Immortal Mortal Chapter 974

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The most powerful one in the world?

Ji Hao wanted to laugh.

Among all living beings in the entire Pan Gu world, who dared to say that?

Not to mention those countless years old terrifying beings who lived ever since the prehistorical era and had now withdrawn from society to live in solitude, Priest Dachi and Priest Qing Wei, who were immeasurably powerful, one could just take Yu Yu. Facing Yu Yu, which man would dare to call himself the most powerful one? Not before he survived a sword hack launched by Yu Yu!

Standing by the door of the hall, Ji Hao peeked in.

The hall was clean and empty, and nothing was in it except for a purely black square cauldron in the middle. The cauldron was embossed with countless spirit creature portraits, and had black smoke rising from it. Countless roaring twisted faces emerged from the black smoke one after another. Tens of large black flags floated above the square cauldron, absorbing the black smoke ceaselessly like black holes.

A middle-aged man with a long black robe and a square, slightly wrinkled face was sitting in front of the cauldron. He was especially tall, with broad shoulders. He reached the height of more than three meters when sitting on the ground with crossed legs. If he stood up, he would certainly reach over nine meters.

This man had a dark skin, and he sat on the ground with an unfinished black large flag floating in front of him. Transparent gray killing threads flew in from the outside, seized by the hands of this middle-aged man. Like the most skilled weaver, this man had been weaving those killing threads into this large black flag.

Tens of similar black flags floated in front of the man. Under these flags were twelve young men, all wearing long robes and sitting in a straight line. They raised their heads from time to time to spurt black fire streams towards those flags.

The one who talked just now was one of these young men. All twelve of them sat on they ground with their backs towards Ji Hao. Therefore, Ji Hao couldn’t see their faces.

The middle-aged man remained silent for a while, as he was swiftly seizing killing threads from the water and weaving the flag. After being weaved into the flag, these gray transparent killing threads instantly turned l.u.s.terless and dark, just like a drop of clear water falling into a tank of ink.

A quarter of an hour later, this large black flag was nearly finished. The middle-aged man raised his head, took a slow and cold glance at these young men with his purely dark eyes, then began talking with a frosty tone.

"The most powerful one in the world? Idiots, remember this, the ones who dared to think about that have all died long ago!"

Tiny black spell symbols that belonged to all kinds of spirit creatures had been flying out from his fingers and merging with the large black flag, while this man continued with that cold voice, "You silly boys, you shall remember one thing. If you want to live longer, don’t think that you’re the most powerful one in the world. Don’t you ever think that no one can defeat you."

The large flag was finished already. The middle-aged man opened his mouth and let out a fist-sized, black spirit blood drop, that was wrapped in a dense black fire. The spirit blood drop silently fell on the surface of the flag, which waved like water and quickly absorbed it.

An extended, shrill noise came from inside the large flag, while a frigid power spread out in a swirl. On the ground, large numbers of spell symbols burst with a faint glow and sealed the power inside the hall.

The cold power clashed against those spell symbols on the ground and generated tiny green electric bolts from time to time.

"But father, " murmured the young man who had talked before with an unconvinced tone, "These dark killing flags were made from pre-world killing threads. No treasure in the world can suppress their powers. These days, we’ve sneakily collected tens of billions of souls. Once all killing flags were completed, we will even be able to destroy the world. You’re so powerful, aren’t you invincible? Aren’t you the most powerful one?"

The middle-aged man raised the flagpole in his hand and smashed heavily on the head of the first young man on his left.

Thud! The young man buried his head in his arms while howling in pain. At the same time, the middle-aged man shouted harshly, "I told you that you’re idiots, but you all think that you’re so smart! If we could be invincible by simply completing these dark killing flags, back then, your grandfather, the father of your father, wouldn’t have his tendons pulled out and skin peeled off, and end up being made into a treasure by someone else!"

The young man who still had his hands on his head yelled out unhappily, "But father, back then, grandpa only completed one dark killing flag, with only ten-million souls in it. We have one hundred and sixty-nine dark killing flags, and tens of billions of souls…"

The middle-aged man hit the young man’s head with the flagpole again. Then, he snorted coldly, and prepared to continue teaching his sons, but abruptly raised his head. He glanced outside through the door of the hall with his gleaming dark eyes, then said with a weird tone, "My friend, since you are here already, why do you have to hide yourself? I am White Dragon River G.o.d, glad to meet you!"

The large flag held in his hands released a dark stream of light and rolled up. Then, White Dragon River G.o.d leaped up from his seat. Meanwhile, a large hump bulged up from each of his shoulders. Within a blink of an eye, two long necks reached out from his shoulders, connected to two hideous-looking horned dragon-flood heads that had been showing their sharp teeth.

That large toad said that White Dragon River G.o.d was a three-headed black flood dragon; it turned out to be true.

The twelve sons of the river G.o.d leaped up as well, each casting a loud shout and having a pair of humps rising from their shoulders. Soon, each of them had two flood-dragon heads swaying on their shoulders, one spurting black fire while one spurting black ice mist, seeming to be quite powerful.

Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows. How could the White Dragon River G.o.d find a trace of his?

He had the golden bridge and the Pan Xi divine mirror, which were two supreme pieces, but still, White Dragon River G.o.d managed to see him. What had this river G.o.d been cultivating his dark pair of eyes with?

Coughing slightly, Ji Hao deactivated the golden bridge and the mirror and showed his figure with a faint smile on his face. He politely bowed to White Dragon River G.o.d and said, "I am Ji Hao. White Dragon River G.o.d, glad to meet you!"

Ji Hao abruptly showed up in the doorway. Watching this happened, White Dragon River G.o.d screamed out in a startle, then immediately leaped backward for fifteen meters, almost b.u.mping on that dark square cauldron, despite the calmness he showed just now.

"You, you, you, who the h.e.l.l are you? You, you, you, how the h.e.l.l did you get in here? You, you, you wha-what do you want?"

The twelve sons of the river G.o.d all screamed out as well while taking a few steps backward simultaneously, staring at Ji Hao as if he was a ghost.

A while later, the young man who was. .h.i.t by his father for twice shouted, "Father, you’re right! We have to be cautious and careful! You tried this every hour, and we truly got this guy walking out by himself!"

Ji Hao was a bit dumbfounded.

Looking at the river G.o.d and his sons, who seemed to be ready to take action, Ji Hao found this quite laughable, and also annoying.

So, the river G.o.d didn’t discover any trace of his. Instead, he just habitually said that. Ji Hao was an experienced one, but he was tricked, and walked out himself.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 974

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