Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Advanced to the First Level of Purgatory

"This is the compet.i.tion arena for the first round." Cauldron Dragon's indifferent voice seemed to come from a remote s.p.a.ce and reached her from the distance. "Owner, raise your head."

Ye Qing Luo followed the voice and raised her head.

Above her head was a vast expanse of foggy whiteness, the depths of which couldn't be seen.

To the far right of the compet.i.tion arena was a fiery candle lamp floating in midair.

"If this fire extinguishes, no matter what happens to you on the compet.i.tion stage, I'll pull you out." Cauldron Dragon continued. "If you succeed in breaking through the first layer before the lamp goes out, then you can obtain the first level of secret techniques."

That was to say that before this lamp goes out, Cauldron Dragon absolutely wouldn't interfere for her sake?

"The Azure Dew Bracelet is arranged into twelve layers of purgatory. The first layer is the most simple one. Based on your current ability, you should be able to handle it."

"Do you see the number one on the compet.i.tion stage? Pour profound qi into the number and the Azure Dew Bracelet will open a dimensional s.p.a.ce in accordance with your strength."

Ye Qing Luo half kneeled on the ground and poured her profound qi into the number one beneath her feet just the way that Cauldron Dragon described. Her profound qi unexpectedly converged and rushed crazily towards her profound heart jade now that her marrow had recently been cleansed.

Just like it had found the mouth of a drain, without any guidance, it completely drilled inside her profound heart jade.

Ye Qing Luo covered her heart, one hand pushed against the ground, uttering a tight groan.

This crazy constricting feeling squeezed her profound heart jade. The distension was extremely painful.

At the same time, fierce rocking shook the entire compet.i.tion stage.

In a split second, demonic and monstrous beasts appeared facing Ye Qing Luo.

At least a hundred of them gathered together in groups. All kinds of animals roared deafeningly. The entire stage seemed as if it was going to collapse.

"These wild beasts were produced based on your current strength. You only need to defeat these beasts before you and you'll be able to smoothly break through the first layer of purgatory."

After Cauldron Dragon finished saying this, it no longer made any sound.

It seemed to completely not see Ye Qing Luo's present endlessly painful expression.

The pain simply couldn't be anymore bitter!

The pit of her stomach was distended to the point it almost exploded.

And these hundred beasts in front of her, after they'd broken through the defense s.h.i.+eld, they threw themselves at her like a violent surge of the tides.

The smallest of all those wild beasts were at least two meters tall, with b.l.o.o.d.y big mouths which exposed sharp teeth.

Their opened mouths seemed as if they'd swallow Ye Qing Luo into their stomachs.

Ye Qing Luo's five fingers stuck closely to her heart as she threw herself into a jump at the beast's height while flipping over high in the sky.

Shortly after, she steadied herself and fell onto an open s.p.a.ce on the stage.

Several beasts with overly powerful momentums threw themselves at empty air and immediately knocked into each other.

"Phew……" Ye Qing Luo gasped for breath, as her delicate eyebrows knit close together.

Suddenly, her profound heart jade seemed to ignite into a raging inferno and was wrapped up in flames.

Ye Qing Luo could clearly feel the pit of her stomach becoming increasingly scorching hot.

Soon after, a dazzling layer of light emerged from her body.

Those rays of light were like spreading flames.

Ye Qing Luo soon felt these rays of light change into fine threads of qi which permeated inside her body from her skin.

Little by little, they encircled her profound heart jade.

That feeling of painful distension gradually disappeared.

What surrounded her profound heart jade was pure and clear profound qi.

She clenched her five fingers. It seemed as if she could feel inexhaustible power just waiting to burst forth.

The rumble of wild beasts boomed in her ears as they threw themselves ferociously at her.

Ye Qing Luo's charming eyes excitedly turned a bloodthirsty and enchanting red.

It's the first layer, right?

My wild beasts, why don't you become my acc.u.mulated combat experience, the kind of actual combat that'll advance my profound rank!

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Overlord, Love Me Tender Chapter 57

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