Immortal Mortal Chapter 889-898

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Chapter 889: Heavenly Mortal Sect

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Mo Wuji’s first thought was to reject his offer immediately. His cultivation of the Immortal Mortal Technique and the opening of meridians were few of the most concealed secrets of his. Once such a matter was exposed, it could invite calamity upon himself.

At second thought, Mo Wuji felt that he shouldn’t reject him. Since this person was able to tell that Mo Wuji was this heaven-defying and managed to path the way for mortals to cultivate, he might be the target for others if he left this place.

"Answer me quickly! Are you willing to become an inner disciple of my Heavenly Mortal Sect?" The elder starting speaking with an anxious tone.

Mo Wuji asked cautiously, "Does my spiritual roots or anything have to be tested later on?"

Wei Jie’s stared at Mo Wuji with a frown, "How could I, Wei Jie, misjudge a person? There is absolutely no need to undergo any tests. I am certain that you’re a genius with supreme talent."

Mo Wuji heard these words and said, "Alright then…"

When Wei Jie heard Mo Wuji’s verbal agreement, he instantly brought Mo Wuji to the young woman as he said, "This is an inner disciple of our Heavenly Mortal Sect, hand him the items meant for inner disciples…"

Mo Wuji was slightly shocked because he didn’t feel particularly respected. After hearing that he was willing to join the Heavenly Mortal Sect, what kind of att.i.tude was this? Was this how the Heavenly Mortal Sect treats their genius with supreme talent?

When he thought of this, Mo Wuji already guessed that the other party shouldn’t have guessed that he started as a mortal. In other words, he was duped. The reason why he was duped was because he knew that he was indeed able to cultivate at a much greater speed than those ‘geniuses’ out there. The words of the old falsifier were true which was what led to the misunderstanding. If he didn’t cultivate the mortal dao, he would have found out the old falsifier was lying to him from the very first sentence.

Knowing that the other party was lying to him, Mo Wuji actually felt relieved. He rather the old falsifier duped him than have his mortal dao exposed.

"What is your name? How is your cultivation?" The woman in charge of administration for the Heavenly Mortal Sect said with a very clear and gentle voice.

Just as Mo Wuji was about to answer, he heard Wei Jie’s excited voice again, "Aiya, you are definitely one of the most talented cultivators around here. Your bones are truly too amazing… The pity is that your talent and spiritual roots have been concealed so n.o.body would notice it. As long as you come to my Heavenly Mortal Sect, I guarantee that you will be an inner disciple here. No, even a status as the legacy disciple wouldn’t suit a talent like you…"

Mo Wuji turned his head and saw Wei Jie grabbed onto another ordinary cultivator as he chattered on and on.

Looking at how that old falsifier was acting, Mo Wuji almost spat out a mouthful of blood despite already knowing that he was duped. There were actually people like this old falsifier in the G.o.d Domain and the joke’s on him that he actually thought that he was exposed.

At this moment, there was a scene playing in Mo Wuji’s head where an old fella held onto all sorts of martial arts cheat books as he grabbed onto a child to say something like, ‘Aiya, I see that your bones are innately different and extraordinary compared to others. I have a book which could expand your potential so the peace of the entire universe would be dependent on you in the future…"

However, not everyone would be duped like Mo Wuji was. The person Wei Jie held onto instantly rejected him, "I don’t wish to join the Heavenly Mortal Sect."

Wei Jie could only let go of his hand awkwardly, "What a pity, what a pity… A body of good bones is wasted."

Noticing that Mo Wuji didn’t speak, the woman asked once more and Mo Wuji could only sigh and reply, "My name is Mo Wuji and I have a very low cultivation. Moreover, my primordial spirit and spiritual roots have been broken so I’m afraid that I…"

"Its okay, you can rest a.s.sure and join our Heavenly Mortal Sect. Our Heavenly Mortal Sect is capable of turning the most ordinary people into extraordinary beings. Naturally, since your primordial spirit and spiritual roots are broken, you can only be an inner disciple…" Wei Jie turned around when he heard Mo Wuji’s words. However, before he could even complete his sentence, he seemed to have spotted another genius with supreme bones as he chased after that person.

Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "Senior Sister, I am still able to join the inner sect even with my primordial spirit and spiritual roots destroyed?"

The woman nodded, "Yes if Elder Wei Jie says its possible then its possible."

"I agree then but how do I address this senior sister?" Mo Wuji replied without hesitation. The outer disciples of the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect have their individual place to stay so even if the inner sects of the Heavenly Mortal Sect was slightly weaker, it shouldn’t be too huge of a difference from the outer disciples of the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect right?

"My name is Su Xia and this is your token as an inner disciple. Wait here for a while and after the recruitment of disciples is completed, we shall head back to the sect together." Su Xia gave Mo Wuji a token which was actually made from wood. Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because even in the Cultivation World, disciples’ token were mostly made of jade.

Regardless, it was still a good thing that he became an inner disciple just like that.

Mo Wuji walked over to the resting area of the Heavenly Mortal Sect and there were already four disciples seated there. They should be recruited before Mo Wuji was brought in.

"Junior Brother here, how are an inner disciple?" Noticing that Mo Wuji walked over with an inner disciple token, a slightly tanned woman questioned.

Mo Wuji returned the question, "Are the few of you not inner disciples?"

"I am a legacy disciple," The woman took out her wooden token.

"I am a core disciple."

"I am also a legacy disciple…"

After the four of them displayed their tokens, Mo Wuji realised that he was the only inner disciple there. He was ‘supremely talented’ but was only offered a slot as an inner disciple.

Fortunately, Mo Wuji wasn’t too bothered by it as he laughed it off, "It is still better than being an inner disciple."

The four people heard Mo Wuji before exchanging glances with each other while remaining speechless. After a while, the tanned skin woman said softly, "The Heavenly Mortal Sect didn’t have any outer disciples as they only accept direct disciples, core disciples, legacy disciples and inner disciples."

As he heard this, Mo Wuji stared at the old falsifier, Wei Jie, who was still trying to pull cultivators desperately. He suddenly felt uneasy about this fella.

Everyone else could tell that Mo Wuji was not feeling very pleased so they tried to mollify him.

Luckily, Mo Wuji wasn’t too disturbed by it for long and very soon, he made friends with these few senior brothers and sisters. The tanned skin woman was called Yin Lin, the brown hair one was called Pu Jia, slightly fatter senior sister was called Ai Dong’Er and the tallest one was called Di Butong.

The four of them were rogue cultivators and was also hoping to use this recruitment period to join a sect. Even though the four of them were limited in their cultivation potential, they were already in the pinnacle of the Nascent G.o.d Stage. Without mentioning the difficulty in finding a G.o.d lattice crystal, even if they could find a few, they might not be able to step into the Heavenly G.o.d Stage with their talent.

Because they had average talents, the four of them decided to join this Heavenly Mortal Sect after making a round around the plaza.

It was perhaps because Mo Wuji looked the poorest as he was only carrying a storage bag, the few of them conversed while paying special attention to Mo Wuji’s feelings.

Another three days had pa.s.sed by and the recruitment had finally ended. Despite the hard work of Wei Jie, he only managed to recruit one more disciple after Mo Wuji. It was a female cultivator who didn’t look too old and could even be considered a small girl. The girl’s name was a little odd as her name was Ku Cai [1].

Mo Wuji was not aware of her cultivation level but he saw that she was hesitating outside the registrations of other sects for a long period of time. She looked like she didn’t dare to ask more about it. Only when she walked past the Heavenly Mortal Sect, the talkative Wei Jie played his old tricks and managed to trick this girl into the Heavenly Mortal Sect easily.

Wei Jie walked in front of Mo Wuji and co. before waving his head, "All of you are the future of my Heavenly Mortal Sect. Follow me back to the sect and we shall reveal every last bit of your talent and potential."

Having said that, Wei Jie drew out a flying s.h.i.+p.

Because this plaza was located right outside a transfer array hall, all the disciples of the other sects left through the transfer arrays. Wei Jie was probably the one who drew out the flying s.h.i.+p.

"Why aren’t we taking the transfer array?" The one asking the question was Yin Lin. Out of all the disciples recruited by the Heavenly Mortal Sect today, she was comparatively the more lively one.

Wei Jie chuckled, "The few of you have just joined the sect so you have yet to cultivate any peak grade dao laws sacred art. If anything happened within the transfer array, there might be disorder within the s.p.a.ce which would be life-threatening in any sense. All of you are the future of my Heavenly Mortal Sect so I didn’t dare to take the risk."

Once he said that, Wei Jie rushed everyone into the s.h.i.+p as he controlled his flying s.h.i.+p out of the plaza.

After entering the s.h.i.+p’s cabin, Su Xia spoke to everyone in a soft voice. "Don’t take Senior Uncle Wei Jie’s words too seriously because the transfer array is actually much safer than flying s.h.i.+p. Our Heavenly Mortal Sect didn’t have enough G.o.d crystals to send everyone through the transfer arrays. This was why we had to travel using flying s.h.i.+p."

The few of them became speechless because if a sect couldn’t even afford enough G.o.d crystals to take transfer arrays, how long could this sect even last?

In a way, everyone wasn’t particularly disappointed because everyone knew that with their poor talent as compared to others, there weren’t many other sects which they could join. Other than the normally quiet Ku Cai and Mo Wuji himself, the rest of them were conversing rather enthusiastically.

Even though Wei Jie’s flying s.h.i.+p was of a higher grade than Mo Wuji’s one, the s.p.a.ce within it was simply too small. Mo Wuji wanted to find a secluded place to cultivate but was unable to do so which was why he was forced to listen to their conversations.

The good thing was that through these people’s conversations, he managed to obtain even more information regarding the G.o.d domain.

A month later, the flying s.h.i.+p stopped.

After everyone left the flying s.h.i.+p, they were all stunned. The flying s.h.i.+p stopped on a dried up swamp and if this dried up swamp was the plaza, behind the plaza would be two extremely tall and erected mountains.

The two mountains had three majestic words hung between it which was shrouded in fog, "Heavenly Mortal Sect".

Just looking at these two mountains, there was still an imposing aura about the Heavenly Mortal Sect. However, with the addition of the dried up swamp and the surrounding, one could tell how wretched the Heavenly Mortal Sect truly was.

Without mentioning about how thin the layer of G.o.d spiritual energy the surrounding had, even the periphery of the Lightning Sword Manor had much denser G.o.d spiritual energy than this place. Even if he were to look at the two mountains, Mo Wuji had honestly rarely seen any sect in the Cultivation World with only two mountains.

Even the poorest sect had at least nine mountains right? Most sects would even have up to thousands of mountains belonging to themselves.

This was truly Mo Wuji’s first time seeing a sect with only two mountains.

"How is it? Our Heavenly Mortal Sect is very imposing right? Let’s go, follow me into the sect," Wei Jie kept the flying s.h.i.+p as he introduced it loftily before walking forward. He didn’t even notice that all the recruited disciples except Ku Cai had a disappointed expression on their faces.

[1]: Ku Cai is the hanyupinyin of bitter vegetables; which was why Mo Wuji found the name slightly odd.

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Chapter 890: The Odd G.o.d Spiritual Energy

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From the outside, the Heavenly Mortal Sect looked as though they only had two mountains and nothing else. However, after Mo Wuji entered the sect itself, he could sense how extraordinary this sect used to be.

After entering the defensive array, a few metres wide green jade stairs extended to the mountain. From the foot of the mountain to the summit were all sorts of immortal residences and rest houses built on it. If it weren’t for the fact that these were the only two mountains around, this sect would definitely have the aura of a powerful sect.

The only point that wasn’t coordinated was the slightly dilapidated green jade stairs. Moreover, the G.o.d spiritual energy here was extremely spa.r.s.e to the point that was even worse than an ordinary city of the Cultivation World.

There was a true plaza at the foot of the mountain and in the centre of the plaza was a towering statue. The statue looked slightly broken as if it had been through endless of hards.h.i.+ps.

"Mo Wuji, the eyes of this statue looked slightly like yours," Yin Lin suddenly mentioned.

Mo Wuji had already noticed the pair of eyes on this statue and indeed felt that it looked like his.

Before Mo Wuji could speak, a middle-aged man in grey robe had already brought four people as they walked speedily down the green jade stairs.

Mo Wuji couldn’t tell this middle-aged man but he could feel the tremendous strength of this man. In fact, Mo Wuji suspected that he might be even stronger than Xi Jing.

"Wei Jie (Su Xia) greets the Sect Head!" Wei Jie and Su Xia, who were leading the way, hurried to bow to show their respect as they saw this middle-aged man walking down.

Mo Wuji and co. were shocked because they didn’t expect the sect head to be out here to welcome the few newcomers like themselves. Wasn’t such a thing unseen or unheard of since ancient times?

The middle-aged man laughed out loud as he hurried to take a few more steps forward to hold Wei Jie back up. "It must have been tough of Elder Wei Jie and Su Xia to be recruiting disciples this time around."

Wei Jie replied with a guilty face. "I’ve let Sect Head down because I’ve only managed to find six new disciples this time around."

The middle-aged man said. "Elder Wei Jie, as compared to the previous few attempts where we didn’t even manage to recruit a single disciple, six is much better than nothing."

"This is the sect head of our Heavenly Mortal Sect. Why are the few of you still standing around and not greeting our Sect Head?" Wei Jie turned and shouted at Mo Wuji and co."

Mo Wuji followed the rest of the disciples as everyone bowed in sync.

The middle-aged man waved his hand as he said with a bright smile on his face. "My name is s.h.i.+ Su and I am the Sect Head of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. These people beside me are the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Elder Pang Fengban, Elder Xu Yi, Elder Hui Yu and Elder Niu Zhitian respectively. In the Heavenly Mortal Sect, we're one big family. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding cultivation, you are free to ask any of us."

"Many thanks, Sect Head!" Even though Mo Wuji and co. had no idea what was going on, they harmonized their grat.i.tude perfectly.

To welcome the few newly recruited disciples, the sect head brought the elders down to greet them. Additionally, he even mentioned that they could ask any of the elders and sect head himself if they had any questions in the future. This was simply a treatment received by the number one disciples of a sect.

"Su Xia, I have to trouble you to help arrange the residences of these newly recruited disciples before briefing them about some matters of the sect. Elder Wei Jie, you’ve worked hard this time around. Do head towards the sect’s Cultivation Holyland to cultivate for half a year." s.h.i.+ Su was still smiling and it almost felt like he was incredibly ecstatic to have recruited six new disciples.

"Many thanks, Sect Head." Wei Jie smiled as he hurried straight up the green jade stairs and disappeared right before the sect head’s eyes.

Mo Wuji was slightly speechless because this sect head really didn’t feel like the sect head while the elders didn’t feel like elders of any other sects. He started to wonder if he was actually kidnapped by these random people.

Could it be that these fellas were like Zhu Yin, who liked to swallow cultivator’s primordial spirit and soul to cultivate? However, the few of them were unwanted disciples so even if the sect swallowed their primordial spirits, it shouldn’t be much of a use or benefit to them.

After Sect Head s.h.i.+ Su left with the few elders, Mo Wuji whispered, "Senior Sister Su Xia, how many members are in our sect?"

Ever since they arrived here, Mo Wuji hadn’t really seen anyone else except the sect head and the few elders he brought along.

"Including the few of you, I believe we should be reaching about 100 members now." Su Xia replied with a smile.

Mo Wuji and co. were instantly at loss for words. How wretched must a sect be to have less than a hundred members?

Su Xia knew how everyone felt upon hearing that so she didn’t continue to say anything else. The truth was that when she first joined the Heavenly Mortal Sect, she felt even worse than Mo Wuji and co. presently. Back then, the Heavenly Mortal Sect didn’t even have 50 members. Over the years, they managed to increase by multiples of tens. If she were to compare it with the past, the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s progress was actually pretty decent.

"Sister Su Xia, the Heavenly Mortal Sect does look very imposing and I’m certain that it must have been a huge sect in the past. How did it fall to a state like today’s? Yin Lin disrupted the awkward silence in the air.

Su Xia explained, "I’ve heard that the Heavenly Mortal Sect used to be one of the peak grade sects. In fact, it was even greater than Phecda G.o.d Sect as well as the Forgotten Creek Dao School. For some unknown reason, a change occurred and amidst the change, the Heavenly Mortal Sect suffered tremendous losses and almost our entire army fell. The many mountains of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were eventually s.h.i.+fted away by others.

Fortunately, Ancestor Pang Jie survived and even though he was only an outer disciple, he was extremely capable. He single-handedly prevented the complete extermination of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Our current sect head was indeed Ancestor Pang Jie’s direct disciple. Elder Pang Fengban was also the descendant of Ancestor Pang Jie. Also, there's a reason why the G.o.d spiritual energy here was so spa.r.s.e and almost n.o.body was willing to come here. That was due to the fact that many of our G.o.d spiritual veins had been extracted out by others after that ma.s.sive war."

Regardless of how incredible Su Xia described the Heavenly Mortal Sect was in the past, they could only describe the current Heavenly Mortal Sect as down and out.

What made Mo Wuji feel slightly better was that even though the immortal residences weren’t very luxurious, they were pretty impressive.

After entering the sect, everyone realised something. Despite the fact that Mo Wuji was accepted as an inner disciple, all disciples here were treated equally.

Not only did Mo Wuji get a.s.signed to an immortal residence in good condition, there was even a herbal field for him.

As for the important Scriptures Library, a.s.signment Hall, Technique Transference Hall and etc, the Heavenly Mortal Sect had neither of them.

Whether you were a direct disciple or inner disciple, you wouldn’t need to complete a.s.signments. Naturally, there wouldn’t be any pills or technique for you to collect.

It felt like Mo Wuji and co. were recruited into the Heavenly Mortal Sect only to increase their numbers.

Mo Wuji asked around and he found out that the Heavenly Mortal Sect allowed their members to leave the mountains at will. This meant to say that they could leave the sect’s territory anytime as long as they didn’t quit the sect permanently. This made Mo Wuji heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Because of the spa.r.s.e G.o.d spiritual energy here at the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji had just moved into his immortal residence but Yin Lin and co. had already come looking for him. They were asking if he wanted to leave the sect to look for cultivation resources with them.

While the immortal residences here at the Heavenly Mortal Sect was really impressive, they came here to cultivate and not to stay at the residence. Since they couldn’t cultivate here, heading out to find cultivation resources to cultivate was what they needed to do.

Mo Wuji rejected Yin Lin and co.’s suggestion because he still had some immortal veins and green crystals on him. He decided to step into the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage first before thinking of a way to become a Nascent G.o.d. Unless he stepped into the Nascent G.o.d Stage, he wouldn’t leave this place. This was the G.o.d Domain where the laws of Heaven and Earth were much greater than the Immortal World. Mo Wuji believed that even with the lack of abundant cultivation resources, he would be able to advance into the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage.

The greatest benefit in the Heavenly Mortal Sect was the freedom Mo Wuji had. He installed a few defensive arrays and concealment arrays around his immortal residence. This was his preparation to enter secluded cultivation.

He cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique which required all 108 meridians to circulate spiritual energy simultaneously. Even if the G.o.d spiritual energy here was spa.r.s.e, his cultivation would still cause a great commotion. He really didn’t want anyone to find out about his cultivation secret so he chose to install a series of different arrays around his immortal residence.

As for spirit gathering array, Mo Wuji didn’t bother installing any. He believed that due to the spa.r.s.e G.o.d spiritual energy here, it wouldn’t matter whether he installed it or not.

Mo Wuji didn’t start by taking out the immortal crystals and immortal spiritual veins. He intended to try cultivating to see how spa.r.s.e was the level of G.o.d spiritual energy here.

When Mo Wuji started forming circulations with his 108 meridians, he was completely dumbfounded.

A frightening amount of G.o.d spiritual energy appeared as though it emerged out of thin air. It surged towards his meridians before fusing with all 108 circulations. The extent of cultivation here was definitely more than ten folds greater than when he cultivated at the Lightning Sword Manor.

Mo Wuji was so astonished that he stopped cultivating. The frightening rate of G.o.d spiritual energy absorption was simply beyond his wildest imaginations.

When he stopped cultivating, the G.o.d spiritual energy seemed like it suddenly disappeared. Following that, the G.o.d spiritual energy in the entire s.p.a.ce around him turned spa.r.s.e again.

Could it be because of his own Immortal Mortal Technique, he could absorb the dense G.o.d spiritual energy which others couldn’t even see or feel?

If this was true, he would have truly found the right place and Mo Wuji was understandably very excited.

Fortunately, he was also a sect head of a sect and was well experienced. When he finally calmed himself down, he started to install more defensive arrays again. Multiple spirit concealment arrays were installed as he was worried that his absorption of G.o.d spiritual energy would be so immense that others would notice.

The second time Mo Wuji started cultivating, he was much more cautious. No matter how cautious he was, Mo Wuji entered the state of indulgence very quickly after he started cultivating under such circ.u.mstances.

This was already the seventh month Mo Wuji started his secluded cultivation. In the sect head’s hall of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Sect Head s.h.i.+ Su sat down. Other than the four elders who followed him the previous time, Wei Jie, Su Xia and the other disciples which Mo Wuji and co. had not seen before were all seated in the hall.

"While everyone else is under closed doors cultivation, I’ve invited everyone here because there are some matters which my Heavenly Mortal Sect is unable to avoid." s.h.i.+ Su said with a lack of energy.

"Sect Head, please go ahead and tell us. Even though our Heavenly Mortal Sect is down and out, we wouldn’t be exterminated as long as there are still members here." Wei Jie said so convincingly he was only lacking the act of the patting of his chest.

s.h.i.+ Su nodded, "Su Xia, how are the six disciples who had most recently joined us?"

Su Xia stood up hurriedly, "Yin Lin and Di Butong had just returned to the sect and I’ve heard that Pu Jia got into an accident. Ever since Mo Wuji arrived at the sect, he had been behind closed doors. Ku Cai didn’t go into seclusion and she appeared slightly eccentric as if she had no idea what she should be doing."

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Chapter 891: Stepping into Nascent G.o.d Stage

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"Bring them over then," s.h.i.+ Su ordered.

"Roger that!" Su Xia bowed and backed out of the hall.

The seated Wei Jie started feeling uneasy about this matter. He somehow knew that this was related to the incubation of the G.o.d Domain Nest.

The G.o.d Domain was vast and boundless but the laws were extremely stable. There was never once when the domain was unstable and in fact, it even kept expanding.

The area which expanded out from the G.o.d Domain was called the G.o.d Domain Nest. Every time the area expanded outwards, there would be a unique name tagged to it called the G.o.d Domain Nest incubation.

Once the G.o.d Domain Nest underwent incubation, countless peak grade treasures would appear. Other than the ma.s.sive amount of ores and peak grade G.o.d spiritual herbs piled up like mountains, there were even all sorts of heaven-splitting treasures.

Every time the G.o.d Domain Nest incubated, it would be during times of bloodied war in the G.o.d Domain. It was also considered the feast of experts here.

Because the G.o.d Domain Nest constantly incubated, the surface area of the G.o.d Domain kept expanding continually. Experts in the G.o.d Domain believed that the G.o.d Domain was an incomplete world domain. Once the world domain had formed up completely, the G.o.d Domain would be even more stable and the laws would be even stronger.

The only problem was that everytime the G.o.d Domain incubated, countless peak grade experts would perish. Moreover, it would make the strong grow even stronger and weak become even weaker. This wasn’t something beneficial to the G.o.d Domain. Later on, the ten great G.o.d Kings of the G.o.d Domain gathered as they came to a consensus.

Their decision was that everytime the G.o.d Domain incubated, everyone in the G.o.d Domain would have the opportunity to partake in the collection of treasures. It wouldn’t be an individual partic.i.p.ation but by their sect.

The partic.i.p.ation qualification would be decided from the battles between disciples of the various sects. After all, the battle between experts would always result in severe injuries and incite more violence between sects. Therefore, the ten great G.o.d Kings decided to hand the battles to the disciples of sects. Those partic.i.p.ating in the fight must not be above the Heavenly G.o.d Stage. Once you’ve surpa.s.sed the Heavenly G.o.d Stage and reached the G.o.d Monarch Stage, you would already be considered a victor. A person like this would not be allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the fight between disciples.

Everytime the incubation occurred, there would be a specific warning sign and time before it. This time around, all the various sects were already made known of it. This was also the reason why a few months ago, all the sects started to recruit more disciples. They wanted to prepare themselves for the battle for the G.o.d Domain Nest.

The Heavenly Mortal Sect had never intended to partic.i.p.ate in such battles. Whether it was the sect head or the disciples, none of them felt that they should take part in such battles.

But, this time around, the ten great G.o.d Kings announced an additional rule. It stated that every sect in the G.o.d Domain must partic.i.p.ate in the fight for the G.o.d Domain Nest. As for the reason, the Heavenly Mortal Sect wasn’t qualified enough to know.

Because he knew of all these beforehand, Wei Jie felt uneasy. Only he knew how he recruited the six new disciples. Instead of saying recruited, the word ‘duped’ would be more appropriate.

Now that the sect head asked Su Xia to bring the newly recruited disciples here, it was certainly to test their apt.i.tudes and abilities. Once he tested them, everything would be exposed.

Some of the newly recruited disciples were still of decent cultivation level. Only Mo Wuji’s cultivation level was a spectacle too horrible to endure.

Having cultivated for over half a year, Mo Wuji was completely unaware of how long he had been in seclusion. The more he cultivated, the more confident he grew. Four months ago, he had already managed to enter the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. Even at the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage, he was still able to increase his cultivation rapidly.

At a moment like this, Mo Wuji would definitely not want to leave his seclusion unless someone used a magic treasure to attack him.

Mo Wuji was continually enlightening more laws and the laws of his sacred arts had started to change gradually. This was already the seventh month since Mo Wuji stepped into the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. Mo Wuji was constantly absorbing an insane amount of G.o.d spiritual energy to increase his cultivation level while perfecting the laws of his sacred art.

"Boom!" An alarm that sounded like exploding lightnings sounded within Mo Wuji’s will. Presently, Mo Wuji felt different as though his entire body was emptied.

If someone from the outside were to look at Mo Wuji now, he would be able to see that Mo Wuji had infinite laws of dao flickering and revolving around his body. Concurrently, the energy around Mo Wuji was continuously on the rise and he was certainly exuding a mighty aura.

These laws of dao were continually entering Mo Wuji’s body and his aura would disappear together with the laws of dao. In other words, he was becoming more ordinary by the minute.

"Kacha!" Mo Wuji’s original laws of his sacred arts started to break apart while the new dao laws of his sacred arts started to form up. An incomparable mightiness surged up Mo Wuji’s mind and he suddenly opened his eyes excitedly.

Initially, he was intending to look for resources which could aid his cultivation towards the Nascent G.o.d Stage after reaching the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage.

What he didn’t expect was that under the laws of the G.o.d Domain, he actually started to gain enlightenment on a new set of laws of Heaven and Earth. The brand new set of laws made him reluctant to give up as he continued to cultivate and perfected his own Grand Dao Laws.

On the seventh month, he managed to break out of the Immortal Emperor shackles naturally as he took a step into the first level of the Nascent G.o.d Stage. In his Immortal Mortal Technique manual, the term Nascent G.o.d was merely an address. Whether it was Nascent G.o.d or any other names, he would breakthrough the moment he reached the extreme.

Mo Wuji couldn’t help but felt excited because he knew clearly what the Nascent G.o.d Stage meant for him. What Immortal Emperor, what Dao Emperor, what Half-Sage… these were all imaginary. These were terms for cultivators, who couldn’t progress any further, to comfort themselves with.

His current Nascent G.o.d Stage, was certainly a legitimate stage and was definitely not an exaggeration.

After advancing into the Nascent G.o.d Stage, Mo Wuji wanted to halt his cultivation to leave his seclusion to take a look outside. However, as he stepped into the Nascent G.o.d Stage, immensely dense G.o.d spiritual energy swept over and he could no longer bear to leave.

As his Immortal Mortal Technique was in full force, G.o.d spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth started enveloping him. Mo Wuji felt as though he had opened up a magical pandora box and was incredibly difficult to stop himself from cultivating at an insane rate.


On the other mountain at the Heavenly Mortal Sect, a skinny middle-aged man had his eyes shut. If it wasn’t for the slight fluctuations in the energy around him, others might be convinced that he was a dead man.

At the instance Mo Wuji broke through the Immortal Emperor Stage and stepped into the Nascent G.o.d Stage, the skinny man opened his eyes abruptly. He raised his head to take a look shockingly before shutting his eyes again.

At this moment, he could actually feel a sudden emergence of dense G.o.d spiritual energy around the Heavenly Mortal Sect, where G.o.d spiritual energy had dried up for many years now. Not only was the G.o.d spiritual energy pure, it contained infinitely perfect laws of Heaven and Earth.

He personally witnessed how the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s G.o.d spiritual veins and G.o.d mountains were extracted away by others. He was well aware of why the G.o.d spiritual energy was spa.r.s.e here. The only reason why he didn’t leave the Heavenly Mortal Sect was because this was his root. Even if he was about to perish, he had to perish while protecting his own sect.

He was the sect head of the previous generation’s Heavenly Mortal Sect, Pang Jie.

The G.o.d spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth started to grow even denser and the laws were also becoming clearer by the minute. Pang Jie got excited as he had been stuck at level 9 of the Worldly G.o.d Stage for countless years. He wasn’t able to step into the G.o.d King Stage because he lacked a peak grade cultivation area with dense G.o.d spiritual energy as well as perfect and clear laws of Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, what he was lacking for many years was presented right in front of him.

Regardless of where this energy came from, Pang Jie couldn’t help but to start cultivating. Once he cultivated the Heavenly Mortal Technique, dense spiritual energy started forming circulations around his body. His Grand Dao was started to perfect itself using the clear laws of Heaven and Earth presented to him.

"Boom boom boom!" A series of wild explosions were heard from above Pang Jie’s head. Pang Jie was neither depressed nor elated as he completely cleansed his decayed energy swiftly. His life force got increasingly exuberant, sacred art laws started clearing up and his primordial spirit became increasingly resounding.

Heavenly Mortal Sect’s hall was where Su Xia brought three disciples in.

Standing in the center of the hall, Su Xia bowed. "Sect Head, except Junior Brother Mo Wuji who was still in seclusion, Yin Lin, Di Butong and Ku Cai are all here."

"Greetings Sect Head, greetings elders," Yin Lin and co. hurried to bow to everyone in the hall.

s.h.i.+ Su looked doubtfully at Su Xia as he spoke. "The G.o.d spiritual energy here is so spa.r.s.e so why is Mo Wuji cultivating behind closed doors for so long?"

Su Xia replied hurriedly. "I believe that it is because Junior Brother Mo has a low cultivation level to begin with. Therefore, even the spa.r.s.e G.o.d spiritual energy here should be of some benefits to him."

"Yes, that Mo Wuji’s talent is only average so I merely made him an inner disciple," Wei Jie decided to settle one at a time. He shall use the excuse that Mo Wuji had the worst talent among the rest of them first. Later on, he would continue finding excuses for the other disciples.

s.h.i.+ Su didn’t mind the words of Su Xia because he already knew that Wei Jie wouldn’t be able to recruit extremely talented disciples. He looked at the other three disciples. "All of you are disciples of the Heavenly Mortal Sect so you have to be confident and there’s no need for you to worry. Come, the three of you shall go and test out your apt.i.tude."

A white jade magic treasure for the test was already installed in the middle of the hall. To test for apt.i.tude in the G.o.d World, one simply needed to sit on this tester before cultivating at full force.

Noticing that Di Butong and Ku Cai were slightly astonished, the usually optimistic Yin Lin took the initiative. "Let me go first."

Having said that, she immediately sat on the white jade magic treasure and started cultivating.

Even though cultivators in the Cultivation World, Immortal World or G.o.d World called it spiritual roots, the essence of it would be different. After cultivators from the Cultivation World ascended into the Immortal World, their spiritual roots would turn into immortal spiritual roots. After reaching the G.o.d Domain, their spiritual roots would turn into G.o.d spiritual roots.

Even though many cultivators had peak grade spiritual roots in the Cultivation World, not all of them would have peak grade immortal spiritual roots. If the transformation of the spiritual roots to immortal spiritual roots weren’t complete, they would be considered as cultivators with average immortal spiritual roots. Naturally, those whose spiritual roots were transformed well would have greater apt.i.tude in the next world.

Presently, there were about nine pillars as thick as an infant hand surrounding the white magic treasure. The middle pillar was black in colour while the remaining eight pillars were clear. The black pillar in the middle was used to test for spiritual roots. The more complete the transformation of spiritual roots were, the black pillar would turn into pure white colour. If the transformation wasn’t complete, the white would have some grey and the greater the grey, the more incomplete the transformation was. The eight pillars on the side were used to test for the attributes of the spiritual roots.

After Yin Lin sat down to start cultivating, the black pillar in the middle turned white. Very soon after, there was more grey colour induced within the white.

s.h.i.+ Su sighed but didn’t say anything. Yin Lin’s spiritual roots transformation was evidently not complete. With her level of apt.i.tude, it was no wonder she would choose to join the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

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Chapter 892: Battle of Grand Dao

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Yin Lin always knew that her spiritual roots were not of good quality. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have hovered around the Nascent G.o.d Stage for so many years. This was why she wasn’t particularly disappointed when she saw the result of her test.

After Yin Lin came down, Di Butong went forward to take his seat. His spiritual roots were similar to Yin Lin’s and even if some were to consider his to be slightly better than Yin Lin, the difference was really only marginal. The middle black pillar turned white and then similarly, many grey coloured marks were induced within it.

s.h.i.+ Su sighed and despite knowing that Wei Jie wasn’t able to recruit talented disciples, he still felt disappointed at how poor their apt.i.tudes were. He was no longer able to conceal his disappointment.

After Di Butong came down from the tester, s.h.i.+ Su turned to the shy Ku Cai. "Come and have yourself tested."

Su Xia was aware of Ku Cai’s character so when she saw that Ku Cai didn’t dare to step forward, she grabbed onto Ku Cai’s hand. "Junior Sister Ku Cai, the sect head is just like our family member and you are part of that family when you arrived here. Go and have yourself tested, you don’t have to worry about the result."

Ku Cai answered with a soft ‘en’ as she walked towards the magic treasure before cultivating.

A dazzling white light exploded from the black pillar and on the surface, it looked like a black cloth covered it. It suddenly became pure white colour and this white colour was even emitting faint radiance.

The eight other pillars were also pure white in colour. As compared to the white on the previously black pillar, the white colour on the eight pillars was evidently lacking a sort of dao spirituality.

s.h.i.+ Su stepped forward excitedly as he almost wanted to grab Ku Cai.

"This is the stainless spiritual root…" An elder muttered to himself and even his hand was trembling.

In the G.o.d Domain, there were all sorts of spiritual roots. There were many varieties of peak grade spiritual roots but the stainless roots were definitely the greatest peak grade spiritual roots.

When tested using the magic treasure, any peak grade spiritual roots would reveal some faint traces of grey. Naturally, some of the insignificant grey traces would be neglected most of the time.

Where there was not even a single shadow of grey and was even emitting faint radiance, only one type of spiritual roots matched Ku Cai’s ones. It was the stainless spiritual roots.

No matter how the stainless spiritual roots came about, it wouldn’t change. For example, a cultivator in the Immortal World with stainless spiritual roots would continue having the stainless spiritual roots in the G.o.d World. Only a minute few people in the entire world would have such unchangeable spirit roots.

"Elder Wei Jie, thank you, thank you…" s.h.i.+ Su grabbed onto the astonished looking Wei Jie and was beyond thankful.

Cultivators with stainless spiritual roots might not even exist in peak grade sects in the G.o.d World. Any sect with disciples carrying the stainless spiritual roots would definitely be the number one disciple of the sect; the person that the sect would be fully focused on to nurture. In other words, if the other sects found out about Ku Cai’s stainless spiritual roots, she would be the target everyone fights for.

While Wei Jie was preparing an excuse for himself, he didn’t expect that he actually found a disciple with the stainless spiritual roots. He came back to his senses as he said seriously, "To bring Ku Cai back to the sect, I’ve tried many methods. Fortunately, it all turned out well for us."

"Something’s not right, take a look at her spiritual roots attribute…" Elder Xu Yi exclaimed out a sudden.

Even without Elder Xu Yi’s exclaim, everyone’s eyes landed on the eight purely white coloured pillars.

These eight pure white pillars actually turned into black coloured and one of them was even blue in colour.

"What is going on? What attribute does the black colour refer to?" Everyone exchanged glances with each other as they were completely dumbfounded at the sight of the black colour. They were aware that the blue colour indicates the presence of lightning attribute spiritual roots.

If Ku Cai’s test didn’t reveal the black colour and only blue, the entire Heavenly Mortal Sect would be jumping in joy. Now that the attributes showed black, everyone started feeling uneasy.

"I know why it is black in colour." Pang Fengban stood up abruptly. Not only was he an elder of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, he was also the descendant of Pang Jie.

"Elder Pang, what is going on?" s.h.i.+ Su asked anxiously as he was the most concerned. With a talent like Ku Cai in the Heavenly Mortal Sect, they would most likely be able to regain its past glory.

Pang Fengban answered, "Back then, my grandfather told me that in the ancient times, cultivators only had two types of spiritual roots."

"There should be eight types of spiritual roots, how could it be only two?" A few of the elders commented simultaneously.

Even though there were questions, n.o.body suspected Pang Fengban’s words. This was because he was indeed the grandson of the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Pang Jie. Pang Jie was only an outer disciple back then but if it wasn’t for Pang Jie, the Heavenly Mortal Sect would have disappeared into the books of history.

Pang Fengban continued, "It is also right to say that there are eight types because there are indeed eight types in the G.o.d Domain now. In the ancient times, there were only two types of spiritual roots namely the light and dark spiritual roots. Among which, the light spiritual roots were divided into metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning and ice while the dark spiritual roots remained as only dark. According to this explanation, there should be nine types of spiritual roots inclusive of the dark spiritual roots.

"Elder Pang, are you saying that Ku Cai’s spiritual roots are a mixture of both dark and lightning?" s.h.i.+ Su asked shockingly.

Pang Fengban nodded, "Indeed, because that middle pillar definitely proved that she had dark spiritual roots. The only thing that is troubling me is that I’ve heard that dark spiritual roots shouldn’t coexist with other spiritual roots, let alone lightning spiritual roots."

"But we’ve never heard of any dark spiritual roots before?" Elder Xu Yi frowned and while his cultivation was not high, he was quite experienced. Given the number of years he had stayed in the G.o.d Domain, he should have heard of at least one example of a dark spiritual roots right?

Pang Fengban explained, "My grandfather told me before that dark spiritual roots exist within the vast universe and shouldn’t be on the same plane as our G.o.d Domain. This meant to say that in the plane where we are on, there aren’t any dark spiritual roots. Ku Cai has dark spiritual roots so the only explanation would be that she didn’t come from the same plane as we did."

"Alien cultivator?" Everyone exchanged even more frightened looks.

If there was still an existence in the G.o.d Domain which everyone was afraid of and wished to kill, it would be alien cultivators.

Whether cultivators ascended from the Immortal World, Magic World, Demon World or any other worlds, everyone were still cultivators of the same plane.

For cultivator of the same plane, even with the grading of worlds, those who cultivated to the limit before ascending would have the same system in them. Ever since a long time ago, all the planes in the G.o.d Domain were named as the Seven World Planes. However, whether you’re in the G.o.d Domain or a world beneath the G.o.d Domain, everyone would still be on the same plane. There were no comparisons to be made so n.o.body bothered to find out what their planes were called.

Alien cultivators were different as they didn’t come from any one of the Seven World Planes. They came from a totally different plane where their system of cultivation, laws of sacred arts were all different. In other words, their understanding of their Grand Dao was completely different from everyone else.

There was once when an alien cultivator arrived at the Seven World Planes and appeared in the G.o.d Domain. After finding out that the cultivation system was completely different from his understanding, he developed an idea to establish his own cultivation system here in the Seven World Planes.

Naturally, no cultivators in the Seven World Planes would accept an idea like this.

Eventually, there was a heaven trembling war called the Battle of Grand Dao. Rumours spread that after that war, there were more than millions of G.o.d Kings of our G.o.d Domain perished.

Presently, the entire G.o.d Domain didn’t even have a hundred G.o.d Kings. Try thinking what would signify of our future when those millions of G.o.d Kings perished back then?

Fortunately, the experts of the Seven World Planes managed to strip all the power of this alien cultivator before slaughtering him.

Even so, the G.o.d Domain failed to produce many G.o.d Kings even after so many years.

After that incident, alien cultivators became the taboo of the G.o.d Domain. One could imagine how perilous the situation would be if another alien cultivator were to appear on the Seven World Planes.

Today, an alien cultivator appeared in the Heavenly Mortal Sect. What were the chances the Heavenly Mortal Sect could continue existing?

Everyone started thinking the same way: Kill Ku Cai. As long as Ku Cai was dead, the appearance of Ku Cai in their sect would never be exposed.

s.h.i.+ Su was incredibly stressed out. The Heavenly Mortal Sect finally had a supreme talent but they had no other choice except to kill her. This was simply…

Everyone felt the need to kill Ku Cai but n.o.body was willing to voice out this idea; n.o.body would be willing to do it as well.

There were not many people in the Heavenly Mortal Sect and even though the G.o.d spiritual energy here was spa.r.s.e, everyone led a peaceful life. This was because everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect believed that once we entered the sect, everyone would be part of a big family.

Just as everyone had no idea on what to do about Ku Cai, intense sounds of thunders could be heard from outside the sect.

s.h.i.+ Su heard the sounds and shouted angrily, "My Heavenly Mortal Sect was indeed down and out and we will not head out to fight for anything. However, to treat my Heavenly Mortal Sect as an existence to trample your foot on, we would defend our pride until the very end even if we were to perish."

Having said that, s.h.i.+ Su’s body flashed and he had darted out of the sect’s hall.

The remaining elders rushed out one after the other because everyone knew what the Sect Head was fuming about. Someone actually dared to undergo lightning tribulation here at their Heavenly Mortal Sect. This was simply unacceptable.

Yin Lin looked at Ku Cai, who was still cultivating and sighed. She had heard of the story of alien cultivators and as much as she wanted to help Ku Cai, there was almost nothing she could do.

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Chapter 893: Ku Cai’s Plead

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Mo Wuji felt mightily comfortable in the Nascent G.o.d Stage Level 1. He desperately wanted to fight another expert in the Nascent G.o.d Stage to test the limits of his new strength. Besides this, he also wanted to test his various sacred arts. After his laws had strengthened, the powers of his sacred arts must have improved significantly as well.

At this moment, exploding thunders could be heard from outside. The explosion was so deafening and there were fluctuations in the laws of Heaven and Earth. Evidently, someone was undergoing his tribulation here and this fella must be pretty strong. Mo Wuji even suspected that this person was so strong that Mo Wuji couldn’t even hold a candle to him.

After entering the Nascent G.o.d Stage, Mo Wuji’s rate of cultivation had slowed down. Now that someone was actually undergoing a tribulation in the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji no longer had any motivation to continue cultivating. Once Mo Wuji packed his items, he kept the array flags before opening up the defensive array.

Before Mo Wuji even walked out of his small garden, a skinny silhouette darted towards him.

"Junior Sister Ku Cai?" Mo Wuji looked curiously at the incoming small girl. Ku Cai looked as though she lacked nutrition because her hair was not only spa.r.s.e, they were slightly yellow too.

In the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji only had seniority over Ku Cai. Out of the six disciples which Wei Jie recruited, the first four were Mo Wuji’s senior sisters and brothers. Only Ku Cai was younger than him and also the last to be recruited which was why she could be considered as Mo Wuji’s junior sister.

"Senior Brother Wuji, save me." Ku Cai knelt on the floor immediately after pleading.

Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at Ku Cai because if Ku Cai’s life was in danger, his life would also be in danger. If this was true, how was he supposed to help Ku Cai? Furthermore, not only was the G.o.d spiritual energy here in the Heavenly Mortal Sect spa.r.s.e, the people around were also very loving. n.o.body would actually bully Ku Cai right?

As he took a step to think about this possibility, Mo Wuji realised that Ku Cai wouldn’t come pleading him even if someone was bullying her. From the very beginning, he didn’t even share a conversation with Ku Cai before. In other words, the two of them were not familiar with each other so why would Ku Cai plead for his help?

"Stand up and tell me what had happened?" Mo Wuji lifted his head to look at the dark clouds overhead. Someone was really undergoing his tribulation here.

Ku Cai didn’t say anything as she said while tears rolled down her cheeks. "The Sect Head wants to kill me…"

Mo Wuji was shocked because if the Sect Head wanted to kill Ku Cai for whatever reason, Mo Wuji wouldn’t be able to save Ku Cai. Moreover, the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Sect Head s.h.i.+ Su looked lenient and understanding so why would he want to kill an ant-like disciple like Ku Cai?

"It’s my grandfather! My grandfather didn’t perish…" As they dashed out of the sect, everyone saw the cultivator undergoing the tribulation in the dried up swamp. Pang Fengban was the one shouting in great excitement.

"It’s master…" s.h.i.+ Su was equally as excited and emotional.

Everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect couldn’t help themselves as all their eyes turned red. All the elders knew Pang Jie because he was Pang Fengban’s grandfather and also because he was the greatest savior of the sect. He contributed the most to prevent the Heavenly Mortal Sect from extermination. Despite not bringing the Heavenly Mortal Sect back into its glory days, preventing complete extermination of the sect was an extremely important contribution.

The reason why Pang Jie was unable to bring the Heavenly Mortal Sect back to its glory days was not that he was incapable but because he wasn’t strong enough.

Back then, Pang Jie was only in the Heavenly G.o.d Stage Level 9. It was already an incredible achievement for a mere Heavenly G.o.d Stage Level 9 expert to salvage the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s foundation. His success in holding onto to the sect’s foundation came entirely because of his own wisdom, courage and some luck.

When the G.o.d spiritual veins of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had been extracted away, the sect was equivalent to being wasted. Pang Jie wasn’t completely dispirited because of that as he grabbed a few survivors of the Heavenly Mortal Sect back. They were cultivating crazily while thinking of ways to rebuild the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

The Heavenly Mortal Sect wasn’t rebuilt but it wasn’t completely gone as well. However, Pang Jie stumbled upon an opportunity and managed to step into the G.o.d Monarch Stage. This wasn’t the end because after pacing back and forth in the G.o.d Monarch Stage for over 100 thousand years, he actually stepped into the Worldly G.o.d Stage.

100 thousand years from the G.o.d Monarch Stage to the Worldly G.o.d Stage was considered fast even for a core disciple. However, Pang Jie was merely an outer disciple.

The pity was that even after stepping into the Worldly G.o.d Stage, he still wasn’t considered as a powerful figure in the G.o.d Domain. The only good thing was that as a Worldly G.o.d, he finally had his own confidence.

Afterwards, no matter how hard Pang Jie worked, he was still stuck in the Worldly G.o.d Stage. Perhaps knowing that he would no longer be able to step into the G.o.d King Stage, he left the sect to his disciple s.h.i.+ Su before he left and never appeared again.

Everyone in the sect including s.h.i.+ Su and Pang Fengban believed that Pang Jie had perished a long time ago. Who would have expected that not only did Pang Jie not perish, he returned to the sect and even started his tribulation here...

How could anyone not get excited and emotional?

Many years ago, Ancestor Pang Jie was in the Worldly G.o.d Stage. Now that he was undergoing a tribulation, he would be a G.o.d King after this. How many sects in the G.o.d Domain had a G.o.d King with them?

In the G.o.d Domain, there were far too many sects with Worldly G.o.ds in them. However, only those renowned sects had the existence of a G.o.d King in them. The difference between the G.o.d King Stage and the Worldly G.o.d Stage was like a watershed. Who knew how many Worldly G.o.ds have spent countless years and still failed to enter the ranks of a G.o.d King?

"G.o.d King, G.o.d King…" s.h.i.+ Su muttered to himself.

My Heavenly Mortal Sect finally has a G.o.d King. With a G.o.d King, we would be a peak grade sect or rather, it would be hard for us not to become a peak grade sect.

All the elders were incomparably excited and even the newly recruited Yin Lin and Di Butong couldn’t contain their excitement.

If people knew that there was a G.o.d King in the Heavenly Mortal Sect, people would want to join the sect even if the G.o.d spiritual energy here was spa.r.s.e.

Not for any other reason but because there was a G.o.d King here.

The thunders continued to sound as the lightning bolts landed continually. Pang Jie constantly used his magic treasure to defend himself from the wrath of the lightning bolts. The energy around his body was becoming incredibly unstable as if it was about to break through a new shackle.

An insane lightning tribulation like this had eventually attracted a crowd of cultivators over. In just half a day, the periphery of the dried up swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect was filled with spectators.

A lot of cultivators even sat down to start gaining enlightenment from the changes in laws of Heaven and Earth induced from Pang Jie’s tribulation.

s.h.i.+ Su and co. noticed the crowd of experts around the swamp and started becoming anxious. But because they were simply too weak, they weren’t qualified enough to ask these people to leave.

At this moment, they knew they should sit down and gain enlightenment from the fluctuations in laws of Heaven and Earth induced by Ancestor Pang Jie. However, they didn’t have the mood to do so.

Mo Wuji heard the entire story from Ku Cai including the words of Pang Fengban. He was equally shocked that there was this story about alien cultivators. Moreover, he had also never heard about the dark spiritual roots before.

"Junior Sister Ku Cai, why did you thought of coming to me for help?" After a while, Mo Wuji questioned Ku Cai.

Ku Cai was stunned by Mo Wuji’s question. Why did she ask Mo Wuji for help? She didn’t even know Mo Wuji personally and Mo Wuji was the only inner disciple among all of them who were recruited this time around. The rest of them were at least recruited as a legacy disciple.

However, who else could she find if she didn’t find Mo Wuji? Out of the six newly recruited disciples, two hadn’t returned and no one knew if they were still alive. If Yin Lin and Di Butong wanted to help her, they would have talked to her. Other than Mo Wuji, she really had no one else to seek help from.

Mo Wuji understood Ku Cai’s thoughts as he grabbed onto the kneeling Ku Cai. He was equally as helpless in his heart.

"I’m sorry, Senior Brother Wuji," Ku Cai bowed slightly as she turned around gradually. Just because she spoke less didn’t mean that she was a fool. She knew most of the things around her but was only unwilling to express her thoughts openly.

She was slightly regretful that she didn’t listen to the words of her father. Her father once told her that she must not join any other sect or have her spiritual roots tested.

After cultivating to a bottleneck and was eventually unable to step into the Nascent G.o.d Stage, she really couldn’t control herself anymore. When she heard the news that many sects were recruiting disciples, she thought about it for a long time. When the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Wei Jie grabbed onto her, she couldn’t help herself but join the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

"What is the technique you cultivate with?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

"I cultivate the Laws of Darkness Technique and I regret not listening to my father’s words." Ku Cai replied sobbingly.

Mo Wuji was a master of cultivation technique and was the forefather of the Mortal Dao. His level of understanding wasn’t something Ku Cai could compare with but after hearing Ku Cai’s words, his heart moved. "Junior Sister Ku Cai, could you show me your cultivation technique?"

Ku Cai came to a halt as she looked doubtfully at Mo Wuji. After a few breaths worth of time, she nodded, "Yes I can."

Having said that, she handed Mo Wuji a crystal ball which she retrieved from her storage ring.

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will entered the crystal ball and a boundless darkness surged over. Under a darkness like this, everything disappeared. It felt like if even the strongest magic treasure would disappear if it ever landed in this darkness. A type of soul trembling dao spirituality revolved around Mo Wuji’s sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath as he started circulating his Immortal Mortal Technique. The dao revelation meridian fused with this crystal ball very soon after.

A completely different world of laws appeared in front of Mo Wuji. The extensive laws of dao spirituality made Mo Wuji couldn’t help himself as he took in yet another deep breath of cold air. Following which, sentence after sentence of mnemonic chants and dao spirituality of Grand Dao started appearing in his sea of consciousness ineffably…

Mo Wuji didn’t continue wandering in this Laws of Darkness crystal ball. Even though his cultivation level was low, he was a legitimate progenitor as he founded the Mortal Dao. He was much more capable than average cultivators in terms of the use of the laws of Heaven and Earth as well as some other dao laws.

Handing the crystal ball back to Ku Cai, Mo Wuji said, "Junior Sister Ku Cai, you said that the G.o.d Domain didn’t have any darkness attributed spiritual roots right? If there were no dark spiritual roots, it would likely mean that there are no dark attribute laws of Heaven and Earth here in the G.o.d Domain. Since there are none of such laws of Heaven and Earth here, you wouldn’t be able to reach the Nascent G.o.d Stage no matter how you cultivate. In order words, you would be unable to breakthrough to the Nascent G.o.d Stage regardless of which sect you joined and however high your apt.i.tude was."

This wasn’t rubbish made up by Mo Wuji because after coming into contact with Ku Cai’s crystal ball, he really did sense that there were no dark laws of Heaven and Earth here. Even though there was darkness, it was completely different from dark laws of Heaven and Earth.

"Ah…" Ku Cai was slightly shocked as she even forgot to take over the crystal ball. Without the dark laws, it would signify that as long as she was on this plane, she would never be able to break into the Nascent G.o.d Stage.

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Chapter 894: Heavenly Mortal Sect’s G.o.d King

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Mo Wuji suddenly said, "Didn’t you say you also have lightning attribute spiritual roots? Why didn’t you cultivate the lightning attribute technique?"

Ku Cai shook her head dejectedly, "It is not that I didn’t wish to cultivate but because my father only left me with this technique crystal ball. My father told me that the lightning attribute technique is far too expensive. The higher the grade, the more expensive it was and some of the great sects didn’t even have such techniques. I have no rights nor qualification to come into contact with such techniques."

Having said that, Ku Cai pushed the crystal ball back to Mo Wuji. "Senior Brother Wuji, I am going to be a dead person soon. This was the only item left behind by my father so I shall gift this to you."

Mo Wuji subconsciously took over the crystal ball as he was well aware of how incredible this crystal ball was. If he could control the Laws of Darkness and then deduced a Law of Darkness sacred art, his power would be frightening.

Earlier, Mo Wuji heard from Ku Cai that Pang Fengban talked about the many G.o.d Kings who attacked an alien cultivator and eventually suffered heavy losses. Why did they do so? Just because that alien cultivator’s Laws of Darkness was too strong? He had no relations with the dark spiritual roots and without mentioning the dark spiritual roots, Mo Wuji didn’t even any of the eight normal spiritual roots. Wasn’t he still able to cultivate with his Mortal Dao?

"My father says that the Laws of Darkness sacred arts are the strongest of them all. Once one could cultivate to the G.o.d King Stage, one would be able to be the strongest existence in the entire G.o.d World." Ku Cai seemed to have given up on her hope of pleading for help as she calmed herself down.

Mo Wuji said slowly, "Ku Cai, this darkness technique crystal ball is of great use to me so you would be helping me greatly by leaving it with me for the time being. How about this? I might not have any lightning attribute technique but I am proficient in lightning sacred arts. If you don’t mind, I can help you deduce a lightning attribute technique made especially for you."

Mo Wuji chose to keep this crystal ball with him not just because this crystal ball would be of great use to him. More importantly, Mo Wuji knew that if he left the crystal ball with Ku Cai, it would invite calamity. If experts used their spiritual will to scan through Ku Cai’s storage ring, Ku Cai would no longer have any privacy. Mo Wuji was different because he could place this crystal ball in his Undying World.

Unless they kill him and destroy his sea of consciousness, n.o.body would be aware of his Undying World.

"Senior Brother Mo, you are able to deduce technique?" Ku Cai stared shockingly at Mo Wuji. Just because she was an introvert, it didn’t mean that she was clueless. She was well aware as to what kind of people would be able to deduce techniques. Her father, or even her grandfather who barged into the G.o.d Domain many years ago, wouldn’t be able to deduce techniques.

"If you trust me, I would be able to deduce. However, I wouldn’t be certain of the grade of the technique I deduce." Mo Wuji answered honestly.

He was able to deduce the Immortal Mortal Technique, possessed the dao revelation channel and had vast experience with lightning attributes laws. As long as he knew Ku Cai’s spirit channels, he would be able to deduce a lightning technique out for her. The only uncertainty would be the grade of the technique he deduced.

"Big Brother Wuji, will your deduced technique allow me to step into the Nascent G.o.d Stage?" Ku Cai asked curiously. The way she addressed Mo Wuji seemed to have changed unknowingly.

Mo Wuji waved his hand and said confidently, "Don’t worry, I am certain you will be able to step into the Nascent G.o.d Stage."

Mo Wuji was a Nascent G.o.d himself now and while he was uncertain if his technique could allow her to step into the Heavenly G.o.d Stage, he was confident that the Nascent G.o.d Stage wouldn’t be a problem.

"May I ask Big Brother Wuji to help me deduce…" Ku Cai only completed half her sentence as she seemed to remember about her own fate. She shook her head and didn’t continue speaking.

Mo Wuji commented, "Ku Cai, many years ago, I was in greater danger than you were. However, I still made it out alive didn’t I? If the Sect Head truly wanted to kill you, would you have survived till now? Since he didn’t kill you on the spot, it meant that there was hesitation. If there was hesitation, it meant that you would still have hope. Listen and have faith in my words: If you don’t accept that your fate is predestined, you would still have a hope of living. If you accept that you will die today, you will not have any strands of hope left. Even if you are in front of a dead end, anything could still happen until the very end."

Ku Cai lifted her head as she stared convincingly at Mo Wuji, "Big Brother Mo, I shall listen to you."

"Boom boom! Ka! Ka! Kacha!" The lightning bolts grew denser and thicker. At this very moment, lightning radiance had covered almost the entire dried up swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

All the elders in the Heavenly Mortal Sect were watching on anxiously. There were plenty of experts who had failed their Worldly G.o.d tribulation and eventually perished.

"Ka!" Yet another thick lightning bolt landed and everyone at the Heavenly Mortal Sect held their breath. Following which, a mighty and vast energy surged into the sky as this energy instantly oppressed the entire s.p.a.ce around the dried up swamp.

The lightning bolts subsided as dao spirituality clouds started to clear up. Pang Jie emerged from the subsiding lightning bolts with an increasingly mighty aura. He almost felt like he was going to break through the horizon.

Everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect including s.h.i.+ Su fell to their knees and almost everyone had their eyes turned slightly reddish. There was finally a G.o.d King in the Heavenly Mortal Sect which signified that the Heavenly Mortal Sect would not remain as obscure as before.

"Congratulations Sect Head Pang on realising your G.o.d King Dao as you tower majestically above the G.o.d Domain…" Countless congratulations could be heard.

Following that, the dao spirituality clouds above Pang Jie’s head initially disappeared as the energy around his body started to be concealed. The G.o.d King energy wasn’t as evident as it was initially. Everyone knew that the G.o.d Domain had one additional G.o.d King from today onwards.

Pang Jie didn’t continue cultivating as he clasped his fists to all the spectating cultivators. "My Heavenly Mortal Sect would be organising a sect reopening ceremony as well as G.o.d King ritual 30 days later. All the fellow friends here are welcome to attend this ceremony at my Heavenly Mortal Sect."

Even though there were no G.o.d Kings among the spectating crowd of cultivators, everyone was well aware that Pang Jie was trying to tidy up the sect. 30 days later, there would be a brand new peak grade sect in the G.o.d Domain.

The crowd went on to congratulate Pang Jie and also indicated that they would be present 30 days later to attend the ceremony.

A few of the experts who had once taken items from the Heavenly Mortal Sect started trembling in fear. If the Heavenly Mortal Sect didn’t have any G.o.d King experts, those Worldly G.o.d experts wouldn’t fear even if they were to break the Heavenly Mortal Sect apart. Now that the Heavenly Mortal Sect had a G.o.d King, they would be doomed if the sect were to revisit what happened many years ago.

"Disciple s.h.i.+ Su greets Master." The moment Pang Jie walked out of the dried swamp, s.h.i.+ Su walked over towards him speedily.

Following Shu Su’s lead, the elders and remaining disciples started moving forward to greet Pang Jie.

Pang Jie swept his eyes across everyone before exclaiming. "Back then, my Heavenly Mortal Sect was also considered a peak grade sect. I cannot believe that it had fallen to this state today."

"Ancestor, now that you’ve become a G.o.d King, our Heavenly Mortal Sect would be able to regain our past glory." A few elders hurried to comment.

"Yes, grandfather. You are a G.o.d King now so our Heavenly Mortal Sect will return to what it used to be." Even up till now, Pang Fengban was still unable to believe what he just witnessed.

Pang Jie nodded his head as he lifted his head to stare at the two towering mountains. "The few of you are right. We shall get back everything and even more than what we lost many years ago. 30 days later, my Heavenly Mortal Sect shall feast with guest and reopen the sect’s hall. s.h.i.+ Su, settle this matter for me while I go stabilise my cultivation. After which, I will need to head out for a while."

"Yes," s.h.i.+ Su replied promptly. He was slightly hesitant as to whether he should inform Pang Jie about Ku Cai.

Pang Jie noticed s.h.i.+ Su’s hesitation so he asked faintly, "s.h.i.+ Su, you are my disciple. I’ve told you before that the Heavenly Mortal Sect will always be open and straightforward. If you have any issues, just let me know immediately."

"Yes, may I invite Sect Head to return to the sect’s hall." s.h.i.+ Su bowed respectfully.

Half an hour later, they arrived back at the sect’s hall. Pang Jie sat in the head’s seat while s.h.i.+ Su and the few elders hurried to sit on either side of him. Even though Ku Cai’s dark spiritual roots had stressed everyone out, the emergence of a G.o.d King in the Heavenly Mortal Sect got everyone excited again.

"Tell me about it." Pang Jie nodded at s.h.i.+ Su.

Throughout all these years, even though Pang Jie didn’t show his face, he had never stepped foot out of the Heavenly Mortal Sect before. He was well aware of what s.h.i.+ Su had done. In his opinion, he was very pleased with everything s.h.i.+ Su had done thus far.

The Heavenly Mortal Sect didn’t have a G.o.d King or even a Worldly G.o.d. s.h.i.+ Su’s plan to not expand the sect or let the sect possess any G.o.d spiritual energy was a very logical move.

"Yes," s.h.i.+ Su stood up, bowed and explained the entire Ku Cai’s incident.

Initially when Pang Jie heard that Ku Cai had a set of stainless spiritual roots, he was incomparably excited about the prospect. When he heard the later portion, his face became increasingly serious.

After s.h.i.+ Su finished his explanation, Pang Jie remained silent for a long while before speaking again. "Do you know what happened to the G.o.d Domain after that alien cultivator was encircled and killed in the G.o.d Domain?"

Without waiting for anyone to answer, Pang Jie continued, "Back then after that alien cultivator was killed, everyone wasn’t thinking about the Battle of Grand Dao. They were interested in a portion of a technique. That technique was the one left behind by that alien cultivator called the Laws of Darkness cultivation technique."

The crowd exchanged glances and everyone understood what Ancestor Pang Jie meant. If that alien cultivator was able to kill so many G.o.d Kings surrounding him at that point in time, one could imagine how powerful his cultivation technique was. With a technique like this, everyone would naturally fight for it.

Pang Jie sighed, "Who knew if that alien cultivator had planned to leave this Laws of Darkness technique behind? Even when that alien cultivator was killed, experts in the G.o.d Domain started fighting against each other for that technique. When they were fighting the alien cultivator, the s.p.a.ce in the G.o.d Domain was already becoming unstable. When everyone started fighting each other again, a tear in the G.o.d Domain finally appeared from all the fights. The originally depleted number of G.o.d Kings decreased significantly once again.

At that point, everyone went crazy as they drew out all sorts of magic treasures. For example, the Book of Luo, Qian Kun Cauldron, etc were all drawn out. Ai…"

As he recalled that terrifying battle, Pang Jie sighed once more. "Where is Ku Cai now?"

s.h.i.+ Su answered, "She went to the residence of the other disciple, Mo Wuji. She should be aware that we wanted to kill her so she panicked and pleaded for his help because she didn’t know anyone else."

s.h.i.+ Su shook his head because Mo Wuji was a rogue cultivator brought back by Wei Jie. He was deemed as being worse than Yin Lin and if it was the previous Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji wouldn’t even be qualified to be a service disciple. Ku Cai pleading for Mo Wuji’s help was probably because she had nowhere else to go.

"Bring her in then," Pang Jie ordered.

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Chapter 895: Speaking To Help

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"No, there must still be a problem here." Mo Wuji suddenly thought of a very serious problem.

"Big Brother Wuji, what is it?" The initially motivated Ku Cai became nervous once more.

Mo Wuji asked seriously, "When you were being tested back at the hall, didn’t you cultivate the technique in the crystal ball?"

"Big Brother Wuji, it is that technique for I only know one technique. Moreover, I only know a small portion of that technique which my father had taught me before. I am unable to comprehend the entire crystal ball." Ku Cai hurried to explain.

Mo Wuji replied in a solemn tone, "When you head back to the sect’s hall to explain yourself later, you mustn't tell them you know of this technique. In the future, you must not say you know of this technique too. Even if you wish to cultivate this technique, you must do it secretly…"

"But…" Ku Cai was in a slightly difficult position because she only knew one technique.

Mo Wuji shook his hand before Ku Cai could say out her thoughts. "Don’t worry about this, relax your heart and mind. I shall give you an ordinary technique first."

Even though the content of that crystal ball was vast and boundless, Mo Wuji sort of understand a little bit of it from just one look at it. In this short period of time, he might not be able to create any powerful technique for Ku Cai. However, he should still be able to teach a few spiritual circulation techniques to Ku Cai.

"I shall listen to you, Big Brother Wuji." Ku Cai started to relax her heart and mind after saying this.

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will landed in Ku Cai’s sea of consciousness and spirit channels. That was when he was truly astonished.

This was his first time seeing how stainless a spiritual roots could be as if there were no impurities at all. This would make his task much easier than when he was guiding his disciple Fu Jingfeng back then. In fact, Mo Wuji was easily able to find the most suitable spiritual circulation according to Ku Cai’s incredibly clean and stainless spirit channels.

Mo Wuji was well experienced in lightning attribute laws and even though he had just stepped into the Nascent G.o.d Stage, he wouldn’t be able to deduce a complete set of cultivation technique for Ku Cai. Having seen Ku Cai’s spirit channels clearly, it was an easily achievable task to help her deduce a few spiritual circulations in this short period of time.

In less than half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji managed to help Ku Cai deduced out five spiritual circulations for her spirit channels.

"Try it yourself." Mo Wuji taught Ku Cai the basics of spiritual circulations before handing her a pile of immortal crystals.

Ku Cai tried cultivating using the method Mo Wuji taught her and as she managed to form one circulation, she opened her eyes shockingly. "Big Brother Wuji, using your method of cultivating, it is much easier and faster than what I used to do."

While Ku Cai was cultivating, Mo Wuji could sense how terrifying her rate of absorption of the immortal energy was. He was inwardly praising how unbelievable the stainless spiritual roots were. If it wasn’t for the lack of dark laws here, Ku Cai would have already stepped into the Heavenly G.o.d Stage with her apt.i.tude.

"Go and have yourself tested again later. While being tested, use the circulation method I taught you. As for your origins, just say…"

Just as Mo Wuji was pondering as to what excuse Ku Cai should use, Ku Cai initiated, "Big Brother Wuji, my father had taught me before. I know what to say."

"Alright, your Laws of Darkness technique crystal ball is incredibly powerful. After I a.n.a.lysed it, I will teach you." Mo Wuji continued.

"I shall listen to Big Brother."

Just as Ku Cai said this, Su Xia’s voice could be heard from outside. "Wuji, Ku Cai, the Sect Head and Ancestor Pang Jie are waiting for the two of you at the sect’s hall. Let’s hurry over together."

Very soon, Mo Wuji and Ku Cai was brought into the hall by Su Xia. Mo Wuji found out that the previous generation Ancestor Pang Jie didn’t perish and had just underwent his tribulation to become a true G.o.d King. The Heavenly Mortal Sect would be hosting a reopening ceremony and G.o.d King ritual a month later.

"Disciple Mo Wuji and Ku Cai greets Ancestor, Sect Head and the elders." Mo Wuji took the initiative to help Ku Cai greet everyone in the hall.

Pang Jie looked like an ordinary looking middle aged cultivator. Even though his cultivation had yet to be stabilised, and there were still fluctuations in his energy, Mo Wuji concluded from his appearance that he shouldn’t be a hot tempered person.

Mo Wuji appeared natural and relaxed and wasn’t all too frightened to speak just because Pang Jie was a G.o.d King. This came as a huge surprise to Pang Jie himself.

However, one look at Mo Wuji’s dao spirituality and one could tell that he should be a cultivator with average apt.i.tude. Pang Jie’s eyes landed on Ku Cai as he asked, "Your name is Ku Cai?"

Ku Cai bowed shyly as she replied with a soft voice. "Replying Ancestor. Disciple’s name is indeed Ku Cai."

"Where did you come from? Where are your parents? Have you formally become an apprentice to any one?" Pang Jie spoke in a warm tone but no matter how warm his tone was, the aura of a G.o.d King had already frightened Ku Cai.

"My father and mother are both rogue cultivators and had perished a long time ago. I have no master and had always been alone." Ku Cai replied softly.

"Then where did your cultivation technique come from?" Pang Jie followed up with yet another question as his tone became even more strict.

Ku Cai s.h.i.+vered and answered fearfully, "It is an incomplete technique given by my father. I followed it accordingly to cultivate…"

"s.h.i.+ Su, bring out the magic treasure again. Let Ku Cai try cultivating it once more." Pang Jie said faintly.

"Yes," s.h.i.+ Su responded as he got people to bring out the white coloured magic treasure.

"Sit there and cultivate that incomplete technique of yours." Pang Jie nodded at Ku Cai.

Even though Mo Wuji had briefed her before, Ku Cai could still feel her legs trembling as she had never experienced this before. At this moment, she could only walk up onto the magic treasure before sitting down to cultivate the technique.

In just one spiritual circulation, the black pillars started turning white and radiance were emitted from it.

Out of the eight white pillars on both side of the magic treasure, two of them displayed blue colour. One of the blue was striking to the eye while the other slowly became black. However, the black colour was far from being as dark as the previous test.

"It is indeed the stainless spiritual roots and is even the peak grade…" Pang Jie stood up abruptly as he muttered excitedly to himself.

If he had Ku Cai’s apt.i.tude coupled with the opportunities he had, he would have already been in the Great Circle of the G.o.d King Stage a long time ago.

Ku Cai recalled Mo Wuji’s words so she stopped cultivating after only three spiritual circulations

"Not bad, your technique is pretty impressive. However, this technique appear to be lacking a lot as well." Pang Jie and s.h.i.+ Su were different as Pang Jie could tell Ku Cai’s technique as she cultivated. If Ku Cai was cultivating the Laws of Darkness technique, Pang Jie would definitely be able to tell.

"Master, previously when Ku Cai cultivated, her dark spiritual roots were far more obvious than her lightning spiritual roots. This time around, her lightning spiritual roots were more obvious." s.h.i.+ Su told Pang Jie his doubts.

"Ku Cai, I have no idea how your dark spiritual roots came about but the fact remains that it is prohibited in the G.o.d Domain. This was even if you don’t cultivate the Laws of Darkness technique." Pang Jie sighed as he said to Ku Cai. He really liked Ku Cai and he was certain that with her apt.i.tude, he would be able to guide her to become another G.o.d King of the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

Ku Cai revealed a fearful expression because now that Pang Jie still wanted to kill her, what should she do?

Mo Wuji noticed that Pang Jie couldn’t bear to kill Ku Cai. He knew that he should step out to say something before Pang Jie continue his sentence. If Pang Jie continued, it would be to make that order to kill Ku Cai.

"Mo Wuji greets Ancestor and as the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s inner disciple, there are some words I must say." Mo Wuji bowed as he said with a comfortable air of arrogance.

Seeing that Mo Wuji actually had such guts, Pang Jie grew even more flabbergasted as he nodded. "Please go ahead. My Heavenly Mortal Sect is able to last until today is mainly because we respect and love each and everyone here."

Mo Wuji said calmly, "Ancestor have said that our Heavenly Mortal Sect is able to last until today because we respect and love everyone here. Ku Cai joined the sect so she should be considered a disciple of this sect. Firstly, she had done nothing wrong and secondly, she didn’t cause any trouble. By punis.h.i.+ng her for who she is seemed to be lacking a little justice. If the Heavenly Mortal Sect really did this to her, the Heavenly Mortal Sect would no longer be the Heavenly Mortal Sect. The love and respect mentioned by the Ancestor and sect head would merely be words that mean nothing."

"Don’t you know that cultivators with dark spiritual roots here in the entire G.o.d Domain was an existence which everyone hated? This will invite trouble and calamity upon our Heavenly Mortal Sect." s.h.i.+ Su reprimanded Mo Wuji furiously.

Mo Wuji maintained his composure as he replied. "I believe that for a sect to exist, it must have a reason to exist. When the Heavenly Mortal Sect was encircled by countless experts, we managed to survive because of united friends.h.i.+p and love. As long as everyone was united, even if we can’t beat our opponents, we wouldn’t back down. This is our spirit and the reason why our Heavenly Mortal Sect was able to survive till today. Now that we don’t have any enemy invading us, we are going to kill a disciple just because she has dark spiritual roots. This would add a smear in the history of our Heavenly Mortal Sect and cause us to lose this unique spirit.

A sect without spirit would never last long even if we became stronger because ancestor had just stepped into the G.o.d King Stage. If yet another incident occurred like before, the sect would not have the mindset or trust to hold on. Ku Cai indeed has dark spiritual roots but this wasn’t her choice. As long as n.o.body leak this out, who would find out? Moreover, I believe that Ku Cai is not the only one with dark spiritual roots here in the G.o.d Domain."

"Oh? Please continue." Pang Jie let out an ‘oh’ as he nodded at Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji’s impression of Pang Jie improved tremendously. As a G.o.d King, he was an existence at the very peak of the G.o.d Domain but he was still humble enough to speak so casually with a disciple who had just joined the sect. This was indeed something not everyone could do.

"Yes," Mo Wuji clasped his fists once more. "I’ve heard that after that alien cultivator perished in the G.o.d Domain that many years ago, his laws had spread into the G.o.d Domain. I believe that alien cultivator must be very strong and his laws had condensed darkness attribute laws within the G.o.d Domain itself. This meant that it isn’t entirely impossible to have dark spiritual roots here in the G.o.d Domain…"

Pang Jie heard Mo Wuji’s words and the shock in his eyes intensified. Unless one had extremely deep understanding of the laws of Heaven and Earth, one shouldn’t be able to say what Mo Wuji just said. Or rather, Pang Jie had never heard an explanation like this before. Could it be that Mo Wuji was also another talent?

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Chapter 896: The Way To Conceal Spiritual Roots

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"What is your spiritual roots type?" Pang Jie looked anxiously at Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji was dumbfounded at how Pang Jie asked for his spiritual roots for no apparent reason. He answered promptly, "In reply to Ancestor, I have a mixture of spiritual roots and because my spiritual roots transformation wasn’t very thorough, I am only in the Nascent G.o.d Elementary Stage."

Pang Jie sighed and even though Mo Wuji’s reply was within his expectations, he still felt disappointed. A person with such high capability to comprehend actually didn’t have good apt.i.tude in cultivation.

Pang Jie’s eyes landed back on Ku Cai, "Ku Cai, are you willing to accept me as your master?"

"Ah…" Ku Cai was dumbfounded. It was already a miracle that he wouldn’t kill her but now he actually want to take her as his disciple?

Ku Cai wasn’t the only one as s.h.i.+ Su and the elders were all equally shocked. How fortunate must it be for a G.o.d King to take her as his disciple?

Pang Jie noticed the shock in everyone’s eyes so he went on to explain, "Actually, Wuji’s words are true. If a sect decides to kill their own disciple because of the fear of future troubles, there isn’t any need for the sect to exist any longer. My Heavenly Mortal Sect only managed to survive until today because of our spirit of friends.h.i.+p and love. It is true that Ku Cai has dark spiritual roots but there is hope as long as I can help her find a complete lightning attribute technique. Once she forged her own G.o.d lattice to enter the Heavenly G.o.d Stage, it should be impossible for anyone else to test and find out about her dark spiritual roots."

As for the possibility that Ku Cau could have a technique of her own for dark spiritual roots, Pang Jie hadn’t even thought about it. How precious was the dark spiritual roots technique? Back then, a set of that alien cultivator’s technique caused such a huge commotion in the entire G.o.d Domain. Eventually, there was still no traces of that technique. Moreover, his spiritual will had already scanned through Ku Cai’s storage ring to confirm that there were no Laws of Darkness technique within it. Evidently, she was merely a rogue cultivator with nothing much on her.

"Ku Cai, shouldn’t you be on your knees now?" Noticing that Ku Cai was still in a daze, s.h.i.+ Su warned her sternly.

Ku Cai finally reacted as she got onto her knees, "Ku Cai thanks Ancestor for letting me live. However, I had swore to myself that I will find the remaining portion of my own cultivation technique. This meant that I am unable to take you as my master now…"

This was what Mo Wuji agreed with Ku Cai earlier on. If the Sect Head really allowed her to live, she mustn't take anyone as her master. With the little secret on her, she would be exposed the moment she agreed to be anyone’s disciple here in the sect.

Pang Jie sighed, "It is rare that you are so insistent. You have the peak grade lightning spiritual roots and by taking me as your master, I am indeed unable to find a cultivation technique more suitable for you than your own one. Forget it, s.h.i.+ Su, help me look after Ku Cai. Arrange a slightly better cultivation immortal residence for her."

How could Pang Jie not understand the words of Ku Cai? Ku Cai meant to say that if she were to find a person with the complete set of lightning attribute technique which she currently cultivates, she might take him as her master.

Everyone else was shocked at her response. They all felt that Ku Cai was being a little immature in rejecting a G.o.d King’s request to be his disciple. This opportunity was something countless people coveted for their entire life.

"Many thanks Ancestor, many thanks Sect Head. I wish to stay together with Big Brother Wuji so there is no need for further arrangement." Ku Cai bowed continually.

s.h.i.+ Su looked back at his Master Pang Jie as Pang Jie nodded at him. "Let Ku Cai stay with Wuji then. Wuji, go ahead and bring Ku Cai down first."

n.o.body was surprised at Ku Cai’s request because everyone could tell that Ku Cai was inexperienced and had yet to see much of the world. When Pang Jie mentioned that he was not going to keep a person with dark spiritual roots, only Mo Wuji stood up to speak for her. Naturally, she would develop a sense of dependency on Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji answered promptly as he quickly brought Ku Cai out of the hall. He was full of respect for Pang Jie for being so broad minded.

After Mo Wuji and Ku Cai departed far away, Pang Jie spoke up once more. "s.h.i.+ Su, regardless of what stage Ku Cai cultivate until, she mustn’t leave the sect as long as her dark spiritual will could still be spotted from the test."

"Yes." s.h.i.+ Su replied anxiously. Even without his master’s reminder, he wouldn’t allow her to set foot out of the sect so easily. It wouldn’t be a trivial matter if her dark spiritual roots were exposed.

Pang Jie nodded as he didn’t continue to speak about Ku Cai. "My Heavenly Mortal Sect must have a concealed peak grade G.o.d spiritual vein which was yet to be discovered. Now that I’ve advanced into the G.o.d King Stage, I would be able to instal a spirit gathering array here in the sect. In this period of time, other than stabilising my own cultivator, I would also be looking for that concealed G.o.d spiritual vein. I will open it so that everyone in the sect can cultivate at full force."

"Master, our sect only has two mountains so should we try and get more back?" Hearing that the sect still had concealed G.o.d spiritual vein yet to be discovered, more ideas popped up in his head. The Heavenly Mortal Sect only had about 100 disciples which was simply too little. By s.h.i.+fting in more mountains, they would be able to recruit more disciples again.

"There is no hurry. Some of those people who had s.h.i.+fted our mountains away previously will ultimately return us." The usually warm and friendly Pang Jie actually said that with a trace of killing intent.

The mountains of a G.o.d King Sect wasn’t something that should be easily taken away.

"Master, there is one more incident. The G.o.d Domain Nest is about to incubate once more…"

"s.h.i.+ Su, you’re saying that the G.o.d Domain Nest is going to incubate again?" Pang Jie stood up abruptly as his tone became evidently more excited. He had just advanced into the G.o.d King Stage and wanted to expand his Heavenly Mortal Sect. The incubation of the G.o.d Domain Nest would be the perfect opportunity to send the Heavenly Mortal Sect back to its glory days.

"Yes, the G.o.d Domain Nest is set to incubate once more. Additionally, the ten great G.o.d Kings had come to an agreement that every sect must partic.i.p.ate. Our Heavenly Mortal Sect was no exception which was why we would head out to recruit disciples." s.h.i.+ Su explained.

Pang Jie laughed out loud, " The heavens must be really pleased with our Heavenly Mortal Sect. That’s right, our Heavenly Mortal Sect must partic.i.p.ate. s.h.i.+ Su, after our reopening ceremony and G.o.d King Ritual a month later, continue to recruit disciples. This time around, we shall have a ma.s.s recruitment of disciples."

Hearing Pang Jie’s instructions, the few elders in the hall were incomparably excited as well. Previously, they were existence similar to salted fish but now that the sect was going to ma.s.s recruit disciples, they would no longer be salted fish.


The main reason why Ku Cai followed Mo Wuji back to his residence was certainly not the same as Pang Jie’s guess. It was because if she wanted to cultivate lightning attribute technique, she needed Mo Wuji to deduce it for her.

Fortunately, there were not many disciples here at the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Therefore, every disciple’s immortal residence was extremely big and there was even a G.o.d spiritual herb garden attached to it. In fact, it wouldn’t be a problem even if Mo Wuji were to invite a few more people to stay at his residence.

Everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect grew busier and even the newly recruited Nascent G.o.d Stage Level 7 Yin Lin and Di Butong had their own tasks. Moreover, Sect Head s.h.i.+ Su actually didn’t allow anyone to disturb Mo Wuji and Ku Cai.

When Mo Wuji found out that the sect head intentionally prevented people from disturbing them, he was actually very touched. If it wasn’t for the urgent need to help Ku Cai with her technique, Mo Wuji would definitely offer his help. It was important to both Ku Cai and the Heavenly Mortal Sect that her technique was deduced out as soon as possible.

After close to 30 days, Mo Wuji handed Ku Cai a set of cultivation technique which could be considered complete. He based it off his own Immortal Mortal Technique, his understanding towards lightning laws as well as Ku Cai’s spirit channels to deduce a set of lightning attribute cultivation technique.

However, Mo Wuji was uncertain of the grade but Ku Cai was still incredibly touched and satisfied. Cultivating using the lightning attribute technique that Mo Wuji handed her resulted in a much faster rate of progress than her Law of Darkness technique.

What she was most satisfied with was that with Mo Wuji’s cultivation technique, she was able to easily conceal the power of the Laws of Darkness technique into one of her spirit channels. In other words, if she were to go through the test again, she would be able to conceal the power of her dark spiritual roots so that she could pa.s.s the test.

Seeing that Ku Cai had started cultivating madly, Mo Wuji was very satisfied. He was only able to let Ku Cai hide the elemental energy of the Law of Darkness technique because he had the spirit storage channel as well as the elemental storage channel.

Just because Mo Wuji could help Ku Cai conceal her dark spiritual roots didn’t mean he could help others to conceal their spiritual roots. Other than the possession of his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel which could help alter the Immortal Mortal Technique, Ku Cai’s stainless spiritual roots were the more important factor. He wouldn’t be able to do what he did if Ku Cai didn’t possess the stainless spiritual roots.

After helping Ku Cai concealed her spiritual roots, Mo Wuji also had a revelation of his own. While he didn’t have spiritual roots, he was able to use his understanding of the laws to stimulate out fake spiritual roots.

For example, he would be able to stimulate lightning spiritual roots by using lightning attribute laws and fire attribute laws for fire spiritual roots. This was a ma.s.sive help to him because similarly to Ku Cai, the fact that he could cultivate without spiritual roots must be concealed.

After Ku Cai started to cultivate, Mo Wuji didn’t cultivate as he installed defensive arrays before heading towards the hall. He believed that as a member of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, he should contribute especially when the entire sect was busy.

"Senior Sister Su Xia, is there anything I could help with?" The instant Mo Wuji left his residence, he saw Su Xia scrambling around with a few of the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s members which he didn’t recognised. They seemed busier than ever.

"Junior Brother Wuji, it is great that you’re around now. Three days later is the day we reopen the sect so go and find Senior Sister Yin Lin and Senior Brother Xu Bo to be in charge of welcoming the guests." Su Xia hurriedly instructed Mo Wuji before heading off rapidly again.

As Mo Wuji hurried over to the guest’s hall, there were about seven to eight people standing around the guest’s hall. A skinny and tall yellow robe disciple was instructing a few others as to where to arrange and place the jade tables and chairs.

"Junior Brother Wuji, you’re here. Hurry up and help.." Yin Lin called out for Mo Wuji as she saw him walking in.

Mo Wuji was slightly speechless as he looked at the huge guest hall being arranged accordingly to what was planned. He hesitated for a while before commenting, "Fellow senior brothers and sisters, I am afraid that such an arrangement would not do."

"Are you Junior Brother Wuji? I am Xu Bo and should be considered as your senior brother. Could Junior Brother explain why you mentioned that this arrangement would not do?" The skinny and tall yellow robe man hurried over as he clasped his fists.

The Heavenly Mortal Sect already had so few people to begin with and the few people here were evidently not experienced with reception jobs. The Sect Head made him in charge of reception but up till now, he was like a headless housefly and was completely loss at what he was doing.

Mo Wuji saw how polite and respectful Xu Bo talked to him and was even more impressed at how everyone at the Heavenly Mortal Sect treated each other humbly and politely.

"Senior Brother Xu, this would be the G.o.d King Ritual of our Heavenly Mortal Sect’s Ancestor so there might be many big figures coming to congratulate him. In fact, there might even be other G.o.d Kings coming to visit. The arrangement of the chairs in the hall shouldn’t be the consistent throughout as we should segregate the difference in grades. Besides this, we must prepare gifts for those who came to observe. We might even need to pour tea for our guests so with an arrangement like this, it wouldn’t be convenient for us…" Mo Wuji went through all the ideas and suggestions in his mind one after the other.

Xu Bo didn’t wait for Mo Wuji to finish speaking as he held onto Mo Wuji’s hands and said, "Junior Brother Mo, I shall hand this guest reception to you. I really have no idea what to begin with."

"Alright," Mo Wuji noticed that Xu Bo wasn’t being humble but because he was really clueless about this. Because he had a good impression of this Heavenly Mortal Sect, he was rather willing to help them out for such matters.

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Chapter 897: External Affairs Hall Lord

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Pang Jie stood delightedly at the centre of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, in front of a concealed array opened up by him. There was 99 peak grade G.o.d spiritual veins and all 99 of them had formed a looping array. As soon as he ignited it, all the G.o.d spiritual energy would be swept over.

By using the peak grade array used to conceal all 99 peak grade spiritual veins, one could gain clear insights on the Grand Dao laws of Heaven and Earth.

The looping energy gathering array formed by these 99 peak grade spiritual veins would last forever unless it was damaged. The precondition would be that his Heavenly Mortal Sect must replenish some G.o.d crystals or regular G.o.d spiritual veins into it occasionally.

The forefathers of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were indeed mighty to be able to install such a ma.s.sive energy gathering array. Even peak grade sects like the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect or the Forgotten Creek Dao School might not have such energy gathering array. This energy gathering array even contained the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Before, he believed that all the G.o.d spiritual veins of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had been extracted and stolen away. However, he now knows that the true foundations of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were never even touched. The G.o.d spiritual veins which were stolen were merely the extra G.o.d spiritual veins. More precisely, they were like the supporting G.o.d spiritual veins.

If he hadn’t stepped into the G.o.d King Stage, how was he supposed to find this place? Or find out about the true foundation of the Heavenly Mortal Sect?

No, Pang Jie’s heart skipped a beat as he realised something. If he hadn’t managed to absorb the pure and dense G.o.d spiritual energy so abruptly before, he would never have been able to advance into the G.o.d King Stage. In other words, he might not even have found this place even if he had entered the G.o.d King Stage.

He was only able to find this place because he had absorbed the peak grade spiritual energy here before. Only then was he able to use that previous feeling to guide himself to this location.

Could it be that more ancestors of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had yet to perish and was protecting the Heavenly Mortal Sect all these while? Allowing him to step into the G.o.d King Stage and then finding this location?

Pang Jie threw this thought aside very quickly. He believed that if more ancestors were still around, they wouldn’t have been in hiding.

Regardless, he wasn’t able to open up this peak grade Heaven and Earth energy gathering array formed by these 99 peak grade G.o.d spiritual veins. This array would only act as Heavenly Mortal Sect’s underground support. What he needed to do was to find ordinary G.o.d spiritual veins to install on the outside before combining it with the use of this array. This was the only way to guarantee that the Heavenly Mortal Sect would become a true holyland for cultivation.

However, they mustn't reveal the existence of this peak grade energy gathering array. It must remain as a secret for the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

Presently on the periphery of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, about 20 to 30 people including Xu Bo and Su Xia looked at Mo Wuji in awe.

The dried up swamp outside the sect was rebuilt into a ma.s.sive plaza under Mo Wuji’s guidance. Mo Wuji installed a simple array around the plaza as spiritual mist lingered around faintly. The plaza was planted with two rows of beautiful trees and hundreds of immortal birds were purchased to fly around the trees on the plaza.

An immortal sound array was installed by Mo Wuji on the plaza. Once someone entered the plaza, he/she would be able to hear the elegant and supple immortal music clearly.

In the plaza itself, a few meters wide green jade path extended into the sect. A golden carpet was laid on the green jade path which improved the overall appearance of the Heavenly Mortal Sect by several folds.

Up above the plaza were three ma.s.sive flamboyant words with dao spirituality around it: Heavenly Mortal Plaza. These three words were handwritten by Mo Wuji himself. Even though these few words looked very ordinary, his deep understanding of the Grand Dao coupled with a sharp increase in cultivation resulted in the continual increase in the laws of dao spirituality of these words.

The initially ruined Heavenly Mortal Sect looked so much mightier after Mo Wuji’s simple makeover.

"Junior Brother Wuji, you are really capable. I can’t believe this is our Heavenly Mortal Sect." Su Xia looked pleasingly at the clean and s.p.a.cious Heavenly Mortal Plaza as she listened to the sweet sounding music playing in the background.

She only came over to help Xu Bo after completing her task of decorating the guests' immortal residences. What she didn’t expect was that Xu Bo actually hands the entire guest reception task to her Junior Brother Mo Wuji. What was even more surprising was that he would actually do such an impressive job.

"Yes, Wuji, you are far more capable than any one of us here." Xu Bo was equally as excited at the sight of this plaza.

Mo Wuji hurried to reply. "These are merely the appearance as our surrounding defensive array was still of a low grade. In fact, it lacked G.o.d spiritual energy too. At the very most, it was only pleasing to the eye."

Mo Wuji wasn’t speaking blindly because everything he had installed, including defensive array, were all of very low grades. They were at most the same standard of a grade one G.o.d array. He was certain that even the weakest sect around here wouldn’t install such poor arrays.

The pity was that out of the ten disciples that came to help, his standard of array dao was already the highest among them. The rest of them might not even be able to install a grade one G.o.d array.

Just as Mo Wuji finished speaking, dense G.o.d spiritual energy suddenly filled up the entire s.p.a.ce. Everyone looked surprisingly above their heads as Ancestor Pang Jie’s voice could be heard from far within the mountains. "I have already implanted a few G.o.d spiritual veins so everyone can start cultivating now. In the future, we would implant even more G.o.d spiritual veins into our Heavenly Mortal Sect and our land of cultivation would only get better."

"The Heavenly Mortal Sect shall last forever! Ancestor shall last forever!" All the elders and disciples within the Heavenly Mortal Sect bowed respectfully.

Mo Wuji had only done up the appearance of the Heavenly Mortal Sect while Pang Jie had revived the G.o.d spiritual energy of the sect. This was the true foundation of the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

"Ai, who did this?" After implanting the G.o.d spiritual veins, Pang Jie’s spiritual will saw the change in the dried swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect. In the very next moment, he landed right on this plaza.

The swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect used to be a heavenly pond. Because of the calamity suffered by the Heavenly Mortal Sect, everything on the outside including G.o.d spiritual veins, herbal gardens and even mountains had been taken away from them. The heavenly pond of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had also dried up and eventually ending up as a dried up swamp. Pang Jie was intending to rebuild the sect’s hall first before getting s.h.i.+ Su to recover the original state of the heavenly pond. What he didn’t expect was that before he did that, the heavenly pond had actually turned into a ma.s.sive plaza.

Not only that, this plaza looked incredibly impressive and majestic. Despite the rows of beautiful trees and defensive arrays were not up to standard in terms of their grades, the immortal music was very pleasing to the ear and the welcoming trees did look elegant.

Including the golden carpet in the middle of the plaza, the Heavenly Mortal Sect looked so much more majestic than before.

Otherwise, people would still look down upon the sect’s ruined territory while observing his G.o.d King ritual.

"In reply to Ancestor, we did it under the guidance of Junior Brother Mo." Su Xia bowed hurriedly to reply Pang Jie.

Pang Jie looked elatedly at Mo Wuji before saying, "Not bad, you’re not only knowledgeable but also capable. s.h.i.+ Su, help Wuji test out his spiritual roots."

Hearing Pang Jie’s words, Xu Bo, Su Xia and even Yin Lin and co. were all happy for Mo Wuji. This showed that Pang Jie had started to value Mo Wuji. As long as his spiritual roots were of decent grades, Mo Wuji would definitely be an important figure in the future.

As s.h.i.+ Su and the few elders had arrived here, they were equally astonished at Mo Wuji’s deeds. In only a few days, the Heavenly Mortal Sect looked so much more dignified than before. Regardless of how good his spiritual roots were, Mo Wuji was definitely a capable person.

s.h.i.+ Su retrieved the magic treasure very quickly as Pang Jie said enthusiastically. "Wuji, there’s no need for you to worry. Just have yourself tested and regardless of the result, you are still a disciple of my Heavenly Mortal Sect."

"Yes." If this was before deducing a technique for Ku Cai, Mo Wuji would be slightly hesitant. However, he didn’t hesitate at all now because he was able to use his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel. He knew that he could control the characteristics of his spiritual roots. This was a secret he kept to himself. Even though Ku Cai knew he could do that, she wouldn’t be able to find out how he did it.

Mo Wuji never intended to make his spiritual roots extraordinary. During the test, he simply circulated the laws of wind and lightning attributes.

"Ai, you actually have both lightning and wind attributes spiritual roots. Such rarity…" Seeing that Mo Wuji had two different attributes, Pang Jie exclaimed before sighing. "The only pity is that your transformation of spiritual roots is slightly poorer. Ai…"

s.h.i.+ Su and co. didn’t speak because they didn’t believe that Mo Wuji’s transformation was just slightly poor. Looking at how half the pillars were black in colour, this wasn’t slightly poor but poor to the extent where it couldn’t get any worse.

Pang Jie maintained silent for a while before speaking again. "Wuji, you are a capable and knowledgeable disciple. It is okay even if your transformation of spiritual roots were poor. Many years ago, we have a lot of cultivators with poor spiritual roots stepping into the G.o.d King Stage. Therefore, as long as you continue to work hard, you would have a chance. Moreover, now that the G.o.d Nest is about to incubate, we might be able to find a magic treasure to help cleanse your transformation of spiritual roots…."

Mo Wuji replied, "Disciple’s technique and rate of cultivation are still decent. Therefore, disciple ain’t too disappointed."

"Not bad, your att.i.tude is great." Even though Mo Wuji had a poor apt.i.tude, Pang Jie still nodded satisfyingly. With Mo Wuji’s att.i.tude, he was one of the most suitable people to cultivate. Pang Jie decided that if he were to find a treasure which could cleanse spiritual roots, he would definitely nurture Mo Wuji, a disciple with high capabilities to comprehend things.

Not only was Mo Wuji’s ability to comprehend impressive, he had this comfortable air of arrogance even in front of a G.o.d King like Pang Jie. This was certainly the att.i.tude of a true expert.

In fact, even s.h.i.+ Su and his grandson, Pang Fengban didn’t possess an att.i.tude like this. At the thought of this, Pang Jie said to s.h.i.+ Su, "After we completed collecting back our mountains, arrange an entire mountain just for Wuji. Appoint Wuji as the Hall Lord of the External Affairs Hall. Also, this plaza shall be called the Heavenly Mortal Plaza in the future and there isn’t a need to change it back to a heavenly pond anymore."

"Yes, may I invite master to rewrite the words ‘Heavenly Mortal Plaza’. After All, Wuji’s cultivation is still very low." s.h.i.+ Su answered immediately.

Pang Jie smiled faintly at Mo Wuji. "The three words written by Wuji might have poor dao spirituality but there is something extraordinary about the words. I am not going to change these three words and this is also my commendation for Wuji. After all, it was Mo Wuji’s idea to turn this heavenly pond into a plaza."

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Chapter 898: Peculiar Guests

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To be honest, n.o.body cared about the Heavenly Mortal Sect even though it had always existed. In the eyes of others, it didn’t matter whether this sect existed or not.

Because of this reason, Pang Jie wanted to have this reopening of the sect. The news of the reopening of the Heavenly G.o.d Sect had spread across half the G.o.d Domain in less than a month.

The reason for the fast spread of news was mainly because of the emergence of a G.o.d King in the G.o.d Domain. The reopening of the Heavenly Mortal Sect would be held on the same day as the G.o.d King ritual.

Many sects, as well as rogue cultivators, hurried over to the Heavenly Mortal Sect when they heard of the news. Most of the sects came over to congratulate the reopening of the Heavenly Mortal Sect while rogue cultivators came with the intention to join the sect.

Now that a G.o.d King emerged from the Heavenly Mortal Sect, one could imagine how great of a sect it will be in the future. Even if it didn’t become a peak grade sect, it will be at least a high grade sect.

As the Heavenly Mortal Sect only had a few disciples now, joining the sect now would mean a higher status in the sect.

Because Mo Wuji had been appointed as the Hall Lord of the External Affairs Hall, this guest reception had completely become his task. Even Mo Wuji didn’t expect so many people would make the trip down to the Heavenly Mortal Sect today.

Crowds after crowds of people streamed into the Heavenly Mortal Plaza. The name cards and gifts of these people were dealt separately by Mo Wuji.

Any guest, regardless of cultivation level, would be asked to walk through the golden carpet into the plaza within the defensive array. As for Sect Heads, or experts above the World G.o.d cultivation, would be invited and guided to the guest’s hall.

The Heavenly Mortal Sect had a lack of manpower from the very beginning. Even so, Mo Wuji’s management prevented chaos in the guest’s hall.

In fact, every reputable personnel and personnel who had prepared gifts would walk through the golden carpet of the Heavenly Mortal Sect and have their names announced and a ‘thank you’ for their gifts.

A few average cultivators, who came to observe this ceremony, saw how complete and perfect the sect’s welcoming ceremony was and was inwardly full of praise.

Even though it was merely an ordinary golden carpet, Mo Wuji’s plan to announce the names of those who presented gifts to the sect made it so much more extraordinary.

There were only a few members in the Heavenly Mortal Sect but a large crowd came to visit. Now that the defensive array had been opened, everyone in the plaza could see the crowd of people waiting to enter.

With so many people watching on, those who prepared gifts for the sect and had their names announced felt extremely comfortable and pleased.

Many experts, including some Sect Heads, had even intentionally added in more gifts. A few cultivators, who had never intended to gift anything, felt awkward so they would also prepare a small gift. How awkward would it be when they walked through the golden carpet with no gifts on their hands?

Others who prepared gifts would have their names announced so how embarra.s.sing would it be for those who didn’t?

Initially, the guests were from the relatively smaller sects as well as a few ordinary rogue cultivators. Towards the end, more big figures arrived.

"Welcoming the School of Sword Law’s School Head Zhuang Yingnan to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. School Head Zhuang Yingnan had prepared an intermediate grade G.o.d spiritual vein as a congratulatory gift…"

"Welcoming the River Pill School’s Sect Head Li Ru to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Sect Head Li Ru had prepared a low grade spiritual vein, a Channel Severing G.o.d Silk…"

"Welcoming the G.o.dly Grain Valley’s Elder Zhen Qi to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Elder Zhen Qi had prepared two peak grade G.o.d mountains…"

The School of Sword Law and the River Pill School weren’t considered a big sect and they didn’t have an existence of a G.o.d King too. However, the G.o.dly Grain Valley was different because they were one of the peak grade sects in the G.o.d Domain. Valley Lord Wen Mingyang of the G.o.dly Grain Valley was even ranked 6th out of the ten great G.o.d Kings in the G.o.d Domain.

When Elder Zhen Qi of the G.o.dly Grain Valley arrived, the discussions in the plaza grew louder.

"Even G.o.dly Grain’s Valley Elder Zhen Qi, who is in the World G.o.d Stage Level 9, came today. It seemed like the Heavenly Mortal Sect’s G.o.d Ritual had really gathered quite a few experts here." Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

"Ah, out of all the peak grade sects, do you see any other sects except for the G.o.dly Grain Valley? Even the G.o.dly Grain Valley only sent their elder here." Someone in the crowd refuted immediately.

The people around the discussion maintained silent after hearing this. It did seem like there was only one elder who came from a big sect. There were quite a few of the other sects but the best one would only be the School of Sword Law. It was rumoured that the School Head Zhuang Yingnan was in the World G.o.d Stage Level 6.

Without any reminder, n.o.body seemed to realised this. Now that someone had reminded them, they realised that even though there were many people here, the only peak grade sect was the G.o.dly Grain Valley. Just like what the other cultivator mentioned earlier, the G.o.dly Grain Valley merely sent an elder here. This meant to say up till now, there was still no sign of any other G.o.d King.

Truthfully, Mo Wuji, who was standing at the reception desk, had already noticed this. They had welcomed quite a number of guests and received quite a number of gifts. However, there were no signs of any G.o.d Kings which made him slightly disappointed.

Regardless of how the Heavenly Mortal Sect was like in the past, a G.o.d King had emerged from it now. He couldn’t believe that no other G.o.d Kings came to show their face. Mo Wuji concluded that the G.o.d Kings of the G.o.d Domain were all looking down on the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

Isn’t an expert in the G.o.d King Elementary Stage also considered a G.o.d King? While Mo Wuji had been in the G.o.d Domain for more quite some time now, even he knew how incredible the existence of a G.o.d King was. He had heard that if they added up the total number of G.o.d Kings in the G.o.d Domain, it wouldn’t even sum up to 100.

And how many people were there in the G.o.d Domain? Over a quadrillion of people? Less than a hundred out of a quadrillion of people were G.o.d Kings. Was this a huge percentage? No, it was simply too little.

Noticing that almost all the guests had entered the plaza and just when the sect defensive array was about to close up, the announcing disciple suddenly announced. "Welcoming G.o.d King Wei Zheng to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. G.o.d King Wei Zheng had prepared a peak grade G.o.d spiritual vein, high grade G.o.d spiritual vein and ten peak grade G.o.d mountains…"

Before this disciple could complete his announcement, Pang Jie had already hurried out from within the sect with a face full of smiles. "Small brother is preparing to rebuild the Heavenly Mortal Sect and it actually alerted Brother Wei Zheng. What an honour, what an honour!"

"Haha." G.o.d King Wei Zheng merely laughed before clasping his fists. "Congratulations Dao Friend Pang on joining the ranks of a G.o.d King like myself. I’ve received the news slightly late but it seems like I made it in time. I am truly fortunate, very fortunate."

"Brother Wei Zheng, please hurry in…" Pang Jie personally invited G.o.d King Wei Zheng into the sect.

Even though the welcoming ceremony was coming to an end, the arrival of G.o.d King Wei Zheng brought a new climax to the crowd’s emotions.

"Didn’t you say no G.o.d Kings came to observe this ceremony? Look at that! G.o.d King Wei Zheng, one of the greatest G.o.d King among the rogue cultivators."

"Of course I know about G.o.d King Wei Zheng. Even though he is a rogue cultivator, he does things fairly and forthrightly. Moreover, he was in the G.o.d King Stage Level 4, one of the highest existence in the G.o.d Domain."

Mo Wuji also heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of the arrival of G.o.d King Wei Zheng. Otherwise, there would still be something lacking no matter how good of a job he had done as the Hall Lord of the External Affairs Hall.

Just like a chain reaction, G.o.d King Wei Zheng had just arrived and the announcing disciple carried on his announcement loudly. "Welcoming Forgotten Creek Dao School’s disciple Lan Ou, Forgotten Creek Dao School’s disciple Bian Huang’Er, Moonlight G.o.d Sect’s disciple Gong Qianchan and Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect’s disciple Gan Luan to the Heavenly Mortal Sect!"

Following the announcement, four extremely beautiful women walked in from the golden carpet.

Mo Wuji was dumbfounded because every single one of the four women were incredibly gorgeous. With Mo Wuji’s judgement, he noticed that none of the four had entered the Heavenly G.o.d Stage. All of them were still in the Nascent G.o.d Stage.

It was okay even though these four beautiful women, of rather low cultivation level, came to observe the ceremony. The more important point to note was that none of them brought gifts but carried on walking on the golden carpet with a clear conscience.

Hold on, Mo Wuji had heard of these few sects. Wasn’t that Liu Ruting woman also from the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect…

Just as Mo Wuji was thinking about the few sects, Su Xia had already whispered in his ears. "They are all from peak grade sects namely the Forgotten Creek Dao School, Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect and Moonlight G.o.d Sect."

Mo Wuji wasn’t the only one feeling apprehensive as the rest of the guests were discussing intensely. Previously, they were still mentioning about how the G.o.dly Grain Valley was the only peak grade sect around. In a blink of an eye, so many other peak grade sects had arrived. Forgotten Creek Dao School, Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect and the Moonlight G.o.d Sect were all reputable existences in the G.o.d Domain.

But why does it feels wrong? Not only did these disciples who came to visit not bring gifts, isn’t their cultivation level slightly too low? Not even a Heavenly G.o.d Stage disciple but four Nascent G.o.d Stage disciples...

Were they here to congratulate or insult?

Mo Wuji seemed to understand what was going on in his heart. It would be okay if these few big sects didn’t come to congratulate but to send a few ants over? Wasn’t this a form of insult? However, as the External Affairs Hall Lord, he could only contain his fury as he turned to Su Xia. "Su Xia, bring them to the guest’s hall then."

Ultimately, they still came to represent their peak grade sects. If the reception for them wasn’t done appropriately, he might invite hatred from these sects for the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

"Are you the one in charge?" What surprised Mo Wuji was that just as he ordered Su Xia, the four women came to a halt. One of them even walked intentionally in front of Mo Wuji to question him.

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