Overlord, Love Me Tender 333 The Intruder Is Bound To Die

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Ye Qing Luo's speed was very fast, just like a ghost.

Ye Qing Qian felt a chill in her spine when she recalled how her face was ruined by Ye Qing Luo when she gave her a chance to get close enough.

With the last lesson learned, Ye Qing Qian swiftly retreated backwards and managed to avoid Ye Qing Luo with a false sway.

Ye Qing Qian's weapon was a long whip, which was meant for a long-range attack.

And Ye Qing Luo used the dagger, which could only be effective in a close proximity.

As long as she was able to keep Ye Qing Luo from being near her, there was nothing she could do!

With this thought in her mind, Ye Qing Qian's eyes revealed a ray of grit as she held onto the handle of the long whip and waved again.

Ye Qing Luo raised her brows interestingly.

Perhaps after teaching Ye Qing Qian a lesson, she appeared to be more mature now.

Could still made use of her brain and thought of a way to counter.

It seemed like she had underestimated Ye Qing Qian and taken her as a bimbo.

Ye Qing Luo smirked.

Hearing that smirk, Ye Qing Qian condensed her focus and lifted her palm to insert another wave of Qi into the long whip.

The long whip suddenly burst into a red glow.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Strong profound Qi were rumbling like a snake that shone in the sky, curling upwards.

"Profound earth initial stage! Student Ye actually… actually broke through the realm of the profound earth grade!"

The two students who were watching over the cat beast girl were staring at the battle.

At this time their jaws dropped open after seeing Ye Qing Qian releasing the profound Qi.

Such powerful waves raising, the strong profound Qi released by Ye Qing Qian surrounded the area.

In that moment, the unstable turmoil began to change.

"I said that student Ye Qing Qian seems to be going through some changes these days, didn't expect it to be making a breakthrough and advancing to the Profound earth grade!"

"Big Miss of the Three Spring Sect is indeed worthy of her t.i.tle, what a gifted talent!"

The two students couldn't stop exclaiming in astonishment.

Even other students gave a flabbergasted expression when watching Ye Qing Qian incredulously.

Although the high-level cla.s.s was a very talented cla.s.s, the average profound grade among the students were at least Profound Mystic sixth grade.

And there were less than five people that were able to breakthrough the earth mystic realm when both cla.s.s one and two combined.

Ye Qing Qian's profound grade had been hovering at the mystic ninth grade realm, especially in the recent period when everyone had not paid any attention to her.

Unexpectedly, Ye Qing Qian had quietly broken through the profound earth grade!

"Hahaha….. this intruder is bound to die!" The high-level students rubbed their hands together excitedly, as if they could see the scene of them being rewarded at the elder quarters for bringing the two intruders over.

The high-level cla.s.s students were high-quality students in talents and senses, they were able to tell sense that the lady in red's profound grade should be on par with theirs.

Her advantage was probably her precise ac.u.men and speed.

So what if you were fast?

No matter how fast you were, there will be moments when you would get tired.

As long as this intruder did not intend to leave alone, they could take turns to exhaust her strength.

Moreover, there was still a Ye Qing Qian who was profound earth realm, who could be faster than a profound earth grade apprentice?

Just a grade difference was a world apart.

Let alone a level difference!

There was a strange look in Ye Qing Luo's eyes too.

It wasn't in her expectations that Ye Qing Qian would have breakthrough the profound earth realm.

The previous time in the Magic Beast Forest, Ye Qing Qian was still profound mystic ninth grade realm and there were no traces of her making a breakthrough.

When Ye Qing Luo was still profound mystic ninth grade, she was stuck for a long time even though she had touched the promotion barrier but unable to breakthrough.

But Ye Qing Qian was able to make such a big breakthrough in a mere short two weeks.

It was indeed hard not to suspect---

Overlord, Love Me Tender 333 The Intruder Is Bound To Die

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