Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: If you want to shorten your lifespan, I can grant your wish

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

This was a book which elementary alchemist read.

Although Ye Qing Luo had the Hundred Medicines Pill Refining in her hands, but what was recorded in the Hundred Medicines Pill Refining were various valuable medicinal alchemy methods.

But towards the introduction and uses of medicinal herbs, it didn't explain it in detail.

Under an ignorant state, to be able to become an alchemist, other than the teachings of Old Man Cang and the dragon cauldron, it was her strong comprehension power which gained an advantage.

The minute she saw the elementary medicinal pills book, Ye Qing Luo fell into a daze once she started reading.

Even the pain from her body could not be detected.

These books, if ordinary people were to read it, it might prove to be too difficult for them.

Too many medicinal herbs, the appearance only bore the slightest difference between them, however the medicinal effect was totally different.

There were still so many other medicinal herbs which were unheard of and the uses were rarely seen.

Many years ago, Ye Qing Luo had formed a set of special way to memorise things.

Several thousands of medicinal herbs which were difficult to differentiate, it seemed to be photocopied by her eyes and those were imprinted into her memory.

Just barely one hour and Ye Qing Luo had already memorised that entire book.

Xi Jue thoughtfully bit on another book, placing it by the side of its leg.

Bearing the same position, she regained her senses from the book and Ye Qing Luo felt a numb sensation in her four limbs, as she felt extremely uncomfortable.

She moved her body, trying to change a posture, as she continued reading.

But the minute she moved, her body uncontrollably twitched.

An intense pain arose from her four limbs.

“Rawr Rawr —-” When Xi Jue saw that, it growled lowly as it's pitch black beast eyes were filled with worry.

Ye Qing Luo's lips ripped apart slightly as she shook her head.

Her fingers moved and retrieved the pain killer.

Bei Ming Lu Lu repeatedly reminded her that this kind of medicinal pill, could at least be taken just once.

If the pills were taken too soon, not only would it lose the painkiller effect, it might also cause side effects.

Ye Qing Luo had originally intended to take the second pill but on meeting this strange old man, if she didn't even had the energy to escape, then it would only point to disaster!

d.a.m.n that Ye Qing Qian!

When her body recovered, she would definitely make Ye Qing Qian suffer an even ravaging pain!

Just as Ye Qing Luo was stuffing the pill into her mouth, suddenly a bust of light energy struck towards her.

Ye Qing Luo wanted to evade it but her body didn't matched up to her brain's response.

That burst of energy directly hit her on the back of her hand.

The painkiller in her hand was flicked onto the ground as it rolled and rolled…

And it rolled to the front of a pair of boots.

He raised his foot slightly and stepped right onto the painkiller directly.

Ye Qing Luo's slender brows creased as her sight stopped at his feet, then moving upwards, “Senior, we agreed on two hours?”

“This kind of inferior self-inflicting pill, you also dare to take? If you want to shorten your lifespan, I can grant your wish right now.” Old Man gave her a cold glint as he strode towards her.

The painkiller beneath his feet had already been crushed into powder.


If Beiming Lu Lu heard this, she would probably fly into a rage.

But there was something which the Old Man got right.

This kind of painkiller, although it could soothe the body from the pain within a limited time.

But this kind of pill, was just too damaging to the body.

Especially if there was an overdose, there was a possibility that one would get addicted to this kind of pills.

It would be unbearable if it wasn't taken daily.

“Injured?” Old Man squinted his malicious eyes as he gradually squatted down, holding up Ye Qing Luo's injured arm directly.

Not knowing if the Old Man did it intentionally, this grab, coincidentally held right onto Ye Qing Luo's injured arm.

Immediately, an intense pain from the tearing of the wound, as though being scorched by fire, split open from where the whip wound was…

Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 366

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