Phoenix Destiny Chapter 247 - Group Fight

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Chapter 247 - Group Fight

"Gentleman Huo, is it?" Ying chuckled.

Huo Feng snorted and looked at her proudly.

"But if we are talking about power, you should also shut up, right?"

"You…!" Huo Feng looked at her in anger. This girl really doesn't give others face.

"Okay, so let's just do the elimination by the support that we have. Firstly, us two." She pointed at herself and Lu Mingshu.

"Followed by you guys." She pointed at the sect disciples now.

"Then you." She pointed at the top aristocratic families and sects of Beiming.

Ying threw her hands up in the air. "In the end, it will end up with Ling Wuxia winning, so why don't we all just leave now?"

"…" Huo Feng, who was all brawn and no brains, was now speechless.

"Hehe." Ling Wuxia chuckled gently, finally speaking up. "Miss does make a point. So, what does Miss suggest we do then?"

"Of course, choose by ability." Ying seemed to smile, yet not smile. "Since the Grandmaster looks at our ability, not our support."

"Not a bad idea." Ling Wuxia nodded.

"So, we're going to fight then?" Ye Zhenyan's eyes shone. "One-on-one, or a group fight?"

"A group fight, duh!" Zhang Jingyu interrupted. "How long would we take to finish all the one-on-one fights? If we did that, we might as well open up an arena!"

Hearing that, everyone thought of the same thing.

It was obvious who would win in a one-on-one fight. The Ancient Jade Summit would surely take up three s.p.a.ces, and Ye Zhenyan and Huo Feng would take up one too. Lu Mingshu would also take one; she may not be as good as Ling Wuxia, but she certainly had the same standard as Ye Zhenyan at least. At that point, how many chances would everyone else have to get the leftover places?

So, a group fight was obviously better!

"Okay, then let's have a group fight!"

"I agree too."

"Then it's settled."

The Ancient Jade Summit disciples obviously agreed with this. They had the biggest group, and the most powerful members too. No matter whether it was a one-on-one or group fight, they would be at an advantage. As for the big three aristocratic families, Ye Zhenyan and Huo Feng believed in their abilities, and for the Zhang Family, a group fight was the twins' idea in the first place. The teamwork between them would let them get the upper hand.

Seeing all of them coming to an agreement, Ying went over to Lu Mingshu and whispered, "They are obviously aiming at us!"

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Lu Mingshu side-eyed her.

Ying sneered. "A bunch of idiots!"

If everyone else could form an alliance, why couldn't they? She and Lu Mingshu were in the same situation, and if they worked together…

Silence took over the house once again. The air was filled with tension.

Suddenly, a creaking could be heard. Somebody kicked a chair, and it was as if a high-tension string was cut.

Swoos.h.!.+ Huo Feng acted first, slas.h.i.+ng toward Ying.

Ye Zhenyan attacked at the same time, sword pointing at Lu Mingshu without hesitation.

The group fight started just like that. In the blink of an eye, the fifteen people were entangled in a fight.

Lu Mingshu fished out her sword too.

The house was very small. Under normal situations, it was too small for two people to fight in here, let alone fifteen. With so many people fighting, it minimized their ability. Now, it was a fight to see who was able to bring the most of themselves.

Lu Mingshu glanced around the room quickly, inputting the statistics into her brain

The s.p.a.ce was way too small, and there were too many people, causing confusion and many factors for disruption. On the other hand, it was also an advantage for Lu Mingshu; limited s.p.a.ce meant limited statistics to a.n.a.lyze.

Dragon-like sword-light forced Ye Zhenyan to back off, and Ying fished out her sword to block Huo Feng's attack.

Both of them then retreated to the same corner.

"Stand here and don't do anything,” Lu Mingshu whispered to her. "I'll ensure that you'll be fine."

Ying opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Lu Mingshu was already gone. "Why should I listen to you? You told me to stand here, so I should?" she mumbled in annoyance.

After some hesitation, Ying chose to stand there and do nothing.

Three rays of sword-light came for Lu Mingshu at the same time.

One from Ye Zhenyan, one from Junior Sister Zuo, and one from Zhang Jingyu.

Lu Mingshu smirked. "Loser!" she said, and mystic light enlarged. The large sword-light went horizontal, forcing the three to move back.

Junior Sister Zuo stepped back two steps and looked at Lu Mingshu with wide eyes.

She had already memorized Lu Mingshu's details until she knew them by heart. Didn't she just enter the Harmonization Realm recently? Even though she may be better than normal disciples, she's obviously weaker than Kou Wei and Wei Chunqiu. I'm not as good as Senior Sister Ling, but she couldn't possibly force me back with one strike, not to mention Zhang Jingyu and Ye Zhenyan at the same time. Only Senior Sister Ling would be able to do this!

Junior Sister Zuo looked over at Ling Wuxia.

Among the fifteen, she was the only one who wasn't engaged in the fight. She stood in the corner, looking at the fight with a smile plastered on her face.

Seeing Lu Mingshu forcing back three people at the same time, her gaze turned cold, but she soon recovered and plastered a smile back on her face.

"Senior Sister?" Junior Sister Zuo couldn't tell what she meant.

Ling Wuxia turned toward her and mouthed, "Be patient and do your best."

Junior Sister Zuo felt encouraged. She gained her courage and went up against Lu Mingshu again.

Ye Zhenyan was now fuming with anger. Who the f.u.c.k is a loser here? He gritted his teeth in anger and went up again.

Being forced back, Zhang Jingyu looked at her brother in shock. "Brother!"

Zhang Rulin hummed in response and shook his head.

Zhang Jingyu immediately understood his indication and changed her target.

Neither of the twins expected Lu Mingshu to be so strong, only losing to Ling Wuxia and not others. Since that was the case, they would obviously change their target. They weren't like Ye Zhenyan, having a personal grudge against Lu Mingshu.

Ying stood in the corner and fought the Huo brothers on her own, but she had the upper hand.

Those who saw this were very shocked. This girl in black didn't seem to be capable, and everyone knew that she had been hired by the Pure White Grace Pavilion. No one expected her to be this strong. The Huo Family was always belligerent; even if the whole family was put together, their brains were still not as good as Ye Zhenyan's. However, ability-wise, Huo Feng was possibly even stronger than Ye Zhenyan, and it was two against one, yet they didn't take her down?

This group fight was not like what everyone expected!

Soon, someone was eliminated.

"Ah!" A sect disciple was nearly hit by Ye Zhenyan 's sword. To avoid it, he moved out of the house.

The second one to fall was due to Lu Mingshu's fight with Junior Sister Zuo and Ye Zhenyan. To avoid Ye Zhenyan's attack, she grabbed a random disciple to block, and he was thrown out of the house by Ye Zhenyan.

In no time came a third one. Ying was charging toward Huo Feng, and when Huo Feng went against her, some mystic light hit the other Huo Family disciple.

"Sixth Brother!" Huo Feng gave Ying a death glare and continued to charge at her.

The fourth was Ding Si, who was pushed out in the chaos.

Following that, Zhang Jingyu was sabotaged. "Brother!" Unfortunately, Zhang Rulin was trapped, so there was nothing he could do except watch her get pushed out.

The next one was also a sect disciple. Other than Ancient Jade Summit, no more sect disciples were left.

Now, there was only one more to go.

Phoenix Destiny Chapter 247 - Group Fight

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