Immortal Mortal Chapter 699 - We Want To Leave The Vine Mountain Of Safety

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Chapter 699 - We Want To Leave The Vine Mountain Of Safety

Wei Zidao was furious that Mo Wuji had openly embarra.s.sed him in front of Pang Hong and Shang Hedao. He was nevertheless still an Immortal Emperor of the advanced stage. He contemplated if he should take on Mo Wuji; but he had yet to recover from his ordeal at the River of Sword Qi.

Just as Wei Zidao was about to attack, Shang Hedao said: "We shall take back this land and remodel it since Mo Sect Head is unwilling to hand the pills over."

Mo Wuji was disappointed. He had planned to trigger an attack from Pang Hong and co. by inciting an attack from Wei Zidao. The deathtrap arrays that he painstakingly emplaced would then have allowed him to decimate the experts easily.

It was a pity that Shang Hegao resolved the tension during Wei Zidao’s moment of hesitation, ruining any chances of a fight breaking out.

"Lets go." Mo Wuji left the place without hesitation with Han Qingru and Fei Ling, not bothering to provoke Wei Zidao any further.

None of Pang Hong and co. pursued the trio as they disappeared into the distance.

They knew they could take Mo Wuji’s life whenever they pleased as they have found the secret to obtaining large amounts of water from the river of sword qi. The priority now was to recover from their injuries and face Mo Wuji with their full strength in the future.

"Mo Wuji was bound to have something up his sleeves, it was fortunate that you had not attacked, Wei Zidao." Shang Hegao cautioned Wei Zidao after Mo Wuji left.

Wei Zidao nodded in agreement. Wei Zidao replied: "Indeed. It is amazing that Mo Wuji could actually manage to set up a sixth grade deathtrap array in the sword prison."

Pang Hong said: "Mo Wuji is a very cunning man. He was trying to lure us into the deathtrap array the entire time by inciting Wei Zidao to attack."

They would have had little trouble destroying a mere sixth grade deathtrap array should it have been constructed outside of the sword prision. But the sword prison had left them with only a fraction of their original powers.

"I could not find out anything about him during our interactions either. Let the three of us investigate this deathtrap array that he have left behind." Wei Zidao agreed with what the pair had said.

"Alright." Both Pang Hong and Shang Hedao agreed to Wei Zidao’s suggestion.

The remaining six waited outside the array while the trio entered it.

An Immortal Emperor of the elementary level that was behind Pang Hong turned around and walked away as the trio entered the array.

No Immortal Emperor of any organisation could challenge the authority of Pang Hong, Shang Hedao and Wei Zidao in the Vine Mountain of Safety. As such, no one dared to question the Immortal Emperor who had the audacity to leave the place without waiting for the trio.

"Jian my immortal friend, why don't you wait for me? Where are you headed?" Another voice said as Jian the Immortal was leaving the Vine Mountain of Safety.

Jian the Immortal stopped and stared at him: "Nie Chongan, lets not interfere with each other’s business. Besides, I have no reason to answer to a person from the Righteousness Mountain."

He was aware that Nie Chongan was one of the two powerful Immortal Emperors from the Righteousness Mountains, the other being Shang Hegao.

"Hahaha, there is every reason for you to do so my friend. If my guess was correct, you’re planning to leave the Devil Hand to seek Mo Wuji? You should know how severely Devil Hand punishes betrayers." Nie Chongan challenged Jian the immortal.

Jian the immortal replied: "Firstly, I have every right to leave the Devil Hand as and when I pleased. There was no betrayal involved as Pang Hong and I were merely partners. Secondly, I Jian Mingcheng have no reason to fear you even though you’re of considerable strength."

Nie Chongan did not mind what Jian Mingcheng said, he calming replied: "You’re mistaken my friend. I have come to join, not challenge you."

"Could it be that you..." Jian Mingcheng was shocked beyond words.

Xie Chongan nodded silently.

Han Qingru’s physical tampering techniques had allowed her to barely resist the surrounding sword qi. Fei Ling’s potential and his frequent trip to the river of sword qi also meant that he had a much easier time resisting the sword qi compared to Hang Qingru even though he did not have physical tampering techniques.

Mo Wuji did not help Han Qingru to resist the sword qi even though it had already resulting in a mist of blood surrounding her. He knew that Han Qingru had to go through this to master the physical tampering technique. Besides, it was better for Han Qingru adapt to the sword qi as he knew he could not be around to aid her all the time.

"Please stop Mo Sect Head…." Mo Wuji and co. were nowhere near the whirlpool when a voice came from behind him.

He stopped and saw two man. One man was of average build but slightly fat with extremely sharp eyes. He recognised this man. He was the Immortal Emperor of the elementary stage that was following Shang Hedao. He had recalled Wei Zidao mentioning that this was a powerful man was called Nie Chongan.

The other man was had a smaller build, jet back hair and intriguingly was only born with nine fingers. This was an Immortal Emperor of the elementary stages. Mo Wuji only knew that he followed Pang Hong, but not of his name.

There were two Immortal Emperors that followed Pang Hong around. One was nearly killed by him but was saved in the nick of time by Shang Hedao, this was the other Immortal Emperor that followed Pang Hong.

Mo Wuji was worried. He would have had no problems handing them had they attacked back in the Vine Mountain of Safety where he emplaced his deathtrap array. He knew that it was unlikely now that he could defeat the pair without his deathtrap array nor help from Wei Zidao.

"These are two powerful man are Jian Mingcheng from Devil Hands and Nie Chongan from the Righteousness Mountain." Fei Ling took up a fighting stance beside Mo Wuji and took out his magical treasures, cautiously preparing for battle. He was now a member of the Ping Fan Sect and was willing to give his life defending it.

He kept his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. He understood that it was going to be hard to kill or injure them outside of the Vine Mountain of Safety.

"What could have brought the two of you out of the Vine Mountain of Safety to me?" Mo Wuji asked respectfully. Mo Wuji was battle hardened and fought even Great Immortal Emperors, he was not to be intimidated by two mere Immortal Emperors.

"Jian Mingcheng greets Mo Sect Head."

"Nie Chongan greets Mo Sect Head."

The pair bowed respectfully to Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji found it against the norm that the pair did not mention that they were from the Devil Hands or the Righteousness Mountain.

Mo Wuji kept silent and awaited the pair to explain themselves.

Jian Mingcheng was a few of few words and merely shot Nie Chongan a look. Nie Chongan said: " We wish to leave the Vine Mountain of Safety and follow Mo Sect Head."

Fei Ling stared at the pair blankly. He could not understand why the pair wanted to follow Mo Sect Head and leave a great place like the Vine Mountain of Safety.

Mo Wuji too was suspicious and asked: "Why would the two of you want to follow me? You do know that we do not have a place to stay after we leave the Vine Mountain of Safety."

Nie Chongan explained: "I believe that Mo Sect Head is heading towards the Gobi Desert behind the Whirlpool of Sword Qi? It is a more secure spot compared to the Vine Mountain of Safety albeit less comfortable."

Mo Wuji said: "I would not have left would I have been able to stay in the Vine Mountain of Safety." He implied that he did not believe what Nie Chongan and Jian Mingcheng said.

Jian Mingcheng explained quickly even though he was usually a man of few words: "If my estimates were correct, Mo Sect Head had planned to leave the Vine Mountain of Safety. It was pure coincidence that you have b.u.mped into us on your way out. You could have very well been on your way out of the Vine Mountain of Safety should we have arrived later."

Mo Wuji declined to comment. It was possible that Wei Zidao and co. have inferred it as he had made no attempts to reclaim the land after leaving.

Seeing that Mo Wuji was still unconvinced, Nie Chongan added: "Jian Mingan and I suspected that something was amiss in the Vine Mountain of Safety and did not want to stay there for any longer."

What Nie Chongan said had convinced Mo Wuji, he said: "Let’s go to the Gobi Desert and have a more detailed discussion if that was the case."

"Yes Mo Sect Head." The pair was elated as they knew that Mo Wuji had allowed them to stay temporarily.

Miles later, they saw a huge whirlpool hanging in mid air. The sword qi from the whirlpool torn any nearby spiritual will to shreds. The whirlpool made people feel as though they were getting swept into it when their spiritual will landed close to its edge.

"This is the Whirlpool of Sword Qi. We have to stay further away or risk getting swept into its roaring currents. " Nie Chongan pointed to the sky and warned the others.

Mo Wuji circled away from the whirlpool instinctively. He was unable to tell it depth as it sucked in even his spirit storage channel and sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji would have used his spiritual eye to find out what was at the bottom of the whirlpool should he not have wanted to hide it.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 699 - We Want To Leave The Vine Mountain Of Safety

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