Overlord, Love Me Tender 207 Class Allocation 6

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Published at 6th of July 2019 09:30:06 AM Chapter 207

She arrived at the dormitory; a respectful voice called out to her before she stepped through the door: "Student Ye, please wait . "

Ye Qing Luo frowned; her face turned impatient as she turned around .

The person behind her was dressed like an attendant, holding two medicine bottles in his hand .

"This is the medication that my master has sent to Student Ye . " The attendant lifted the bottles by both hands as he bowed low and offered it to Ye Qing Luo .

"This one is for external application and can be applied on the limbs to dispel the aches of the limbs . "

"This bottle is taken internally, and your body can regain vigour after taking it . "

Ye Qing Luo squinted her eyes, her body leaning against the wooden door: "Your Master?"

She had never seen this attendant before .

What he was wearing wasn't the uniform of the workers from the Academy .

He should be someone from outside the Academy .

His master…who was it?

The attendant did not answer but urged his hands closer towards Ye Qing Luo .

Ye Qing Luo was a refining pharmacist herself, based on the herbal scent coming out from the medicine bottle, she could judge that these two bottles are absolutely treasures .

Treasures that could be refined of such would require at least above the master level .

Could it be . . . . Di Mo Xuan?

The current her really needed such treasure top grade pills to supplement her vitality .

And she had neither the time nor the strength to enter the Azure Dew bracelet to refine her own pills .

Immediately, she did not hesitate and took the medicine bottles .

The attendant smile and give a courtesy bow before turning over and left .

"Who is your Master?" Ye Qing Luo shouted over to him and asked .

He halted his footsteps and was silent for a moment before replying: "My Master's surname is Zhu . "

After that, the follower left .


Ye Qing Luo burrowed her brows and looked at the two medicine bottles in her hand .

She knew…someone with the surname of Zhu?

In her memory, she did not seem to remember such a character .

Ye Qing Luo had a photographic memory .

The other party was able to produce top grade pills from the master level which indicated that his status was not simple .

She should have an impression of such person .

"Back?" The door of the dormitory was opened suddenly .

Mo Ying Yue stood at the door with her head tilted, and her empty eyes were staring at Ye Qing Luo blankly .

Ye Qing Luo cleared her thoughts and shoved the medicine bottles into her sleeve: "You don't have to attend cla.s.s?"

After listening to her question, Mo Ying Yue gave a weird smile: "No cla.s.s, our cla.s.s has no masters teaching as no one dares to . "

" . . . … . " Ye Qing Luo blinked her eyes, "No masters dare to teach? What cla.s.s is so powerful?"

Mo Ying Yue remained expressionless and moved back into the dormitory: "Back so early, I guess freshman training is not too difficult for you . "

Seeing that she has changed the topic, Ye Qing Luo did not probe any further .

She was so exhausted from the physical workout that she did not continue to chat .

Waving her hand, she swayed her body and went back into the room .

 Behind her, Mo Ying Yue who had returned to the wooden chair and lifted her eyes .

A sudden glimpse of light flashed through the pair of empty eyes .

The stiff, expressionless little Lolita face had a tiny smile .

. . . … .

Back in the room, Ye Qing Luo simply crawled back to her bed slowly .

Qi Qi wriggled out from the s.p.a.ce and jumped next the Ye Qing Luo's head, stretched out its tiny soft tongue and licked her lightly .

Ye Qing Luo turned over and faced Qi Qi's s.h.i.+ny eyes .

"Oui~ Qi Qi opened its mouth and let out a low whine, like its heart was aching for her .

Ye Qing Luo laughed and rubbed her face on its body: "I will rest for a while, wake me up before 5pm . "

"Oui Oui~ Qi Qi responded, curled its small body tightly and laid next to Ye Qing Luo .

Small claws seemed to have b.u.mped into something, a light clink of jade bottle sound . . . .

Overlord, Love Me Tender 207 Class Allocation 6

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