Overlord, Love Me Tender 206 Class Allocation 5

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Published at 6th of July 2019 09:30:07 AM Chapter 206

Ye Qing Luo opened her eyes and frowned slightly .

Standing right in front of her were two teenagers .

Their figures were slim but lanky and with a polite smile on their faces: "Student Ye, we want to thank you . "

"Thank me?" Ye Qing Luo raised her brows . Did she do something to let others thank her?

The two teenagers knelt to Ye Qing Luo's eye level .

The young boy on the left curved his lips and smiled broadly: "I am Dong Huang Lang, you stood up for us at the square yesterday during training . "

The other boy was slightly indifferent and gave a tiny nod towards Ye Qing Luo: "My name is Qi Yi Jing . "

Ye Qing Luo suddenly realised and responded: "It's you guys . "

She recalled that the two teenagers were merely steps away from the finis.h.i.+ng line .

But neither of them could hold on till the end and fainted on the track .

"Oh, it's a pity yesterday, just a tad more and I will win!" Dong Huang Lang shook his head and sighed as he sat himself down next to Ye Qing Luo .

He looped his arm around Ye Qing Luo's shoulders like a close friend: "Fortunately we have you to speak up for us in front of the black faced instructor and pa.s.sed the training!"

Perhaps seeing Dong Huang Lang, Ye Qing Luo felt like she was seeing her own brother, hence she wasn't resentful towards his actions .

"I merely shared my thoughts; you don't have to come here especially to thank me . " Ye Qing Luo gave a smile, "Moreover, when the rest of the students chose to give up, you guys endured on . I am moved by your kind of persistence . "

"I still have to thank you! Without today's additional hour of rest, my legs will definitely be broken!" Dong Huang Lang leaned his body over .

"Lang!" Qi Yi Jing cast a glance, fluted at Dong Huang Lang's hand, "No matter how much you wors.h.i.+p Student Ye, she is still a girl! Keep your hands to yourself!"

Dong Huang Lang quickly retracted his hand: "Yes, yes, yes old man, no direct contact between men and women, I know!"

Ye Qing Luo looked at the two teasing each other and couldn't help laughing .

"You guys are very close . "

Such friends.h.i.+p was very sincere .

Ye Qing Luo was envious .

"Who has a good relations.h.i.+p with him!" Dong Huang Lang snorted, "Besides bullying me, he knows nothing else . Hmph! It's maddening to be said that I have a close relations.h.i.+p with such people!"

Qi Yi Jing only glanced at him faintly and couldn't be bothered to speak .

Seeing Instructor Chu was shuttling among students, correcting their actions and postures, almost reaching Ye Qing Luo's side .

Qi Yi Jing grabbed Dong Huang Lang and looked at Ye Qing Luo: "Please look for us if there is a chance for us to repay you . We still have other trainings to complete, please excuse us . "

When he was done, he dragged Dong Huang Lang and headed back to the training team .

Those two came and went off in a jiffy .

These young boys . . . were capricious .

Ye Qing Luo laughed helplessly before supporting herself up by the wall .

Her limbs were soft after resting .

After a couple of steps, there was a tingling pain coming through the bones .

The sequela of the limbs was here .

"You can head back to the dormitory to rest after you have completed all the training . " Instructor Chu noticed Ye Qing Luo's action and came over .

Ye Qing Luo nodded her head, she really couldn't wait to head back to the dormitory and have a good sleep .

"After the comprehensive training from yesterday and today, we will submit up to the director, the school board will allocate the cla.s.s for you in the afternoon . Remember to report back at the training ground . " Instructor Chu reminded .

Ye Qing Luo acknowledged and greeted Liu Xiao Yu who was doing the deep squats before leaving the freshmen training ground .

The exhaustion of her body was depleting her food thoughts of going to the cafeteria and went straight back to the dormitory .

Overlord, Love Me Tender 206 Class Allocation 5

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