Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~ Chapter 212

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New Product
"Dunst, I have brought you customers~"

Once we finished selling off the materials to the guild, Rudolph-san brought us to the White Cat inn.

"N? Rudolph? You've brought some young adventurers with you."
"Young but capable. Get a room for them please."

When Rudolph-san called after entering the inn, a man of the same generation as Rudolph-san came out from the back.

"I'm Tak.u.mi. We will be in your care."
"I'm Dunst. Are those pipsqueaks your companions?"
"Yes, that's correct."
"A double room? No, a triple room?"
"If you have a room with a large bed then we will take that one. If not, a double room is fine."
"It will be the first room on the second floor then. Sorry, but can you settle the payment after my wife returns?"
"Yes, sure. Thank you for your hospitality."

Meals are apparently served only in the mornings, but you can order lunch and dinner for extra fees.

"Also, Dunst, can you lend us your kitchen for a while?"
"A meal at this time? It's still early for business hours in the evening and I have already finished the preparations, so there's no problem… is this fellow going to cook?"
"Tak.u.mi's cooking is delicious. It definitely won't lose to yours, Dunst."
"Hmm~ You said you are Tak.u.mi? Come this way."

Rudolph-san urged me to cook right away. Well, it's not like we have any plans for today, so why not~

"What are you making~?"
"Let's see~ At this time… rather than something heavy, something filling would be probably better~"
"Rather than something sweet, bread might be better. Ah, right! Let's make pizza!"
"Right. Pizza."

I have bread dough and Tori fruit (tomato) sauce I made before. As for the garnish… some vegetables and seafood?

"Then, let's prepare the garnish."

First, I start with the seafood.
The squid I'm going to use is not a monster, but a normal animal. Although I say normal, it's a squid of one meter in length.
I thought of using the Little Kraken first, but… I left that idea behind. I wouldn't like to cause a ruckus.
It was easy to remove the skin, so it didn't take much work, but it would have been difficult to use if the skin was difficult to peel off. Next, I cut it into bite-sizes. Hmm… should I parboil it first? It depends on the baking time, but I am worried about half-baking it, and I won't mess anything up by putting it in water for a few minutes, so let's parboil it first~
Next are shrimps. I also boil red shrimps and peel off the
For cheese, I grate the lump of cheese I bought from a store with a knife, slice up some raw onions and tori fruit. Alright! The preparations should be finished, I think.

"Otousan, we are home~!"
"Dear, we have returned.——Oh my, customers?"
"Sara, you guys are home? They are customers Rudolph brought. They will be staying in the first room on the second floor. Collect the payment later please."

They must be Dunst-san's wife and daughter? His wife——Sarsan and their daughter seem to be Cat-ish Beastmen.

"I'm Iris. What are you making, Oniichan?"

Dunst-san's daughter——Iris-chan is a ten-year-old girl and spoke to us, strangers, without showing any nervousness. She's a daughter of inn owners, so she must be used to customers, I guess?

"This is something called pizza."
"Yeah. I would say it's bread's colleague?"
"Is it yummy?"
"I think so. Then, I will make a portion for you too, would you eat with us, Iris-chan?"
"Yeah, I want to eat it! Thank you, Oniichan!"

I stretch the dough round and flat, making sure it's spread evenly.

"Alright, let's put the garnish on. Allen, Elena, help me out."
"Oniichan, I will help too."
"Thank you. Then, place it on the dough like this…"

I showed the kids how to place the ingredients on the dough and Allen, Elena, and Iris-chan helped me.
And finally, I sprinkle plenty of cheese on top. And then, I put the pizza into the oven I preheated.

"Alright, it seems to be done~"
"""Looks delish~"""

When I took out the pizza out of the oven, the fragrance of the baked cheese immediately spread around.

"It smells incredible."
"Oh my, it truly does."
"Would you like some too, Dunst-san, Sarsan?"
"Is that fine?"
"Yes. I borrowed your kitchen, after all."

When I brought the pizza to the cafeteria and sliced it and placed on plates, Rudolph-san was waiting while fidgeting.

"Thank you for waiting."
"This is it! I scent has gotten me all excited since a while ago!"
"Hahaha~ Then, go ahead.——Allen, Elena, Iris-chan, be careful as it's hot."

Immediately, everyone reached for the pizza slices. Allen and Elena blew on it first to cool it down before chomping down on it.


Then, the cheese stretched from their mouths, making the children a bit frustrated at first, but they soon dealt with the problem.

""Onii~chan, this is delish~""
"I see. I am glad to hear that~"

Allen and Elena were overjoyed and quickly ate their slices.

"The h.e.l.l is this! Tak.u.mi, it's too good!!"
"Oniichan, it's very yummy!"
"It's delicious."
"It truly tastes great."

The pizza was greatly received by Rudolph-san and Dunst-san and his family.

"Dear, this would really sell if you put it up on sale."
"… I have no doubts about that."
"What kind of ingredients would you put on top, Dunst-san?"

From what I know, making seafood pizza in this town would be difficult due to the lack of seafood around here. If it was me, I would start with bacon pizza.
But, I am curious what kind of pizza would Dunst-san, who just ate his first pizza ever, would make. There might be a kind of pizza that is unique to Aetherdia.

"Is that fine?"
"What is?"
"To sell this at our store."
"Ah, that? Sure, I don't mind."

Dunst-san fell silent when I gave a quick affirmation.
You can usually tell the ingredients of pizza after eating it. It's just dough with tori sauce, suitable garnish and cheese after all. Anyone with some experience would be able to reproduce it after trying.
That's why I thought there won't be problems like with the Cream Bread, so it should be fine for Dunst-san to sell it at his store.

"… Tori sauce… ingredients to put on…"
"Oh no~ this person, he's already considering the menu~ Tak.u.mi-san, this Pizza? Can we really sell it at our store?"
"Yes, I don't mind. However, I think you realize it by now, but the ingredients and the preparation method is really easy to figure out, so it will be considered rare at first, but anyone will be able to reproduce it after a while, so I believe it will be difficult to keep it as a signboard menu."
"All will depend on the skill of our people then. We have enough dough in stock, so we can manage by evening if we hurry with the tori sauce! Iris, quickly go buy some tori fruit after you finish eating."

Eh!? You want to start selling it this evening? That, I didn't expect!!

Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~ Chapter 212

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