Overlord, Love Me Tender 418 Establish A Mercenary Group

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Although the students didn't reply her, but the blazing hope that shone in their eyes, was filled with pa.s.sion.

"You have eight months' time, and in these eight months, we will try all means and ways to train you." Ye Qing Luo's vision fell lastly onto Qiao Jin, as a faint arc on her lips curled upwards.

Qiao Jin reciprocated, as he shrugged his shoulders indifferent, telling her to go ahead with whatever her plans were.

Long Yun Zhan arranged Ye Qing Luo into the cla.s.s committee, and in a short period of time, Ye Qing Luo's ability was something which they had all witnessed for themselves.

Now that Ye Qing Luo was going to start training everyone, they naturally didn't had much opinions.

Ye Qing Luo then retracted her glance, "Sweat and effort, would exchange for the reward which you want to reap. No matter how difficult the future has in store, or how difficult it is, as long as you persist in it, then what will welcome you is rosy clouds which fills the entire sky."

Saying that, she paused for a moment.

The entire training ground, was filled with students' urgent breathing, which could be heard especially clearly.

Kitty Li was affected by those words, as her eyes grew wide as though a cat's eye, as she stared at Ye Qing Luo with adoration.

As though Ye Qing Luo had done it intentionally, she s.p.a.ced out some time for them to rearrange their thoughts.

After half a quarter of an hour, her lips rose upwards as she spoke calmly, "Of course, saying all these now are useless, the crux is whether Cla.s.s Monitor Xie is able to accept the conditions which I have listed out. You all go ahead and start training, I'll have a chat with cla.s.s monitor."

The students lowered their heads, not saying a word.

It was until Ye Qing Luo turned around when deafening bursts of words was heard coming from her back.

"We have the confidence! We want to welcome the rosy clouds in the entire sky!"

Ten over young lads and young ladies voices, boomed in unison.

In other people's eyes, they were the waste which anyone despised.

They'd already gone through the most miserable and bleak days in the past.

So how miserable could it be now?

So what even if they failed?

They just wanted to race to join in the intercla.s.s compet.i.tions, they just wanted to gain victory!

Ye Qing Luo didn't turned back, as she felt the pa.s.sion which was emitted from the young lads and young ladies behind her.

She headed towards the small path, and the smile on her lips grew deeper and deeper.


On the way to the cla.s.s committee, she met Tong Zi Qing who was sitting on one side in a daze.

Ye Qing Luo used a soft spoken tone to persuade her to return to training, and repeated everything that she said earlier about preparing to allow devil cla.s.s to take part in the intercla.s.s compet.i.tions to her.

Tong Zi Qing's expression was still slightly off, but she took her advice and returned to the training ground.

When Ye Qing Luo reached the cla.s.s committee room, as expected Long Yun Zhan was sitting in front of the old fas.h.i.+oned square table, bending over as he wrote something.

Hearing some movement, he spoke without lifting his head, "Sit."

"Know why I came?" Ye Qing Luo sat opposite him.

Long Yun Zhan kept away his pen, as he put it aside, "You can decide, I have no objection."

Ever since the conversation with Luo Qing Luo yesterday, Long Yun Zhan was no longer no longer confused over the knot in his heard, as he regained his usual calmness.

Ye Qing Luo shrugged, "Since that's so, then I won't be unreasonable and keep pus.h.i.+ng it away. Since tomorrow is the school holidays, and there is a total of three days, I've decided to establish a mercenary group, to let everyone take on missions."

This idea, was formed as she recalled the silver plate mercenary group which she met in the Magical Beast Forest.

If these students were formed into a mercenary group, to accept those missions in the Mercenary a.s.sociation, those training in the countryside, as compared to closed door training in the training ground, was much more useful.

Whatever training it was, actual combat training was the most effective among all of it.

Long Yun Zhan went into a blank, as his good looking brows creased slightly, "Mercenary Group?"

Ye Qing Luo nodded.

Long Yun Zhan had never thought of, sending these students out of the academy to train.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that he had no memories of this world, so the only safe feeling which he had was in Heavenly Academy.

Perhaps he was too worried about devil cla.s.s' students' abilities, being exposed too soon.

But, to Ye Qing Luo, she placed more emphasis on the actual combat standard of the team's standard.

Overlord, Love Me Tender 418 Establish A Mercenary Group

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