Overlord, Love Me Tender 313 Want Her To Be The Scapegoat? No Way 1

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Liu Xue Lan's mocking smile froze on her face as she gripped onto her sleeves tightly and snorted: "What's the great deal, you are just a useless cla.s.s grade student!"

After speaking, Liu Xue Lan bit her lower lip, her backhand gave the female student a slap: "Tras.h.!.+ Useless thing!"

Even though the slap was not on Ye Qing Luo's face, but there was no difference in slapping her!

The female student aggrievedly beaten up, two slaps in a row and yet dared not utter a single sound.

Only to resentfully cupped her face and followed behind Liu Xue Lan.

Ye Qing Luo gave a sneer and dug her ears.

It was finally peacefully now.

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Regarding about the private fight, because it involved the vice president hence it was handed over to the elders' quarters to handle.

Following Liu Xue Lan and the female student, they reached the elder quarters.

Along the way they b.u.mped into several students, they greeted Liu Xue Lan respectfully while casting a weird glance at Ye Qing Luo.

One by one gesticulating and commenting on Ye Qing Luo who laid low for the past two weeks, wondering what she had done to be watched by the faculty council again.

At this time, a teenager dressed in a black long-sleeved robe stood on the top of the tall building, squinting his eyes and watching the undaunted Ye Qing Luo at the ground level.

"Master, that's the lady." The lackey next to him bowed lowly and spoke respectfully.

"Have you delivered the two bottles of medicine?" The young lad's eyes did not s.h.i.+ft its sight from Ye Qing Luo.

His voice sounded like a cold gust of wind in a frosty place.

The lackey nodded: "Yes, I hand it to her personally."

"Why didn't she take it?" The expressionless face gave a slight frown and a tint of anger appeared in his cold eyes.

The lackey got tensed and lowered his head: "I have no idea, per….. perhaps….. Miss Ye is more vigilant and doesn't dare to take the drug before she knows who master is..."

"Doesn't know?" The teenager's calm eyes suddenly turned from a deep cold into a raging anger, "Doesn't know who I am? I shall see if she has any idea who I am!"

The lackey got intimidated retreated a couple of steps, this was the first time he had seen such expression coming from his calm and composed master.

For….. that woman by the name of Ye Qing Luo.

The lackey looked over to Ye Qing Luo with a thoughtful look.

"Go and find out the reason why the faculty council take her away." The teenage looked away and controlled the anger in his eyes, restoring the initial expressionless face.


The Elders Quarter.

Ye Qing Luo was brought to the main hall, Liu Xue Yue was already seated on the soft chair sipping tea and chatting with Elder Yun Xiang.

The smiles on their faces faded away and their conversation halted the moment they saw Ye Qing Luo approaching.

This was what the person who was violating the rules and being punished?

It was more like drinking tea and talking about life!

"Take a seat, Student Ye." Elder Yun Xiang brushed his white beard and smile kindly.

Ye Qing Luo walked straight and sat next to Liu Xue Yue; an attendant served hot tea immediately.

"Student Ye, I suppose you are clear about the school rules that students are not allowed to have private fights during the school term." Elder Yun Xiang looked friendly and preached sincerely with heartfelt words, "The school sense some profound Qi fluctuation in your dormitory earlier, anything you wish to tell me?"

In merely a few words, it seemed like all the fault had been pushed to Ye Qing Luo.

He had only mentioned about Ye Qing Luo's profound Qi fluctuation and not a single word was spoken about Liu Xue Yue.

Overlord, Love Me Tender 313 Want Her To Be The Scapegoat? No Way 1

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