The Anarchic Consort Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Towards Wei Wei, His Highness

Murong Chang Feng gripped the fine writing paper. After he again looked towards Wei Wei, he stared blankly in a way he's never done before……

This kind of blank stare, made that girl who adored him hate it so much her tightly clenched fists turned white as her red fingernails dug into the palm of her hands. She turned and glanced at Helian Wei Wei, holding in her disdain with great effort. "Only drew up a few more designs, that's all. If I was Grandmaster Zi Zun's disciple, maybe I could've also written so many plans. Who doesn't know how to regurgitate, whether she wins or not still depends on practical a.s.sembly."

Even though what the young girl said was right, however, the students sitting at the Inferior Compound also very much wanted to tell her: Helian Wei Wei, that girl, had never memorized any books. When she attended, besides sleeping, she just sprawled on the desktop. The teachers had been so angry, they didn't even count on her being awake anymore!

"Who doesn't know how to regurgitate? She makes it sound so simple. If she's so confident why doesn't she go up see what happens when she competes with the chief. I guarantee that she won't even be able to recognize all of those components." Those people from the Good Compound, solemnly already genuinely accepted Wei Wei as their chief, not only because of this duel. In the previous duel, when the Good Compound battled the Inferior Compound, they were already scared stiff by Wei Wei's speed that was so fast it was impossible to describe. What's more, only geniuses who'd worked with armaments before knew, to be able to remember so many parts within such a short amount of time, and even immediately figure out how they should be used, really wasn't as simple a matter as it sounded.

From their point of view, those geniuses from the Superior Compound couldn't even compare to them.

At least when they lost, they admitted defeat.

These people from the Superior Compound only knew how to find excuses for themselves this whole time.

In a moment, when the chief truly moved her hands, they'll learn to behave!

This was the first time people from the Good Compound glared at her like that. Without mentioning her family background, she'd still been a member of the Superior Compound ever since she entered the academy. When had she ever not been the object of people's envy. Yet now, how did these people from the Good Compound have the gall and dare to speak out against her!

"Then let's see what happens when it comes to armaments a.s.sembly." Just at this indignant time when daggers were somewhat drawn, a faint laugh transmitted from the center of the stage.

Wei Wei half curved her lips into a smile that's not a smile, since that smiling expression didn't reach her eyes at all. She slowly walked over, appearing more das.h.i.+ng and languid than most girls.

After that, she turned to the side as her fingers moved. A 'click' could be heard, like something was unfastened from her right wrist, after which she casually threw them to the side. Her posture was very relaxed, within her gracefulness, there was an indescribable demonic charm.

Just like an a.s.sessment someone made of her in modern times, Helian Wei Wei was absolutely an ace among aces. She possessed a beauty that others were envious of. She could be warm like the transparent suns.h.i.+ne, yet could be elegant like a queen from the paintings.

Everyone stared blankly as they watched in astonishment as she casually threw the weights bands to the side. Everyone actually forcibly inhaled.

She'd always been wearing the weights bands? !

Didn't they say that only students from the Superior Compound wouldn't be excessively restricted by the weights bands when moving their hands.

If their cultivation hadn't reached a certain level, it would basically be impossible to withstand the pressure produced by the weights bands, wasn't that true?

Yet this girl had always been wearing them, from the Good Compound to the Superior Compound!

Moreover, unlike Murong Chang Feng, she'd appeared onstage in every match!

How'd she accomplish this!

Even the compet.i.tor from the Fine Compound found this to be inconceivable, and finally couldn't help but turn his head and faced Hei Ze. "I was in fact truly defeated. She wiped the floor with me. At that time, I shouldn't have been complaining."

"It's fine, my friend, losing to her is nothing to be ashamed of." Hei Ze's fist struck that person's shoulder as he silently thought to himself,

Wait until after you find out your idol, Tiny Pond Under Heaven's boss, is her, you won't be able to show your face……

How could that girl know of these things. As she watched Wei Wei's nonchalant appearance, she only became increasingly agitated. Her pair of hands clenched and wished she could charge onstage herself and tear Wei Wei to shreds!

Watching her, Helian Jiao Er leaned over by her ear and said something.

That girl's eyes flashed and lifted her chin. "Since the Eldest Miss Helian is so confident, how about making all of those armaments you've designed. That'll also let us see if you're truly capable, or if you've only memorized the materials Grandmaster Zi Zun gave you. Only being able to cram study simply doesn't prove anything else."

Heh, not much time had been allotted for the duel, even if this s.l.u.t could a.s.semble armaments, during the remaining half incense's time, she still wouldn't be able to make seven or eight armaments.

Moreover, she even had to use these same components. Besides the fact that these metal parts were certainly not that great in quality, some were even simply unusable.

She really wanted to see how this s.l.u.t will manage!

"Having me make all of them is also possible." Wei Wei smiled as her eyes searched for Tusu Feng beneath the stage, "however, based on the rules of the compet.i.tion, I'm simply not required to make so many armaments. Now that someone from the Superior Compound has raised an additional request, then shouldn't the award money be doubled."

The young girl coldly sneered. "Award money? Shouldn't you win before speaking about that."

"I've never done anything without compensation." Wei Wei curved her thin lips, her expression in the next second became incomparably serious and fierce. "Otherwise, why the h.e.l.l should I listen to your demand. Did you truly think that the world owes you, to let you act so willfully?"

The young girl was stopped up by Wei Wei's words as her whole body s.h.i.+vered and she rigidly clenched her hands. "Helian Wei Wei, don't you only want money? As long as you really can make all of these armaments, I'll pay!'

"Fine." Wei Wei decided with on word, smiling. "Then let's settle on this."

Nangong Lie watched this scene and breathed a very long sigh. "Captain Wei Wei must've done it on purpose, Ah Jue, no wonder she's to become your red phoenix. Her level of two-facedness is practically at your level already. Defeating someone, yet even having them pay for it. Sinister, too sinister!"

Baili Jia Jue didn't speak as his lender and long legs pulled up slightly. The left hand wrapped in a strip of white cloth indolently propped up his chin, his pupil as pitch black as the night beautifully pondered something inexplicable.

Nangong Lie as he knew the more black-hearted a person was, the more they could arouse Ah Jue's interest.

It would seen that their captain Helian, would not be able to escape her bad luck of being locked up in a birdcage by someone in the future. There's nothing she can do about it, Ah Jue just loved evil in that way!

In the past, that flock of ministers were even guessing what kind of girl Third Prince, who never approached girls, would prefer.

In the end, they determined that their target was someone like Helian Jiao Er, an appearance of innocence and purity, gentle and tender, a precious jade untouched by dust and winds.

At that time, he wanted to tell them, this guy, Ah Jue's taste was so much more piquant than what they imagined, alright? !

It's just that this guy was afflicted with mysophobia, so he couldn't stand being touched any woman.

If Ah Jue truly wanted to pick one, he reckoned that Ah Jue would prefer the type that extended her claws towards him……

The Anarchic Consort Chapter 171

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