True Martial World Chapter 821 - Door to the Fey Gods

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Chapter 821: Door to the Fey G.o.ds

Accompanying the sound of rumbling, a crevice slowly opened on the Fey divine columns that had been lit up. The crevices continued to widen until they formed gigantic doors that connected the sky to the ground!

The twelve Fey divine columns were immensely huge to begin with. The gigantic doors appeared like mountains, so when the cultivators stood in front of the doors, they were as minute as specks of dust.

"You can enter," Cang Mang said as his mouth twitched after seeing the expressions of these people, staring with widened eyes.

Upon hearing this, the disciples who had gained recognition eagerly headed towards their doors.

Just as a cultivator reached a divine column's door, he realized he was being repelled by an invisible force.

"You can only enter the door that you pa.s.sed." Cang Mang added on before he looked at Yi Yun and company again. "As for the three of you, you can choose any door from the divine columns that you have gained the recognition of."

The cultivator who was repelled stared at the magnificent door in front of him and sighed. Standing outside the door, everything in the door was filled with a dense fog, preventing him from seeing the situation inside. As for this great door, it was for the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column.

It was unknown when he would ever have a chance to enter this door&h.e.l.lip; 

"Junior Brother Yi, let us go," Luo Fengling said.

Yi Yun nodded. He felt extremely curious looking at the doors. They gave him a feeling that there was a primordial behemoth entrenched behind the door. Even the fog at the doors felt like they were formed from the behemoth's breathing.

At this moment, Ran Yu proceeded through the Empress Earth Dao Tree's door, and after Yi Yun sized up the doors, he decided to follow suit.

While pa.s.sing through the dense fog, Yi Yun suddenly had a feeling that he was being watched by numerous pairs of eyes. There were whispering voices in the fog and when Yi Yun traced the direction of the sounds, he was instantly stunned.

It appeared like there were numerous shadows flas.h.i.+ng around in the fog. These shadows seemed to be either man or beast, while some did not even have any specific shapes.

But soon, Yi Yun was unconcerned about them. This was the door to one of the twelve Fey divine columns, it was unlikely that there was anything trying to make mischief.

"Those figures that are speaking are said to be spirits born from the twelve Fey divine columns." Just after Yi Yun walked out of the fog, he heard a faint voice.

Ran Yu was standing not far from him, and he had said without even turning his head back.

"Spirits?" Yi Yun frowned. He was unsure about such matters.

However, Ran Yu no longer spoke. Yi Yun was also unsure of what Ran Yu was alluding to, but he did not probe further.

When he looked forward, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Walking in from the door, he was apparently treading a path in the form of a bridge. And on the path ahead, there was a huge cave.

The cave was twinkling like starlight. Looking up, there was a recondite sky, and looking down was an infinite abyss. It was a mystery as to where it led to.

Yi Yun and Ran Yu had walked in from the Empress Earth Dao Tree's door and they stood on the same stone bridge. And around them were twelve similar stone bridges that circled the cave.

The cave was so large that the stone bridges quite distant from each other.

However, the starlight was illuminating the stone bridges, allowing people to see each other from afar.

Other than Ran Yu and Yi Yun, there were already people standing on several stone bridges.

Just as Yi Yun looked at the cave, Ran Yu slowly came to the forefront of the stone bridge and he looked down at the abyss. He slowly said, "Do you know why our Fey race built the twelve Fey divine columns on a blue hole in this endless sea?"

Endless sea? Yi Yun was confounded. So this was a blue hole...

However...  Wasn't Mt. Azure Billow a large mountain suspended in the Universe? Where did the sea come from?

At this moment, Ran Yu did not wait for Yi Yun's reply and he carried on, "That's because the cultivation of us warriors are like standing on this stone bridge, shaky. Some people can achieve success in a short period of time, but they are like fireworks, only having a momentary brilliance. Truly good materials will burn ever brighter. Some of them can burn for tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of millions of years."

Yi Yun glanced at Ran Yu and he understood what he meant.

Clearly, Ran Yu's pride prevented him from accepting Yi Yun's evaluation to be higher than his. The fireworks were probably a metaphor for himself, while Ran Yu wanted to be the good material that he mentioned.

Yi Yun only smiled in silence. Ran Yu's face turned surly because he did not like it when people disparaged him.

"Yi Yun, you are human. The perception of the Human race indeed the Fey race, but the Fey race has its own advantages, which are their extremely long lifespans and their powerful physiques! With this comparison, humans are considered too weak. The Fey race can use their long lifespans to close the advantageous gap that humans have in laws. For example, I may be decades older than you, but when contrasting this with my Fey race's lifespan, I am actually younger than you!"

"It is difficult to bridge the differences in the physiques of the Human race and Fey race. And it is for this reason that the humans are always the weaker ones in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Most humans, even if they share the same origins as members of the Fey race, they would eventually only become the servants or followers of the Fey." Ran Yu said again, but Yi Yun did not think much of it. It was true that humans had a shorter lifespan than the Fey race, but that was only limited to their low cultivation levels.

With the increase of cultivation level, the lifespans of the mighty figures of the Human and Fey race would have the gap closed. In the end, once one had the power to control the heavens and earth, sharing the lifespans of the suns and moons, the racial lines would have long been blurred. There was not much of a comparison about who had a longer lifespan amongst the Human and Fey race mighty figures, but the number of mighty human figures would be a lot more!

Yi Yun said, "From what I know, only the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven belongs to the Fey race amongst the 12 Empyrean Heavens. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the position of the Human race is indeed deplorable, but there are even more Empyrean Heavens where humans are supreme." Yi Yun lightly said, putting a plug on Ran Yu's words.

As Ran Yu looked at Yi Yun, his eyes flashed a hint of sharpness.

The Fey race faced a tremendous problem. Only the Heaven Fey possessed greater potential, but the Heaven Fey's fertility was much weaker than the Human race.

And at this moment, Cang Mang's voice sounded from the cave.

He had also walked in from one of the doors of the divine columns, stunning everyone.

However, they immediately understood that since Cang Mang was a guardian of the Ancient Fey Edifice, he would definitely have gained the recognition of the ancient Fey columns. He was naturally free to enter the door.

"The opportunities are here and what you obtain is up to you. Even with the same rating, the opportunities that you obtain will be different." Cang Mang said.

The cultivators standing on different stone bridges immediately revealed strange looks.

The cultivators who had managed to gain recognition naturally could not be compared to freaks like Ran Yu, Gu Luo and Yi Yun, but it was possible for them to obtain better opportunities than others.

Everyone was filled with antic.i.p.ation, hoping that their luck was better.

True Martial World Chapter 821 - Door to the Fey Gods

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