The Human Emperor Chapter 1103

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Chapter 1103: Revelation's Nightmare!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Thumpthumpthump! After being forced back seven to eight steps, the warriors of the Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army stomped their feet down, cracking the ground as they rooted their bodies in the earth.


There was another roar, and as the Revelation Army, Blood Beast Army, and Death Army charged, the soldiers of the Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army rapidly formed up into a defensive formation.


This sight instantly caused the Revelation Army soldiers to pale.

The charging power of the Revelation Army was unrivalled. Anyone that could not stop its charge only had death to look forward to. But for the Roaring Tiger Army and the Ultimate Martial Army to have rea.s.sembled so quickly after being scattered, giving no opportunity for the Arabs to charge, was the first time the Revelation Army had ever seen such a thing.

Not only that, even though the Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army seemed to have been suppressed by this charge, only seven or eight of them had actually died. In the end, the result inconceivably ended up having more bark than bite.

"Kill them!"

In a flash, the Revelation Army reacted. No matter how strong these two Tang armies were, as long as they could not contend against the Revelation Army, they were still doomed. The Revelation Army would slaughter them eventually.

The earth once more began to rumble.

The Blood Beast Army, Death Army, and Revelation Army, Qutaybah's three top-cla.s.s armies, gathered together and charged at the Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army.


But no one noticed that behind the Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army, the black-armored guard waved the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner once more, instantly causing clouds to roil and winds to blow.

As thunderclouds gathered, red streams of light tinged with gold shot out from the golden stele, vanis.h.i.+ng into the Tang armies. A moment later, the formation came to life.


Before the Revelation Army could finish its charge, there was a ma.s.sive rumbling and terrifying roar as a new army charged in from another angle.

"Kill them!"

"Avenge our brothers!"

The two thousand Xuanwu Army soldiers, their eyes red, plunged into the Revelation Army, Death Army, and Blood Beast Army.

At such a close distance, even the Revelation Army was caught off guard. A second later, all was chaos as the two armies fiercely clashed.

But this was merely the beginning. The Xuanwu Army had no intention of getting caught in a protracted battle. After the fierce collision, the Xuanwu Army together with the Roaring Tiger Army and Ultimate Martial Army swiftly departed through the power of the formation. Boom! Another army smashed into the Revelation Army, but this one also immediately fell back.

The Divine Martial Army, the Divine Prison Army, the Dragon Stallion Army, the Iron Wall Army… one army after another, powered by the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner, fleetingly struck the Revelation Army before rolling away like a wheel so that another could take its place.

Halos vibrated and the earth quaked. In the face of all these brief strikes, even the Revelation Army was thrown into a momentary disorder. It had no idea who it was facing or which army it should chase. At every moment, an army was turning away while another army was attacking them from the rear.

Once, twice, thrice… as wave after wave of attack fell upon it, the Revelation Army was finding it difficult to keep up. In a few short moments, the Revelation Army had been battered around twenty-three times, and this renowned army could finally take no more. Its ranks in chaos, it began to retreat.

At this time, all the soldiers of the Revelation Army had grimaces on their faces.

"Now is the moment!"

w.a.n.g Chong had been keeping a close eye on the battlefield, and when he saw this sight, he immediately issued an extremely lethal order for the Revelation Army.

"Chuluohou, go!"

w.a.n.g Chong turned to Chuluohou, who was standing more than two hundred feet away.

Although Chuluohou was very unconvinced by w.a.n.g Chong's abilities and his Tongluo people had their quarrels with him, w.a.n.g Chong was the supreme commander on this battlefield. At a crucial moment like this, even Chuluohou had to obey w.a.n.g Chong's orders.

Chuluohou viciously glared at w.a.n.g Chong before immediately looking away and unsheathing his sword.

"Everyone, follow me!"

As he was speaking, his horse leapt forward, leading the several thousand Tongluo Cavalry in a thunderous charge.

"Watch out; it's the Tongluo!"

The sight of the Tongluo charging out had a Death Army officer's pupils constricting in surprise. They had already heard of this army's name from Dalun Ruozan, and they also knew that these personal guards originating from Emperor Taizong's era had a power that could not be disputed.

Rumble! Arab soldiers rushed to change their direction and stop the Tongluo, but they were too late.

In a few seconds, the several thousand Tongluo Cavalry in their bronze armor had cleaved a path through the Arab army and stabbed into the ranks of the Revelation Army.


The moment the Tongluo Cavalry impacted with the Revelation Army, w.a.n.g Chong swung his arm down, gesturing to his left flank at the three-thousand-some soldiers of the Azure Martial Army, personally trained by Great Tang War G.o.d Su Zhengchen.

With a roar, the Azure Martial Army charged out from the defense line with a momentum that could knock down mountains and reverse the seas.

In the past, the Azure Martial Army had been one of the strongest armies under Su Zhengchen's command. Even though there had not been enough time to train these soldiers to that unstoppable level that had all the empires on the borders quaking in fear, this army had around sixty to seventy percent of the original's power.


As the final army stepped onto the battlefield, the black-armored guard who stood on the battlefield like a G.o.d once more waved the war banner. Instantly, two shrouds of energy shot forth, one descending on the distant Tongluo Cavalry while the other fell on the Azure Martial Army.

The Tongluo Cavalry, Azure Martial Army, and Ultimate Martial Army were all armies that had been first established in Tang Taizong's era.

As for the armies trained by the Great Generals like An Sishun and Geshu Han, they had inherited training methods pa.s.sed down all the way from Taizong's era.

Even w.a.n.g Chong's privately trained armies, the Divine Martial Army and Xuanwu Army, were trained using methods that had been taken directly from Taizong's era.

After an interval of more than one hundred years, the nine most powerful armies under Emperor Taizong's command gathered together to the west of the Cong Mountains for the first time.

And after more than one hundred years of obscurity, the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner once more displayed its glory.

As the winds blew and thunderclouds churned, the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner made these two already-formidable armies rapidly swell in strength.

The rumbling reached an unprecedented level and it felt like the entire world was about to fall apart.

The constantly rotating attacks of the seven elite Tang armies along with the attacks of the Tongluo Cavalry and the Azure Martial Army completely shattered Qutaybah's Revelation Army.

Neeeigh! The Revelation Army soldiers' faces were stricken by fear as they felt for the first time a feeling of helplessness, like they were sinking in the middle of a deep ocean.

'Break the spear at the sharpest point.' This was the rule the Revelation Army followed in warfare. It had been right for all of the opponents the Revelation Army had faced in the past, and it was right for the nature of the Revelation Army.

Bang! A Revelation Army soldier was too slow to retreat and was swiftly surrounded. In a few short moments, six to seven swords had slashed down at his body.

Even though the Revelation Army soldiers were all incredible fighters and had been equipped with the best weapons and armor Qutaybah could provide, they still found it difficult to block so many destructive attacks.

"Aaaaah!" There was a miserable scream as the Revelation Army soldier vomited blood and toppled to the ground.

Plus.h.!.+ As this Revelation Army soldier fell, a sword stabbed through his throat. A few moments later, a silver war boot stepped over his corpse as it headed toward another Revelation Army soldier.

Five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred… one thousand!

A thousand Revelation Army soldiers had died in this brief period, their corpses scattered across the ground. And as the Revelation Army soldiers were cut down, so were large swaths of the Blood Beast Army and the Death Army.

The Tang top-cla.s.s armies all had seven dazzling halos around the bodies of their soldiers, and with the entry of the Tongluo Cavalry and the Azure Martial Army, they now had nine halos. The twenty-thousand-some top-cla.s.s Tang soldiers swept over the battlefield with an unstoppable momentum.

This time, it was not merely the Revelation Army and Blood Beast Army. All the Arab cavalry, including elite armies such as the Beheader Army and Tiber Army, were in the range of the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner formation's attacks.

Defeat was sweeping through the Arab ranks like a landslide.


The Arab soldiers yelled out in fear as they were brought down. b.l.o.o.d.y mist floated in the air while rivers of blood irrigated the lands to the west of Talas. This was a land of mayhem and death, a h.e.l.l on earth.

Fast! Too fast!

There had been only a few moments between the time the Tongluo Cavalry had begun to attack and the rout of the army. Arab corpses littered the battlefield, and even the G.o.dlike and invincible Revelation Army had sustained heavy losses.

In the distance, the area underneath the four black war banners was deathly still. Osman, Aybak, and Ziyad all had faces of complete shock, unable to believe what their eyes were seeing.

The Human Emperor Chapter 1103

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