Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 709 - Extraordinary Flame (2)

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Chapter 709: Extraordinary Flame (2)

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“Peerless School, Beiming Manor… Phantom Valley…” After hearing Master Du’s words, Ye Qingtang frowned.

The Peerless School was the most powerful group in the Nine Nights Dynasty. Even super sects like Falling Sky Valley and Tiangang Sect had to bow down to them and pay tribute with large quant.i.ties of treasures to the Peerless School.

The Beiming Manor, on the other hand, was situated in the Formidable Heavens Dynasty, and it was almost on par with the Peerless School.

In the Formidable Heavens Dynasty, super sects like Yunxiao Sect and Yuehua Sect, similarly, had to pay allegiance to the Beiming Manor and were required to offer tributes annually.

As for the Phantom Valley, it was the most powerful evil cult that rose in this mainland over the last hundred years.

The Peerless School, Beiming Manor, and Phantom Valley were the three strongest forces of this mainland, and almost no other group could contend with them!

In her previous life, Ye Qingtang once heard that the Valley Master of Falling Sky Valley was severely injured by an ordinary warden of the Peerless School…

From this, the horrifying capabilities of these three forces could be seen.

As for the Dragon Vein, Ye Qingtang had never heard of it before.

However, speaking accurately, there was indeed a force that placed above these three great forces…

That was the Antiquity Palace!

However, although the Antiquity Palace commanded a respectable position, it never got involved with worldly matters as though it was completely outside the world.

Ye Qingtang lowered her head instinctively and looked at the ring that was forcefully put on her finger by a certain Palace Lord. A chill ran down her spine, and she immediately swept the Antiquity Palace out of her mind.

She did not wish to meet that someone ever again in her life as her Heart of the Demon G.o.d might just be exposed anytime otherwise.

“Brother Ye Chen, it’s said that carca.s.s of an ancient demon lays in the Dragon Vein… The spirit energy all around is gathered and condensed into millions of destinies and treasures. Even a complete Earth-level weapon as said in legends exists there too!” Master Du was agitated.

If one had the skills to control a complete Earth-level weapon, he could easily destroy the Nine Nights Dynasty territory with just the wave of a hand!

“The Beiming Manor, Peerless School, and the Phantom Valley were unable to completely open up a tunnel in over ten years… You have an Extraordinary Flame, and we can enter the Dragon Vein…” Master Du persuaded with all his might.

“With those three forces, wouldn’t we be courting death by heading there?” Ye Qingtang said after pondering for a moment.

“That’s not the case.” Master Du shook his head and continued. “We do not need to come into contact with those three forces. Many years ago when I was in the northern region, I found another tunnel that connects to the Dragon Vein by chance… However, that tunnel is blocked by a ma.s.sive rock made from Millennium Meteoric Iron… That ma.s.sive rock can only be destroyed with an Extraordinary Flame… As long as we use your Extraordinary Flame to destroy the ma.s.sive rock…” Excitement was written all over Master Du’s face.

“I need to think about it,” Ye Qingtang said.

Although Ye Qingtang was extremely interested in the Dragon Vein as well, if it was really guarded by the Peerless School, Phantom Valley, and Beiming Manor forces as Master Du said…

“Sure. There’s no hurry. No hurry. Brother Ye Chen, let’s refine the weapon first. We’ll talk after it,” Master Du said with a smile.

Before Ye Qingtang could speak, Master Du said again, “To refine a weapon with a Millennium Meteoric Iron, we will need a complete proposal. Give me half a month’s time, Brother Ye Chen. After I’m done with the proposal, you can come here and use your Extraordinary Flame to a.s.sist with the forging of the weapon.”

“Okay. We’ll settle on this then.” Ye Qingtang nodded.

Not long later, Ye Qingtang turned around and left the Bliss Forging Workshop.

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 709 - Extraordinary Flame (2)

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