Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: Reversing the situation, with such good reasoning

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Ye Tian Kuang was boiling as his rough voice boomed across the entire main hall.

“You want evidence? Those people around the academy, are all witnesses, you….entered Crown Pr…” his words stopped as Ye tian Kuang recalled that Leng Feng Hua had already been stripped of the Crown Prince t.i.tle as he changed his words, “entered Duke Ping's carriage!”

It was after all in front of the academy's entrance, there were tons of people there and in front of so many pairs of eyes, Ye Qing Luo had no intention of masking the fact that she entered Leng Feng Hua's carriage.

There was no change in her expression, merely a light smirk on her lips, “So what? I did enter Leng Feng Hua's carriage, but….. was it me who invited Ye Qing Qian to the Crown Prince Palace?”

Ye Tian Kuang's words were deflated as he became resentful, “That means it's connected to you somehow!”

“My dear father, these words of yours, seem quite meaningful.” Ye Qing Luo's charming eyes squinted slightly, as she gave an unstressed and diluted smile, “Don't push all the pots for me to carry, if these two people were clean, no matter how I schemed against them, I wouldn't have been able to get anything done, isn't it?”

Not waiting for Ye Tian Kuang to open his mouth, Ye Qing Luo spoke out again, “Father also said that I'm the one who entered Leng Feng Hua's carriage, and went to Crown Prince Palace, then why~ did Ye Qing Qian appear there? Why is it that after I left, the two of them started tangling together?”

That's right, if Ye Qing Luo wanted to scheme Ye Qing Qian, the foremost thing would be that Ye Qing Qian had to be in the Crown Prince Palace.

After asking those people outside Heavenly Academy, those whom had seen Leng Feng Hua picking up Ye Qing Luo to the Crown Prince Palace, were all ridiculing Ye Qing Qian for her overestimation, hoping to s.n.a.t.c.h her sister's fiancé.

Right from the start, Ye Qing Luo had not even spoken a word with Ye Qing Qian, and so that meant that the statement that Ye Qing Luo had cheated Ye Qing Qian to the Crown Prince Palace was non-existent.

Moreover, there were some who mentioned that the expression which Ye Qing Qian gave while staring at Leng Feng Hua's carriage, was so twisted and sinister, depicting it so vividly.

He had always been focusing his attention and putting all his affection into this daughter, so Ye Tian Kuang naturally knew Ye Qing Qian's character.

It was because of her jealousy of Ye Qing Luo, which made Ye Qing Qian followed along, appearing at Crown Prince Palace.

Seeing Ye Tian Kuang keeping his silence, Ye Qing Luo's lips curled into a sneer of ridicule, “On the contrary, I think Leng Feng Hua wanted to invite Ye Qing Qian, instead of me. It was just because there were so many people there, and he was afraid of his Crown Prince's reputation being smeared, so he intentionally used me as a s.h.i.+eld.”

“Otherwise, why was it that I had just arrived at the Crown Prince Palace and my b.u.t.t hadn't even warmed up on the chair before I was invited out of the Crown Prince Palace? Subsequently, this matter happened.”

Ye Qing Luo's words reserved the situation, with such good reasoning.

Momentarily, Ye Tian Kuang had nothing to refute her words.

Even the howling Madam Yuchi had stopped crying.

It seemed….. as though there was such a possibility.

After all….. Ye Qing Qian and Leng Feng Hua had always, been secretly dating each other.

Some time ago, Ye Qing Luo had also appeared in front of the common people and talked about this matter.

Such a farce, indeed affected the Crown Prince's status.

“The most important point is, why was it so coincidental that Second Prince would appear there at that time?” Ye Qing Luo's words, brought out this question.

Second Prince had received such a huge gift from her, and successfully bringing down Leng Feng Hua.

Although the Monarch had yet confer another Crown Prince, but Second Prince's performance today, had impressed the three ministers, as well as the common people's favourable impression.

The position of Crown Prince, would ultimately be Second Prince's.

Just treating it as a return gift, this pot, Second Prince would just have to carry it properly.

This sentence, indeed caught Ye Tian Kuang's attention.

That's true, in the Royal family, the only one Ye Qing Luo knew was Leng Feng Hua.

Ye Qing Luo probably do not even have the chance to meet Second Prince, so how would she be able to join hands with Second Prince, to scheme Ye Qing Qian?

Probably this matter, really had nothing to do with Ye Qing Luo.

Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 437

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