Immortal Mortal Chapter 888

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Ten days later, Mo Wuji realised how egotistical and laughable his decision to bring Liu Ruting back to the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect was. Within these ten days, the three of them would have to pay a large amount of G.o.d crystals everytime they took a transfer array. He personally witnessed how Xi Nianmo had to fork out piles and piles of G.o.d crystals.

If Liu Ruting didn't make use of Xi Nianmo's wealth, Mo Wuji would definitely not be able to bring her back to the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect.

While he moved from places to places, he noticed that whether it was at the transfer station or the great cities here, earning G.o.d crystals wasn't an easy task.

Even a person who sets up a stall to sell G.o.d spiritual herbs to earn money for the use of the transfer arrays, would need years and years of saving up to do so. In this short period of time, he could forget about earning enough G.o.d crystals to bring Liu Ruting back. He would perhaps earn by selling his consciousness crystals but Mo Wuji knew that if he were to see consciousness crystals here, he might be attacked by those who yearn for the crystals.

This shouldn't be considered as sending Liu Ruting back as this was basically taking advantage of both Liu Ruting and Xi Nianmo. It was as if Liu Ruting and Xi Nianmo were the ones bringing to the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect.

Mo Wuji had always wanted to ask Liu Ruting as to why she would want to bring him along. This was because there was really no need for her to bring him along as Xi Nianmo alone should be enough to send her back. Eventually, he couldn't control his urge anymore. Firstly, he was supposed to be a dumb and dazed person in front of Xi Nianmo. Secondly, he believed that a thoughtful and scheming person like Liu Ruting wouldn't have done meaningless things and help him unnecessarily.

Since she brought him along, she must be up to something.

A few more days had flown by and the increasingly pale faced Liu Ruting arrived at a ma.s.sive plaze carved from entirely white jade alone.

Even though the plaza was incredibly huge, it was still crowded with people everywhere.

Mo Wuji noticed that everyone in the plaza seemed to be testing for something. Everyone were queuing up and there were more than one line of people queuing.

Liu Ruting shot out a flying sword and a few breaths later, a person landed right in front of the three of them.

"Senior Sister Ruting, what happened to you?" The young man in purple robe asked and one could tell that he was very good looking. His tone brought along a sincere worry.

Liu Ruting was breathless as she replied, "Junior Brother Xingteng, the two of them managed to send me back. Help me arrange a place inside the sect for them and preferably make them an outer disciple. There are some problems with my body so I shall go see master now…"

"Rest a.s.sure Senior Sister, I would definitely make the necessary arrangements," The purple robe man answered with a confident smile on his face.

"Many thanks Junior Brother Xingteng," Liu Ruting thanked him once more as she turned to Mo Wuji and Xi Nianmo, "Thank you for sending me back but I shall go and see my master first. I'll be back to thank you properly."

After saying this, Liu Ruting hurried away and disappeared completely very soon later.

After Liu Ruting left, the smile on the purple robe man had disappeared as well. He nodded towards Mo Wuji and Xi Nianmo, "My name is Lu Xingteng and I'm full of admiration for my Senior Sister Liu. Any matters of my Senior Sister Liu would be a matter of mine. The two of you endured all sorts of hards.h.i.+p to bring my senior sister back so please let me know of any requests you have."

Mo Wuji started to have a bad sensing about this. Just earlier on, Liu Ruting already instructed Lu Xingteng to make both himself and Xi Nianmo an outer disciple. What was the meaning of Lu Xingteng's words now?

Clearly, Xi Nianmo was able to spot something amiss but instead of asking directly, she pointed to the crowd in the middle of the plaza and said, "Senior Brother Lu, what are all these people gathered here for?"

Lu Xingteng said faintly, "A few big sects would be selecting and recruiting disciples over the next few days and everyone there are promising disciples. In fact, even my Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect is here too. If the two of you came a few days earlier, I might be able to make the two of you an odd job disciple. Now that the sects are recruiting disciples, everybody on the namelist would be closely examined."

Mo Wuji's heart sunk because now that he couldn't even get an odd job disciple status, what was he even doing here?

At the same time, Mo Wuji understood that this was actually not where the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect was located at.

Xi Nianmo hurried to bow, "Senior Brother Lu, I'm fine with it and I shall try my luck later. However, my junior brother here was injured and is currently unable to speak properly. I wonder if Senior Brother Lu could help…"

Without waiting for Xi Nianmo to finish her sentence, Lu Xingteng replied, "It is definitely possible. The two of you just hang around here while I go and ask around. If I find something, I would come to meet the two of you as soon as possible."

Having said that, Lu Xingteng couldn't even be bothered to clasp his fists as he simply turned and disappeared into the crowd of people.

Mo Wuji knew that this fella would definitely not head back anymore.

"Mo Wuji, this person didn't even ask for what help I wanted with or any means of contacting him. I'm guessing that he wouldn't be coming back at all. I'm prepared to go take a look at the sects here and see if I'm able to join any. You should follow beside me and if I manage to enter a sect, I'll bring you along." Xi Nianmo exclaimed.

She even suspected that Liu Ruting never intended to help them and only deceived them into sending her back.

However, Mo Wuji didn't feel that Liu Ruting didn't want to help and his guess was that after seeing Liu Ruting with a baby in her stomach, Lu Xingteng had lost the previous respect he had for Liu Ruting.

Regardless, Mo Wuji didn't wish to follow behind Xi Nianmo.

"I am your husband so how can I simply depend on you…" Because Mo Wuji didn't wish to have any more relations with Xi Nianmo, he was hoping that they would part ways after Xi Nianmo heard what he said.

When Xi Nianmo heard that Mo Wuji was still mentioning about being her husband, she hurried to block Mo Wuji's mouth with her hand, "Mo Wuji, stop spouting rubbish…"

The few men and women who walked past the two of them started chuckling to themselves.

After the few of them pa.s.sed by, Xi Nianmo heaved a huge sigh of relief, "Mo Wuji, our previous relations.h.i.+p is fake. From now onwards, you're Mo Wuji and I'm Xi Nianmo. We are no longer related, understand?"

Mo Wuji let out an 'oh' before repeating the phrase 'we're no longer related' as he turned and left.

"Hold on…" Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't actually rebut, Xi Nianmo heaved another sigh of relief but called out for the departing Mo Wuji.

"You still want me to be your husband?" Mo Wuji stopped and looked at Xi Nianmo with a doubtful face.

Xi Nianmo held onto her forehead speechlessly, "No, you should stick with me but you're not my husband. Can you remember that?"

If Mo Wuji's brain wasn't damaged, she would have let Mo Wuji left alone a long time ago.

Mo Wuji was also feeling helpless because he could simply tell Liu Ruting that even though his primordial spirit and spiritual roots were destroyed, his consciousness and IQ were still there. However, Mo Wuji didn't wish to tell her directly because Xi Nianmo knew that he had taken a Perplex Spiritual Pill. A person who was still conscious and not affected by the Perplex Spiritual Pill was definitely not normal.

Xi Nianmo might not harm him but Mo Wuji still felt the need to be cautious since they were not that familiar after all.

"By letting me stay by your side, that would make me your husband ah," Mo Wuji frowned and made Xi Nianmo's words sound silly.

Xi Nianmo was utterly defeated by Mo Wuji but she couldn't bear herself to blame Mo Wuji. Instead, she maintained silent.

"I shall head off first then," Mo Wuji chuckled as he turned and left without hesitation.

"Mo Wuji, this is for you then," Xi Nianmo didn't wish to continue insisting that Mo Wuji stay beside her as she took out a storage ring. However, as she took out her storage ring, she thought about it for a moment before putting it back. This time around, she took out a storage bag for Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji knew that Xi Nianmo wasn't being stingy but because she was worried that others might steal his items. In the G.o.d Domain, a person carrying a storage bag would simply mean that the person was from a poverty-stricken family. n.o.body would bother robbing a person carrying a storage bag.

However, Mo Wuji didn't mind as he took over the storage bag before leaving without even saying goodbye.

As she watched upon Mo Wuji's backview enter the crowd of people, Xi Nianmo muttured to herself, "I hope that you would stay safe."

After that, she turned and left on her own. The entire Lightning Sword Manor was exterminated and everyone she was close to was killed in front of her. She was simply unable to forget any of this hatred within her.

Regardless of whatever reason, now that she was the only one left in the Xi Clan. She had to avenge her father, Aunt Jun, Yibo, Qianhua and co.

After Xi Nianmo left, Mo Wuji also squeezed into the crowd.

At least Lu Xingteng wasn't lying about one matter and that was all the big sects were indeed recruiting disciples here.

A row of signboards recruiting disciples were displayed out as if it was a human talent market.

Forgotten Creek Dao School, Phecda G.o.d Sect, G.o.dly Grain Valley, Moonlight G.o.d Sect, Refined Star G.o.d Sect, Heavenly Turbid G.o.d Sect...

All sorts of big sects could be found here and other than Phecda G.o.d Sect and Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect, Mo Wuji hadn't heard of any of the others. He could only judge which sect were the bigger sects by the popularity among the disciples here.

Mo Wuji looked through the sects seriously and for peak grade sects like the Phecda G.o.d Sect and Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect, there were basically many people surrounding them. Their tests were clearly more stringent than the rest and only those who had reached a certain standard would be able to partic.i.p.ate in the next round of tests.

This made Mo Wuji feel helpless and frustrated because he knew that if he were to go for the tests, he would be one of the weakest there. How was he supposed to test if he didn't have primordial spirit or spiritual roots?

Mo Wuji wandered around for half a day and he spotted an extremely unique sect called the Heavenly Mortal Sect. This sect made Mo Wuji think about his own Ping Fan.

The Heavenly Mortal Sect didn't appear to be a large sect and there were at most seven to eight people standing around it. In fact, Mo Wuji didn't even see a single person signing up for it. The ones recruiting disciple was a man and a woman. While the man looked like an elder, who had one foot in his coffin, the woman looked incredibly young compared to him.

Mo Wuji hesitated for a while before walking over eventually. Before he even asked anything, that elder stared at Mo Wuji with wide opened eyes, "Your bones look incredible and should even be considered peak grade. The only weakness is that you lack a peak grade technique to temper and that your talent had been concealed so n.o.body could actually see it. Oh my, I cannot believe I, Wei Jie, actually managed to find a talent like you here. Are you willing to join my Heavenly Mortal Sect? I guarantee that you will be an inner disciple here with peak grade cultivation resources to work with."

The elder named Wei Jie started getting more and more excited as he spoke and eventually, he even grabbed onto Mo Wuji. His eyes were filled with desperate wish that Mo Wuji would join him.

Mo Wuji was shook because this elder was actually able to see that he was a peak grade talent even without any tests? Could his self-created Mortal Dao be discovered by this person? Wouldn't this be simply too scary?

Immortal Mortal Chapter 888

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