The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 540

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The panther suddenly stopped its posture to pounce, then it was followed by a terrifying gaze in its fierce eyes.

It … it's not rank five magical beast! Is it rank six… or higher? But how can there be a magical beast higher than rank five in this area?!

The black panther has no intellect and reasoning; it only had instinct. It instinctively felt that this fat meatball was terrifying. It terrified the black panther, rendering the black panther lose the courage to resist.

"Woo—" The black panther made an undertone howl again, then it turned without hesitation and flew away. In the blink of an eye, the figure disappeared into the darkness of the tree shadow.

Seeing the black panther leaving, the little meatball seemed to be unable to support it anymore. The air in its body leaked, turning into two palm size ugly adorable little bulldog.

However, its eyes still looked worried. It immediately made a crying sound anxiously at the two targets that were protected by it.

Hexi stood up from the ground, only to feel the pain everywhere on her body.

She looked around and determined that the place was very unfamiliar. She indeed escape from the hands of Feng Yunjing. Only then she was relieved.

Seeing Little Dumb Cow looking at himself and Little Egg, he couldn't help but reached out and touched his little head: "Little Dumb Cow, thank you. If it weren't for you, we would all die."

Little Dumb Cow whimpered a few times, but its expression was extremely exhausted. Its skin became dry, and her green bean eyes were dimmed as if she would fall asleep at any time.

Little Egg also popped out of the void and turned into a pink piglet, appearing in front of Little Dumb Cow. He touched its little head as he said childishly, "Little Dumb Cow, are you all right? You look so uncomfortable. Are you out of spirit? Little Egg can give you! "

As Little Egg spoke, his small claws emitted a light green light, then he transferred it into the Little Dumb Cow.

When Little Egg's spirit entered Little Dumb Cow's body, Little Dumb Cow's dried skin was replenished as the speed visible to the naked eye, and its initially weak breath became steady.

However, it still seemed very sleepy. Its little green eyes was closing.

Little Egg, who had given his spirit, became weak. He rubbed his eyes with his small paws and fell asleep in Hexi's arms.

Hexi hugged Little Egg and stroked Little Dumb Cow gently. She slowly said, "Little Dumb Cow, would you like to leave this Breaking Spirit Mountain with me?"

Logically, the magical beast in Breaking Spirit Mountain should have no intellect but only killing and appet.i.te. However, this ugly adorable little magical beast, although it was exceptionally dumb, it obviously had not lost its mind.

This time they went through life and death and Little Dumb Cow loved Little Egg so much, so Hexi couldn't leave it in Breaking Spirit Mountain anymore.

Little Dumb Cow's eyes brightened. It nodded heavily, then pa.s.sed out completely.

Hexi examined the bodies of the two brats and found that they were both asleep. Besides, the spirit in their body was slowly repairing themselves. Hexi was relieved seeing this.

She found a quiet place and arranged a simple array around her body before entering the void.

What worried her the most was Little Golden Dragon and Purple Abyss Vine.

Little Golden Dragon withstood Feng Yunjing's full blow; he should be badly injured.

Little Purple was even worse. In order to save Hexi twice, even her main vine was polluted by the wraiths of Feng Yunjing's Rakshasa Flag and became withered.

The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 540

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