Overlord, Love Me Tender 429 So Called Antidote

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"Qing Luo, you, you cannot leave!"

Leng Feng Hua immediately stood up, as he tried to chase up to her.

But he had yet to straighten his body and he had just lifted his hand up, when his entire body turned weak without an ounce of strength.

A surge of bl.u.s.tering fire started burning within his body.

He fell on the long table, as half of his body, overturned those exquisite delicacies.

His body was stained with quite an amount of food, but he didn't even have the strength to move.

His entire body was burning with desire.

"You must be puzzled on what's going on." Ye Qing Luo's footsteps halted, as she overlooked at Leng Feng Hua who was sprawled on the table.

Her smile was still as bright and beautiful like a flower.

But the iciness in her smile, was like frost.

Leng Feng Hua's entire face was aghast, as he pointed his shaking finger at Ye Qing Luo, "You…. you aren't….."

"Curious why I had obviously drunk that wine, but the only one who was drugged was you only? Ye Qing Luo directly repeated the questions Leng Feng Hua had in his mind.

Leng Feng Hua blinked.

His entire face had flushed red from the aphrodisiac, as his entire body was boiling hot, drips of sweat started dripping.

Ye Qing Luo gave a cold laugh from the depths of her heart.

Did he really think that she was a fool?

A lone man and woman together, designed in a garden, there wasn't even a servant or maid in sight to serve them.

How could she not possibly know what motive Leng Feng Hua had?

Intended on cooking a pot of rice, to hasten things up?

That would depend if he had the ability to cook that pot of rice or not.

Ye Qing Luo sneered as she used her fingertip to hold up that wine cup, as she shook a handful of powder.

Following that, she held up Leng Feng Hua's wine cup which he had drank from earlier, as she flicked her fingers along the cup.

The rim of that cup turned dark black instantly.

Leng Feng Hua's flushed face widened his eyes in disbelief.

Ye Qing Luo had obviously not touched his wine cup, he had his eyes on her all the while.

How had she made the move?

"I am usually very focused on reciprocity, and… I usually pay back in double folds. So, you don't need to worry, because very soon…. your antidote will be here soon."

Perhaps it was because of the aphrodisiac which had enchanted his entire body, Leng Feng Hua could clearly felt the whiff of light fragrance from the lady's body, which entered his nostrils.

His body was surging with a scorching hot sensation, as though it was about to explode.

He didn't know where he got the strength, as he suddenly stood up and pounced towards Ye Qing Luo's direction.

The reaction to this pounce was a ferocious kick in his tummy.

This kick was something which Leng Feng Hua wasn't guarded against and he flew outwards.

Coincidentally, he crashed against that rock garden in the corner.

Leng Feng Hua crashed heavily onto the ground, his chest was in immense pain as he coughed up blood.

But this pain, didn't extinguish the intense fire in his body.

Behind the rockery, a green-white figure of a lady walked out.

She stared coldly at Ye Qing Luo's departing direction, as her features were sinisterly terrifying.

What trick was Ye Qing Luo trying to play?

She just gave Leng Feng Hua up to her just like that?

Ye Qing Qian's brows were tightly knitted, as she couldn't understand Ye Qing Luo's action after much thinking.

She lowered her head, as she stared at Leng Feng Hua who was lying beside her feet, with his face flushed red, hands tearing at his own clothes. When she recalled how he tried to get the best at the least expense in front of Ye Qing Luo, her eyes were filled with a smirk of hatred.

She had long known about Leng Feng Hua's fickleness.

But unfortunately, she had given him her heart in this façade.

She had obviously gotten close to Leng Feng Hua, so that she could move to higher places, as she didn't want to be beneath others.


This heart uncontrollably started to fall for Leng Feng Hua.

Seeing Leng Feng Hua's wreathing body with his face filled with pain, she still couldn't bear it.

She slowly squatted down, and took out a handkerchief from her bosom, as she helped him to wipe off his sweat, "Try to endure it for now, I'll go get someone to bring you to your room."

But, just at the moment her hand touched Leng Feng Hua's, she felt his grip on her wrist tighten as she was forcefully pressed onto the ground by him.

The current Leng Feng Hua, had lost all rationality, as though a raging wild beast…..

Overlord, Love Me Tender 429 So Called Antidote

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