The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 1 Part3

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Weed had memorized Barkan's Necromancer Tome from beginning to end, so that some day he could use them to conduct true evil.

"Only prepared villains succeed… Gathering of the bones!"

Countless bones lay scattered across the battlefield. Shattered skeletons. The bones, smashed to smithereens beyond the point of revival by Dark Rule, were brought together in one place by the magic.

"Summon Bone Golem!"


As if caught up in a storm, the gigantic pile of bones whirled upward into the sky.

The bones merged in the air and then transformed into a humongous, 170-meter tall golem.

"From death I…."

"Cut the intro. Fight the enemy."


The Bone Golem summoned by Weed charged into the lines of the 4th legion and started its battle.

Countless arrows and magic attacks utterly failed to scathe the golem. This summon had required 10,000 corpses worth of bones, and it could resist magic and physical attacks.

A ridiculous trait that gives immunity to all attacks except holy power!

Its disadvantages, like low movement speed and simple attack skills, were hardly an issue.

"Surging spine field!"

Each step taken by the Bone Golem caused sharp bones to spike up from the ground and lacerate the soldiers.

Mana was overflowing; the enemy was everywhere, and Weed had many spells at his disposal to torment them.Weed held his skeleton staff high and started chanting spells.

"Summon Possessive Evil Spirit!"   

< the="" evil="" spirits="" cling="" to="" the="" enemy="" and="" hinder="" their="" movement="" speed.="">

"Keheheheheh. Play with me Mister!"

Young evil spirits clung onto the ankles of the Hermes Guild members.

"Physical withering!"

< physical="" resistance="">

The close-range defense of enemies near the target location are greatly weakened. >

The skin of the targeted users became flabby and weakened.

"Summon Ants of Tiraque!"

< red="" ants="" are="" sp.a.w.ned="" and="" tread="" on="" the="">

Durability is decreased by 1 every 10 seconds.

If durability is depleted, the defense will weaken and the equipment may be destroyed.>

There were even ants crawling on the enemies' bodies!

Weed showered his enemies with 13 more curse spells like a rapper going nonstop.
Some of them were unpleasant, rather than powerful.
One felt like having a squirming electric eel inside your clothes.
It sent weak electric currents, which disrupted concentration ability.

Another curse even made crows scatter their feathers.

He was deploying as many as 16 curse spells, which could each be considered either annoying or disgusting depending on one's personal preferences.

"I should call this the rhapsody of curses."

There was more than enough mana to go around.

Like a rapper competing for a final victory in champions.h.i.+p, Weed delivered the incantations with precise p.r.o.nunciation, bombarding his targets like a waterfall.

The G.o.d of striking words!

"I will kill him for sure!"

"Vile necromancer. Such a dirty way of fighting!"

The members of the Hermes guild that were charging screamed in deep frustration.

"All this hate makes it so worthwhile. It's why I love being a necromancer."

Weed's personality was such that he felt better the more he was cursed at.

It sort of made him feel rewarded for working hard for himself.

The northern users burst out in joy as the Hermes guild members became weaker.

"We can win. Give it your all!"

"Gra.s.s Porridge, Gra.s.s Porridge, Gra.s.s Porridge, Gra.s.s Porridge!"

The closer they got to Weed, the heavier the resistance the Imperial Legion faced.

High tier users from the Central Continent or trained from way back in Morata were cluttered in one location.

They would not stand a chance in a one vs. one, but several of them were attacking in unison.

"Capturing Net!"

"Unforgiving Blade!"

"Dagger throw!"

They used various skills and damaged the members of the Hermes guild.

"If it weren't for these annoying curses!"

"Let's take care of the undead first. They will keep coming back if we leave them be."

The other Legions were also struggling.

Weed's magic was concentrated on the 4th legion, but did not miss any opportunity to strike.

"Dark Spear!"

He summoned a dark spear and launched it towards the Hermes Guild members that had been exhausted from fending off the undead.

An opportunity was not something to be wasted.

< level="" has="" increased.="">

< dark="" spear's="" skill="" level="" has="" increased="" to="" advanced="" level="">
Piercing damage has been improved.
Range has been increased. >

High level Hermes Guild members were easy to prey on for experience points.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The commanders of each Legion knew that their troops were suffering huge casualties, but couldn't keep the damage under control.

They were stuck in the middle of enemy territory, and were flooded with an unending stream of high-efficiency curse spells.

The more time and holy power the priests spent on lifting the curses, the harder it was to vanquish the undead.

"Corpse Explosion!"

To make matters worse, Weed blew up the corpses near the priests while they were off guard.

He was meticulous in blowing up corpses the instant they perished, only moments before they were resurrected by Dark Rule.

The commanders shouted in a fit of rage.

"That's Weed. The target is right over there!"

The four legions competed with one another to swarm in.

While the 4th Legion was hindered by magic attacks, the 3rd Legion's Heiller charged through the front lines and appeared before Weed.

"I have arrived. At last, Weed…."

The skeleton tower was about 30 meters away.

He looked up to where Weed stood.

'He isn't there.'

He no longer stood on the spot from where he had been pouring his curses. Weed had vanished.

'When the h.e.l.l did he…'

Weed had hid himself while Heiller was dealing with the battle and the curse spells.

In the corner of his eye, Heiller caught on a blurry grey fog flying towards Calcus on the other side of the field.

'I can't make it out precisely, but could it be Weed?'

He knew it instinctively from his vast battle experience, yet he sent no warning to Calcus.

Calcus wasn't a friend. In fact, he was just a compet.i.tor.

'This is a good chance to see Weed's battle skills. Let's see how he fights.'

The grey fog snuck behind Calcus and morphed into Weed, raising a huge weapon with his two hands.

It was a large steel axe!

< recklessly="" densified="" large="">
Durability 190/200
Attack Damage 45~104
Somewhere within the free city existed a mentally insane blacksmith.
For over a decade, he forged a single axe.
Heated, then hammered. Heated, and hammered again.
This heavy axe was dense.
Requirements: Strength 280.

– When wielded with two hands, maximum damage is multiplied by 2.5.
– Deals 200% damage when you successfully deliver a critical hit on an enemy with whom you have a great Strength difference.
– Its blows knock back weak enemies. >

"Ca… Calcus!"

Heillar moaned as he was observing.

It was as if he couldn't take his eyes off from what was about to happen.


Weed mercilessly wielded the large axe.


With an horrifying noise, the large axe struck down on Calcus' skull, exactly on the point where his hair parted on the back of his head.

< critical="">
You have been struck with a horrific, brutal attack!
You will be stunned for the next 2 seconds.
Defense decreases by 31%.
Life force decreases by 23,317. >


"What was that!"

Calcus collapsed on the ground before the eyes of the Hermes Guild members.

Even though he was using Sculptural Shapes.h.i.+fting, all of his Art points had been converted into strength due to the use of Sculptural Destruction.

Relying on that very strength, he knocked away the surrounding users and chased after Calcus.

"You are my prey. This is revenge for being unable to collect any loot from this slaughter!"

He was weaving the large axe with his left hand, and had suddenly pulled out the Loa sword with his right hand.

Weed wielded the two weapons with ease and attacked him relentlessly.

Calcus attempted to fight back the moment he was freed from the stun. However, Weed landed a flawless succession of stun, paralysis, confusion and knockback spells.

"We… We have to help him!"

Calcus' comrades standing right nearby made a move.

They were also skilled users over level 500.

"You cannot pa.s.s."

"Not until we allow it."

The Doom Knights led by Neturus, who had followed after Weed, stopped Calcus' comrades in their tracks.

"We have to save Calcus. Wipe them out!"

A battle broke out between the 4th Legion's users and the Doom Knights.

Meanwhile, Weed was sticking to Calcus like a leech and continued his combination of attacks.

With overwhelming power, he was attacking Calcus and not allowing him any momentum to use melee skills.


When Calcus pulled out his sword and attempted to use a skill, Weed struck down with his axe and interrupted it before it activated.

He was no match in a close-range combat where the opponent didn't leave him the time to use of skills.

Calcus was also used to wielding a sword, but Weed had trained his actual sword technique to a high level in preparation for such a situation.

Wielding an axe and sword together was a chaotic sight, and Calcus was unable to predict the nature of the attacks or their trajectory.

"Screw this!"

He was cornered, and he had nothing more to lose.

He decided to use his hidden trump skill. He had not used it even once.

"Demon sword!"

The lower the life force and the greater the injuries, the more powerful this skill became.

The eyes of Calcus glowed red whilst taking the a.s.sault from Weed.

After the battle ended, he would permanently lose 14 points in both Strength and Agility.

Reputation, Faith, and Fighting Spirit would also decrease.

It was a painful loss, but he believed that the battle was worth this sacrifice.

However, it was too late.

Once Weed estimated that Calcus' life force had gone below 20%, he reached out with his fleshless hand.

"Death Touch!"

A necromancer skill that instantly kills a target with less than 20% life force!

< death="" touch="" has="" slain="">
23,816 Life Force have been drained.
7,482 Mana have been drained. >

< calcus,="" the="" lord="" of="" charlington="" has="">
Warrior of warriors, known for his extraordinary combat skills, he has fallen on Garnav plains.
You have completed a great accomplishment. Your reputation increases by 7,947. >

< you="" have="" gained="" experience="" points.="">
< the="" proficiency="" of="" your="" swordmans.h.i.+p="" skill="" has="" increased.="">
< fighting="" spirit="" increases="" by="" 1="" due="" to="" the="" combat="" achievement.="">
< you="" have="" obtained="" helmut's="" helm.="">
< you="" have="" obtained="" gloves="" of="" wind="" flare.="">
< you="" have="" obtained="" 71,038="" gold.="">

*Zu zu zoom!

He picked up Calcus' gloves, helm and gold.

"How complacent he was!"

Weed felt both pity and gratefulness for Calcus, for bringing so much gold with him to the battlefield.

They say you can't trust anyone in this world, but the most dangerous of all is oneself.

More than a few people became complacent and arrogant in their life, which lead to their downfall.

"He was skilled, but you can't survive in this harsh world with that kind of att.i.tude."

It is also an ability to be able to fully utilize one's battle strength!

If he had waited for Calcus to activate a powerful skill, he would have been a formidable opponent. But Weed didn't leave him any chance.

"Kill Weed!"

The Hermes Guild members from the 4th legion were devastated by the death of Calcus.

They crowded towards Weed with weapons in their hands to avenge him.

"You all think you can catch me that easily? Sword Cloning Skill!"

The number of Weed's clones rose to 50 and they dominated the air.

Skeletal Liches, floating in the air and swinging their axes and swords.

Not a single attack could be taken lightly.

"Destroy them all!"

The clones were defeated by the Hermes Guild members from the 4th legion, but the real one had already snuck its way near a male priest without notice.


The long bearded male priest screamed at the skeletal shape that had appeared in front of him.

"Don't be scared. I don't mean to brag but I'm an experienced killer. There should be no pain."

"s.h.i.+eld of Justice!"

The priest cast a holy protection spell, but the Loa sword slashed him before it could activate.

A clean death!


"This way!"

Weed's position was exposed, which led to a concentration of powerful spells.

Dozens of explosions sparked but Weed advanced to the next target without worry.

His Lich body could absorb any kind of physical attack as long as holy magic wasn't involved.

He was draining life force and mana even at this very moment, so he could withstand just about any attack.

Furthermore, any skills that brushed past Weed exploded on the troops of the Haven Empire.

"Remnants of Darkness! Radiant Sword!"

He stirred through enemy territory using curse spells and secret sword skills simultaneously.

"Neturus, Van Hawk, Torido!"

"Yes. My lord!"

"Fight to your heart's content! You have no promised future. You only live for this day."


The Doom Knights and Death Knights rose and pushed back the 4th Legion aggressively.

The Doom Knights were under the effect of Death Aura, they didn't fear death and pushed forward. Soon after, Calcus and the male priest revived as Doom Knights.

"Glory to the immortal warrior."

"No need for words. Fight."

Weed swung his sword with his right hand, while he blessed the undead and cursed the users of the 4th Legion with his left hand.

"Splitting thunderclap!"


"Scorching body!"

The Lich delved deep into enemy territory, using sword and spells simultaneously!

"Death Touch!"

Weed led those with low life force to their demise. The army of Doom Knights grew in numbers gradually.

"Mana Sword!"

10 Hermes Guild members gathered and activated their secret sword skills all at once.

An opportunity to turn the tides!

But Weed didn't bother spending any attention to it, and moved between the enemies.

10 flying swords chased behind him and nimbly stirred through the Hermes Guild members.

"Dodge it!"

"You think it's that easy?!"

The Hermes Guild members had to fight off Weed and dodge flying swords at the same time.

< 132="" life="" force="" have="" been="" drained.="">
< 442="" life="" force="" have="" been="" drained.="">
< 892="" life="" force="" have="" been="" drained.="">
< 910="" life="" force="" have="" been="" drained.="">

Life Drain!

Weed withstood the sword slashes and continued to pour his attacks on his opponents.

He could fight continuously, as long as he didn't take too much damage all at once.

< you've="" been="" struck="" by="" the="" holy="" magic="" hammer="" of="">
You have taken 3,491 damage.
Physical abilities are weakened by 4% for 3 seconds due to the holy magic's aura. >

< you've="" been="" struck="" by="" the="" holy="" magic="" virtuous="">
The will of the priest punis.h.i.+ng the wicked.
Life force is reduced by 16%. >

< you've="" been="" struck="" by="" the="" holy="" magic="" chain="" link="" of="">
The damage you receive is tripled for 3 minutes. >

Countless holy magic spells cast by the priests landed on Weed.

All the spells were targeting Weed, allowing the Doom Knights to wreak havoc.


"I was waiting. Master."

The 4th Legion was fixated on Weed who had killed Calcus in an instant.

Meanwhile, a colony of bats snuck upon the priests and mages, transformed into vampires, and landed a surprise attack on them.


They were the True Blood Vampire Clan, who bit into the necks with their teeth and sucked the blood.

"Tear these things off first!"

Some vampires were attacked and killed, yet they still numbered hundreds.

Human blood, especially the blood of pure priests, was known to empower the vampires' abilities significantly.

The sight of Weed and the undead swarming in unison caused the users of the 4th Legion to panic.

"Too… Too strong."

"He's a monster."

87 users had lost their lives, including Calcus.

Considering those who were being leeched by Vampires or fighting with Doom Knights, casualties would multiply exponentially.

Without a doubt, the dead would resurrect as greater undead, which was a huge problem.

'He's a Lich. He's supposed to be raising undead or using curse spells from afar, but this one has enormous Strength and even uses sword skills in melee combat?"

'Didn't he become a mage?'

'How can he be this powerful?'

Mages, such as the Lich, were weak in close combat.

But Weed was a Master Sculptor. He made use of extraordinary skills and innate battle senses, and exercised a high level of sword technique trained through effort.

He had expanded to a variety of new spells and undead summoning as he became a Lich, and had gained allies in the process.

On top of that, he had obtained a ridiculous amount of life force and overflowing drain spells.

'This is such a ridiculous combination.'

'This is insane. He is too overpowered.'

'How can you even kill this monster?'

The Hermes Guild members realized a little too late the true nature of Weed.

There were no weaknesses to be found as he was a combination of a Sculptor, Swordsman and Necromancer.

(Continued on next part…)

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