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“Fool! ”

” Ouch! ”

Collet was being hit on the head in a room on the third floor. Yu was told to wait for preparations for his job change to finish.

Yu's Status was then reported to the guild master.

” Collet! You have to stop the information about us gathering adventurers data from spreading! We also have to have everyone's data. Did anyone notice your conversation? ”

The fact that the guild was collecting information through the usage of guild cards was a secret.

” I don’t know.. Sorry… ”

” That’s unavoidable.. We have to clear this... Did you use your [a.n.a.lysis] skill on Yu? ”

” Of course.. It is also one of the reasons why I reported it. ”

” Is his status that amazing? ”

” It’s ridiculous.. He may be an influential person! ”

” Collet, calm down and write it down on a paper. ”

” Yes.. ”

Collet then proceeded with writing it down. The guild master Mofisu was looking at it while stroking his beard.

” This… Is there no mistake? ”

” Yes.. There is no doubt! ”

He was looking at Yu’s status.

Status Window Name: Yu Sato Race: Human Job: None LVL: 19 HP: 143 MP: 221 Strength: 56 Agility: 54 Vitality: 51 Intelligence: 63 Magic: 50 Luck: 1 Pa.s.sive Skills: Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level: Swordmans.h.i.+p 5 Physical Ability Up 2 Active Skills: Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level: Body Enhance 3 Sword Strike 3 Special Skills: Skill Name: Level: None  

“To have [Swordmans.h.i.+p lvl 5] and [Sword Strike lvl 3] without a job.. [Body Enhance lvl 3] he a D ranker? No, even being a C ranker is possible. ”

” That’s right. ”

” Collet, call Joseph immediately. He should be on the second floor drinking. ”

” Is Joseph here? ”

The Guild was also gathering promising adventurers. Some of the candidates were: Deriddo Clans the “Red Meteor”, Niah Pazuzu the “Madman”, Jozu-borane the “Sharp sword”, Lara Tonbura the “Magical Swordplay” and “The Brute Arm” Joseph Yorumu.

Joseph himself was only a B rank adventurer but he was able enough to clear the Comer's B-ranked dungeon, “Enrio of Syvash”, alone.
This dungeon even caused deaths of countless A-ranked parties. Because of that he was called “Brute arm”.

” Grandfather, you called me? ”

” Who is a grandfather?! I’m only 133.”

Guild master Mofisu was a dwarf. Their average lifespan ranges around 200-300 years. Because of that he has not retired yet.

” Judging from the dwarf's perspective, you may not be one. ”

” Joseph, how long will you keep on drinking, you lazy boy.. ”

Collet also came with him and sat down on the floor.

” There’s something.. A new rookie has come. ”

An adventurer's life was dangerous. Death was not uncommon.. However, in Comer city, the mortality rate of rookies was abnormal.
Immaturity and lack of experience is oftentimes a cause of their deaths. In dungeons, even their bodies aren’t left intact, feasted on by monsters. Their corpses get left there just like that.

It was the guilds fault rather than the monsters fault. It was a human way of thinking.

“Isn’t it the weak's fault to have died? ”

” If he died because of a monster, it couldn’t have been helped. However, this one shows great promise. ”

” B rank? ”

” It’s better than drinking all day long. ”

Mofisu then pa.s.sed him a paper.

” It’s the rookie's status. ”

” 13 years old? Orphan? ”

” Yes, he came here with a guardian and without any other identification. ”

” Is this his true skill level? ”

” It is without a doubt. ”

” His black hair and black eyes may be the reason why he wasn't able to get a guild card before. ”

” I will decide whether I’m going to do this or not. ”

Mofisu grinned when Joseph went out of the room.

” Will he do this? ”

” Don’t worry too much. Just take the rookie to choose a job. ”

Yu has already been waiting for thirty minutes. He was waiting with one hand placed on his forehead .

” Yu, what you did before wasn’t good. ”

” But it all goes as planned. ”

I have told Nina and Lena about what I was going to do. I also hid my status using the Shadow Pendant. I already antic.i.p.ated that they will use [a.n.a.lysis] on me. There were some problems because I couldn’t hide it all. Like [Swordmans.h.i.+p lvl 5] which usually can only be reached by warrior-based jobs over level 30.

When I told them this, Nina and Lena were surprised but proud of being my companions.

“Yu-san, thank you for waiting. ” Collet came in a panic. She brought a lot of papers and a crystal ball.

” That’s okay.. ”

” I will give you a brief description. The benefit of having a job is that you will have a job-based status correction whenever you level up. It is also easier to learn job-related skills. For example, a cook trying to learn combat skills will have a hard time but it will be easier for him to learn a cuisine skill. I think that for you it would be better to choose a combat-related job. Now, please. ”

I put my hand on the crystal ball and a character's card emerged.

Warrior, magician, priest, farmer, teacher, carpenter, blacksmith, mechanic, alchemist, hunter, merchant, thief, magic warrior.

” Yu apt.i.tude for jobs is amazing. ”

” That’s my companion . ”

” Ehh. ” Collet emitted a strange voice.

” What? ”

” Sorry.. I was surprised to see magic warrior job as the 1st job. ”

1st job? I think that’s why Lalit has two jobs.

” Can you tell me more? ”

” The first job is the first one you pick. The 2nd job can be acquired at 20th level. The 3rd at 40. In the past, the highest amount of jobs was achieved by Gajin “The Saint” at six jobs. ”

So, every 20 levels. I looked at Nina. I don’t think she remembers anything from when she choose her first job. So, of course, I will choose magic warrior.

” Please say the job's name while holding the crystal ball. ”

Collet told us that a long time ago it could only be done by a blessing of a high priest but now the crystal ball was enough to change jobs.

” Alright, it is done. Since Yu doesn’t want his status checked, there is no way to tell whether it failed. ”

Even if I were to die, you wouldn’t be able to trick me into using the guild card.

” Can I get information about the dungeons around here? ”

” You can, but it is expensive. It is 5 gold coins. ”

I only look at Nina. Because this is our money, we discussed every coin spent.

” I don’t care. It will be useful later on. ”

” Yeah, it will be good for us. ”

” And Yu.. Since I’m level 21..”

We also decided to have Nina get her second job. She will probably get a seeker or treasure hunter job.

I am not really opposed to it, because the effects of choosing a job are tremendous. Even I had to try hard to not show my excitement.

This is the result of choosing a job:

Status window Name: Yu Sato Race: Human Job: Magic Warrior Level: 19 HP: 236 MP: 322 Strength: 102 Agility: 86 Vitality: 101 Intelligence: 86 Magic: 94 Luck: 1 Pa.s.sive Skills Swordmans.h.i.+p: Lvl. 5 Physical Strength Up: Lvl. 5 Awareness: Lvl. 5 Dagger Mastery: Lvl. 2 Physical ability up: Lvl. 2 Agility up: Lvl. 2 Spear Mastery: Lvl. 2 Leaders.h.i.+p: Lvl. 1 Active Skills Sword Strike: Lvl. 3 Body Enhance: Lvl. 3 White Magic: Lvl. 5 Black magic: Lvl. 3 Blacksmith: Lvl. 2 Alchemy: Lvl. 2 Steal: Lvl. 1 Stealth: Lvl. 1 Appraisal: Lvl. 1 Dagger Strike: Lvl. 2 Spear strike: Lvl. 1 Magic Sword: Lvl. 1 Special Skills Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 3 Depriver: Lvl. 2


To Deprive a Deprived Person 022

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