Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: Want her to be the scapegoat? No way (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Ye Qing Luo leisurely lean against the soft chair and narrowed her gaze as she looked over at Liu Xue Yue.

Her mouth twitched with a cold arc and laughed softly.

Just one glance was enough to make Liu Xue Yue feel a cold chill down her spine immediately, the hand that was holding onto the teacup trembled, almost spilling the tea inside.

The smile on the Ye Qing Luo was cool without losing the charm, but also reveals the icy vibes, making one s.h.i.+vered all over even though it was not cold.

Liu Xue Yue only felt like her neck was tangled by a coldblooded poisonous snake, the heart was tightened until it was suffocating.


Such strong presentiment was boundless till Liu Xue Yue couldn't suppressed.

This weird atmosphere was deadlocked.

“Elder Yun Xiang, don't tell me I am bored to tears in the dormitory and release my profound Qi to hit myself?” Ye Qing Luo's voice was casual, sounding relaxed.

Her gaze seemed to have inadvertently swept through the curtains of the inner hall. When it touched something, the eyes pa.s.sed a sly smile.

Elder Yun Xiang was speechless, that old face with the white beard begin to darken.

He stood up, with his hands placed on his back and slowly strode towards Ye Qing Luo.

The face was still smiling, beyond the amicable looking face was a strong threatening intention in the eyes: “Student Ye is a smart person, this is merely a small matter. If student Ye cooperates with the investigations of the elder quarters, I will be lenient on the punishment.”

“Violating the school rules is considered a small matter to Elder Yun Xiang? Ye Qing Luo pretend to be astonished and widen her eyes, increasing her voice, “A few days ago, vice president made it very clear that if one violates the rules shall be expelled from the school!”

Even though the elder quarters were filled with their own people.

It was inevitable that it would be heard by some people with intentions.

If this spread out, the elder quarter's reputation would be tarnished.

Liu Xue Yue listened to her words at the side, her glamorous face angered faintly.

Hearing Ye Qing Luo speaking about how Liu Xue Yue had insisted the words “violating the school rules” during the previous time was as good as using that to smack her face!

Her heart was filled with anger and frustration and got even more resentful when she thought of that Ye Qing Qian who instigated her.

“Since I am here at the elder quarters, I shall also share my thoughts with the elders.” Ye Qing Luo stood up suddenly, her pet.i.te figure did not reduce that huge presence of hers.

This action made the Elder Yun Xiang who was intimidating Ye Qing Luo to stumble a couple of steps backwards.

Only to see Ye Qing Luo lifting her head and spoke in a serious tone: “As a member of the faculty council, the vice president has deliberately violated the rules and lay hands on her roommate, if I don't take the risk of being given a demerit and block for the roommate, today may not be just a simple violating of rules but taking a human life.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Liu Xue Yue could no longer take it, slammed the table hard as she stood up.

“I am talking nonsense? It's okay, let's talk about evidence. Physical proof is the profound Qi sensor that can sense you using your profound Qi, as for witness, that will be the roommate that you almost tried to kill.”

Ye Qing Luo shrugged her shoulders as she continued: “I admit that I did use my profound Qi. But….. it isn't because I am doing a private fight.”

She paused for a moment, her voice carried a mocking tone: “If I am doing a private fight, the vice president may not be able to be sitting here.”


This is simply a direct provocation!

Liu Xue Yue felt the heat rising through her face, the anger in her chest gushed up into her head, only to feel that her lungs were about to explode!

“Ye! Qing! Luo!”

Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 314

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