Overlord, Love Me Tender 208 Class Allocation 7

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Published at 6th of July 2019 09:30:04 AM Chapter 208: 208

It was the bottle that the attendant had sent .

Ye Qing Luo's fingers twitched, Qi Qi had clamped one of the medicine bottles and placed it in her hand .

There was a fresh scent of herb smell oozing out when unscrewed .

Just the smell alone was enough to ease the body and mind .

No wonder it was a valuable top-grade medicine .

Ye Qing Luo poured one out from the bottle, it was dark and small .

Qi Qi's head came over and nudged at Ye Qing Luo's hand, indicating her to swallow the pill .

As a sacred beast, Qi Qi's ability to recognise medicine was not weak .

It had instantly sniffed out the remedy, which was good for its owner .

Ye Qing Luo popped it in her mouth and closed her eyes .

Immediately, she activated the profound Qi in her body to lead the medication efficacy to the limbs .

Where the medicine pa.s.sed, the heavy soreness on the body seemed to be washed off like a stream of warm spring water .

After circulating a few rounds in her body, Ye Qing Luo opened her eyes again and the exhaustion feeling was totally gone .

The effect was really . . . . astounding!

Ye Qing Luo estimated by shaking the bottle, there should be at least seven to eight pills left .

Who exactly was that Master Zhu?

And why did he send his attendant to give her such medicine?

Such a rare medicine pill, one would have worth at least a few hundred gold coins .

The other party had offered her so many of it at one shot… . .

After thinking for a long while, Ye Qing Luo was still unable to recollect any one by the surname of Zhu in her memory .

Guess she would just have to give up .

Forget it, at least for now she did not feel the other party's malicious intentions .

Since he had chosen to send her medicine, it would be a matter of time that he will appear .

When the time comes, she could then have a better understanding of what the other party's motive was before repaying him with even better medicine pills .

Ye Qing Luo kept the two bottles of medicine pills into the Phoenix Ring before shutting her eyes to rest .

The weariness in her body might have been dispelled by the elixir herbs, but the mental fatigue would still need to be replenished by sleep .

. . . . . . . . . . .

There was still half an hour from the time of application and Qi Qi woke Ye Qing Luo up .

Her body was sticky from all the sweat all over her .

Ye Qing Luo couldn't stand the strong stench of perspiration and went to take the wooden bucket to the water bamboo outside the dormitory, collected a couple buckets of water back to the room to take a shower .

She freshened up herself once again and finally felt more reinvigorated .

Walking out of the room, she saw the blurry Liu Xiao Yu staggering away with a sleepy face .

Ye Qing Luo couldn't help but laughed out loud and went forward to pull her back .

"Hurry and take a quick bath, time to head to the training ground to report . " Ye Qing Luo drove Liu Xiao Yu back to her room, then lifted the bucket to collect water for her roommate .

Liu Xiao Yu rubbed her eyes, detected the strong smell of sweat on her body and pinched her nose with disgust and abide to Ye Qing Luo's instructions .

After the shower, Liu Xiao Yu had felt much better, the exhaustion of her body was slightly relieved too .

There was still fifteen minutes to the reporting time, the two of them hurried down to the training ground .

Hundreds of students were already lining up in the team at the training ground .

These people were covered in sweat and breathless; their faces were pale as sheet .

There was also another group of students who have not completed their task and was still counting out loud as they continued to work hard at their goal .

Perhaps it was the news of allocation, those who fainted over a round or two of running were still awake .

In front of the training ground came several masters dressed in white robes, the horizontal bars on their shoulders were at least two bars and highest of four bars .

Presumably, they were the masters in charge of the various cla.s.ses .

And they had deliberately came over specially to see their new students .

With the masters around, it was no wonder that the freshmen were doing their best to complete their training .

What if the master from the high profound cla.s.s chose them?

Or the worse might came true?

Overlord, Love Me Tender 208 Class Allocation 7

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