look for Brother Mo, can you tell us his address?"

With a slight difficulty, Xian Zhiyang replied, "Tan Zhenman, I really don’t know where Brother Mo went. Back then, I had only met him by chance on Luo Yang Mountain. He was injured and I sent him to the hospital."

Upon hearing Xian Zhiyang’s explanation, both Tan Zhenman’s and Xi Li’s eyes were filled with disappointment.

Just when Xi Li wanted to ask where Luo Yang Mountain was, his phone range again, which prompted him to quickly pick up the call. Halfway through the phone call, his hand s.h.i.+vered and the phone fell towards the ground.

As Tan Zhenman was just standing right beside Xi Li, she swiftly grabbed the phone before it hit the floor.

"Senior Xi Li…" When she was about to probe further, a panicking voice came from the phone, "...Countless beasts that are stronger than ever before appeared, and we can’t even take a single hit from them. The construction of Planet Diyuan’s defensive structures has been demolished, countless humans have been ma.s.sacred by the beasts… They seem to have some level of intelligence, as they gave up on murdering and forced humans to send them to Earth in flying s.h.i.+ps that they stole…"

"Clack!" Tan Zhenman could not hold onto the phone anymore, which sent it clattering onto the ground.

Due to the phone’s good quality, a frantic voice continued to echo out from the phone after it hit the ground, "Instructor Xi Li, Instructor Xi Li, respond if your hear this transmission, respond if you hear this transmission…"

"It’s over, it’s all over…" A tinge of hopelessness hung in Xi Li’s voice.

"Senior Xi Li, don’t worry. Brother Mo is still here, so those beasts won’t be able to do anything even if they make it to Earth." Tan Zhenman comforted him.

Xi Li just shook his head and replied in a more downtrodden fas.h.i.+on, "Zhenman, you don’t understand. Do you know why I came back so urgently? Back in the day I hid behind a rock on Planet Diyuan and saw two beasts fighting. THey were actually meters high and could even spit out blades. Those blades could slice even the largest tree in half. No matter how strong that Senior Mo is, he is only one person. Once those beasts flock to Earth, mankind is done for…"

Despair was deeply rooted in Xi Li now. He was the number 1 expert that went from Earth to Planet Diyuan, but when facing these beasts, he wouldn’t be able to block a single wind blade. Who knew that humans would have attracted these beasts over right after the Earth’s environment had been restored?

This stunned Tan Zhenman. While she had never fought against Xi Li before, she knew that she was definitely not his opponent.

Now that Senior Xi Li was also afraid of these beasts, how could anything good come out of their arrival on Earth?

If it were only one or two of them, they could still be blown apart by nuclear weapons. But if it were a large group, going nuclear would simply be seeking death.

Sighing, Xi Li spoke, "We shouldn’t have built the flying s.h.i.+p that can reach that sort of speed. As we ventured out, we also brought the enemy back, so it’s just all for naught."

"So what should we do?" Tan Zhenman forgot that she was just comforting Xi Li as she didn’t know what they could do at this point in time anymore.

Xi Li’s eyes turned towards the crystal clear skies that no longer had any haze, and said with conviction, "Even if I die, I’ll die at the frontlines of battle. Zhenman, you have great potential. When those beasts take over the Earth, there’ll be some groups of mankind that survives. I hope that you will continue living and work hard to turn your potential into strength, eventually leading more men to drive those beasts away. If we humans are not meant to go extinct, the day that we chase them away will come."

After finis.h.i.+ng his piece, Xi Li turned around and left. Those beasts were already in s.p.a.ce, hence they would reach Earth in a few month’s time. In these few months, he had to make some preparations.

"Senior Xi Li, I will leave with you. If it weren’t for Brother Mo’s instruction, I, Tan Zhenman, would still be an ignorant student. With my power comes responsibility. Even if I can only fight against a single beast, I would gladly do so." The grand feelings of Xi Li had moved her deep inside.

When Xi Li was the first expert to leave Earth, he led the Earth’s experts to occupy an area on Planet Diyuan. Now that the beasts had come to Earth, he was the first to step forward to risk his life to protect the planet.

Never did Xi Li think about himself, and if Tan Zhenman had this sort of mindset, she would have become Mo Wuji’s disciple by now.

But because she was selfish, wanting to go to Planet Diyuan to live a good life, did she lose something that would have belonged to her.

After staring at Tan Zhenman for a good while, Xi Li nodded his head, "Sure, you’ll leave with me then."

Although he asked her to hide herself, in reality, after those beasts came to Earth, where would she be able to hide at?

"Tan Zhenman, Senior Xi Li, let me help as well." Xian Zhiyang quickly added on.

However, Xi Li just patted his shoulder, "You’re a good person, but this is not something that you can help with."

The South Pole.

By the time Xi Li and Tan Zhenman arrived here, there were three to four layers of explosive weapons set up. Some of the top grade missiles had been moved over too, all in the hope of eliminating the beasts on Earth in the shortest time possible.

"Instructor Xi Li." Once Xi Li disembarked from the plane, Ka Sanuo, who had come back earlier, trudged towards him with a serious expression.

Waving it off, Xi Li tried to be as casual as he could, "When we first arrived on Planet Diyuan, didn’t we face even more beasts? Since we could set up a foundation there, we can also stop the beasts from setting foot in Earth."

Ka Sanuo didn’t make any comments. He knew that Xi Li’s words weren’t meant for his ears, but for the soldiers. Nearly none of the soldier present had gone to Planet Diyuan before, and most had special forces backgrounds.

"Are you building a laser wall?" Xi Li asked curiously as he observed the construction works going on around him.

Ka Sanuo acknowledged it, "Yes."

But Xi Li did not reply, as it was clear to him that the presence of a laser wall didn’t make much of a difference. Planet Diyuan had a similar laser wall which was fortified over many years to the point that no normal laser walls could match up to it. If those beasts could destroy the laser wall on Planet Diyuan and steal flying s.h.i.+ps to come over, what use would this last minute laser wall be?

At this moment, Woolf also walked over, asking softly, "Instructor Xi Li, are we going to prepare to use nuclear weapons?"

"There’s no need for that. Even if we were able to kill all of the beasts with nuclear weapons, the Earth would be on the brink of destruction. Without using them, perhaps many years down the road, we humans can still take back the home that rightfully belongs to us."

As compared to the uptight South Pole which had a continuous stream of soldiers going there, everywhere else on Earth experienced a period of happiness.

What could make one happier than breathing clean air and seeing the clear blue skies after suffering for a few decades? Even the number of disputes and arguments seemed to decrease.

Humans would always be the most adaptable species. Within a short span of months, almost all stock prices rose tremendously. If there were any that saw their stock price drop, it would undoubtedly be those companies that earned the most from purifying air or something similar.

However, the tension in the South Pole was building up. Inside a gigantic command center, large screens displayed the dense pack of flying s.h.i.+ps approaching Earth. Based on their trajectory, it would take at most half a month for those flying s.h.i.+ps to land on the South Pole.

The most ironic thing was that these flying s.h.i.+ps were manufactured on Earth.


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Chapter 854: All You People

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"The group of flying s.h.i.+ps has slowed down. 59 minutes remaining till entry into the atmosphere…" The voice from the AI rang out loud and clear inside the hall.

The person standing all the way at the front and staring at the armada of flying s.h.i.+ps on the monitors, Xi Li, had fear and pain etched into his eyes.

"49 minutes remaining till the flying s.h.i.+ps enter the atmosphere…"

The AI’s voice seemed to jolt the stunned Xi Li back to his senses, as he suddenly instructed, "Everyone pay attention, once the flying s.h.i.+ps enter the atmosphere, lock onto them and fire. For those flying s.h.i.+ps that manage to avoid all missiles, engage them with the heaviest firepower when they land on Earth…"

Xi Li was aware that there were many humans beings being forced to do things inside the flying s.h.i.+ps. Destroying anyone might not kill the beasts inside, but all man inside would definitely die. However, he couldn’t help but give the command to do so. No matter how many people died, they couldn’t allow the flying s.h.i.+ps to land in the South Pole.

Moreover, Xi Li also knew that while there were many land-to-air missiles in the South pole, there wasn’t any guarantee about how many flying s.h.i.+ps they could take down. Those flying s.h.i.+ps that made it to Planet Diyuan represented the forefront of Earth’s technology, so they could predict the trajectory of the missiles or other attacks and avoid them.

"Sudden movement detected in the flying s.h.i.+p armada, they are starting to decelerate abnormally. Flying s.h.i.+ps have stopped short of the atmosphere and are circling the Earth…"

This new piece of news brought by the AI cause everyone to become stunned. That’s right, the South Pole had a flying s.h.i.+p s.p.a.ce harbour, and who knew how many weapons were pointed at this area. If the flying s.h.i.+ps did not land at the South Pole, instead choosing another location, while they could still carry out attacks, they would be far less effective. As for whether the attacks would cause collateral deaths, this was already ignored from the start.

"Instructor Xi Li, what should we do?" Many people, with Ka Sanuo as their representative, turned to look at Xi Li.

Xi Li was the instructor of the s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation and also the leader of the long battle against beasts on Planet Diyuan, and now he was the only one that could give an idea for the way forward.

Taking in a deep breath, Xi Li was about to announce the start of the offensive, but a sudden emergency broadcast came from the command hall, "Urgent message! Urgent message! I am s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation’s s.p.a.ce Enforcer Yu Yiyu, the beast threat onboard the flying s.h.i.+ps has been neutralised. Flying s.h.i.+p armada seeking permission to land at the South Pole harbour, please respond…"

"What?" Regardless whether it was Xi Li, Ka Sanuo, or anyone else, no one could believe the truth that was before them.Si Li had detailed how scary the beasts were, and how they couldn’t deal with the beasts on Planet Diyuan, so how could those beasts have been eliminated before the flying s.h.i.+ps even landed?

"Could he be coerced by the beasts?" An officer said cautiously.

Without anyone else’s comments, Xi Li spoke confidently, "That’s impossible. I’ve known Yu Yiyu for decades and fought side by side with him. I know what kind of man he is better than anyone."

There was a good reason for Xi Li to believe Yu Yiyu, and he also believed that if they swapped places, Yu Yiyu would trust his words too. To them, when it came to the choice between their lives or the safety of Earth, they would throw their lives away without hesitation.

The AI spoke once again, "Federation YL021, YL102, Federation MH199, MH311, Federation GKQ015… Requesting to share internal cabin feed…"

"Approved." Xi Li immediately agreed. Even if the flying s.h.i.+ps requesting to land did not offer to share their internal cabin feed, he would have asked for it. There was no chance that he would allow any flying s.h.i.+p to land before seeing the internal cabin condition, not even if Yu Yiyu requested for it.

A s.p.a.cious cabin appeared on the gigantic display, which shocked all personnel in the control hall upon seeing it..

The s.p.a.ce Navigation Federation’s flying s.h.i.+ps were an amalgamation of the latest technology in the world, and almost all famous rocket scientists took part in its design and construction. As a flying s.h.i.+p would be gone on a voyage of up to decades-long, its interior was intentionally designed in a way that was not only s.p.a.cious but also very intricate.

However, what was the scene before their eyes? A room covered in blood. Those beasts were cut open by who knows what knife. Some died after taking a few slashes, while others were decapitated with one slice.

Inside the big flying s.h.i.+p’s cabin, there were the dead bodies and bloodstains of all sorts of beasts piling up everywhere.

"Grant permission to flying s.h.i.+ps whose cabins have been inspected to land. Put the attack on hold, standby for further orders." Xi Li ordered.

Once the flying s.h.i.+ps received permission to land, they rapidly entered the atmosphere and docked at the giant flying s.h.i.+p harbour of the South pole.

At this point, Xi Li had already brought Ka Sanuo and a group of men to wait here. The first to exit the flying s.h.i.+p was a single armed, middle-aged man covered in bloodstains and sweat. Upon spotting him, Xi Li quickly went forward, "Yiyu, your arm…"

Surprisingly, Yu Yiyu did not care about his arm at all, instead grabbing Xi Li using his remaining arm and with a smile on his face, "Thank you Xi Li."

Xi Li quickly replied, "Yiyu, your arm is gone, why are you still thanking me?"

Staring up at the sapphire sky, Yu Yiyu squinted at the sun while explaining agitatedly, "Do you know? When I heard that the Earth’s environment had been restored by a mysterious expert, joy blossomed in my heart. It is indeed as such, no, it is 10,000 times better than I had imagined it to be. Even Planet Diyuan does not have such a natural environment."

With a forced smile, Xi Li responded, "This is not my doing. It was a senior named Mo Wuji. I’ve never even met this Senior Mo before."

"What about Senior Mo’s disciple Tan Zhenman?" Yu Yiyu asked.

Tan Zhenman, who had always been standing beside Xi Li, stepped forward and greeted, "Tan Zhenman greets Star Enforcer Yu."

Towards Yu Yiyu, Tan Zhenman had nothing but the highest level of respect. Under his sound leaders.h.i.+p only did Earth manage to create a flying s.h.i.+p that could travel between galaxies, which enabled them to discover Planet Diyuan, a backup plan for Earth. What made her feel even closer to him was that Yu Yiyu was also a Chinese like her.

Yu Yiyu bowed back at her, "Zhenman, you’re the disciple of Senior Mo, and Senior Mo is a great benefactor of Earth. I, Yu Yiyu, thank your master here today. We’re also fellow Chinese, so if you respect me, call me Brother Yu."

Upon hearing this, Tan Zhenman frantically returned the bow, "Brother Yu, Senior Mo did not take me as his disciple, but he’s indeed a Chinese like you and me."

By this moment, the number of people in the area had grown, and Xi Li asked, "Yiyu, what’s going on? Why did Planet Diyuan’s beasts suddenly lose control, and since they had come to Earth, why were they suddenly killed?"

Xi Li knew the structure of Earth’s flying s.h.i.+ps too clearly. While it had many excellent functions, there weren’t any weapons that could kill beasts.

Only then did Yu Yiyu speak fearfully, "Not long after you left, the beasts went wild. They broke through all our defenses and killed countless humans. Those beasts were quite smart. Not only did they leave some humans alive, they forced the survivors to control the flying s.h.i.+ps to head towards Earth. Back then I was already prepared to make the flying s.h.i.+p implode in s.p.a.ce.

However, we underestimated the intelligence of the beasts. They learned how to control the flying s.h.i.+p very quickly and contained us in a fixed area. Do you know? The first to receive news that the Earth’s environment was overhauled wasn’t the humans but those beasts. When the flying s.h.i.+ps approached Earth, I gave up all hope…"

"So how were those beasts killed…" Ka Sanuo couldn’t help but blurt out.

Yu Yiyu continued on, "In reality, I don’t know what happened. When the flying s.h.i.+p approached Earth, formless blades suddenly shot in from the outside of the flying s.h.i.+p. Those blades seemed to have eyes, cutting down the beasts in the shortest amount of time possible."


Everyone was stunned after hearing Yu Yiyu’s words. A flying s.h.i.+p was sealed up extremely well while traveling through s.p.a.ce, so how could blades, or formless blades for that matter, shoot in from the outside? Was this a fictional story?

"I know everyone doesn't believe me. Actually, i don’t really believe this myself. Even till now I suspect whether I was dreaming. It seemed like some invisible things seeped into the flying s.h.i.+p before condensing to form blades that killed the beasts." Yu Yiyu explained after taking in a deep breath.

"I know, it must be the work of Senior Mo. Only he is powerful enough to prevent the beasts from entering Earth." Tan Zhenman said excitedly.

"But…" Someone asked out of suspicion, "This doesn’t seem very realistic. Can someone control formless wind blades outside of Earth? And send them into a flying s.h.i.+p to kill the beasts while recognising their targets?"

This might have sounded rather absurd, and even Tan Zhenman, who was adamant that Mo Wuji did it, didn’t dare to rebut the person when he questioned her a.s.sertion. After she cooled down, she also felt that this was not logical at all.

Although Xi Li did not dare to confirm that Mo Wuji did it, he still greatly respected this Senior Mo that he never met before. After seeing many b.l.o.o.d.y men exit the flying s.h.i.+ps, he quickly instructed, "Everyone please rest first. We’ll convene a federation meeting tomorrow to discuss this matter."

Just when Xi Li finished his sentence, a sigh echoed out from s.p.a.ce, "All you people, I just restored the Earth’s environment and set up a defensive array, and you bring back so many demonic beasts. Let me tell you, while my defensive array is of a rather high grade, but it requires immortal spiritual energy to sustain. If you continuously bring back demonic beasts and experts, no matter how high a grade my array is, it will lose its effect eventually due to the exhaustion of immortal spiritual energy.

Since Earth’s environment is back to normal, isn’t it good enough for everyone to live happily on Earth? Remember that everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, so don’t let something like this happen again. Also, don’t go searching for some Planet Diyuan and bring back all sorts of nonsensical demonic beasts. I can’t help you if the defensive array is gone since I’ve left long ago…"

The voice gradually turned softer, before it finally faded into s.p.a.ce.

"It’s Brother Mo, Senior Mo…" Tan Zhenman was so emotional that she was flushed and couldn’t control the words coming out of her mouth.

Even though it was all men from the highest echelons of Earth here, they knelt to the ground and thanked Mo Wuji after hearing the message left behind by his spiritual will.

"So it was Senior Mo indeed, it was Senior Mo indeed…" Xi Li’s face turned bright red as well. His only regret was that he could never meet this Senior Mo face to face.

Yu Yiyu clenched his fist tightly. He regretted never coming back with Xi Li to meet his Senior Mo even once.

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Chapter 855: A Familiar Friend In A Cultivation World

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"Kacha!" The Sage Dao Talisman in Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness released a crisp sound. It felt as though a flood dam had burst as the various kinds of talisman runes surged into Mo Wuji’s sea of consciousness.

An empty silver-grey s.p.a.ce appeared within Mo Wuji's mind. MonWuji knew that he had refined the first layer of seals of the Sage Dao Talisman. With a flash, Mo Wuji appeared within this s.p.a.ce.

Mo Wuji had entered the Sage Dao Talisman before; this was his second visit. When he first came, this s.p.a.ce was filled with boundless spatial distortions; Mo Wuji knew that those spatial distortions were due to that Fu Jiujiang. Standing at the Sage Dao Talisman's first layer, he didn't feel any sort of spatial distortion. At the same time, he didn't see any talismans floating around, not even the lowest grade one.

Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will out once more, he soon made contact with the second layer of the Sage Dao Talisman. The talisman runes within the seal were even more profound and complex, he felt like he was facing a sea of smoke. Mo Wuji sighed; he didn't try refining the second layer.

Refining the first layer already took him half a year, but for this second layer, he might not necessarily be able to successfully refine it even if he used a decade. Moreover, there were clearly a third and a fourth layer beyond this second layer. When would he be finally able to completely refine this Sage Dao Talisman?

Mo Wuji was clear that if he wanted to obtain the peak grade talismans within this Sage Dao Talisman or to learn some of the Laws of Talisman, he would have to refine the Sage Dao Talisman to Fu Jiujiang's degree at the very least.

But very clearly, he didn't have that much time now. Tens of years might not mean much to him, but for Mo Qingche, this time is vital.

Now that he had refined the first layer of seals for the Sage Dao Talisman, he didn't continue having it within his sea of consciousness. Instead, he moved to Sage Dao Talisman to his Undying World.

There were still many layers of seals that he was unaware of; he didn't even know if there were any other people like Fu Jiujiang within the talisman. The Sage Dao Talisman was indeed the number one sage talisman but before he fully refined it, he wasn't going to have this dangerous object within his sea of consciousness.

"My Lord, you're out." Seeing Mo Wuji emerge, Shuai Guo eagerly greeted him.

"Grandpa, Da Huang and Shuai Guo are truly interesting." After several months of interaction, Mo Qingche had long regarded Da Huang and Shuai Guo as her good friends.

"Qingche, even though the Laws are not complete, you need to start cultivating. I still don't know how long more we would have to stay in the void." Mo Wuji was worried that they would spend too much time in the void. Mo Qingche's longevity was reaching its; it was critical for her to start cultivating.

But now, he didn't have the World Rending Talisman so he didn't know how long he would take to return to the Immortal World.

"That's good." Mo Qingche had wanted to cultivate for a long time. Now that she heard Mo Wuji's words, she was especially delighted.

During the whole journey, she had been very envious of Shuai Guo's magic. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to perform them. Moreover, the taste of fasting pills really wasn't anything good. She heard from Shuai Guo and Da Huang that once her cultivation reaches a certain level, she wouldn't need fasting pills to fast anymore.

What drew her further in was the vast and majestic void; the beautiful scenery had enticed her deeply. Mo Qingche knew that if not for the protection of the flying car, she wouldn't even last a minute in the void. That's why she urgently wanted to cultivate; that way, she could tour around in this endless and beautiful void.

Mo Wuji said solemnly, "Qingche, you have spiritual roots and your spiritual roots are not bad. Moreover, I used the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow to help you cleanse your marrow. On the other hand, I don't have spiritual roots. This is a secret so you cannot reveal it to anyone. The reason why I'm telling you this is because you can choose to cultivate the same technique that I'm using, or you can choose to cultivate a technique that regular spiritual roots holders cultivate…"

"Grandpa, I will cultivate the same technique as you," Mo Qingche didn't hesitate to say. To her, her Grandpa was an existence which seemed capable of splitting the skies and shattering the earth. Naturally, she wanted to cultivate the same technique as Mo Wuji.

"Alright, then today, I will impart to you my cultivation technique. My cultivation technique is the Immortal Mortal Technique. This technique existed even before me but after my modifications, this technique is not quite the same as before. However, I must tell you, my cultivation technique is no worse than any other cultivation technique. It's just that at the start, you would need to suffer a little…" Mo Wuji explained.

"I'm not afraid of suffering." Mo Qingche anxiously wanted to start cultivating; why would she care about suffering?

Mo Wuji's flying car was forged by himself; it was s.p.a.cious and it was even a Grade 9 immortal equipment. Moreover, there were plenty of magic arrays within it.

After imparting the Immortal Mortal Technique and some cultivation knowledge to Mo Qingche, Mo Wuji directly installed a lightning array in the inner compartment to help Mo Qingche open her meridians.

At this instant, Mo Wuji's arrays wouldn't be as life-threatening as when he first opened his meridians. The strength of his lightning array was specific to the level of meridians opened. Not only that, the quality of Mo Wuji's current meridian opening solution was much better than the one he used those years ago.

As Mo Wuji was teaching Mo Qingche about the process of cultivation, both Da Huang and Shuai Guo didn't dare to interrupt. This was especially so for Da Huang since he also cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique. When he heard that Mo Qingche had to reopen her meridians, he knew that his body, which had been sculpted from Phecda Clay, was extremely impressive; he could skip many difficult matters.

Seeing Mo Qingche enter seclusion, Da Huang also requested to enter seclusion. Compared to Shuai Guo, Da Huang was more a.s.siduous in his cultivation.

After Da Huang and Mo Qingche finally entered their secluded cultivation, Shuai Guo finally dared to speak, "My Lord, we aren't even going in any specific direction. Where are we?"

"This should still be the lower plane. We should go to a higher plane." With that, Mo Wuji directly tore open the s.p.a.ce in front of him.

Under the protection of Mo Wuji's domain, the flying car travelled into a higher plane. Indeed, after reaching this plane, Mo Wuji was no longer able to form tears in s.p.a.ce.

Mo Wuji had previously expected this; with his ability at the Immortal Emperor Stage, he could only tear through the s.p.a.ce of a mortal world. Even though he could tear through the s.p.a.ce of the cultivation world as well, it would only lead him to another part of the cultivation world. With his current power, he was completely unable to tear through the s.p.a.ce of the cultivation world to get to the Immortal World.

"There's spiritual energy here." Shuai Guo could also feel the spiritual energy within the void.

Mo Wuji really wanted to try using Kun Wu to see whether he could directly form a tear from the cultivation world to the Immortal World. However, after some contemplation, he decided against it. Even if he could form a tear, the spatial distortions within the tear would be extremely terrifying. If his flying car ever gets damaged by the spatial distortions, then Mo Qingche would undoubtedly die.

"Shuai Guo, do you want to cultivate like Da Huang, or do you want to help control the car?" Mo Wuji really wanted to find out exactly where they were.

Shuai Guo didn't even consider, "My Lord, I will naturally help to control the car."

Shuai Guo liked lively places filled with people. If there weren't any people around, it would rather control the flying car than cultivate.

"Alright, you can control the car, but don't disturb me. Also, you need to pay attention to my array flag. Whatever direction my array flag points to, you would move in that direction." After Mo Wuji handed the helm over to Shuai Guo, he sat at the extreme front and sent his spiritual will outwards.

Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness was even stronger than a Dao Emperor. In the void of a cultivation world like this, his spiritual will was able to extend for thousands upon thousands of miles.

Within this void, there was no reference point nor anyone he could ask. Mo Wuji could only move in the direction of higher spiritual energy. Fortunately, this wasn't his first time doing this. Back when he was a Xuan Immortal, he was already able to get to the Immortal World from the cultivation world. Now that he was already an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor, he believed that he didn't need long to find the right path.

Multiple months pa.s.sed. Mo Wuji could sense that Mo Qingche had already reached Channel Opening Level 2. However, he still didn't manage to find any inhabited planets.

Mo Wuji decided to search for one more month. If he still didn't find anything, he would take the risk to use Kun Wu to tear through worlds; he would forcefully try to get to a higher plane.

Just as Mo Wuji made this decision, a familiar aura appeared within his spiritual will.

A familiar person? Mo Wuji immediately got Shuai Guo to move away; he personally controlled the flying car to fly forward at its fastest speed.

If he could find a familiar person within this part of the world, it would mean that there was a planet nearby.

Mo Wuji's flying car was a Grade 9 immortal equipment, and it was even controlled by himself. In this sort of cultivation world, he only needed breaths to reach his destination.

The person in front of Mo Wuji was actually a barefooted youth in violet robes. He was entirely bloodied and he had an expression of fear on his face. When he saw Mo Wuji in front of him, he cried out in anxiety, "This big brother, hurry and move out of the way. That b*stard is coming. He wants to cook me and eat me…"

However, he suddenly stopped speaking. Instantly, a look of pleasant surprise emerged. He recognised Mo Wuji.

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Chapter 856: Insanely Strong Opponent

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That expression of pleasant surprise soon disappeared. That violet robed youth soon cried out anxiously, "Big Brother, hurry and flee. That person is too terrifying…"

Mo Wuji laughed and said, "It’s too late to flee, that person is already here. I say, Yan Li, I gave you a vase of Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow those years ago but you don’t seem to have grown much. Even your transformation isn’t complete, there are still two golden horns on your head."

This violet robed youth was Yan Li, he was the Golden Horn Violet Dragon that Mo Wuji saved. Back then, Mo Wuji was able to leave the cultivation world because of the Hidden Dragon Pool that Yan Li told him about. Not did the Hidden Dragon Pool help him to get back to the Immortal World, it also helped him greatly: his physique had improved greatly and his cultivation also rose.

After all these years, Mo Wuji could feel that Yan Li’s cultivation was approaching the Heavenly Immortal Stage. With Yan Li’s cultivation, he only needed a single step and he would be able to ascend from this world.

Yan Li said anxiously, "Even though I don’t know why you haven’t left for the Immortal World, our matters should be left for later. We have to leave…"

Yan Li’s voice stopped abruptly. A grey shadow suddenly appeared between him and Mo Wuji.

"Little worm, continue running." An icy-cold voice filled with contempt sounded.

This was a very young-looking man. He had a head full of brown hair which grew to the back of his shoulders. His voice sounded like a prep.u.b.escent kid who had yet to break his voice.

Mo Wuji was inwardly filled with shock. This young man’s cultivation definitely exceeded every expert that he had ever met. He was sure that even Dao Emperors would be treated like ants in front of this young man.

Around this young man, there were boundless of talisman runes flas.h.i.+ng and revolving. Mo Wuji could faintly see the talisman rune of the World Rending Talisman emerging from the young man.

Mo Wuji was in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage and he was also the progenitor of his own Dao. He only needed a single glance at this man to know what was going on. This young man was definitely much stronger than him. The only thing that rea.s.sured him was that this fella had a peak grade regulation talisman on him. Due to this regulation talisman, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth didn’t directly crush this young man to juice.

But even though this young man had the regulation talisman, the pressure of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth still formed trails of blood on his body.

With Mo Wuji’s judgement, this fella could only display a power above that of an Immortal King, but below that of an Immortal Emperor.

Yan Li cried harshly, "I don’t know why you must kill me. But Mo Wuji is my friend and he’s not related to this."

"Haha… Go and die, little worm." The brown-haired man laughed maniacally, he opened his hand and grabbed towards Yan Li.

Mo Wuji sprang out of his flying car and punched towards this young brown-haired man. Yan Li was his friend; how could he simply let Yan Li be killed in front of him?

"Big Brother, you have to hurry and flee. This person is extremely powerful…"

Yan Li urgently wanted Mo Wuji to run away. He was very clear that even if Mo Wuji had grown more powerful than before, Mo Wuji still wouldn’t be able to last a single move from that brown-haired man.

"What galls, you actually attack me…"

The brown-haired man snorted coldly. The palm he extended towards Yan Li turned into a fist. He then punched out towards Mo Wuji; the way that he moved was the same as Mo Wuji. He wanted to use the exact same method that Mo Wuji was using to crush Mo Wuji into pieces.

"Boom!" Elemental energy exploded violently. Yan Li, who was caught in the crossfire, was directly sent flying by this clash of elemental energy. Moreover, this was after Mo Wuji forcefully tried to s.h.i.+eld Yan Li from the impact. Otherwise, Yan Li would have directly been killed.

"Kacha!" The sound of something shattering could be heard.

"Ah!" Following that was a terrifying roar. The eyes of this brown-haired man turned crimson red; they shone with deep hatred and fury, "Who are you exactly? You are actually able to use the power of an Immortal Emperor here? I’m going to devour you…"

Even as this brown-haired man was saying those words, his body continuously tore apart. The flas.h.i.+ng talisman runes around him also started to burst.

Now, even his pupils had turned red. He maniacally released a punch towards Mo Wuji. Compared to the previous punch, the power in this punch was multiple folds higher.

"Bang!" Just as this punch was released, this brown-haired man exploded into a mist of blood. After Mo Wuji shattered his regulation talisman, he was no longer able to resist the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Not only did his body explode into a mist of blood, his belongings were also reduced to ashes by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

Even though this youth had been suppressed by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, that dying punch of his was still able to send Mo Wuji flying.

Fortunately, the dao energy within the punch was no longer perfect the moment that brown-haired man died. Thus, Mo Wuji only suffered some light injuries.

"Big Brother, how were you able to get rid of that fella with a single punch?" Yan Li rushed over in excitement and glee.

Mo Wuji slowly caught his breath. He was also in disbelief as he said, "Yan Li, you’re just a Violet Dragon that had yet to reach the Heavenly Immortal Stage. How did you manage to offend such a powerful enemy?"

Yan Li stroked his forehead, "Big Brother, I don’t even want to think about it. That fella seemed bent on finding me. I was chased by him for more than half a month. I don’t even know him."

Mo Wuji looked at Yan Li in doubt, "Yan Li, I’m not underestimating you but this fella’s cultivation is extremely terrifying. Even ten thousand of you working together wouldn’t be his opponent. He would need half a month to chase you?"

"Big Brother, actually, you have some misunderstandings. WIthin my bloodline, there’s a unique ability. I can easily find nodes between different places in the same plane, and I can traverse between them. Every time I move to a different part of the void, I lose track of this fella for a period of time. Unfortunately, this fella seems bent on chasing after me and he would eventually find me. When that happens, I would need to continue finding nodes and leave that part of the void. If not for that, I would have been caught by him a long time ago," Yan Li explained helplessly.

"A bloodline’s sacred art?" Mo Wuji uttered in astonishment.

Having cultivated for so long, he naturally knew that this was a bloodline sacred art, and not some unique ability. From the looks of it, this Violet Dragon’s background wasn’t simple.

"It’s a sacred art?" Yan Li’s brows knitted together as he thought about it. His cultivation was still lacking so he had yet to inherit his full legacy; there were many things that he still didn’t know about.

Mo Wuji directly interrupted Yan Li’s thoughts and asked urgently, "Then are you still able to find the location of the Hidden Dragon Pool?"

Yan Li shook his head, "Big Brother, I don’t even know how far I had run, or how many galaxies I had been too. If you ask me now, how would I be able to find it? However, I have a method. I am able to ascend at any moment. When I ascend, Big Brother can follow me."

Mo Wuji nodded; he knew that Yan Li ascended, the pa.s.sage between the cultivation world and the Immortal World would open briefly. As long as the pa.s.sage was opened, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to return to the Immortal World with his Immortal Emperor Stage cultivation.

"I was just about to ask you, why haven’t you ascended even though you’re so close to the Heavenly Immortal Stage?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

Yan Li said with a bitter expression on his face, "It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I don’t dare to. I have the bloodline of the Golden Horn Violet Dragon, the moment I ascend to the Immortal World, even my bones would get eaten."

Mo Wuji patted Yan Li’s shoulders, "There’s no need to worry. You can ascend now. When the pa.s.sage to the Immortal World opens, I will follow you."

"Big Brother, rest a.s.sured. As long as I want to ascend, I can do it." Yan Li patted his chest; he had absolute trust towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was even able to eliminate that pervert chasing after him. Clearly, this Big Brother of his was also insanely strong.

"Wait, let me return this to you. Those years ago, I didn’t manage to meet your mother, so I can only return this pearl to you." Mo Wuji retrieved a green pearl.

This green pearl was the one that Yan Li pa.s.sed to Mo Wuji those years ago. He requested for Mo Wuji to hand this pearl to his mother should they ever meet. Mo Wuji didn’t manage to meet Yan Li’s mother but now that Yan Li was going to ascend to the Immortal World, he should return the pearl to Yan Li.

Yan Li accepted the pearl with a blank expression on his face. Clearly, he missed his mother deeply.

"Don’t think too much about it. Your abilities are still lacking greatly. Don’t just think about how you seem to have transformed. Honestly, even an idiot can tell that you’re a Golden Horn Violet Dragon. Let me give you another thing. After you refine this, then you can ascend."

When he finished speaking, Mo Wuji took out a jade box and handed it to Yan Li.

Yan Li accepted the jade box in doubt; he was wondering what thing could help complete his Dragon Race transformation. When he finally opened the jade box, he immediately cried out in surprise, "Transformation Dao Fruit? Big Brother, you even have such a thing? Back then, you gave me the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow. Now, you’re giving me this Transformation Dao Fruit. Big Brother, do you still have…"

"Stop bullsh*ting. Hurry and refine." Mo Wuji knocked Yan Li’s forehead. He felt that this fella definitely shouldn’t meet Shuai Guo. If the two of them met, a highly explosive reaction might take place.

"Alright, I will refine it immediately." Yan Li elatedly grabbed the Transformation Dao Fruit and jumped onto Mo Wuji’s flying car. He didn’t treat himself as an outsider.

One month later, Yan Li stood up. His eyes were filled with delight. Even though his cultivation level didn’t rise, his understandings towards the Dao had gotten more profound.

Not only that, his Golden Horn Violet Dragon aura had completely vanished; even the two little golden horns on his head had disappeared. As for the violet energy revolving around him, it had been completely retracted.

"Not bad." Mo Wuji was also very happy. He could tell that Yan Li’s future was going to be bright.

Don’t look at how that kid Shuai Guo seemed to have an undefeatable bloodline legacy; actually, Yan Li’s bloodline was no lower than Shuai Guo’s. Moreover, Shuai Guo wasn’t as hardworking as Yan Li in cultivation. It wouldn’t be weird if Yan Li overtook Shuai Guo.

On the other hand, it was Da Huang’s potential that Mo Wuji couldn’t discern accurately. He had given Da Huang 108 meridians as well as 108 spirit channels. If Da Huang were able to fuse his spirit channels and his meridians, Da Huang might even end up more powerful than him.

"Big Brother, I’m ready to face my tribulation." Yan Li had already noticed that Mo Wuji had parked his flying car at some desolate planet.

"Alright, go on and face your tribulation. When you ascend, there’s no need to care about me. I will follow you." Mo Wuji waved his hand towards Yan Li.

While waiting for Yan Li to pa.s.s his tribulation, Mo Wuji sent Da Huang and Shuai Guo into his Undying World. Then, he called Mo Qingche out.

Over these short months, Mo Qingche’s aura had grown to be like Mo Wuji; it had become more like a mortal. Her cultivation had also improved, she was already at Channel Opening Level 3.

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Chapter 857: A Lot Of People Are Going To Die Today

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Yan Li’s cultivation had long reached the pinnacle of the Earthly Immortal Stage. The moment he released his aura, the faint rumble of thunder could be heard in the air.

In just a single breath’s time, nine dancing lightning bolts came cras.h.i.+ng down.

Yan Li’s physique was clearly not weak. Even though he didn’t charge up to face the lightning like Mo Wuji, he didn’t need to take out any form of defensive treasure; he simply accepted the blows of the lightning.

Waves of lightning landed on Yan Li. They tore through Yan Li’s skin, splas.h.i.+ng fresh blood all over his body. Yan Li was truly tough; he didn’t release any grunts of pain, nor did he use any defensive treasure.

Standing by Mo Wuji’s side, Mo Qingche witnessed the sight with a palpitating heart. She said worriedly, "Grandpa, this Lightning Calamity is so terrifying. In the future, would I also have to face it?"

Mo Wuji said calmly, "That’s right. If you wish to pursue greater heights, you need to pa.s.s a tribulation of lightning. If you fail, then you would be reduced to ashes."

Mo Wuji didn’t even try to encourage Mo Qingche. As a cultivator, if she couldn’t even accept this, then any encouragement was useless. He couldn’t possibly stay by Mo Qingche’s side the whole time; Mo Qingche would eventually have to walk on her own path.

Mo Qingche seemed to understand Mo Wuji intentions. She firmed her resolution and said, "Grandpa, rest a.s.sured. In the future, when I’m facing this lightning, I definitely will not falter."

One day later, the Lightning Calamity finally dispersed. The bloodied and fatigued Yan Li finally pa.s.sed it and he was greeted by rainbow clouds of recovery.

In half a day, Yan Li excitedly sprang out of the lightning-blasted ditch.

"Big Brother, that Lightning Calamity is truly refres.h.i.+ng. I already feel the power of ascension. As long as I release my Heavenly Immortal aura, we would immediately be able to ascend." Yan Li elatedly ran over; his voice was filled with excitement.

Mo Wuji could also clearly feel a qualitative change in Yan Li; Yan Li was much stronger than before. Mo Wuji nodded and said, "You can ascend now. I will follow you."

Mo Wuji hadn’t left the Immortal World for a long time, and this time was simply nothing for the experts of the Immortal World. However, the reason why Mo Wuji was so anxious was because of what he left behind.

It was true that he destroyed the Great Sword Path, but Mo Wuji was clear that the Great Sword Path’s greatest expert, Yi Minghu, was still alive.

There’s no need to talk about Yi Minghu. All three of the Grand Emperors and the Quasi-Emperor that surrounded him and tried to kill him were all still alive.

Moreover, his enemies weren’t simply these four. There were still Grand Emperor Lun Cai and the Alliance Head of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

It could be said that during his absence, his Ping Fan was left in a precarious state.

What kind of people was in Ping Fan? There was only one newly-advanced Grand Emperor, Wei Zidao. Wei Zidao’s abilities were not bad; he was able to control a faction within Sword Prison. However, compared to true experts, Wei Zidao wasn’t anything special.

"Alright." Yan Li responded and immediately released his aura.

A loud rumble came from the vast void; a pa.s.sage began to form above Yan Li’s head. A strong force of suction directly swept Yan Li up, sucking him away.

Mo Wuji extended his hand and grabbed Mo Qingche; he rushed up the pa.s.sage together with Yan Li.

Just as Mo Wuji entered the pa.s.sage, a powerful force of repulsion tried to push Mo Wuji away.

There seemed to be an obstacle within the pa.s.sage. Yan Li was able to pa.s.s this obstacle unhindered, but Mo Wuji and Mo Qingche were blocked.

Mo Wuji’s heart race; he was clear that once Yan Li fully ascends, this pa.s.sage would disappear completely. He would no longer be able to use this pa.s.sage to return to the Immortal World.

At this instant, Mo Wuji didn’t hesitate any further. He retrieved a page of the Book of Luo to protect Mo Qingche. After which, he grabbed his Kun Wu Sword and cleaved down towards this obstacle.

A violent sword intent swept outwards, forming a tear on that obstacle. Mo Wuji then punched towards that tear, blowing it apart. A small gap appeared in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji hurriedly grabbed Mo Qingche and raced through that gap.

Various kinds of spatial blades sailed past him. Even though Mo Wuji had a strong late-stage G.o.d Physique, injuries still formed throughout his body.

Mo Wuji was inwardly glad that he had used the Book of Luo to protect Mo Qingche. Otherwise, among these terrifying spatial blades, he would have no means of protecting Mo Qingche. The power of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth was truly terrifying. Now, he was trying to go against these Laws. If he were any weaker, he would have probably been killed.

After getting through that obstacle, Mo Wuji immediately felt immortal spiritual energy. A ripple filled with natural runes appeared in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was an array master and he had also recently learnt about different kinds of talismans. Thus, he only needed a single glance at these runes to know that they were transfer dao runes formed from the dao aura of the Heaven and Earth.

Mo Wuji had never ascended before. However, his spiritual will detected that Yan Li had entered those dao runes. Grabbing onto Mo Qingche, he went into those dao runes.

Indeed, after stepping into the dao runes, an otherworldly sensation flooded towards him. At the next instant, Mo Wuji landed in a deep pool surrounded by mists of spiritual energy.

Above this deep pool, there was a line of huge golden words: Luo Ling Immortal Domain Tenth Ascension Pond.

"Big Brother, the immortal spiritual energy here is really rich." Yan Li was incomparably excited. As he was speaking, he had already sat down and started to stabilise his cultivation.

On the other hand, Mo Qingche’s cultivation was too low to feel the benefits from the ascension pond.

Mo Wuji waited for Yan Li for half a day. After Yan Li stabilised his Heavenly Immortal cultivation, he also stopped cultivating.

Mo Wuji knew that every Immortal Domain had several ascension ponds. It was just that he didn't come to Immortal World through the usual means, so his understanding towards the ascension ponds was limited.

No immortals were allowed into the ascension pond. One reason for that was because the pa.s.sage to the cultivation world was in the ascension pond. Even though an ordinary person could not open the pa.s.sage, this was still a top secret of the Immortal World.

After Mo Wuji and co. left the ascension pond, they arrived at a huge hall.

Before the three of them could ask anything, two immortals came to them, "Are the three of you newly ascended?"

The one speaking was a Golden Immortal. The moment he finished his question, he felt that something was wrong. Yan Li did have the aura of a newly ascended Heavenly Immortal. However, Mo Wuji and Mo Qingche looked no different from mortals. They didn't even have the aura of ascension on them. How could they also be newly ascended immortals?

"You brought mortals into the Immortal World?" The other person stared at Yan Li and shouted.

There weren't many people in the hall, but when they heard those words, they all swarmed over. In their perspectives, anyone that could bring mortals during ascension definitely had some powerful treasure.

Usually, it should be safe for a newly ascended immortal. Not only did the Immortal Domains extend some form of protection towards these newly ascended immortals, experts also wouldn't lower themselves to attack a newbie.

After all, how could a newly ascended immortal possibly be worth attacking?

But now that Yan Li had revealed himself to have some peak grade treasure, things were different.

Mo Wuji was rather speechless; an ordinary cultivator could bring a mortal up to the Immortal World? These people needed to add some points their intelligence. He was an Immortal Emperor, one that wasn't restricted by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth at that. Even so, he needed to borrow the help of Kun Wu Sword to use the ascension pa.s.sage to get to the Immortal World. How could an ordinary person be capable of doing such a thing?

Yan Li said disdainfully, "Are you stupid? If I had a treasure to bring mortals up to the Immortal World, I wouldn't reveal bring the mortals into this hall."

"Let's go, Yan Li." Mo Wuji wasn't in the mood to waste any time. He knew of Luo Ling Immortal Domain. Immortal Empress Wen Lan was from Luo Ling Immortal Domain. Not only that, the Great Sword Path that he exterminated those years ago was also from Luo Ling Immortal Domain.

Seeing Mo Wuji and co. leave the hall, the few cultivators gave each other knowing glances. Thereafter, they all sped after Mo Wuji and co.

Facing newly ascended cultivators, they didn't dare to publicly attack them in an immortal city. If the group of them walked into an immortal city, then things would no longer be so easy.

Mo Qingche asked in confusion, "Grandpa, aren't mortals prohibited from using the ascension pa.s.sage? These people seem intent on stopping us. Since that's the case, why don't they use that as an excuse?"

Yan Li snickered, "If they used that excuse, then our treasures would no longer belong to them."

Mo Wuji didn't even bother to place these puny fish in his eyes. His spiritual will had already spread into the distance. He didn't specifically try to break open the immortal city's seals. With the strength of his spiritual will, he was able to quickly locate the position of the transfer array.

Through that scan, Mo Wuji also found out where they were. This was a famous immortal city in Luo Ling Immortal Domain - Ding Po Immortal City.

Mo Wuji was all too familiar with Ding Po Immortal City. Those years ago, those big sects had set up a trap array here in an attempt to ambush him. Because of Han Qingru's warning, he was able to avoid it. Even so, he almost perished in the void outside Ding Po Immortal City.

Mo Wuji also knew of a cultivator from Ding Po Immortal City called Chen Hu. Chen Hu was an Eight Star Talent. Back in the third level of the Broken World, he had a trade with Chen Hu. Chen Hu's character was not bad; he was steady and magnanimous. Mo Wuji even heard that Chen Hu's father was also an Immortal Emperor. However, he also heard that Chen Hu had already perished in Cosmos Edge.

He never thought that he would return back to Ding Po Immortal City. From the looks of it, he was rather fated with this immortal city.

Mo Wuji's spiritual will soon extended beyond Ding Po Immortal City. Outside Ding Po Immortal City, a huge wanted order was erected.

Mo Wuji knew that person on the wanted poster all too well. It was himself. It was written clearly on the poster, he was accused of plundering the resources of the Immortal World, killing the innocent, and committing many other misdeeds. All cultivators were encouraged to do a good deed and kill Mo Wuji. At the same time, anyone that provided news on Mo Wuji would be hugely rewarded.

Seeing this wanted order, Mo Wuji's heard sunk. He wasn't afraid of being arrested; with his power, who in the Immortal World would dare to arrest him? Instead, he was worried about his Ping Fan Immortal School. If even he, the sect head of Ping Fan, was wanted, it would be weird if Ping Fan was left unscathed.

Mo Wuji's spiritual will continued to extend outwards. When he saw several corpses nailed below the wanted order, Mo Wuji was thoroughly incensed.

There was a clear description below those corpses: Mo Wuji's companions.

Mo Wuji opened his palm, calling out Shuai Guo and Da Huang. He had an overcast expression as he said, "Da Huang, you and Shuai Guo protect Yan Li and Qingche. Today, many people are going to die."

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Chapter 858: Five Punches

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Back then, he wasn't even an Immortal King when he exterminated the Great Sword Path. Now, he was already an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor. Even if it was the Very High Heavens that tried to destroy his Ping Fan, he would not hesitate to extinguish them.

"Sister Qingche, my Lord seems to be very angry. What happened?" Shuai Guo carefully walked to Mo Qingche's side and asked.

Mo Qingche didn't even know what happened. She shook her head, "I also don't know. It's just that some people in the Ascension Hall wanted to steal Big Brother Yan Li's items."

"What? Some ants dare to have any intention on my brother? Where are those ants? I will suck them dry," Shuai Guo shouted angrily.

Da Huang shot Shuai Guo a look of disdain. He knew Shuai Guo for a long time; he naturally knew of this kid's character. This kid might sound righteous and angered now, but in reality, even if Yan Li fingered those people out, Shuai Guo wouldn't do anything. More accurately, Shuai Guo wouldn't dare to do anything. It's not that Shuai Guo was afraid of those fellas; it was that Shuai Guo was afraid that the Lord would get angry. Da Huang could only admit that he was inferior to Shuai Guo in terms of acting.

Unless the Lord personally ordered it, Shuai Guo's words would merely be a bluff.

Yan Li could feel that Shuai Guo's power vastly exceeded his. He hurriedly came forward and clasped his fists modestly, "Big Brother, many thanks for speaking up for me. My name is Yan Li, I'm an old acquaintance of Big Brother Mo."

Shuai Guo waved its hand, "Since you are friends with my Lord, you are my younger brother now. From now on, I, Shuai Guo, will protect you. Oh right, this fella here is Da Huang. Da Huang says that he is very strong. One time, he got into a fight with someone and got smashed into pieces. Eventually, it was my Lord that helped him to forge his body. Da Huang is really not bad. Of course, I also help my Lord to fight in battles. It's just that my bones are harder and I can take the hits."

Shuai Guo didn't say anything that Da Huang wasn't. However, he also didn't say that Da Huang was far stronger than him. It's just that when Yan Li hears Shuai Guo's words, it felt to Yan Li that Shuai Guo was immensely stronger than Da Huang.

Didn't you hear Shuai Guo's words? Da Huang helped the Lord to battle once, resulting in his body being smashed to pieces. On the other hand, Shuai Guo constantly helped the Lord in battles but he was still alive and well.

"Big Brother Shuai Guo, Brother Da Huang, please take care of me." Yan Li instantly recognised the hierarchy; he placed Shuai Guo above Da Huang in that hierarchy.

At this instant, Mo Wuji was already in front of the four corpses nailed to the city wall. His eyes were filled with anger. He didn't know who these people were, nor did he know why these people would be left to rot here.

With a wave of his hand, the four bodies landed on the floor.

Thereafter, he grabbed multiple healing pills and placed them into one of the bodies’ mouth. Among the four, only this person still had a breath of life.

With Mo Wuji's abilities and resources, as long as the soul was still attached to the body, and as long as there was still a breath of life, he would be able to save that person.

"You actually dare…" A few of the cultivators that were tailing Mo Wuji since the Ascension Hall witnessed this scene. They all pointed at Mo Wuji in aghast, too speechless to continue talking any further.

At the same time, they came to realise a cruel fact: Mo Wuji definitely wasn't a newly ascended immortal. There was no need to talk about a newly ascended immortal, Mo Wuji wasn't even an Immortal King. It definitely wasn't a simple matter to release those nailed corpses.

These people glanced towards each other, then they hurriedly turned and tried to leave. It was just that the moment they turned, a wind blade sailed by, slicing all of them into halves. Even their primordial spirits weren't able to escape.

Two guards stationed at the city wall were already extremely shocked when they saw Mo Wuji release the corpses. Now that they saw Mo Wuji publicly kill people in Ding Po Immortal City, they immediately knew that this matter wasn't simple.

The shrill cry of an alarm sounded. The cultivators around the area all frantically moved out of the way.

Shuai Guo’s mouth went wide with excitement; it did not like cultivating, but it liked causing a ruckus. Unfortunately, Shuai Guo was usually afraid of angering the Lord, so it suppressed its character.

After ten breaths of time, that cultivator that Mo Wuji fed the pills to opened his eyes. His cultivation was only at the late Golden Immortal Stage. Moreover, Mo Wuji’s pills were the highest of tiers of healing pills. Thus, this cultivator had soon recovered.

"Senior, many thanks for saving me." This cultivator stood up and clasped his fists.

"It’s you? Qu Yang?" This cultivator’s entire body was bloodied, and there wasn’t even a single intact piece of meat on his face. However, the moment he opened his mouth to speak, Mo Wuji recognised him. This person was actually Qu Yang.

Those years ago, he was pursued by Nai He in the cultivation world and he fell into canyon in the void. In that canyon, he met Qu Yang. Moreover, Qu Yang was even a cultivator of Zhen Xing as well. It was just that Qu Yang’s Absolute Sabre Sect had long perished from the history of Zhen Xing.

Qu Yang cultivates the Saber Dao, and his character was upright and proper. When Mo Wuji first saw Qu Yang, Qu Yang had a plain and simple sabre on his back; Qu Yang looked lofty and proud like a pine tree.

When Mo Wuji left Half Immortal Domain, he didn’t meet Qu Yang. If he did, he would definitely have invited Qu Yang along with him. In terms of character, Mo Wuji felt that Qu Yang was much better than Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao.

He didn’t think that Qu Yang would also leave Half Domain Immortal and that Qu Yang would be suffering here.

"You are Mo Wuji?" Qu Yang also came to a realisation; the person in front of him was indeed Mo Wuji.

Towards Mo Wuji, he only felt utmost respect and admiration. If not for Mo Wuji, he would have still been trapped in that canyon. If not for Mo Wuji, he would not have been able to leave Half Immortal Domain. While Mo Wuji might not have brought him away, Mo Wuji had forcefully opened the transfer array between Half Immortal Domain and the Edge of Yong Ying. That had saved countless of lives.

Moreover, Mo Wuji’s character was even more worthy of respect. Back in Half Immortal Domain, Mo Wuji was the only one that dared to disciple Meng Tianyu, as well as that Dao Lord Guang Quan.

Besides Mo Wuji, who else dared? Not only must one have the backbone, one must also have the ability.

"It’s me. I really didn’t think that we would meet again at Ding Po Immortal City. Exactly what’s going on? Who are these people? Why were they nailed to death here because of me?" Mo Wuji was also rather elated; he didn’t think that the person he casually saved was actually Qu Yang.

Before Qu Yang could answer, a cold voice interrupted, "Mo Wuji, you are truly bold. You actually dare to show yourself in Ding Po Immortal City."

"Shua…" More than ten figures descended from the sky, surrounding Mo Wuji.

When Mo Wuji saw the people surrounding him, he didn’t even bat an eyelid. Among these ten over people, there were only four Immortal Emperors; there was one late-stage Immortal Emperor, one intermediate stage Immortal Emperor, and two early stage Immortal Emperors. The rest were either Immortal Kings or Immortal Reverents.

Mo Wuji felt speechless; back when he was in Oblique s.p.a.ce Sea Island, the people that surrounded were all experts at the level of Dao Emperors. There was no need to talk about Oblique s.p.a.ce Sea Island, even back in Cosmos Edge, the people that tried to kill him were either Immortal Emperors or Grand Emperors.

His powers had already increased since that time; his cultivation had even reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. However, the people encircling him actually got weaker.

"Mo Wuji, the Heaven truly has virtues. We also do not wish to kill you. Just tie yourself and allow yourself to be captured. We also do not wish to destroy Ding Po Immortal City." The one speaking was the late stage Immortal Emperor.

Clearly, he had heard stories of Mo Wuji and he knew that Mo Wuji was not simple.

Mo Wuji did not look at him. Instead, he faced one of the intermediate stage Immortal Emperor and said, "If I’m not wrong, you should be Chen Hu’s father, right?"

This intermediate stage Immortal Emperor looked similar to Chen Hu. Additionally, the energy of his cultivation technique was also the same. Mo Wuji guessed that this person was Chen Hu’s father.

This intermediate stage Immortal Emperor clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and nodded, "That’s right. This Emperor is Chen San. I have heard stories about you from Chen Hu. You are truly not a bad person. It’s just that…"

Chen San didn’t continue any further. He felt that any further words would not be appropriate.

Mo Wuji calmly asked, "Chen Hu and I could be considered acquaintances. Since you are Chen Hu’s father, I want to ask you something, how’s my Ping Fan Immortal School?"

Mo Wuji still hadn’t received a reply from the message that he sent to Ping Fan.

Chen San hesitated momentarily but he still said, "Ping Fan Immortal School is slightly damaged, but the place is still there."

When Mo Wuji heard those words, the killing intent in his heart burned fervently. Chen San’s words might sound simple, but Mo Wuji knew that it was far from that. If his Ping Fan was really destroyed, then he would go around paying a visit to everyone that contributed to its destruction.

Ping Fan was his legacy. Anyone that destroyed his legacy must compensate with their lives.

"Dao Friend Chen San, I have one word. It’s up to you whether you choose to listen. I have interacted with Chen Hu before, and Chen Hu is really a good person. Thus, I have never treated Chen Hu as my enemy…"

Before Mo Wuji could finish speaking, Chen San immediately said, "Sect Head Mo, I understand what you’re saying."

After which, Chen San clasped his fists towards everyone and said, "Everyone should know what I, Chen San, am like. My son, Chen Hu, is still missing and it’s unknown whether he is even alive. Sect Head Mo used to have a cordial relations.h.i.+p with Chen Hu. I will not join you in dealing with Sect Head Mo."

Actually, Chen San already felt that it was disgraceful for so many people to gang up against Mo Wuji who didn’t even seem to be at the Immortal Emperor Stage. Moreover, Chen Hu had said it before: Mo Wuji was not simple and was full of potential. Of course, Chen San knew that Mo Wuji’s potential was going to be wasted. It’s just that he still remembered his son’s words.

A gloomy voice said, "Chen San, you should also know whose order this is. There are so many sects in the Immortal World that support this. On the other hand, this Mo Wuji is probably only an Immortal Reverent at the very most. There would be no difference whether you partic.i.p.ate or not. But if you choose to retreat like this, you cannot blame others when you suffer the consequences."

"Haha…" Chen San chuckled, "I, Chen San, don’t need to listen to your criticisms to what I do."

With that, Chen San’s figure flashed and he retreated to the sides.

"Attack." Seeing Chen San retreat and that Mo Wuji didn’t seem to have any intentions of turning himself in, that late stage Immortal Emperor ordered harshly. He was the first one to attack with his magic treasure.

Qu Yang truly wanted to help. Unfortunately, he wasn’t even comparable to an ant among these people. There was no need to talk about helping; just standing among the pressure of these experts already made it difficult for him to even breath.

Mo Wuji didn’t even move. Within his domain, all that suffocating pressure disappeared without a trace. It seemed as though he didn’t notice the magic treasures moving towards him. He simply stood there and released five punches.

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