Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: Still chase you out

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Old Man frowned as he sniffed the blood stench emitting from Ye Qing Luo, his face immediately reflected anguish.

He disliked trouble.

But the young lady who intruded into his secret room, kept causing trouble for him.

He wanted badly to settle this trouble with one palm strike, but on seeing the young lady immovable, but to protect her war pet, she stepped forward bravely so he suddenly felt a little begrudged.

Especially when he thought about the alchemy room's table, that pile of medicinal herbs which had been messed up, but it had been sorted according to its medicinal uses properly, so he couldn't bear to do it even more.

Furthermore, this young lady also knew that magical beasts skin and bones could be used as alchemy materials to refine medicinal pills, able to converge spiritual qi, thereby making the medicinal effect of the pill much stronger.

Old Man was crazy over alchemy.

This young lady's heart was good and honest, she was able to remain calm when things happened, even when she met with his murderous qi, she was stable and knew about plenty of medicinal knowledge, so he was full of appreciation for her.

Old Man's inner heart was struggling, as frustration continued to swarm his mind.

Ye Qing Luo squinted her eyes, but she had not felt the murderous qi from him, so she summoned up her courage and said, “Suffered some internal injury and now I'm unable to concentrate from the pain. I've already finished reading one book earlier, so considering taking the painkiller to stop the pain so that I can concentrate on reading the second book.”

She had just finished her words when Ye Qing Luo's wrist had already been locked in by the Old Man.

His speed was so fast that she hadn't been able to react in time completely.

Old Man's two fingers took her pulse.

His strength was so huge that Ye Qing Luo was unable to move a single bit.

“Tsk tsk tsk, a young lady like you really know how to torture yourself.” Old Man brushed her hand aside, with a look of disgust as he shook his head, “Profound Grade's cultivation, your body is actually full of Earth Profound's qi, you're really lucky that your internal organs hasn't been shattered.”

Just one taking of her pulse and the old man was able to tell Ye Qing Luo's condition precisely and accurately.

“Young lady's determination isn't bad at all, if it was any other person, they would probably have fainted from this kind of pain.” Old Man looked pensive as his lips twitched and revealed a smile.

Only that smile, paired with his vicious and malicious expression, seemed extremely strange.

Old Man released his grip on Ye Qing Luo's wrist as he stood up, “From tomorrow onwards, report daily to the alchemy room and you're in charge of cleaning here!”

Ye Qing Luo was stunned as her charming eyes blinked.

What weird situation was this?

Old Man wasn't prepared to take her life?

“To have the foundation of differentiating the medicinal herbs, how could you be so stupid!” Seeing Ye Qing Luo's dazed look, old man started to get fl.u.s.tered again.

“Luo la.s.s, quickly agree to his request!” Old Man Cang worried on behalf of Ye Qing Luo in the Azure Dew Bracelet, “This Elder grade alchemist, is going to teach you alchemy!”

However Ye Qing Luo kept silent for a long time.

This strange old man was mysterious and unfathomable, and extremely temperamental.

Ye Qing Luo didn't understood what was his motive in keeping her.

“Don't be too happy so fast, if you don't meet my expectations, I'll still chase you out of here.” Old Man gave a cold harrumph, as he drew out a jade bottle from his sleeves, and threw it towards Ye Qing Luo.

That jade bottle was ordinary ceramicware and a refres.h.i.+ng medicinal fragrance emitted faintly from the bottle cap.

“You're not allowed to casually take any painkillers which would hurt the body.” Old Man frowned, as his thin face wrinkled into a bundle.

Following that, were a few more books, as he threw it down from the top of her head.

After he finished throwing, old man flicked his sleeves and left the secret room.

This time, the entrance was wide open and had not been shut.

This old man…

He really was temperamental.

Earlier he was still trying to kill her, and now he treated her as one of his own people?

This medicinal pill, just from the smell itself, absolutely was a premium grade pill directed at treating her internal injuries.

Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 367

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