Immortal Mortal Chapter 897

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Chapter 897: External Affairs Hall Lord

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Pang Jie stood delightedly at the centre of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, in front of a concealed array opened up by him. There was 99 peak grade G.o.d spiritual veins and all 99 of them had formed a looping array. As soon as he ignited it, all the G.o.d spiritual energy would be swept over.

By using the peak grade array used to conceal all 99 peak grade spiritual veins, one could gain clear insights on the Grand Dao laws of Heaven and Earth.

The looping energy gathering array formed by these 99 peak grade spiritual veins would last forever unless it was damaged. The precondition would be that his Heavenly Mortal Sect must replenish some G.o.d crystals or regular G.o.d spiritual veins into it occasionally.

The forefathers of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were indeed mighty to be able to install such a ma.s.sive energy gathering array. Even peak grade sects like the Nine Evolutions G.o.d Sect or the Forgotten Creek Dao School might not have such energy gathering array. This energy gathering array even contained the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Before, he believed that all the G.o.d spiritual veins of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had been extracted and stolen away. However, he now knows that the true foundations of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were never even touched. The G.o.d spiritual veins which were stolen were merely the extra G.o.d spiritual veins. More precisely, they were like the supporting G.o.d spiritual veins.

If he hadn't stepped into the G.o.d King Stage, how was he supposed to find this place? Or find out about the true foundation of the Heavenly Mortal Sect?

No, Pang Jie's heart skipped a beat as he realised something. If he hadn't managed to absorb the pure and dense G.o.d spiritual energy so abruptly before, he would never have been able to advance into the G.o.d King Stage. In other words, he might not even have found this place even if he had entered the G.o.d King Stage.

He was only able to find this place because he had absorbed the peak grade spiritual energy here before. Only then was he able to use that previous feeling to guide himself to this location.

Could it be that more ancestors of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had yet to perish and was protecting the Heavenly Mortal Sect all these while? Allowing him to step into the G.o.d King Stage and then finding this location?

Pang Jie threw this thought aside very quickly. He believed that if more ancestors were still around, they wouldn't have been in hiding.

Regardless, he wasn't able to open up this peak grade Heaven and Earth energy gathering array formed by these 99 peak grade G.o.d spiritual veins. This array would only act as Heavenly Mortal Sect's underground support. What he needed to do was to find ordinary G.o.d spiritual veins to install on the outside before combining it with the use of this array. This was the only way to guarantee that the Heavenly Mortal Sect would become a true holyland for cultivation.

However, they mustn't reveal the existence of this peak grade energy gathering array. It must remain as a secret for the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

Presently on the periphery of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, about 20 to 30 people including Xu Bo and Su Xia looked at Mo Wuji in awe.

The dried up swamp outside the sect was rebuilt into a ma.s.sive plaza under Mo Wuji's guidance. Mo Wuji installed a simple array around the plaza as spiritual mist lingered around faintly. The plaza was planted with two rows of beautiful trees and hundreds of immortal birds were purchased to fly around the trees on the plaza.

An immortal sound array was installed by Mo Wuji on the plaza. Once someone entered the plaza, he/she would be able to hear the elegant and supple immortal music clearly.

In the plaza itself, a few meters wide green jade path extended into the sect. A golden carpet was laid on the green jade path which improved the overall appearance of the Heavenly Mortal Sect by several folds.

Up above the plaza were three ma.s.sive flamboyant words with dao spirituality around it: Heavenly Mortal Plaza. These three words were handwritten by Mo Wuji himself. Even though these few words looked very ordinary, his deep understanding of the Grand Dao coupled with a sharp increase in cultivation resulted in the continual increase in the laws of dao spirituality of these words.

The initially ruined Heavenly Mortal Sect looked so much mightier after Mo Wuji's simple makeover.

“Junior Brother Wuji, you are really capable. I can't believe this is our Heavenly Mortal Sect.” Su Xia looked pleasingly at the clean and s.p.a.cious Heavenly Mortal Plaza as she listened to the sweet sounding music playing in the background.

She only came over to help Xu Bo after completing her task of decorating the guests' immortal residences. What she didn't expect was that Xu Bo actually hands the entire guest reception task to her Junior Brother Mo Wuji. What was even more surprising was that he would actually do such an impressive job.

“Yes, Wuji, you are far more capable than any one of us here.” Xu Bo was equally as excited at the sight of this plaza.

Mo Wuji hurried to reply. “These are merely the appearance as our surrounding defensive array was still of a low grade. In fact, it lacked G.o.d spiritual energy too. At the very most, it was only pleasing to the eye.”

Mo Wuji wasn't speaking blindly because everything he had installed, including defensive array, were all of very low grades. They were at most the same standard of a grade one G.o.d array. He was certain that even the weakest sect around here wouldn't install such poor arrays.

The pity was that out of the ten disciples that came to help, his standard of array dao was already the highest among them. The rest of them might not even be able to install a grade one G.o.d array.

Just as Mo Wuji finished speaking, dense G.o.d spiritual energy suddenly filled up the entire s.p.a.ce. Everyone looked surprisingly above their heads as Ancestor Pang Jie's voice could be heard from far within the mountains. “I have already implanted a few G.o.d spiritual veins so everyone can start cultivating now. In the future, we would implant even more G.o.d spiritual veins into our Heavenly Mortal Sect and our land of cultivation would only get better.”

“The Heavenly Mortal Sect shall last forever! Ancestor shall last forever!” All the elders and disciples within the Heavenly Mortal Sect bowed respectfully.

Mo Wuji had only done up the appearance of the Heavenly Mortal Sect while Pang Jie had revived the G.o.d spiritual energy of the sect. This was the true foundation of the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

“Ai, who did this?” After implanting the G.o.d spiritual veins, Pang Jie's spiritual will saw the change in the dried swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect. In the very next moment, he landed right on this plaza.

The swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect used to be a heavenly pond. Because of the calamity suffered by the Heavenly Mortal Sect, everything on the outside including G.o.d spiritual veins, herbal gardens and even mountains had been taken away from them. The heavenly pond of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had also dried up and eventually ending up as a dried up swamp. Pang Jie was intending to rebuild the sect's hall first before getting s.h.i.+ Su to recover the original state of the heavenly pond. What he didn't expect was that before he did that, the heavenly pond had actually turned into a ma.s.sive plaza.

Not only that, this plaza looked incredibly impressive and majestic. Despite the rows of beautiful trees and defensive arrays were not up to standard in terms of their grades, the immortal music was very pleasing to the ear and the welcoming trees did look elegant.

Including the golden carpet in the middle of the plaza, the Heavenly Mortal Sect looked so much more majestic than before.

Otherwise, people would still look down upon the sect's ruined territory while observing his G.o.d King ritual.

“In reply to Ancestor, we did it under the guidance of Junior Brother Mo.” Su Xia bowed hurriedly to reply Pang Jie.

Pang Jie looked elatedly at Mo Wuji before saying, “Not bad, you're not only knowledgeable but also capable. s.h.i.+ Su, help Wuji test out his spiritual roots.”

Hearing Pang Jie's words, Xu Bo, Su Xia and even Yin Lin and co. were all happy for Mo Wuji. This showed that Pang Jie had started to value Mo Wuji. As long as his spiritual roots were of decent grades, Mo Wuji would definitely be an important figure in the future.

As s.h.i.+ Su and the few elders had arrived here, they were equally astonished at Mo Wuji's deeds. In only a few days, the Heavenly Mortal Sect looked so much more dignified than before. Regardless of how good his spiritual roots were, Mo Wuji was definitely a capable person.

s.h.i.+ Su retrieved the magic treasure very quickly as Pang Jie said enthusiastically. “Wuji, there's no need for you to worry. Just have yourself tested and regardless of the result, you are still a disciple of my Heavenly Mortal Sect.”

“Yes.” If this was before deducing a technique for Ku Cai, Mo Wuji would be slightly hesitant. However, he didn't hesitate at all now because he was able to use his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel. He knew that he could control the characteristics of his spiritual roots. This was a secret he kept to himself. Even though Ku Cai knew he could do that, she wouldn't be able to find out how he did it.

Mo Wuji never intended to make his spiritual roots extraordinary. During the test, he simply circulated the laws of wind and lightning attributes.

“Ai, you actually have both lightning and wind attributes spiritual roots. Such rarity…” Seeing that Mo Wuji had two different attributes, Pang Jie exclaimed before sighing. “The only pity is that your transformation of spiritual roots is slightly poorer. Ai…”

s.h.i.+ Su and co. didn't speak because they didn't believe that Mo Wuji's transformation was just slightly poor. Looking at how half the pillars were black in colour, this wasn't slightly poor but poor to the extent where it couldn't get any worse.

Pang Jie maintained silent for a while before speaking again. “Wuji, you are a capable and knowledgeable disciple. It is okay even if your transformation of spiritual roots were poor. Many years ago, we have a lot of cultivators with poor spiritual roots stepping into the G.o.d King Stage. Therefore, as long as you continue to work hard, you would have a chance. Moreover, now that the G.o.d Nest is about to incubate, we might be able to find a magic treasure to help cleanse your transformation of spiritual roots….”

Mo Wuji replied, “Disciple's technique and rate of cultivation are still decent. Therefore, disciple ain't too disappointed.”

“Not bad, your att.i.tude is great.” Even though Mo Wuji had a poor apt.i.tude, Pang Jie still nodded satisfyingly. With Mo Wuji's att.i.tude, he was one of the most suitable people to cultivate. Pang Jie decided that if he were to find a treasure which could cleanse spiritual roots, he would definitely nurture Mo Wuji, a disciple with high capabilities to comprehend things.

Not only was Mo Wuji's ability to comprehend impressive, he had this comfortable air of arrogance even in front of a G.o.d King like Pang Jie. This was certainly the att.i.tude of a true expert.

In fact, even s.h.i.+ Su and his grandson, Pang Fengban didn't possess an att.i.tude like this. At the thought of this, Pang Jie said to s.h.i.+ Su, “After we completed collecting back our mountains, arrange an entire mountain just for Wuji. Appoint Wuji as the Hall Lord of the External Affairs Hall. Also, this plaza shall be called the Heavenly Mortal Plaza in the future and there isn't a need to change it back to a heavenly pond anymore.”

“Yes, may I invite master to rewrite the words 'Heavenly Mortal Plaza'. After All, Wuji's cultivation is still very low.” s.h.i.+ Su answered immediately.

Pang Jie smiled faintly at Mo Wuji. “The three words written by Wuji might have poor dao spirituality but there is something extraordinary about the words. I am not going to change these three words and this is also my commendation for Wuji. After all, it was Mo Wuji's idea to turn this heavenly pond into a plaza.”

Immortal Mortal Chapter 897

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