Immortal Mortal Chapter 896

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Chapter 896: The Way To Conceal Spiritual Roots

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“What is your spiritual roots type?” Pang Jie looked anxiously at Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji was dumbfounded at how Pang Jie asked for his spiritual roots for no apparent reason. He answered promptly, “In reply to Ancestor, I have a mixture of spiritual roots and because my spiritual roots transformation wasn't very thorough, I am only in the Nascent G.o.d Elementary Stage.”

Pang Jie sighed and even though Mo Wuji's reply was within his expectations, he still felt disappointed. A person with such high capability to comprehend actually didn't have good apt.i.tude in cultivation.

Pang Jie's eyes landed back on Ku Cai, “Ku Cai, are you willing to accept me as your master?”

“Ah…” Ku Cai was dumbfounded. It was already a miracle that he wouldn't kill her but now he actually want to take her as his disciple?

Ku Cai wasn't the only one as s.h.i.+ Su and the elders were all equally shocked. How fortunate must it be for a G.o.d King to take her as his disciple?

Pang Jie noticed the shock in everyone's eyes so he went on to explain, “Actually, Wuji's words are true. If a sect decides to kill their own disciple because of the fear of future troubles, there isn't any need for the sect to exist any longer. My Heavenly Mortal Sect only managed to survive until today because of our spirit of friends.h.i.+p and love. It is true that Ku Cai has dark spiritual roots but there is hope as long as I can help her find a complete lightning attribute technique. Once she forged her own G.o.d lattice to enter the Heavenly G.o.d Stage, it should be impossible for anyone else to test and find out about her dark spiritual roots.”

As for the possibility that Ku Cau could have a technique of her own for dark spiritual roots, Pang Jie hadn't even thought about it. How precious was the dark spiritual roots technique? Back then, a set of that alien cultivator's technique caused such a huge commotion in the entire G.o.d Domain. Eventually, there was still no traces of that technique. Moreover, his spiritual will had already scanned through Ku Cai's storage ring to confirm that there were no Laws of Darkness technique within it. Evidently, she was merely a rogue cultivator with nothing much on her.

“Ku Cai, shouldn't you be on your knees now?” Noticing that Ku Cai was still in a daze, s.h.i.+ Su warned her sternly.

Ku Cai finally reacted as she got onto her knees, “Ku Cai thanks Ancestor for letting me live. However, I had swore to myself that I will find the remaining portion of my own cultivation technique. This meant that I am unable to take you as my master now…”

This was what Mo Wuji agreed with Ku Cai earlier on. If the Sect Head really allowed her to live, she mustn't take anyone as her master. With the little secret on her, she would be exposed the moment she agreed to be anyone's disciple here in the sect.

Pang Jie sighed, “It is rare that you are so insistent. You have the peak grade lightning spiritual roots and by taking me as your master, I am indeed unable to find a cultivation technique more suitable for you than your own one. Forget it, s.h.i.+ Su, help me look after Ku Cai. Arrange a slightly better cultivation immortal residence for her.”

How could Pang Jie not understand the words of Ku Cai? Ku Cai meant to say that if she were to find a person with the complete set of lightning attribute technique which she currently cultivates, she might take him as her master.

Everyone else was shocked at her response. They all felt that Ku Cai was being a little immature in rejecting a G.o.d King's request to be his disciple. This opportunity was something countless people coveted for their entire life.

“Many thanks Ancestor, many thanks Sect Head. I wish to stay together with Big Brother Wuji so there is no need for further arrangement.” Ku Cai bowed continually.

s.h.i.+ Su looked back at his Master Pang Jie as Pang Jie nodded at him. “Let Ku Cai stay with Wuji then. Wuji, go ahead and bring Ku Cai down first.”

n.o.body was surprised at Ku Cai's request because everyone could tell that Ku Cai was inexperienced and had yet to see much of the world. When Pang Jie mentioned that he was not going to keep a person with dark spiritual roots, only Mo Wuji stood up to speak for her. Naturally, she would develop a sense of dependency on Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji answered promptly as he quickly brought Ku Cai out of the hall. He was full of respect for Pang Jie for being so broad minded.

After Mo Wuji and Ku Cai departed far away, Pang Jie spoke up once more. “s.h.i.+ Su, regardless of what stage Ku Cai cultivate until, she mustn't leave the sect as long as her dark spiritual will could still be spotted from the test.”

“Yes.” s.h.i.+ Su replied anxiously. Even without his master's reminder, he wouldn't allow her to set foot out of the sect so easily. It wouldn't be a trivial matter if her dark spiritual roots were exposed.

Pang Jie nodded as he didn't continue to speak about Ku Cai. “My Heavenly Mortal Sect must have a concealed peak grade G.o.d spiritual vein which was yet to be discovered. Now that I've advanced into the G.o.d King Stage, I would be able to instal a spirit gathering array here in the sect. In this period of time, other than stabilising my own cultivator, I would also be looking for that concealed G.o.d spiritual vein. I will open it so that everyone in the sect can cultivate at full force.”

“Master, our sect only has two mountains so should we try and get more back?” Hearing that the sect still had concealed G.o.d spiritual vein yet to be discovered, more ideas popped up in his head. The Heavenly Mortal Sect only had about 100 disciples which was simply too little. By s.h.i.+fting in more mountains, they would be able to recruit more disciples again.

“There is no hurry. Some of those people who had s.h.i.+fted our mountains away previously will ultimately return us.” The usually warm and friendly Pang Jie actually said that with a trace of killing intent.

The mountains of a G.o.d King Sect wasn't something that should be easily taken away.

“Master, there is one more incident. The G.o.d Domain Nest is about to incubate once more…”

“s.h.i.+ Su, you're saying that the G.o.d Domain Nest is going to incubate again?” Pang Jie stood up abruptly as his tone became evidently more excited. He had just advanced into the G.o.d King Stage and wanted to expand his Heavenly Mortal Sect. The incubation of the G.o.d Domain Nest would be the perfect opportunity to send the Heavenly Mortal Sect back to its glory days.

“Yes, the G.o.d Domain Nest is set to incubate once more. Additionally, the ten great G.o.d Kings had come to an agreement that every sect must partic.i.p.ate. Our Heavenly Mortal Sect was no exception which was why we would head out to recruit disciples.” s.h.i.+ Su explained.

Pang Jie laughed out loud, ” The heavens must be really pleased with our Heavenly Mortal Sect. That's right, our Heavenly Mortal Sect must partic.i.p.ate. s.h.i.+ Su, after our reopening ceremony and G.o.d King Ritual a month later, continue to recruit disciples. This time around, we shall have a ma.s.s recruitment of disciples.”

Hearing Pang Jie's instructions, the few elders in the hall were incomparably excited as well. Previously, they were existence similar to salted fish but now that the sect was going to ma.s.s recruit disciples, they would no longer be salted fish.

The main reason why Ku Cai followed Mo Wuji back to his residence was certainly not the same as Pang Jie's guess. It was because if she wanted to cultivate lightning attribute technique, she needed Mo Wuji to deduce it for her.

Fortunately, there were not many disciples here at the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Therefore, every disciple's immortal residence was extremely big and there was even a G.o.d spiritual herb garden attached to it. In fact, it wouldn't be a problem even if Mo Wuji were to invite a few more people to stay at his residence.

Everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect grew busier and even the newly recruited Nascent G.o.d Stage Level 7 Yin Lin and Di Butong had their own tasks. Moreover, Sect Head s.h.i.+ Su actually didn't allow anyone to disturb Mo Wuji and Ku Cai.

When Mo Wuji found out that the sect head intentionally prevented people from disturbing them, he was actually very touched. If it wasn't for the urgent need to help Ku Cai with her technique, Mo Wuji would definitely offer his help. It was important to both Ku Cai and the Heavenly Mortal Sect that her technique was deduced out as soon as possible.

After close to 30 days, Mo Wuji handed Ku Cai a set of cultivation technique which could be considered complete. He based it off his own Immortal Mortal Technique, his understanding towards lightning laws as well as Ku Cai's spirit channels to deduce a set of lightning attribute cultivation technique.

However, Mo Wuji was uncertain of the grade but Ku Cai was still incredibly touched and satisfied. Cultivating using the lightning attribute technique that Mo Wuji handed her resulted in a much faster rate of progress than her Law of Darkness technique.

What she was most satisfied with was that with Mo Wuji's cultivation technique, she was able to easily conceal the power of the Laws of Darkness technique into one of her spirit channels. In other words, if she were to go through the test again, she would be able to conceal the power of her dark spiritual roots so that she could pa.s.s the test.

Seeing that Ku Cai had started cultivating madly, Mo Wuji was very satisfied. He was only able to let Ku Cai hide the elemental energy of the Law of Darkness technique because he had the spirit storage channel as well as the elemental storage channel.

Just because Mo Wuji could help Ku Cai conceal her dark spiritual roots didn't mean he could help others to conceal their spiritual roots. Other than the possession of his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel which could help alter the Immortal Mortal Technique, Ku Cai's stainless spiritual roots were the more important factor. He wouldn't be able to do what he did if Ku Cai didn't possess the stainless spiritual roots.

After helping Ku Cai concealed her spiritual roots, Mo Wuji also had a revelation of his own. While he didn't have spiritual roots, he was able to use his understanding of the laws to stimulate out fake spiritual roots.

For example, he would be able to stimulate lightning spiritual roots by using lightning attribute laws and fire attribute laws for fire spiritual roots. This was a ma.s.sive help to him because similarly to Ku Cai, the fact that he could cultivate without spiritual roots must be concealed.

After Ku Cai started to cultivate, Mo Wuji didn't cultivate as he installed defensive arrays before heading towards the hall. He believed that as a member of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, he should contribute especially when the entire sect was busy.

“Senior Sister Su Xia, is there anything I could help with?” The instant Mo Wuji left his residence, he saw Su Xia scrambling around with a few of the Heavenly Mortal Sect's members which he didn't recognised. They seemed busier than ever.

“Junior Brother Wuji, it is great that you're around now. Three days later is the day we reopen the sect so go and find Senior Sister Yin Lin and Senior Brother Xu Bo to be in charge of welcoming the guests.” Su Xia hurriedly instructed Mo Wuji before heading off rapidly again.

As Mo Wuji hurried over to the guest's hall, there were about seven to eight people standing around the guest's hall. A skinny and tall yellow robe disciple was instructing a few others as to where to arrange and place the jade tables and chairs.

“Junior Brother Wuji, you're here. Hurry up and help..” Yin Lin called out for Mo Wuji as she saw him walking in.

Mo Wuji was slightly speechless as he looked at the huge guest hall being arranged accordingly to what was planned. He hesitated for a while before commenting, “Fellow senior brothers and sisters, I am afraid that such an arrangement would not do.”

“Are you Junior Brother Wuji? I am Xu Bo and should be considered as your senior brother. Could Junior Brother explain why you mentioned that this arrangement would not do?” The skinny and tall yellow robe man hurried over as he clasped his fists.

The Heavenly Mortal Sect already had so few people to begin with and the few people here were evidently not experienced with reception jobs. The Sect Head made him in charge of reception but up till now, he was like a headless housefly and was completely loss at what he was doing.

Mo Wuji saw how polite and respectful Xu Bo talked to him and was even more impressed at how everyone at the Heavenly Mortal Sect treated each other humbly and politely.

“Senior Brother Xu, this would be the G.o.d King Ritual of our Heavenly Mortal Sect's Ancestor so there might be many big figures coming to congratulate him. In fact, there might even be other G.o.d Kings coming to visit. The arrangement of the chairs in the hall shouldn't be the consistent throughout as we should segregate the difference in grades. Besides this, we must prepare gifts for those who came to observe. We might even need to pour tea for our guests so with an arrangement like this, it wouldn't be convenient for us…” Mo Wuji went through all the ideas and suggestions in his mind one after the other.

Xu Bo didn't wait for Mo Wuji to finish speaking as he held onto Mo Wuji's hands and said, “Junior Brother Mo, I shall hand this guest reception to you. I really have no idea what to begin with.”

“Alright,” Mo Wuji noticed that Xu Bo wasn't being humble but because he was really clueless about this. Because he had a good impression of this Heavenly Mortal Sect, he was rather willing to help them out for such matters.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 896

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