Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 78

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Published at 5th of July 2019 03:11:43 PM Chapter 78

Banter in the Swimming Pool (Part II)

Chen did not think Ivanov would drown him in the swimming pool, at least not now .

This disgusting man just wanted to see his helpless appearance and how he reached out for help in despair . It was disgusting and bad . Once he really reached out for help, he could be rescued from the water immediately . But wouldn’t that be satisfying his fantasy?

No matter how deep the swimming pool was, as long as the water covered the top of his head, Chen An saw no difference between the swimming pool and the sea . The body that fell into the pool was sinking to the bottom of the pool . What’s more, Ivanov maliciously grabbed Chen An’s collar with his hand and intentionally pressed him into the water .

Through the swaying pool water, he could see Ivanov’s wicked smile . The bear seemed to be saying something . The voice dimly pa.s.sed through the pool water to Chen An’s ears, vaguely like “beg me” .

Oxygen from the mouth and nose forming into small bubbles running to the water surface, the suffocation was uncomfortable, and Chen An clenched his fist slightly . Time was like stagnant water, slow and long, and the original blurred vision had become more and more blurred . Ivanov as well as the whole world became unclear .

At one moment Chen An seemed to be back more than a year ago . He stood on the balcony,smiled and waved at Lu Feng who was charging toward him . He clearly saw Lu Feng’s exciting and radiant face when he saw him waving . It was the first time that Lu Feng showed a bright and beaming smile in front of him .

Then he took out his pistol and pointed it at his temple . When the bright red blood blurred his vision, he could see every expression on Lu Feng’s face very clearly before he fell into the boundless darkness .

Just as he stood in front of Lu Feng, every minute expression of Lu Feng was clearly seen by him, from hope to despair, from excitement to surprise, from joy to sorrow .

Something broke . Lu Feng’s world collapsed . He seemed to hear the sound of his skull breaking .

What was more terrible was why before he closed his eyes, he not only thought of Chang Le, but also Lu Feng, an orphan who was picked up from the street by him and knelt down in front of his bed and whispered alongside him repeatedly: could you love me? Even for one day, one second . . .

Suddenly, the body was hugged and dragged from the water . Chen An’s thoughts suddenly returned to the real world from the moment before his last life’s death . The man who got the breath instantly choked and coughed after someone hit his back hard .

He was still in a fog . Chen An, lying on Ivanov’s shoulder, gasped . He heard Ivanov say in his ear, “I’ve never seen a man like you . Aren’t you afraid of drowning? It’s that difficult to reach out to me?”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d . . . ” He who just came out of the water could not hear Ivanov’s voice clearly . He felt that there was a layer of water in his ears . Chen An closed his eyes painfully . His vision was still blurred . He needed a dry towel .

“I should have drowned you just now . ”

Ivanov suddenly felt powerless . He pressed Chen An’s back of the head and kissed the man he was reluctant to kill, licking and plundering while the man was still out of power .

He never knew how long he had not felt the impulse which could be ignited by just a kiss .

Ivanov felt as if he had just become awakening of love many years ago . He was green and nervous . He moved away Chen An’s hand and put his hand into his clothes . He felt that the man in his arms began to struggle . Ivanov, by virtue of his physical strength and Chen An’s weakness in the water, kissed the man strongly while pulling his trousers .

Chen An, who had not recovered, bit hard, and Ivanov’s tongue was suddenly bleeding . The Bear scolded and had to leave the man’s lips: “d.a.m.n!”

Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 78

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