Immortal Mortal Chapter 698 - I Will Not Give You Any Face

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Chapter 698 - I Will Not Give You Any Face

He felt his body being torn to shreds, blood spurted out of him at such volume that he was soon surrounded by a fine mist of his own blood. He was dyed red with blood from head to toe.

"Omph" He quickly retrieved the jade bucket and took a few steps back. There was no doubt that a slip into the Sword Qi River could very well have ended his life. His cultivation level was far too weak as compared to his strengthened immortal body. With that body of his, he would have been able to fetch a bucket of water with ease should he have been an Immortal Reverent.

Mo Wuji quickened his steps back to his newly established immortal cave.

"What had happened to you Sect Head?!" Fei Ling was frightened by the horrid state Mo Wuji was in. His concern was not out of genuine loyalty, but of fear that his good days would end should Mo Wuji be dead.

"Wuji, what happened…." Han Qingru was alarmed by the state Mo Wuji was in. She ran out of the cave upon hearing about Mo Wuji’s return. She have had a bad feeling about Mo Wuji departing alone with Wei Zidao.

Han Qingru unlike Fei Ling, was genuinely concerned about Mo Wuji. She knew that any injuries sustained in the sword prison was even harder to recover from.

She couldn't care less about anything else and rushed to Mo Wuji’s side.

"There is no need to worry, I am fine." Mo Wuji knew he was going to be alright despite his alarming look.

Mo Wuji was able to get as many healing pills as he wanted as an eighth grade Pill Emperor. In fact, his condition had been improving tremendously since entering the Vine Mountain of Safety.

Han Qingru became more at ease when she recalled that Mo Wuji had the abilities to heal even her injuries.

Fei Ling had far bigger concerns. He knew someone or something must have gone terribly wrong for Mo Wuji to have sustained such injuries.

Fei Ling hypothesised that Mo Wuji must have gotten injured in a fight; as there was no reason for he would attempt to fetch water from the Sword Qi River seeing the amount of healing pills he had. He was afraid that Wei Zidao was the one who injured Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji did not notice that Fei Ling was deep in thought, he said: "Follow me."

Mo Wuji produced an inhibition ray when the trio entered the cave. He solemnly said: "Fei Ling, do you know of any other place besides the Vine Mountain of Safety that might be safe?"

"Did something happened, Sect Head?" Fei Ling was worry stricken.

Just a few days back, he was celebrating the fact that he had met a man who could forcefully obtain a safe haven from the many experts residing in the Vine Mountain of Safety. His happiness however seemed to be short lived.

Mo Wuji asked again: "Reply me if there was one."

Mo Wuji was determined to leave even if there wasn't a place as safe as the Vine Mountain of Safety. If Fei Ling was loyal, he would impart Fei Ling techniques of physical tampering and attempt to remove his sword talisman. If Fei Ling was only trying to take advantage of him, he would leave with only Han Qingru

Mo Wuji always had an inkling feeling that the Vine Mountain of Safety was a bad place to stay despite the weakened sword qi. It was important that they leave before Wei Zidao formed an alliance with Pang Hong and Shang Hegao.

Fei Ling sighed, he could tell that Mo Wuji seemed to have trouble on his hands and they have to leave this place no matter what.

"There is another place but it is much lousier than the Vine Mountain of Safety." Fei Ling said after much hesitation.

"What place is it?" Mo Wuji asked.

"It was the Whirlpool of Sword Qi I mentioned earlier." Fei Ling replied.

Mo Wuji frowned: "Wasn't the whirlpool you mentioned a deathtrap?"

Fei Ling nodded: "That is correct. But it was said the desert opposite the whirlpool had much a weaker sword qi as most of the sword qi had been swept up by the whirlpool.That being said, It was still nowhere as optimal as the Vine Mountain of safety."

"Just how big is it?"

"It had a perimeter of around 1722 metres. People from the Vine Mountain of Safety once went to the desert, but had mysteriously disappeared since. It was said that they were swept away by the whirlpool. No one dared venture into the dessert ever since. " Fei Ling replied.

1722 metres was an area big enough for Mo Wuji. He said: "Fei Ling, would you be interested in leaving here for the desert?"

"But we have just finished setting up the arrays here, moreover Gobi Desert has a much stronger sword qi, it is also near the whirlpool…." Fei Ling said with much uneasiness.

Mo Wuji had an ominous feeling when he combed his surrounding area with his spiritual will.

"If that is so, I will leave for the Gobi Desert with Han Qingru, you can stay here alone if you wish." Mo Wuji stood up. Han Qingru too stood up without any hesitation. She was willing to follow Mo Wuji wherever he went.

"I am willing to follow you Sect Head." Fei Ling felt that he had no choice but to follow Mo Wuji, he was nothing but a sitting duck were he to stay without him.

Mo Wuji stared at Fei Ling intently and said: "I am the Sect Head of Ping Fan. Albeit it is still not well established, but I have no doubt that it one day will become the top immortal sect. I have to ask you this, are you willing to make an oath and join the sect? If you’re not, I will have to leave you here with some pills."

Fei Ling was speechless. 

None of it mattered to Fei Ling in this point of time. Even the strongest of immortals from the Very High Heavens could not break out of the sword prison. What Mo Wuji promised to achieve outside of the sword prison in the Immortal World had no significance to him.

Fei Ling recovered from his initial shock and made a decision. He bowed and said to Mo Wuji: "Fei Ling is willing to become a disciple in the Ping Fan Sect. Fei Ling would be shot by lightning and consumed by his inner demons, never to achieve the cultivation level of an Immortal Emperor should he do anything to let the Sect Head down."

Mo Wuji nodded and handed two jade bottles to Fei Ling. "These bottles contained two Zhi Nature Pill and six Immortal Copious Pills respectively. Use it to treat your injuries."

Mo Wuji was sure that Fei Ling made his oath sincerely and truthfully, else he would have left him. Mo Wuji was sure that there had to be way to escape the sword prison, he was unsure however if he could ever find it.

Each and every pill would become very precious to Mo Wuji should he fail to find a way out. Mo Wuji felt that there was no need to be stingy with Fei Ling as he felt his resolve to join Ping Fan.

"Thank you Sect Head" In retrospect, Fei Ling thought that he should have joined the Ping Fan Sect earlier should he have know that it would get him these powerful pills from Mo Wuji.

"Lets leave here now" Mo Wuji said as Fei Ling kept the pills.

A voice bellowed from outside the caves as Fei Ling was about to ask Mo Wuji what to do with the arrays. "Where is Mo Sect Head?"

"It must be Shang Hegao." Fei Ling recognised the voice.

Mo Wuji brought Fei Ling and Han Qingru out of the caves as he lifted the defensive arrays.

Eight man stood waiting outside his defensive arrays. There were six Immortal Emperors, including Wei Zidao as well as two more Quasi Emperors.

Although Wei Zidao looked to have recovered from all his physical injuries, his breath was still short and unstable. He had not fully recovered from his ordeal at the Sword Qi River.

"And what brings you here?" Mo Wuji asked humbly.

Shang Hegao said: "I heard that brother Zidao exchanged 5km of land for some Zhi Nature Pill with you. I too wish to obtain some Zhi Nature Pills from you."

Mo Wuji kept a calm outlook and looked at Wei Zidao, Wei Zidao however dared not meet his gaze.

How could Mo Wuji not understand Shang Hegao’s intentions. Shang Hegao wanted Mo Wuji to give him Zhi Nature pills in exchange for the land that Mo Wuji had already owned.

"So you have came to demand for some Zhi Nature Pills?" Mo Wuji said calmly.

Mo Wuji was not afraid that Shang Hegao and co. would attempt to murder him here. He had many deathtrap arrays set up and was confident on taking them on. Additionally, he knew that they would never murder him here on the Vine Mountain of Safety as no one would risk damaging the only safe haven in sword prison.

"That is correct. I am demanding four Zhi Nature Pills for this land you’re standing on. I will not hesitate to reclaim it should you refuse." Pang Hong was blunt.

Mo Wuji’s gaze fell on Wei Zidao: "Did you come to ask for Zhi Nature Pills too?"

Wei Zhidao knew he could avoid it no more, he said apologetically: "I would never dare ask for more Zhi Nature Pills from you Mo Sect Head. I am willing to buy four more pill from you if you’re willing to sell them. Please understand that I have no choice but to return this land to Shang Hegao and Pang Hong as I have owed them a huge favour." Wei Zhidao continued: "There is no need to worry about accommodations Mo Sect Head. My Immortal Hunters have far better accomodations for you. Please do me the honour of providing you with one."

Mo Wuji said coldly: "I will not."

Immortal Mortal Chapter 698 - I Will Not Give You Any Face

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