The Anarchic Consort Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Left Speechless

She bit her lip, and was going to say something more.

When she heard a deep and low, apathetic voice transmit to her ears, lazy, yet extremely s.e.xy. "If you don't trust Eunuch Sun's eyes, then how about this Highness?"

Baili Jia Jue emerged from the dark shadows, his distinctive body set of under the fur cloak appeared exceptionally handsome, with dense eyebrows and eyelashes, deep dark eyes, imposing presence, and ice-coldness that terrified others.

Chen Wen Wan trembled all over, her legs became limp and wanted to kneel on the ground!

Upon seeing this, Retired Emperor frowned, his expression also immediately became cold. "Bring the thing here."

"Yes. Eunuch Sun lifted up both hands and presented that incense wood to him. When he saw the words engraved on there, the light in Retired Emperor's eyes flashed then turned towards Wei Wei's direction. "This is……"

Wei Wei responded with a faintly smiling expression. "Wei Wei said previously that I admired Retired Emperor. This time, there's been a big drought and you personally journeyed up the mountain to pray for blessings, a heart of worry for the country, worry for its people, filled Wei Wei with admiration. This commoner's strength is limited, there's not much I can do. I only heard that the incense wood inside Hidden Spirit Temple was very effective in answering prayers, so I asked the little master to bring me to that courtyard in order to beg for a piece."

The novice monk stood by Wei Wei's side, and furiously nodded his head, after reciting 'amitabha' he then responded. "On the way, this benefactor endured one hundred and ninety stair steps and kowtowed a total of nine hundred and ninety times. Such sincerity will certainly gain Buddha's favor."

As he held the incense wood in his hand, Retired Emperor only felt like he'd been slapped and was silent for a moment before he turned to take a look at Wei Wei. For the first time, the always unfl.u.s.tered eyes expressed an apology. "Good child, you're truly considerate."

Having heard that, Helian Jiao Er's complexion became exceptionally unsightly. She suddenly clenched her hands firmly, then slowly loosened them. She suddenly realized that whether it was her, Little Lian, or Chen Wen Wan, they've all been dealt with by Wei Wei!

As early as prior to entering the temple, Wei Wei already foresaw everything and kept her emotions to herself. She wasn't fl.u.s.tered, and instead, was waiting for them to walk right into her trap!

At this time, Helian Jiao Er finally was extremely regretful. This girl before her truly wasn't one bit like how she used to be, not merely in regards to martial qi, but also in her shrewdness!

Originally, she wanted to frame her before Retired Emperor, to have her thoroughly provoke Retired Emperor, so that not a single good day will be left for her, yet now, she unintentionally helped that girl set up a good road!

After this matter, Retired Emperor would certainly feel guilty towards Wei Wei, and in the future, he might even start taking care of her.

Thinking of this, Helian Jiao Er's heart was filled with hate as she stiffly bit through the flesh inside her mouth, a mouthful of blood, which she had no choice but to swallow!

Wei Wei watched her, and smiled lightly. "Right now, everything has confirmed that I'm innocent. I actually have something to ask Younger Sister and Miss Chen. I'm clearly carrying a piece of incense wood. Why did the two of you insist that it's witch wood before even taking a look at it? What is the real reason for this?"

Chen Wen Wan's pale lips simply couldn't utter a single word.

Helian Jiao Er forced the side of her lips into a smile. "Looking at it from a distance, that incense wood resembled witch wood, that's why Younger Sister thought……"

"Younger Sister." Wei Wei neither anxiously nor impatiently interrupted her. "You're going to say that all of this was a misunderstanding?"

Helian Jiao Er nodded, the rim of her eyes slightly red. "I've wronged Older Sister, we've indeed seen incorrectly."

"Seen incorrectly? I think it's more like Younger Sister don't understand why the witch wood in my pouch has become incense wood, right?"

Speaking to this point, Wei Wei turned her head to look at Retired Emperor. "I won't conceal from Retired Emperor. I really have a piece of witch wood here."

What? Everybody looked at each other, one after another. They honestly didn't understand. Wei Wei had just dispelled rumors of her having witchwood, why would she now admit to having a piece!

However, only Chen Wen Wan realized what she wanted to say, and immediately stood up.

Wei Wei lightly swept her a glance and continued. "It's just that this piece was actually given to me by Miss Chen as we entered the temple."

"Helian Wei Wei you shouldn't spit blood on people!" (accuse others wrongly)

Chen Wen Wan looked down, that kind of twisted face, where's the least bit of gentle aura from before.

Wei Wei smiled, her eyes so bright it seemed to be overflowing with a layer of dazzling light. "Miss Chen, from start to finish, the one who's spitting blood on people are the two of you. Why should I cooperate with you and enter your horse carriage? I merely wanted to see what cheap trick you're playing at. I really didn't think that for the sake of dealing with me, she unexpectedly sent a young lady from a prestigious family. Miss Chen, you're certainly not a student who's partic.i.p.ated in White Academy's compet.i.tions, yet you appeared now to accompany us. Surely, only a person who can hide the sky with her hand (hide the truth from the, like Madam Su, can help you accomplish this. It's just that you guys have underestimated me too much. With merely a piece of witch wood, you intended to put me on the road to death? You really think I'm still someone who'd allow you to bully me like before, the lonely child who wouldn't talk back? !"

After speaking, she took a step forward and fiercely knelt on the ground!

The sound she made was even louder than when Helian Jiao Er kneeled, even more heartfelt!

Her long skirt fell on ground as if it incited a flower to bloom!

Fine rain fell, an evening wind burst forth. Wei Wei lifted her head, her long sleeves fluttered and echoed in the wind.

"Retired Emperor, that year, my grandfather was sixty years of age,. In order to protect the Dragon War Empire's territory, his cavalry collapsed at the border, blood dyed the landscape, brandis.h.i.+ng his battle blade, spreading the valiant battle spirit. Therefore, you conferred the Defense Division upon those of Helian blood. Your intent was to protect the family who served the country, who wholeheartedly served the people. Yet clearly I was a good-for-nothing from childhood, without grandfather, and without a mother, and even had to offer my position to another person. That's why I deserve to be humiliated by others and was scolded as barbaric and wanton. After all, I threw away my own inheritance."

As Wei Wei spoke, her back was exceedingly straight. Even though she was in a kneeling position, in everyone's eyes, she was das.h.i.+ng in a way that's hard to describe. "But I've grown up now, and understand what's honor and disgrace. I don't want to have people discredit my reputation as they pleased like this again, yet I haven't said anything. I think that year when Grandfather brandished his blade to guard his home and defend the country, he certainly didn't do it so as to have me stand here one day and be schemed against without good cause. When I was little, he held me in his arms and what he said most often was 'young one, when you grow up, you have to become the best martial artist and serve Retired Emperor as his left and right hand. This way, you can support and protect our Dragon War Empire to grow and multiply, bringing people peace and prosperity! For the past many years, no matter what happens, I've always remembered these words, thinking that when I reach a high enough level, I can tell you of this, but it seems that now, you may not want to hear it. After all, right now, the master of the Defense Division's last name is Su. Retired Emperor, you probably also have apprehensions."

Retired Emperor looked at this face before him who resembled the old man Helian's face three parts out of ten. His heart received a great shock. Suddenly, he actually wondered that when he previously refused his grandson's request to marry this child, did he indeed make a mistake……

The Anarchic Consort Chapter 192

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