Overlord, Love Me Tender 419 Could It Be That, It Was Really Predestined?

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Long Yun Zhan went into deep thoughts for a moment, as he slowly nodded, "If it's you, then there should be no problem."

The underlying meaning was, he agreed to Ye Qing Luo's suggestion.

"But, the position of group leader, will still be you, whereas the vice group leader and other positions, will be handed over to Xiao Yi and the rest." To her, the students were the main pillar, was still towards Long Yun Zhan.

After all, Long Yun Zhan was the one who really saved them from the abyss.

Long Yun Zhan had no objections.

Having finished the discussion with him, Ye Qing Luo headed towards the place that was filled with dense spirit qi.

According to what Ghost Doctor said, after she took another pill tonight, her body would fully recover.

There were only three days of holidays, the devil cla.s.s must grasp tight of the time, and not waste any cultivation time at all.

She must ensure her body was fully recovered before tomorrow.

After she entered the ectoplasm treasured place, Ye Qing Luo withdrew her consciousness and entered the Azure Dew Bracelet.

Old Man Cang felt her pulse and couldn't help but nodded his head as he sighed in silence, "Ghost Doctor…. Indeed is the Ghost Doctor."

Hearing this tone, Ye Qing Luo squinted her charming eyes, "Old Man Cang, are you acquainted to Senior Ghost Doctor?"

Old Man Cang's hand which was placed on Ye Qing Luo's wrist took a sudden pause, as he withdrew it back, "Not acquainted."

Not acquainted?

Did he really think that she had only just known him for the first time?

Previously when they met the Ghost Doctor for the first time in the pill refining room, Old Man Cang plainly revealed a look which showed that they were not acquainted.

But ever since he heard of Ghost Doctor's name, he seemed to have changed.

Now with this sentence…..

There'd be a ghost if they were not acquainted!

Old Man Cang saw Ye Qing Luo's suspicious wide eyes, which fixated on him intently, he turned his head over in a bad mood, as he lightly stopped at the stone bed in the corner which was moulded with Spiritual Qi, as he laid down sideways.

"Young la.s.s better nurse your body, go cultivate and stop asking so much."

Old Man Cang wasn't willing to reply, so Ye Qing Luo naturally wouldn't force the questions on him.

She sat cross-legged and shut her eyes, as she started circulating the Profound Qi in her Profound Heart Jade, cultivating and using the spiritual qi to nourish her internal injury.

What she didn't knew was, at the moment when she shut her eyes, Old Man Cang who was originally using his back to face her, turned around.

His spiritual qi rose in spirals, as a faint melancholy spread across that face which was covered with white beard.

Ghost Doctor…..

He had never expected that Elder ranked alchemy master, was actually Ghost Doctor.

Could it be... that this was predestined?


Next day.

Ye Qing Luo opened her eyes, and extended her four limbs, her entire body felt light, as though a gust of airstream flowed within her body. She felt like she was floating, without any uncomfortable feeling.

She tried to circulate the Profound Qi within her body, with flowed without any obstructions.

Her internal injury, as well as the lash mark on her arm which had been struck by Ye Qing Luo, had totally recovered.

After she left the ectoplasm treasured place, devil cla.s.s's students had already packed their own things, and were bidding each other farewell, preparing to return home.

The last timing for the school gate to be locked during the school holidays, was 12pm.

Because of that, students were packing their stuff early in the morning, so ensure they had enough time to leave the academy before 12pm, otherwise they would be forcefully made to leave the academy grounds.

If their luck wasn't so good, and they overstayed beyond 12pm, then they would be given a minor demerit point.

When Ye Qing Luo was out, most of the students were almost done with their farewell.

Seeing Ye Qing Luo walking over, Qiao Jin soothed his throat as he coughed lightly.

The initial bustling training ground, turned extremely quiet.

All the students had instinctively, lined up properly, as their backs straightened up and their eyes looked towards Qiao Jin.

This was a habit which had been formed many years ago.

Ye Qing Luo slowly walked beside Qiao Jin, as her charming eyes swept past those innocent and childish faces.

"Here, I have an unfortunate news to inform all our brothers."

Overlord, Love Me Tender 419 Could It Be That, It Was Really Predestined?

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