Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 646 - Demonic Force (4)

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Chapter 646: Demonic Force (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As the little white tiger spoke, its body transformed to its infant-form once again and was no longer as imposing-looking as before.

Ye Qingtang was slightly taken aback to see it and asked the little white tiger in curiosity, “Why did you change back again?”

The little white tiger stared at Ye Qingtang with pride all over its face. “I only need ten or so breaths to settle this piece of trash. Do I need to waste the stored energy in my body just for this piece of trash?”

Ye Qingtang was in thought and asked subsequently, “You mean that you can control the amount of time that you turn big?”

“Not always.” The little white tiger shook his head. “It’s dependent on luck. If the energy is stored fully, it cannot be controlled, and I will always be in the enlarged form until the energy is completely depleted. However, if the stored energy is insufficient, it can be controlled.”

The Blood Moon Elder chipped in. “Holy Lady, with the skills of this brute’s enlarged form, we could probably be unrivaled in this h.e.l.l of Avicinaraka mystic realm. If we let it absorb more energy, we don’t need to be worried about our lives anymore!”

Before Ye Qingtang could reply, the little tiger strutted to the Blood Moon Elder while wagging its tail and asked in a haughty manner, “F*ck you, lowly chap. Who are you calling a brute? Do you believe you’ll be the first I kill?”

“Kill me?” The Blood Moon Elder was about to say something nasty, but on another thought, the Fiendcelestial Beast only took ten or so breaths to enlarge, and there was probably quite some amount of energy left in its body that could sustain an enlargement again.

Immediately, he piled smiles on his face and said, “Lord Fiendcelestial Beast is mighty and powerful. A great man rarely stoops to pettiness or harbors grievance for past wrongs. I accidentally spoke nonsense earlier on… You are n.o.ble, supreme, and on an equal footing as Holy Lady. You will definitely not lower yourself to the same level as me.”

After hearing that, the little white tiger nodded. “Very well said. I have such a n.o.ble ident.i.ty. How would I lower myself to the same level as you? However, pay attention to your att.i.tude the next time you speak to me. Otherwise, I will take your lowly life if you make me unhappy.”

“Yes, yes, yes… You are right. I will definitely pay more attention from now on…” The Blood Moon Elder smiled as he nodded successively.

F*ck you. Just you wait… Once the energy in your body is used up, watch how I will settle you. While the Blood Moon Elder was full of smiles, he pondered secretly.

As said, discretion was the better part of valor. One had to know when to hold in and when to fold. The current little white tiger could transform into the enlarged form anytime, and he would only be a fool to offend it. Even that mutated beast whose combat power was similar to a half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord was killed by it in just ten or so breaths…

“Hahaha, n.o.ble Fiendcelestial Beast, what is this h.e.l.l of Avicinaraka mystic realm with you around! Even when we follow behind you, we will also be unrivaled and have nothing to fear.” The Blood Moon Elder grinned.

After hearing that, the little white tiger had an even prouder expression, and its tail curled up towards the sky.

Ye Qingtang was extremely helpless. However, she finally understood how exactly the Blood Moon Elder achieved his position as an elder of the Blood Moon Sect. If one said he was a bootlicker, no one would not believe it.

“Little thing, you like to speak the truth very much, and I admire you a lot. Rest a.s.sured. My ident.i.ty is so n.o.ble and skills so powerful. If you follow behind me, I can guarantee that no one would dare to stop you even if you act in a tyrannous manner in this h.e.l.l of Avicinaraka mystic realm.” The little white tiger was very pleased by the Blood Moon Elder’s bootlicking.

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 646 - Demonic Force (4)

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