Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 131: Leaving The Sea (2)

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Ivanov instinctively stretched out his hand and caught it. When he found it was a Ferriero, he had a slight spasm at the corner of his eye. The man put chocolate in his pocket. Wasn't he afraid of it melting?

Ivanov liked to eat chocolate when he was a child. At that time, Chen An often came to his home for business dealings and would brought him chocolate every time. Ivanov still remembered when he shouted behind Chen An, "Uncle, where's my chocolate?"

At that time, Chen An would crouch down to touch his head, kiss his cheek and give him a chocolate, "Kids can't eat too much chocolate, do you know?"

What a distant memory...

"I am no longer a child, old fox," Ivanov said with a vicious smile, peeled off the golden wrapping paper and stuffed the chocolate inside into his mouth. As he chewed, he said in an indecent way, "You have personally tested whether I am "little Ivan" or "big Ivan", so you have the most right to speak, but you cannot speak without conscience."

Chen An stopped his action and glared back at Ivanov. The club in his hand threatened to knock at the bear.

"Hey, hey, I didn't expect you to be shy since you're at that age. This will only make others think you're cute, you know?" Seeing that Chen An was really coming, Ivanov jumped up from his chair, ran far away, raised his hand and surrendered, "Your Royal Highness, forgive me, I dare not to offend you!"

Ivanov thought Chen An would come after him and give him a harsh beating. However, the man just raised his club and leaned against the table.

"Hey, you're not having another depression attack, are you?" Ivanov walked slowly past, smiled and said with open arms, "Do you want to be in my warm arms?"

Chen An just looked at Ivanov, and his face was not angry. This was unusual.


Wait, he even gave him an intimate cry of Ivan!

Hey, hey, please do not focus on me with your big watery eyes. I would seized by heart attack.

"Don't stop Lu Feng from taking me away."

"Ha?" Wait, what did this man just say?

Ivanov couldn't help but want to pick his ears to hear what the other party said. He narrowed his eyes, "Dear, what are you talking about? If you want to regain your foundation, believe me, I will be your best helper."

"I don't care about those things anymore. There are some things I need to solve with Lu Feng."

If these knots were not untied, Chen An would fidget.

Ivanov was trying to say something to dispel Chen An's desire to stay with Lu Feng when he saw the man come to his side and smiled and took the initiative to gently embrace him with open arms.

At that moment, the bear's head went empty, as if the world began to snow with pure white snowflakes floating all over his world.

"Thank you."

It was not easy for Chen An to say these simplest two words.

Ivanov suddenly gave a wry smile. He could not refuse Chen An. The thought that it was because of his own persuasion that Chen An intended to resolve the conflict with Lu Feng made Ivanov suffer even more.

However, he also knew that if the knot buried deep in Chen An's soul could not be untied, the man could not walk out of the shadow of struggle and pain.

The selfish Ivanov would try every means to refuse Chen An and take this man as his own. But Ivanov, who was in love, would consider Chen An more than himself. This was the f.u.c.king love!

Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 131: Leaving The Sea (2)

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