Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 130

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Published at 20th of October 2019 10:58:53 PM Chapter 130
Chapter 130: Leaving the Sea (1)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

So, was Chen An just threatened?

After Ouyang Bai Sha left, Chen An got up and walked to the window . The typhoon made the window shout loudly . Beans of raindrops kept hitting the window . It sounded like being located in the rain of bullets .

Chen An’s finger gently touched his lips smeared with ointment, and then he narrowed his eyes slightly .


There was nothing to be afraid of if a typhoon was fierce, what one should be afraid of was it went away slowly .

The stronger the typhoon, the faster it would disappear . However, this time, it was estimated that the typhoon, which was either big, small, urgent, or slow, would not disappear for several days . In order to keep safe, they had been staying on board for several days .

Although there was an airport left over by the U . S . military on the island, taking off in typhoon weather was not a wise choice, as some private planes crashed due to weather every year .

“Are you really going to give Prince Hae 2 billion?” Holding a club in his hand, Chen An bent down and aimed at the red ball, making a precise putt . The red ball rolled into the ball bag precisely .

A man with golden hair held a club and stood aside like a sculpture . He watched Chen An scored another goal and sighed, “You are worth more than 2 billion in my heart . It is totally beyond money, my dear . ”

Ivanov’s words immediately made Chen An feel sick and his hand could not help shaking, letting the shot failed to score . Chen An turned and sat down in the chair beside him, “It’s your turn . ”

“I am telling the truth!”  Ivanov added, fearing that Chen An would not believe what he said .

“Is it? Then give me all your property . ”

With the ball dropped into the bag with a crisp sound, Ivanov grinned . He looked back at the lazy man beside him and said with a smile, “If you can guarantee that you only love me this life, I will give myself and my property to you . ”

But the problem was Chen An could not make this promise . The answer was obvious .

“Oh, s.h.i.+t!” Ivanov let out a cry . Just a moment ago, the s.h.i.+p shook and his ball failed to enter the hole, giving the other party a good chance .

Ivanov had no choice but to leave the table and give way to his opponent . He sat on the sofa, raised his head and looked at Chen An . The man with a club in his hand was playing ball intently . Every bend drew the outline of this man’s extremely beautiful curves .

Chen An, who was slightly fat last year, had completely changed now . Maybe it was because he had experienced too many things recently . Now he was not only not fat, but even a little thin .

His bony fingers held the club tightly and his rolled-up s.h.i.+rtsleeve revealed his clean wrist that looked like it having been washed with clean water . Chen An, who hadn’t had his hair cut for a long time, had long hair and his bangs were almost covering his eyes, making this handsome face look very soft .

It was like . . . a picture . . .

Ivanov thought this man was really getting more handsome . His love for this man had also grown stronger . Don’t know whether it was because the soul change, Ivanov always felt Chen An was now more and more like the old fox .

“An, the past has pa.s.sed . You should look more into the future . ”

“Well, little Ivan grows up, he even teaches his uncle life philosophy . ” Chen An casually threw something at Ivanov from his pocket .

Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 130

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