The Human Emperor Chapter 1563 - Dragonbeast! The Pursuit of True Lord Yellow Dragon!

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Chapter 1563: Dragonbeast! The Pursuit of True Lord Yellow Dragon!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

“Perhaps I have a way.” In the oppressive mood, the Origin Immortal Chief suddenly spoke, her words swiftly drawing everyone’s attention.

“Chief, what do you mean?”

Ouyang Changheng turned to the Origin Immortal Chief, his brow creasing. He truly couldn’t imagine what sort of plan she might have.

In this complicated geography, using brute force to dig around might only make things worse. If they damaged the foundation of the rock and caused some ma.s.sive rock resting beyond the range of their Psychic Energy to come down, they would simply die faster. This was why they could not act carelessly.

“I just have a few ideas, but I’m not sure if they will work. But if I can call them over, they might be able to save us.”

Under the flabbergasted gazes of w.a.n.g Chong, Ouyang Changheng, and Song Yuanyi, the Origin Immortal Chief took out a small flute and began to blow.

An almost inaudible whistle began to resound, and under the Origin Immortal Chief’s control, it resonated through the earth.

“This is…”

This sight only made everyone more confused, but no one dared to disturb her at this time.

As time pa.s.sed, beads of cold sweat began to appear on the Origin Immortal Chief’s forehead. This was a result of the energy consumed by the blowing on the flute. But there was no sign that anything had changed.

Once the Origin Immortal Chief had stopped, w.a.n.g Chong walked over and asked, “How was it?” At the same time, he thrust out a palm and sent a stream of warm Stellar Energy into the Origin Immortal Chief’s body.

The Origin Immortal Chief put down the flute and unwillingly said, “It’s no good! It seems like the collapse of the pa.s.sage is blocking the sound of my flute from reaching them!”

Although she knew that the chances of summoning them were small, it had been the only plan she could think of.

Just when they were about to give up, someone suddenly cried out in alarm, “Ah! What’s that?!”

Turning in the direction of the voice, everyone saw that the earth in one corner of the area was beginning to rustle and s.h.i.+ft, golden light leaking out. It seemed like something was trying to dig its way in.

Thump! A second later, a fist-sized golden light emerged from the earth.

Right after this golden ball of light appeared, more and more of them began to appear.


The somewhat pacified crowd immediately panicked, the martial artists backing away in fear.

“The golden beetles! It’s those golden beetles that can break through Stellar Energy and eat people!”

A martial artist was so frightened that his soul almost left his body. These golden beetles were more frightening than any other insect they had ever encountered, a martial artist’s worst nightmare.

“Everyone, don’t panic. The Origin Immortal Chief called them here. They won’t attack you!” a deep and calming voice resounded. Song Yuanyi had stepped forward to soothe the crowd.

Everyone began to turn their eyes to the Origin Immortal Chief behind w.a.n.g Chong.

“Everyone, for various reasons, we were compelled to attack everyone, as there was an extremely important object here that we had to protect no matter what. But regardless of the reason, this was our error, so let us make it up to everyone!”

After saying this, the Origin Immortal Chief exhaled and turned her eyes to the Stellar-Piercing Beetles. She had only harbored minuscule hopes, never thinking that the golden beetles would actually hear her call.

This was definitely a wonderful surprise.

“It’s all on you now.”

The Origin Immortal Chief quickly began to command the golden beetles to drill into the rocks above them.

The Stellar-Piercing Beetles could eat the Stellar Energy of martial artists and ignore any Stellar Energy attack beneath the Subtle realm. Besides that, they had sharp mandibles capable of cutting through swords, which they used to gnaw their way into the bodies of martial artists. Thus, they were the worst nightmare for martial artists.

Only people like w.a.n.g Chong and Song Yuanyi were unafraid of them.

However, besides their astonis.h.i.+ng offensive power, the Origin Immortal Villagers used them for their several other astonis.h.i.+ng traits. They could find small cracks in the rock, allowing them to instinctively find a way to the surface. And when necessary, they could bite straight through the rock and create a path of their own.

Very few people knew that the Origin Immortal Lord had gathered up these golden beetles not to deal with intruding martial artists, but for their impressive bite strength. In truth, they were just ‘worker bees’ who had dug through the ore vein and created the caverns in which the various underground palaces and the Origin Immortal Palace itself could be placed.


With the buzzing of wings, the golden beetles rushed toward the ceiling, after which a long period of silence ensued. Almost all the martial artists were pessimistic on the chances of these beetles finding a way out.

But the Origin Immortal Chief was bursting with confidence in the abilities of the Stellar-Piercing Beetles.

Around five minutes later, the rocks above came loose, and a beetle with white spots on its back emerged, flapping its wings as it landed on the Origin Immortal Chief’s extended palm.

“Found it! They really found a way out!”


Everyone rejoiced at this news, the best news they had heard in some time.

Everyone quickly began to work on this path the beetles had found. While the beetles dug, Earth Mouse led the other martial artists in strengthening the walls. Soon, a winding path upward began to appear before their eyes.


After another five minutes, the group managed to make it through, and all of them couldn’t help but cheer.

“This pa.s.sage was dug out not too long ago, and the rock is very stable. The Black Yin Ancestor and the others probably dug it out, which means that this route should be safe. By following it, we should be able to safely reach the surface,” Song Yuanyi concluded, his words exciting the others.

They hadn’t had time to even think about the group led by the three evil path ancestors. For this operation, the Black Yin Ancestor and Bone Devil Ancestor had been at the very front, which suited the styles of members of the evil path like them. Moreover, they were extremely strong, and it was clear that they had used their immense strength to open a path to the surface.

As expected of members of the evil path!

w.a.n.g Chong inwardly grinned, not surprised by this conclusion. The rocks they had moved through to reach this place had been too loose for it to be anything else. The Black Yin Ancestor and the others would die if they stayed around, so they had decided to save themselves.

“Let’s go! There’s still some distance to the surface,” w.a.n.g Chong said.

“Haha, let’s go! If this old man gets out of here alive, I’ll drink for three days and three nights!”

A martial artist heartily laughed, and everyone else laughed with him, after which they began to rapidly ascend.


But when everyone was climbing up, they suddenly heard a loud rumbling and cras.h.i.+ng of falling stones. Everyone immediately stopped, their hearts thumping in fear.

They had heard the sounds of falling rocks numerous times on their ascent, but the sound this time did not seem natural.

More importantly, they weren’t far from the surface now, and the rock layer here was much more stable. It was very strange to hear this sound at this depth.

But their confusion didn’t last for long before they received an answer.


A thunderous roar came from down below, causing the surrounding earth to tremble and dust to cascade from the walls. The savagery and ferocity in this roar made everyone s.h.i.+ver.

“Dragonbeast! It’s a Dragonbeast!!” a martial artist hollered in fear.

While this cry was still ringing in everyone’s ears, the earth shuddered and a vast energy exploded from beneath them. At this moment, a giant draconic monster emerged from the earth, its crimson eyes locked onto its prey: the martial artists in the pa.s.sage.


A deathly stillness engulfed the pa.s.sage as everyone stared, stupefied.

They only needed to climb another six-thousand-some meters to reach the surface. The Dragonbeasts shouldn’t have appeared at this depth.

This event had caught them completely unprepared.


The crowd suddenly fell into panic, everyone rus.h.i.+ng upward as fear dominated their hearts. They still keenly recalled the formidable Anti-Stellar abilities of the Dragonbeast and its tough body. If the Dragonbeast charged into them in their current state, it would be like a tiger amongst sheep, all of them just waiting to be butchered.


As everyone began to flee, the Dragonbeast’s eyes coldly flashed, and it spat a gout of blazing black flame at the group.

In the narrow confines of the pa.s.sage, the Dragonbeast’s flames that could melt steel were the perfect weapon.


With no time to think, w.a.n.g Chong raised the Origin Immortal Sword and rushed forward. Boom! In a flash of light, a bolt of milky-white Sword Qi shot forward and cut the Dragonbeast’s flame in two, splattering it against the rock walls.

The walls instantly began to burn and melt, dripping molten slag.

The Human Emperor Chapter 1563 - Dragonbeast! The Pursuit of True Lord Yellow Dragon!

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