Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 77

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Published at 4th of July 2019 02:23:05 PM Chapter 77

Banter in the Swimming Pool (Part I)

“An, don’t want to come down?”

With his wet head and swimming goggles on, the big hairy bear emerged from the water and waved to a non-swimmer sitting nearby drinking juice and reading magazines .

“No . ”

Chen An did not cast a single look at Ivanov, and continued to look at the magazine in his hand . He could not swim in his previous life, nor in this lifetime . Although he liked the feeling of soaking in water, he did not want to put on a swimming ring in front of Ivanov, which was too disgraceful .

Uncle An’s self-esteem was higher than the sky, let alone in his eyes Ivanov was only a descendant, and how could he lose face in front of the descendants .

“Can’t you swim?” With the sound of a splash, Ivanov put his hands together and jumped out of the swimming pool .

The man wearing only a pair of tight swimming trunks showed his perfect figure in the suns.h.i.+ne . A pair of Russian long-legged strode towards Chen An . Under Ivanov’s swimming goggles, his eyes fell on Chen An’s smooth legs with fair tone because he had not been exposed to the sun for a long time .

Even if he couldn’t swim, Chen An shouldn’t go this far to get this bundled up beside the pool . What’s more, today’s weather was rarely nice . Ivanov himself wore a simple T-s.h.i.+rt on his upper body and a pair of beach trousers on his legs and barefoot, enjoying the suns.h.i.+ne licking wantonly .


Suddenly feeling a little wet and itchy on the back of his feet, Chen immediately moved his eyes away from the magazine in front of him and looked at Ivanov, who was half kneeling in front of him . The furry bear stretched out his tongue and was licking the back of his feet .

Chen An instinctively stepped on Ivanov’s face with one foot and showed no mercy .

The quick-witted bear dodged the foot that nearly stepped on his face to make him look disfigured . Ivanov laughed as he looked at Chen An, who was obviously a little angry . “An, you really don’t know anything about the little acts of romance . ”

Before he had finished speaking, a magazine flew towards him, and he somewhat awkwardly avoided Chen’s attack . The bodyguards next to him looked away, pretending not to see their boss being attacked by his lover .

But how could Ivanov be willing to be kicked by Chen An and be thrown magazines at without a little revenge? After escaping the magazine, the bear immediately rushed to Chen An and jumped into the swimming pool with Chen An’s waist in his arms after receiving several hard punches and kicks .

“Ivanov!” At the moment of sinking into the water, Chen An shouted the name of the bear .

The old fox was not afraid to die, but he didn’t want to die in the swimming pool at all . Chen An, who could not swim, instinctively feared the water . He caught the only thing he could catch in the water, a furry bear named Ivanov .

“I like you shouting my name, dear . ” Ivanov laughed and took Chen An out of the water while swimming with the man to the center of the pool, as far away as possible from the sh.o.r.e .

In order not to let himself sink, Chen An had to grip Ivanov’s shoulder . The on his nose had fallen into the water . He rubbed his eyes which had water in them . After several coughs, he looked back at the blurred sh.o.r.e farther and farther away from himself, and the corners of his eyes suddenly twitched .  

“Send me back . ” The old fox said annoyingly .

Unfortunately, the initiative was not in Chen An’s hands . Ivanov liked to see the calm man panicked . Only then did Ivanov feel that the man in his arms was a real person, not a bubble that would disappear at any time .

He held Chen An’s waist with one hand to keep the man from drowning . It almost set Ivanov to a roaring laughter when he confirmed that Chen An couldn’t swim . He finally grasped the man’s weakness and deliberately hugged Chen An’s hip with one hand .

Soaked in water, beach trousers couldn’t stop the wide palms from transferring the warm body heat of the bear to Chen An’s b.u.t.tocks . Chen An suddenly became serious: “Ivanov, move your hands away . ”

“Well, if you really want it . ” The bear smiled wickedly and really let go of his hands . Not only that, he also grabbed Chen An’s hand holding his shoulder and pulled Chen An off him and let the man sink into the swimming pool .

Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 77

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